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  2. Rather than asking KWB that cliche question, I would love to see someone (probably Fukuda or Hiroshi or Kim Gu) ask LYJ the same Question "can you shoot KWB if he's against you?". I think despite being a woman, LYJ is emotionally stronger than both KWB and Fukuda. She's like steel lady for me so far. What do you think she will answer ? "yes" or "nah" ? I thought I was the only one thinking of Bidoek at this scene... man, I guess we need to prepare our hearts well. I gradually like KWB, Fukuda and Hiroshi... I hope nothing too tragic waiting for them ahead.
  3. Yes, I'm in a major city. That's why I was disappointed about PMC, because HJW is pretty well known and they played Along with the Gods 1 and 2 here... What? The movie opens in USA on November? When will it reach my country then? It will be hard to avoid spoilers once ot was out on theaters...
  4. Yup. Going to get withdrawal but will get to rewatch....and am happy to be introduced to this amazing actor KJW. I started HPL for pmy and will be leaving as a fan of our OTP.. He's also the first I've managed to watch in another work that doesn't include pmy... Off topic Antique is fast becoming a favourite since I discovered it...sweet and hilarious and really a love story at its core for kjw's character
  5. When I decided to join this ship, it was PPC themselves that made me turned into a shipper. From their words to actions, PPC did it all themselves so that's why I joined, not from some prediction "guru". So since I entered this ship that way, I will exit that way. Until PPC themselves declare it themselves such as one gets married to another individual other than PPC, then my heart will go on LOL Just like the titanic, I will go down with it.
  6. how he/she knows that. he/she is a Korean reporter? or ppc's acquaintance? ok..i will cheer you up. ask me "are ppc still dating?" then i'll answer "Yes"
  7. cenching

    drama tropes 2019

    #62 Some female lead who are too poor to eat but donning designer’s duds and never reused her outfits in an entire series
  8. Yeah, it's prediction. Don't overthink about that. As long as they are both single, we can hope they will end up together, endgame.
  9. Ryan and Geon Woo! Battle of the cuties! Have they met in the previous episodes? I can’t remember it. Awww look at KJW and PMY still holding hands while reading the script *slap my face so I won’t be delulu* And the photo with the director.
  10. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo may be the first ever guest on “Super Hearer” (literal title). On May 27, YTN reported that Cha Eun Woo recently made a guest appearance on tvN’s upcoming music variety show “Super Hearer.” “Super Hearer” is an investigative-style show that invites some of Korea’s top musicians as “hearers” to distinguish the […] The post ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo To Reportedly Guest On Upcoming tvN Music Variety Show appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. How can I survive thisss??? Don’t mind us and the crews. You two can hold each other hands as long as you want. It’s final week. I am not prepared! I want the episodes to be extended until 1000 episodes! Awww the picture with the Director. I can’t see anyone else except these two. Sorry pd-nim and EunGi
  12. Lmangla

    drama tropes 2019

    # 61 - the mysterious gardener with green thumb (aka PD team) all these folks live in rooftop rooms and they work hard. leave early in morning and come back when it is late at night. none of them seem to water plants but there are these beautiful lush plants. who is that mystery gardener?
  13. Welcome @annamchoi. The more the merrier. For me usually episodes 3 and 4 makes or breaks a drama for me. I just hope this week's episodes will be equally good or much better @Chellseethose pics and gifs are so adorable. I wonder what JI will say to eun u when the kid called her eomma lol. The idea of being an instant mother should sink in right at that moment lol
  14. Translation of article about the upcoming FM - really excited to find out what he plans for it [OSEN = Kang Seo Jung reporter] Actor Seung Hoon finds Tokyo and holds fan meeting. On the 30th, ZHAPP TOKYO will hold a fan meeting 'MY SECRET DATE' to meet with fans. After having a fan meeting in Osaka last year, I informed Japanese fans that I would get hot again in the heat of the archipelago. Seung-hoon, who had a fan meeting in Seoul last February and had a new year's meeting with Korean fans, made a mark on the world tour in 2019 starting from Taiwan on March 17th. He ended the Taiwan fan meeting with enthusiastic cheering of fans and he showed his love for fans and promised to make better memories in the future. Especially, this fan meeting captures fans with a different stage. Until now, he has been making a lot of excitement with his unique stage such as drama making, behind-the-talk, live performance as well as DJing for fans only. Sung-hoon, widely known as a "fan-lover" who reveals his unusual fan love, will be presenting a memorable memorable experience for his fans, "ahead of his Japanese fan meeting." It is getting bigger. Sung-hoon, who is actively active at home and abroad, visits the anime theater fans again through the next level up. MBN, drama's drama 'level up' is a romantic comedy drama that struggles to launch a new game that will save the restructuring experts and game companies that have a regeneration rate of 100%. He takes the role of acting and transforms his acting. 'Level Up' is scheduled for the first broadcast on July 10th. /kangsj@osen.co.kr [Photo] Providing Stallion Entertainment
  15. #59 Instance Miracle Medicine I am sick and giddy, i eat medicine i instantly feel great again #60 I just gave birth. Now my belly is flat. So skin retracts that fast? I don't know haha
  16. what kind of precdiction? like Chinese fortune-teller? don't worry i don't believe superstitions. i believe just a fact.
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