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  1. Hello! I was just browsing the knetizen comments on naver, and I am happy to see the majority of the comments are positive! Considering the shadow of MC, Kookmin and HJY lovelines, I am surprised knetz seem to be supportive of SA. *ps: in naver there is a feature to translate the article comments into English, albeit the translation might sound a bit off* Happy shipping guys!
  2. My favorite part of PF was when the other girls misunderstood KJK’s statement ‘His girlfriend shouldn’t spend a cent on him’. Sunny, Yoonju and Joy thought he was being stingy but it was actually the opposite - KJK will spend his money for his future lady. Then our Miss Mong clarified the misunderstanding on his behalf. I mean, for someone who said KJK is the least close person to her, SJH definitely knows about him a LOT. His close friends even hang out with her. Anyway, i can’t wait for Saturday to arrive. And welcome to all new members, happy sailing the SA ship and enjoy the ride!
  3. Guess who praised our lovely Miss Mong’s beauty again? Have a nice day, all!
  4. Hi all! I was finally able to recover my password lol. Glad to see the forum active and lively again.
  5. Hi all! Is there anyone here that have a Weibo account? she used to follow her brother only on Weibo, but now I think she follows 3 accounts - can anybody confirm who is she following on Weibo? Unfortunately I don’t speak Chinese lol. Thanks!
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