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  1. Cecentre

    guess the kiss

    Wait I haven't seen this drama but I know them!
  2. Cecentre

    guess the kiss

    @Lmangla thanks for the tag!! Ohmigosh I'm so nervous I don't watch enough dramas to know which drama do the kisses come from lmaooo!! I can only tell from the drama name from the gif XD
  3. Oh my god this would have been such a twist!!! I had passing thoughts about who Galaxy Shim's husband is, and he must have been in a reputable position because their family is so rich. That would clear up as to why we haven't seen him yet! I also didn't believe that the red heels in Seung Gi's family house are from the assassin since that is so obvious, but now that the woman turns out to be a completely different person, I hope they will explain to us what those red heels in Seung Gi's house mean. I forgot about the person that shot Bon in the back!! Holy cow we have a lot of mysterious people around...
  4. Honestly, I thought so too! She probably has feelings for him already, but she never has time to stop and think about what these feelings actually mean, since everything has been okay up until now so why change and tire yourself out and think about all the ambiguous stuff right? I still believe only some kind of disruption happens between them can help her recognize her feelings! I love JYT lmaooo he's such a fun second lead to watch! I feel like most of the time the second lead is quite serious and often a poor guy who unconditionally loves the female lead and such, but this guy is just... glamorous and flashy and self-absorbed in his own way that is so entertaining to watch! Like all those hospital scenes where he's like... "get me water" "get me tissue" (while trying to drink water at the same time!) "clean my hair".. so needy and high maintenance but who can ever expect this from a typical second male lead Kudos to Son Ho Joon for making this character so funny and endearing! This week's cliffhanger is even more intense than the last .___. I thought the idea of bioterrorist is very interesting, it's feasible and not used that often, but is very deadly. That preview is also intense! AE has been kidnapped for the third time now jesus. On an unrelated note, did Joon Hee ever get back the USB she played around with her friends?
  5. Hi there!! I really like the analysis you got here. I agree with you that they lack some level of clear communication there, but I want to push back on why that's not enough for AR to fall quickly for Bon: while they have communication problem, as soon as the husband realized that he didn't treat his wife right, he cleaned up the house and left money for her so she could buy things. So, this is not to say that they are back in the game and all is well just because of those gestures, but it means that if he was alive, they could have worked things out and improve their communication. Secondly, if this ended in a divorce, it would be way easier for AR to fall for Bon. However, it ends with him dying suddenly, and that creates disruption in the relationship and possibly, she couldn't find a closure for the marriage, as opposed to a divorce. I have been doubting Shim all this time, but he's just getting more and more suspicious! Like you said, he's asking a lot about Bon, he seemed to be very interested in the fact that Bon had the evidence file and demanded that Ji Yeon told him if she found Bon... I feel like if it's not Kwon, then it's him, and Kwon doesn't seem like the right one because she's very fixated on the fact that Bon is a spy just so she can rationalize her only failed mission. Unrelated but I think Red Heel is Candy.. that's the only female character that is significant enough to appear again and still be a bit of a surprise and a plot twist. But it would be really interesting if Red Heel is in the KIS though. Also, I have to say I love that AR got rescued by Ji Yeon, and Bon got rescued by AR. Like YESS!! Active women saving each other and saving others!! No more hero and damsel in distress! I was half-expecting that AR will just break down (like most other female lead) when Bon fell into the water, but she immediately got into action before Ji Yeon even moved. She is such a good female lead I adore her The romantic plot is slow for me tbh... I thought Bon disappearing is going to be a time for AR to sit down and think about how she felt when he's not here and her not knowing how he's doing, and that she finally realizes how she feels when he's gone, but he appeared right back into her life with the notes (not saying that the notes aren't cute, the notes exchange things are so adorable that I'm like why can't this happen when they're already datingggg) Lastly, anyone worries for JYT? My first reaction to that last scene is how is JYT gonna survive if both of them are on the run and are hunted Hopefully Bon have some medical skills up on his sleeves!
  6. I'm guessing ep 10-11! Give AR some time to sort out her feelings and then let's get the lovey dovey scenes going!!
  7. @galaxy97 Thank you for the stills! Oh god that looks awful... Is it just me or does it seem like another misunderstanding of who Bon is?
  8. Thank you for the BTS photos! I hope that the styling for YSH in this drama will be different from INAR, or else I might have a hard time distinguishing the character, especially when it seems like Kim Min Gyu and Bok Soo have some shared characteristics (sweet and kinda silly-- Bok Soo's character description said he's a silly hero right?) I haven't seen Jo Bo Ah from other projects, and I don't think I saw her in the BTS photos either? Maybe they haven't gotten to that part yet. Good thing they started filming right away after having all the actors confirmation btw, the drama's coming in December, so they should have plenty of materials by then and don't have to rush through things
  9. Aghh cuteness overload!!! I was about to say that I love seeing SJS with the kids, but I'd love to see how JIS interacts with the children as well, since she plays the role of their mother and their interaction on screen is so sweet and genuine, they must have gotten along well outside! These BTS photos are so cute, and I want a BTS video of her and the kids as well!! What if GAR actually escaped before Bon got to her and saw him jumping off the bridge? That can explain how Bon may be rescued from drowning and it's a great chance for GAR to realize she cares a lot for him?
  10. LOL that scene made me think of my own driving lesson, when my instructor kept on yelling instructions and held on to the door handles for dear life... I promise I drive better than AR tho, but at the same time when she said "I can't notice everything at once" I relate to her greatly The last two episodes are great! I just love GAR more and more, regardless of what anyone says :3 She's so smart and logical, and her deduction is actually impressive! While it still kinda "ehh.." for me that a normal person can find out the hideout of 3 NIS spies, I can rationalize it because she's actually very smart about it, no one suspects her, and she is very close to them that she can find out about their secrets (the electric bill, for ex.) The red shoes in Seung Gi's family's apartment really puzzles me. Does that mean his mother is the sleeper agent? I just feel like that revelation is so obvious, there has got to be something else behind it. Also, what's that story with Yoo Ra's mom? It seems like she's really not living with her husband, judging on how startled she was when Bon said it. JYT disappointed me lmaoo why did he kidnap GAR!! I thought you liked her!! Also, I kind of understand why some people dislike the spy element in this drama, because some mistakes made by the spies are just so obvious and bad. For ex, don't drive a flashy blue car when you're on a stealth mission lmaooo. Two, don't tell your enemy your real name (Ra Do Woo I'm talking about you). But! I really don't care about these mistakes, I like this drama because of the rom-com aspects and the children and the main leads are cute @triplem those BTS are so adorable!! SJS seems to be really close with Joon Hee
  11. Splash Splash Love This is probably a drama that I will rave on and on about because to me, it has everything a rom-com should have: silly but cute main leads, interesting plotline, amazing chemistry, and a very active and smart female lead that doesn't get thrown around by the plot. It's a high school trope and time traveling trope mix together, and it was so refreshing to watch. The only con for this drama is that it only has two episodes instead of 16 or 20 (this is a hint for director and writer to make this a full length drama already TT_TT) Source: http://nabongsun.tumblr.com/post/145478619905/dramas-ive-watched-in-2016-splash-splash-love Just go watch these absolute cuties together and you won't regret it
  12. I totally agree that at one point in the story the twins will be kidnapped, and for me it's fine whether or not it happens before or after she knows about his past, but if it's before, then AR has to know his past like right after the rescue. I feel like it has come to a point where good intention is not enough and she would want to know who he is and what his past is like. Maybe after him rescuing her kids, she will be more willing to listen to him explaining why he hid things from her in the first place.
  13. Given the story development I've seen in ep 5, I have decided to wait until this drama comes out completely to watch it :3 I get way too frustrated seeing the actress "friend" and the jealousy and all... It was a good time chatting with you guys though! Hope you all will enjoy the ride
  14. Hey all! I didn't start watching this drama until last Friday, which I ended up binge-watching all six episodes (or 12) available I love it so much and I'm glad I started on it!! Ok my reactions to the drama based on the available episodes so far: - I have never seen So Ji Sub in any project, so this is my first one and I'm loving it! - Jung In Sung is so pretty and bright my heart melts every time she smiles - When we first started, me and my sister wonder how this ship would work since she just lost her husband, but we concluded that this must have happened over the span of a couple months, so like where we are right now in the story is already a couple months away from the first episode and not like a week away. If not I think it would be so hard for them to be together because she would still miss her husband and can't move on just yet - I was so excited to see the second lead (Jin Young Tae) to fall for Ae Ran and I was not disappointed lmaoo His character was so much like the classic romantic lead (rich, very confident about his look, kind of a jerk, have a bad start with the female lead) but he ended up being the second lead, which is very interesting to me. How the table has turned, now we like nice guys more than bad boys - Also, having a female lead that already has kids is something new to me, because I have never seen a drama where the female lead is married, let alone have two children with her previous husband. It adds another layer of cuteness though, because now we get to see Ae Ran and Bon being a cute family as they take care of the cute children Can't wait for the next episode! In the meantime I'll just be here chatting with everyone :3
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