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  1. I am listening to Kangnam's Say My Name, Ready to Fly and MIB Kangnam's Songs.and His song in Masked King wearing Mozart Outfit.I love Kangnam's voice...
  2. TO Kangnam (Yasuo Namekawa): Congratulations on your new found love with Lee Sang hwa...I'm happy for you both; I would like to see you more in other Genre of Music songs like Ballads ...Trot is ok..but you have amazing voice like when you sang at the Masked King...your Mozart outfit and the song just melted my heart.. I am your new fan...I watched your cameo appearance in Dae Jang Geum....Hope you can be in K drama as the main character near future...wish you best...I miss seeing you on youtube these days..
  3. Happy that Kangnam has found new found love and a girl who is not afraid to let it known public...
  4. Happy for them...I love Kangnam..he's so good looking and cute...amazing vocals...he's really got the looks and charms...the Speed Skater Lee Sang Hwa looks bit older than Kangnam...though she's two years younger than Kangnam...their looks kinda looked a bit unfit ...perhaps coz Kangnam looks younger than his age...and really handsome...
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