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  1. Kdrama: She was pretty I thought it would be just another fun-loving drama to watch, but it ended up reminding me of some my own personal issues to a deep level, so... yeah! I cried a lot. So far I haven't watched many korean movies, but I have cried watching some intense and heart-breaking japanese movies.
  2. My very 1st one from South Korea was Park Hyung Sik
  3. I'm currently watching "Clean with passion for now" and enjoying it quite a lot!!
  4. 愛を伝えたいだとか (Ai o tsutaetaida toka) by あいみょん (Aimyon)
  5. From ELAN, my favorite female mexican singer-songwriter-musician. "Street Child" We are the little ones who roam the underbelly Of the streets that normal people walk Wrong side of the tracks, the deep end of the ocean The color of the gypsies in the shadow night Darkness inside out seeps into your veins Listen to the rain The only thing keeping you alive Is the gracious night Let me go, let me sleep until forever Let me close my eyes and hide until the never Let me go, let me slip into the sky And tiptoe into madness in a hollow cry 'Cause no one ever told me I committed any crime And no one ever told me how I went blind And all I ever wanted was a free mind A guiltless conscience and a place where I could fly I threw my cards out on the table And I put my neck out on the line I took the verdict I was handed And now I've served my time Let me go...
  6. "Leichtes Gepäck" from my favorite german band Silbermond. A song with a great message that leads to reflect on what's really important in our lives.
  7. I continue writing new chapters of my fictional stories and novels. Or... I sing, it could be just practicing asiatic songs I love, or actually recording and doing a cover.
  8. About to go out and get me some dinner it's almost time to continue watching my current kdrama and it's always better having delicious food next to me haha!
  9. Hi everyone! 1. Pic: you can see it already, bc it's my profile pic 2. On my 30's 3. I'm from Mexico 4. To contact me just send a PM I love Japan, it's my dream to go there! among many other things/interests, I grew up watching Anime, Ghibli movies, live actions, reading manga, self-learning japanese etc. But! ...I recently decided to give korean dramas an opportunity and I really liked them, so here I am, sharing this new love for kdramas. I'm also interested in learning a bit more about South Korea, its daily life, places of interest, food, culture, folklore, language and traditions. Whoever read this, thanks! 안녕
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