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  1. I hate Suji's family. They're not just useless but actively harmful. Their daughter disappears and that doesn't signal to them that they've done something terrible, and none of them try to look for her. None of them help her, comfort her, apologize to her, and they all just stand by and watch her get hurt again and again. And to top it all off they expect (and demand!) that she support them financially--her alone supporting a family of 5 adults plus herself!!! I'm hoping that what the drama is doing is taking her away from them, out of that horrible environment, and bringing her into a family that functions with love--that she'll get love and warmth and comfort from Uri and his family, and right when she feels truly embraced for the first time she discovers her bio mom who she believes abandoned her is Uri's adoptive mom (I do love angst, lol). Anyway, here are some of my gifs from a few weeks ago, since this week didn't inspire me much!
  2. About to start a Hating Jin Na Young Fanclub. In the meantime, gifs! <333 Also does anyone know how to add a read more cut? I don't know how to use one for the additional images I have...
  3. I find Na Young so frustrating, even though she's played by an actress I really liked in Ugly Alert. Not only is she rude, cruel, nosy and invasive, and a liar, she's also got a lot of nerve asking Suji for a favor after taunting her that her mother abandoned her. Like hello??? I'm surprised their family is so non-traditional. The dad is a cheater, and then he married a woman who already had a kid of her own, and *she* married a man with 2 kids from 2 different women? I've never seen that in a KBS family drama before, lol. What I don't get is they seem okay for money, with a loafer son and a good-sized apartment in a high rise, so why is the dad taking on a pyramid scheme business venture (while using Suji's name for it)? The show's laying the groundwork for the angst pretty think; I hope it's paired with lots of kindness and softness and romance for Suji, especially since this was billed as a healing drama. I need that right now! 😭
  4. I usually don't like enemies to lovers, but I'm looking forward to seeing Uri soften towards Suji and find out that her family kind of sucks. Uri seems to be limping--I wonder if that's on purpose or if that's just how BSH walks? I don't remember that from The Love in Your Eyes...
  5. So excited to see Baek Sung Hyun back on my screen! I already love his character, especially his relationship with his little sister, and I feel a lot for Suji--a dad who uses her name in what's clearly a scam, a mother (step?) who disparages her, and a little sister who's outright mean and disrespectful; I hope Uri will give her lots and lots of love and make her smile. Also! The little girl who played the daughter in The Love in Your Eyes (my fav daily <333) is in this one too! Aaaaahhhhhh I'm so ready to spend the next few months with this show
  6. This is such a fun show, and it hits so many of my favorite emotional dynamics with the main couple, Qi and Jinzhao--total trust in and devotion to one another, cute and playful, very handsy/lots of skinship, she's powerful and saves him all the time and vows to protect him, and they have a good dose of longing and angst. They're delicious together!
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