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  1. Aaah, thanks so much. I love @Calligrapher's fics; they're so good! Ao3 is doing this yuletide thing where you can request to have fics written for tiny fandoms, and I requested AYHT! Hopefully someone will get matched with me and write something for So-bong and Shin III
  2. I'm loving this drama. It's got a slice of life feel I love, and it focuses on the characters instead of on plot twists. I threw all my thoughts about it together here: https://idlerevelry.wordpress.com/2018/10/14/musings-on-the-third-charm-episode-6/. But I love coming onto this thread to see what everyone's thinking! I can't wait to see how they break up and meet again, and to see Young-jae's brother and friend finally meet. I think they'll be real cute together.
  3. Just wanted to stop by and say I'm a huge Gong Seung Yeon now. Since finishing Are You Human Too I've watched Circle: Two Worlds Connected (she's *especially* good in this!), am currently watching My Only Love Song, and watched a whole bunch of her WGM episodes. She's so talented and I hope she grows even more as an actress and gets cast in larger roles where she gets to headline her own dramas. I really hope she gets the opportunity to work closely with veteran actresses so she can learn from them (maybe a KBS family drama? *eyes emoji*) and that she keeps on taking roles where she plays outspoken women!
  4. Hello, I just have a question about the Actresses/Actors forum: why do some names have a bullet next to them and others don't?
  5. I'm here so long after the show has ended cause I can't get over So Bong and Shin III just yet. They were such a wonderful mix of sweet and angsty, and I thought the scifi and family drama elements just made their romance that much more interesting. I want to share the fic I wrote for them: I ask if I can hold you, I only want to make you glad and pink in the night/if i make you happy i don't need to do more. I'm so glad I watched this while it was airing (and didn't wait to binge it all at once later on) cause if I hadn't I'm pretty sure I would have written anything this year! If anyone knows of any other fic, let me know (I think I've read them all, lol).
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