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  1. Hey, i've been a fan of T-ara's Jiyeon for a long time and something i've always admired was her fantastic body, especially her legs. Recently i've came across that pic of Hyeri and her: Now than i was younger a was fairly slim, but the past few years i've gained a lot of weight which caused me to lose all my confidence. But even at my slimmest my body looked similar to Hyeri's (my calves were the same size as my thighs!), because i dieted while also running and doing other leg exercises. Since i plan to lose weight again, this time i want to do it right and get legs like Jiyeon's, simply skinny without visible muscle. Has anybody achived that look? All that muscles makes my legs look even bigger, i just want them to be thin and feminine... Nowadays carboxy shots are a thing for idols to make their muscles smaller, but back in the day Jiyeon and many others managed to look like that without them, so how do you do this??? Please help~
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