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Which Drama Or Movie Made You Cry Like A River?

Guest luckycarrienew

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I can't forget the feeling when I watch The Miracle in Cell. 7. I had never cried that much for any movies or dramas before. I thought I used 2 piles of tissue... I cried like there's no tomorrow. Anyone here watched The Miracle in Cell.7? 

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^ i think a lot of ppl had seen that movie. it was a top grosser and quite popular internationally as well.


train to busan

miracle cell no.7

temptations of wolves aka a wolf's attraction (guiyeoni novel)



the princess' man

descendants of the sun


(am not particulary fond of sad dramas)







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Oh, Koreans know how to make them cry. :bawling:True, more often I cry with happiness, but it happens and vice versa ... So, the very, very, very best dramas that make tears shed rivers:

  • Prison Playbook

  • Reply 1988

  •  Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats 

  • Pure Love (2016) 

  • Andante

  •  Warrior Baek Dong Soo

  • Remember - War of the Son


But this, of course, is not a complete list ...^_^

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Kdrama: She was pretty

I thought it would be just another fun-loving drama to watch, but it ended up reminding me of some my own personal issues to a deep level, so... yeah! I cried a lot. :tears:


So far I haven't watched many korean movies, but I have cried watching some intense and heart-breaking japanese movies.

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