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  1. Irene is my most fav in the group. She's so beautiful. I love listening to red velvet's songs while gaming (mostly, homescapes that I got from apknite)
  2. I love Apink, especially Eunji. Have been addicted to her voice in All for you (reply 1997 drama). I also like playing tiles hop (apknite) with the song.
  3. Watching dramas and movies, especial from Korea, help me get rid of woes of life. I learn a lot about their culture and fashion, too. Often enjoy them on dailymotion, megahfilmeshd - apknite extension, dramabus.
  4. Mine is Ji Won & Hyun Bin from "Secret Garden". It's also the drama that got me to the dramaland. I have watched it once a month on megah filmes hd (apknite) these days
  5. It was not excellent, but I loved it. I watch it on megah filmes hd (apknite) when I had time. Heard that the drama was well loved with high ratings. It deserved it.
  6. My favorites: “Crazy” by 4Minute “Oh!” by Girls' Generation (love playing tiles hop (the music genre game from apknite with the song) “Wolf” by EXO “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Tayang “Bubble Pop!” by Hyuna
  7. Because of their good looking actors, fashion and how they make a good drama/ song/ variety show, etc. I have watch a lot of them on Youtube, MegahFilmesHD - Apknite
  8. Running Man. It's full of fun. And I learn a lot of Korean by watching it on megahfilmeshd (apknite)
  9. Dear Habin, You look handsome and funny. And what makes you more charming is your talent. Your songs (Love Scenario, etc.) are all so good. I love them so much. I often play my fav game from apknite - tiles hop with your songs. Ah, one more thing, your smile is mesmerizing. And your lips are a masterpiece
  10. Some on my top: I'm Sorry I love you Brilliant Legacy Oh My Ghost Welcome to Waikiki My Girl For your information, they can be found on youtube, dailymotion, megah filmes hd (apknite),
  11. Listening to Growl (Exo) right now. Funnily enough, I got to know this song after watching the latest ep of welcome to waikiki (the one I have watched on megahfilmesHD from apknite).
  12. Moon Chae Won. I saw her the first time on Nice Guy (the drama I watched on megahfilmesHD (apknite extension)). She's so talented and charming. Her voice is mesmerizing.
  13. There are many to list. Welcome to waikiki Age of youth Oh my ghost My sassy girl The king 2hearts Goblin My only one She was pretty Her private life Touch your heart School 2015 You can find them on dailymotion, viki, megah filmes HD (apknite).
  14. Mine is Lee Seung Gi. I had a big crush on him after watching Brilliant Legacy. Have watched every dramas and movies he has been in (on dramacool, Megah Filmes HD from apknite, etc.), and enjoyed his ballad songs (one of them is Will You Marry Me?)
  15. I'm Sorry I love You. I have a huge withdrawal from that drama. It's touching. Now watching it again on MegahFilmesHD at apknite
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