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  1. Full House (2004) Goong (2006) Fated To Love You (2014)- this version of the drama had me sobbing silently at 1 in the morning. Hogu's Love (2015) Angry Mom (2015) Another Miss Oh Hae Young (2016) - also LOVE their OST School 2017 Age of Youth (2016-2017)- both seasons got my heart Mad Dog (2017) The Last Empress (2018-2019) Romance is a Bonus Book (2019) - the literature major in me was doing a happy dance
  2. listening to a specific playlist (I listen to cribblingdepression's curated playlist on youtube) talking to my friends I meditate and process the situation (I'm quite introspective so I really as much as I can communicate with my feelings) drawing, and/or writing in my journal
  3. Coming from experience of not telling acquaintances and family about our youtube channel, the best and slightly not best idea is to block those people you know. Create social media accounts that will be different from your personal social media accounts, and block the people you know that will give you negative energy. If you want to make your channel your safe place, just block that negative or draining energy that will influence your channel. Other than that, it's gonna be a learning experience of having thick skin. Good luck till then.
  4. BIGBANG's Taeyang, and Rain ('cause of Full House... *memories*)
  5. I cannot stress how I LOVE this show. All the part-timers along with the chemistry of the Coffee Friends is just light-hearted and heartwarming at the same time. Plus, can we talk about their music throughout the episodes? IT IS AMAZING. Sad that it's gonna end. Hoping for Season 2. Who's with me?
  6. green mangoes with sugar cane vinegar and salt
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