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  1. OH MY GOD THIS WEEK EPISODES ARE SO GOOD!!! I was lazy and getting back to lurking mode but I need to scream!!! This week episodes ugh single-handedly saves me from boredom!! I love Lee Yeon Seo from these episodes so so so so so much she's such a star!! The fact that she's becoming with sweet as candy and cute and giggly baby in front of KD is just !!!!! ADORABLE!! I love how she usually is still an icy person but is loosened up a bit more and be warmer to people around her but LYS next to KD? ABSOLUTE BURST OF HAPPINESS AND COTTON CANDY I'm lovestruck And at first I was worried they were gonna be like one of those cps that got boring after they get together, but oh dear god they are two sweetest babies on earth!! Him still being a sunshine and a big puppy that loves hugging her and showering her with love and LYS accepting all of that love and care is just!! So amazing I have no words! That audition performance? Breathtaking from both LYS and Nina they show really different energy and theme there for the same song! I had goosebump watching Nina's performance because she???? danced in a graveyard???? honey what happened.... I still want me sweet bubbly Nina back but is she far gone Also Runa has sister complex that I know for sure ugh woman!! I saw the rain and LYS being tied up on high ground and I just knowwww KD will appear to save her But also won't the kidnap guy see it??? I kept worrying about the preview for the last few episodes and turn out nothing was like the preview suggests so I stop worry about the previews now... Do give out more fluff and sugar pls pls writer-nim!!
  2. Honestly, I agree with you. I love the show, but today episode (and from the preview tomorrow's ep) doesn't have any significant development. The only thing new is YS wanting to fight to keep Fantasia and wanting to work with the original team. Which is done in 30 minutes, so the other 30 minutes are basically filler. We already knew that angels can't fall in love with humans, we already see one punishment, so there was no need to see an old couple getting cruelly separated... Hahaha I was laughing when he said that because Kim Dan, that also has a second meaning you innocent angel It kind of make me think too! Since it seems like KW didn't die because Matil died in his place, it's possible that the black feather signifies a fail mission? The old man died, thus unable to complete his mission, and Matil (who's probably the main target for KW's mission) died, so KW wouldn't be able to complete his mission either, and even though their punishments are different, the signature of it is the same? But also, why now? Why let that man hide with his wife for years if not decades then take him back now? Why not earlier? I don't believe one can hide from heaven Oh my god you're right... KW is also an angel, albeit he was a fallen one. Okay, however, the chief angel never said anything about whether KW is the one or not, that was a conclusion KD made and the chief just didn't add anything. The only one time the chief said anything was about the ?? rib if I remember correctly? And even when he was saying it, he was talking about it from KD's thinking, as in "Do you want the rib to exist, or do you hope that it's you?" The drama is about KD and YS, but the mission might not necessarily be about them, at least from the information that we know so far. It seemed like heaven is determined for KD to figure this out on his own answer while giving out a very vague question. It could be just loving herself or being kind to other people in general, like Frozen's "the act of true love" thing. Anywayyy hopefully there will be more developments in the next episode :3 Finger crossed!
  3. Ahhh that gif is so cute!!! I love how that shows they both are super comfortable with touching each other and so their reaction at that moment was wanting to touch the other person but held back because *ahem* it's interviewing time let's be serious
  4. @thistle Thank you for being supportive of others on the thread! It certainly is hard for some people to express their opinions especially when it is different from the majority. You are correct in that no one has the right to police what other people think. However, I do think it's good courtesy to be mindful of the space you are in, as the thread suggests and the people have raved about for 84 pages, here are the show and actors/actresses lovers and we're here because we love to talk about happy things with each other! Nothing wrong with thinking "this show is meh and forgetable" but expressing it in a way that respects other members is just good practice. No one likes to hear people think negatively about their favorite work. Regardless, thank you for being respectful and non-offensive in your words. We should agree to disagree.
  5. YES! This basically sums up my feelings while watching this drama, specifically the last two eps!! This drama takes romance to another level and uses common tropes so wisely that they feel original and stand out on their own!! That scene above where Dan caught YS and the scene right after where he guarded her makes me scream out loud of how romantic and swoon-worthy they are
  6. Okay I just managed to finish the four eps and I have to say this drama just keeps on getting better and better!!! The angst that the writer does on this one is very mild, like just enough to make you sad but doesn't ruin your day, which is a really good half-way for people to think a little bit instead of just bawling. For me personally, these last four episodes have been amazing!! From YS asking "Do you like me?" and resolutely refusing his help, KD hiding in the closet and watching YS dance "for someone else" (which I believe she actually danced for her childhood friend aka him), to that whole whole part of him saving her from slipping off the cruise all the way till the end. Obviously SHS is a really good actress with how well she portrayed Matil and YS as different characters to the variety of YS's emotions and expressions, but I'm very surprised at how well KMS did in these episodes. He could truly go from hyperactive boy to this sweet mellow supportive personality that only second male leads possess, and I was so shocked hearing his soft tone as he told her "Don't give up" like is this the same KD that screamed on top of his lungs and failed the driving test five million times??? Along that line, the emotions and chemistry is off the roof for the last two episodes especially! That scene where he brought her home and stayed there with her as she slept is so ridiculously intimate like nothing I have experienced before! Here he is just guarding her and worrying about her safety, and that the moment she opened her eyes, the most trusted person is right there with her. Just-- everything was perfect at that scene I gasped out loud! Their touch is also really really light and gentle, the way he carried her back piggyback style, the way he always softly spoke to her like he's talking to an injured kitten and consoling her, the way she just smiled and said "sure, screw Fantasia, I can just dance for you as the only audience for hundred thousand years and that will be enough." Which, such a soft and gentle thing to be honest. Even though she said it while drunk, the idea of it is so nice. Maybe happiness is a simple thing, just dancing is enough for her, and having the one audience that fuels her love for dancing to be begin with is enough. No need for big corporation, no need for luxurious stage, no need to be praised and hailed by the world. JKW. I stopped caring about him by the end of ep 10 haha it became clear that he saw her as nothing more but a fulfillment for Matil's wish and none of that romantic feeling, which put him at a gray area for me because he's pushing his own agenda, but so far it doesn't harm YS, and he's not going to be a love rival. But also, does heaven need to do something about killing an innocent person -- Matil?? I'm actually on JKW's side for this one like come on, you just killed an innocent and LEFT? that shouldn't be how officials do it Seeing the preview, I know things will start to look up for them, but I want to indulge in this angst mood a bit because it's so beautiful and sweet (I'm a masochist lmao). But also that bridal carry and what looks like an upcoming kiss? (please be a kiss *pray emoji*) I can already see chemistry exploding through seconds of preview aaaahhhhh
  7. Woahhh new OST!! I have been waiting for this one! @almldan it's the male voice that is... low and deep haha and it's a slow song. So far there are only two songs that are sung by male artists and the song is not OST 1 Also KBS is releasing contents every few days and we are kept satisfied and not lacking of contents!! Hope they keep doing it until the end :3
  8. Lmaooo love how you say the last sentence Same here, I don't think it's reincarnation either. From what we've seen, it seems like KD and LYS are connected since childhood, so it doesn't make much sense to use two different tropes (childhood vs. reincarnation) for YS's relationship with two different characters :/
  9. For some reasons that line made me think of Goblin-ish concept where if someone is supposed to die and doesn't, they will be the anomaly and death will get to them soon to regain the world balance? It's possible that in the future LYS will experience a lot more danger because KD saved her from "fated" death? Also I was watching OST 2 (the OSTS for this drama is so good) and there is this scene: Is this from the trailers? I don't remember seeing this at all. Also can't wait for this scene to happen tbh!
  10. @Liting1 Ahhh I'm torn!! On the one hand angst makes the story not boring on the other hand I just want them to be happy and YS to deal with her stress with the bubbly KD on her sideee Yea! I remember seeing him like that in the trailer and the drama gives off a completely opposite vibe haha not that I complain because bubbly excited boy is the best boy!! But wouldn't it be interesting if he were to... darken because of plot reasons. Wonder how YS would react to that!
  11. woahh I haven't been in forum for a while but this drama pulls me back in!! This is such a cute and sweet drama that I have to find someone to scream with They are so adorable and cold distant girl with bubbly boy is a cute trope I don't see often :3 Regarding the latest development, my first thought was, what if Director Ji is a demon? We didn't get to see the wings' color so we don't know if he's an angel or a demon hmmmmm. Regardless it makes me kind of sad that he's truly obsessed with Yeon Seo that way ;-; I have been rooting for him and Ni Na Also probably so much angst in store waiting for us! From Kim Dan having to matchmake YS to someone else and watching it go down, YS feeling betrayed and brokenhearted that KD pushed her into someone else's hand, to YS feeling brokenhearted again if KD were to go to heaven/get punished in the next 100 days. Ahhhhhh the upcoming angst Anyway, hope to talk to everyone more! I'm excited to see the new episodes
  12. Cecentre

    guess the kiss

    Wait I haven't seen this drama but I know them!
  13. Cecentre

    guess the kiss

    @Lmangla thanks for the tag!! Ohmigosh I'm so nervous I don't watch enough dramas to know which drama do the kisses come from lmaooo!! I can only tell from the drama name from the gif XD
  14. Oh my god this would have been such a twist!!! I had passing thoughts about who Galaxy Shim's husband is, and he must have been in a reputable position because their family is so rich. That would clear up as to why we haven't seen him yet! I also didn't believe that the red heels in Seung Gi's family house are from the assassin since that is so obvious, but now that the woman turns out to be a completely different person, I hope they will explain to us what those red heels in Seung Gi's house mean. I forgot about the person that shot Bon in the back!! Holy cow we have a lot of mysterious people around...
  15. Honestly, I thought so too! She probably has feelings for him already, but she never has time to stop and think about what these feelings actually mean, since everything has been okay up until now so why change and tire yourself out and think about all the ambiguous stuff right? I still believe only some kind of disruption happens between them can help her recognize her feelings! I love JYT lmaooo he's such a fun second lead to watch! I feel like most of the time the second lead is quite serious and often a poor guy who unconditionally loves the female lead and such, but this guy is just... glamorous and flashy and self-absorbed in his own way that is so entertaining to watch! Like all those hospital scenes where he's like... "get me water" "get me tissue" (while trying to drink water at the same time!) "clean my hair".. so needy and high maintenance but who can ever expect this from a typical second male lead Kudos to Son Ho Joon for making this character so funny and endearing! This week's cliffhanger is even more intense than the last .___. I thought the idea of bioterrorist is very interesting, it's feasible and not used that often, but is very deadly. That preview is also intense! AE has been kidnapped for the third time now jesus. On an unrelated note, did Joon Hee ever get back the USB she played around with her friends?
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