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  1. Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 2015 HONG KONG Fan Meet Update - Page 398 "I want to thank for all those who gave me positive feedback after my appearance in the beginning (of Gu family Book) as well as those who patiently waited for my return. I am very happy and honored. Thank you everyone for yesterday, today and tomorrow” ** Please scroll down to photos and news directory for easier browsing! Stop lurking & start posting away!! =P ** http://25.media.tumblr.com/d92a84fb67667020d8eca4638a8afe2b/tumblr_mu28xeDFOn1rvgn4zo1_1280.jpg PROFILE Name: 최진혁 / Choi Jin Hyuk / 崔振赫 / チェ・ジニョク Previously known as: 김태호 / Kim Tae Ho (before 2010) Profession: Actor Birthdate: 1986-Feb-09 Height: 186cm Weight: 75kg Star sign: Aquarius Talent Agency: 지트리크리에이티브 (G Tree Creative) cyworld: tae4ho DCinside: jinhyuk Daum Cafe: theReal CJH 최진혁 HK Fan Group: 崔振赫香港飯團 CJH Taiwan Fan Club: 台灣後援會 CJH Chinese Fan Baidu : 崔振赫中华后援团 CJH Thailand: FB Fanclub Celes80's Blog aka CelesC (JH's news/interviews translated into English) http://media.tumblr.com/64bfc3d9607bc9307cc007880d48ab0c/tumblr_inline_mlcuidmLYv1qz4rgp.gif FILMOGRAPHY Dramas 2018- Devilish Joy - Gong Ma Sung Tunnel ( OCN ,2017) - Park Kwang Ho Pride and Prejudice (MBC 2014) - Gu Dong Chi Fated To Love You (MBC 2014) - Danielicious or simply Daniel Pitt Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit (tvN 2014) - Lee Joon Hyuk (cameo) ER Man and Woman (tvN 2014) - Oh Changmin Heirs/Heritors (SBS 2013) - Kim Won Gu Family Book (MBC 2013) - Gu Wol Ryung Panda and Hedgehog (Channel A 2012) - Choi Won Il My Daughter The Flower (SBS 2011-2012) - Goo Sang Hyuk I need Romance (tvN 2011) - Bae Sung Hyun It's Okay, Daddy's Girl (SBS 2010) - Choi Hyuk Gi Pasta (MBC 2010) - Sun Woo Duk Home Town Legends (KBS2 2009) - Lee Rang (cameo) Episode" Come with me to Hell" My Precious You (KBS2 2008-2009) - Han Dong Woo / Alex Home Town Legends (KBS2 2008) - Hyo Moon (cameo) Episode "Gumiho/Nine Tailed Fox" Belle (KBS1 2007) - Oh Jae Hyuk Police Story/Just Run! (KBS 2006) - Lee Hyuk Jin Nonstop 6/Rainbow Romance (MBC 2006) - ep 163 cameo Movies The Divine Move (2014) - Sunsoo ("Player") Tone-deaf Clinic/ Love Clinic (2012) - Min Soo (Main girl's first love/crush) Variety Show KBS ‘Happy Together 3’ (Sept 04 2014) E362 Running Man E166 (Oct 07 2013)Strong Heart E115 & E116 (Jan.31 & Feb.07 2012) >>>>>GIF Set<<<<< >>>>>GIF Set 2<<<< <Revealed his sad first love story --> netizen's critisism and CJH's twitter reply> Watch the episode from Strong Heart Youtube Channel (NO subs) With Chinese Subtitles E115 & E116 Strong Heart E53 (Nov. 30, 2010) < Revealed he is SNSD Yuri's fan and he has a folder called Yuri player in his computer> Star Golden Bell Ep 280 http://media.tumblr.com/64bfc3d9607bc9307cc007880d48ab0c/tumblr_inline_mlcuidmLYv1qz4rgp.gif Discography Gu Family Book - Best Wishes To You Panda and Hedgehog - Inverted Love It's Okay, Daddy's girl - My Daughter the Flower - I Will Be Your Star (cut scene from drama) Gu Family Book- Best Wishes For You (Acoustic Ver) http://media.tumblr.com/64bfc3d9607bc9307cc007880d48ab0c/tumblr_inline_mlcuidmLYv1qz4rgp.gif CF/CM Daniel Cremieux 2014 Arlnold Palmer Samsung Galaxy S4 GIF SET Japanese Gillette CM http://youtu.be/3fEvcjWq7YI Gif set for this commercial http://media.tumblr.com/64bfc3d9607bc9307cc007880d48ab0c/tumblr_inline_mlcuidmLYv1qz4rgp.gif MVs Tae One "Sad Song English subbed version http://media.tumblr.com/64bfc3d9607bc9307cc007880d48ab0c/tumblr_inline_mlcuidmLYv1qz4rgp.gif AWARDS 2014 MBC Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama (Pride and Prejudice) 2013 SBS New Star Award (The Heirs) 2013 APAN Star Awards Best Rookie Actor (Gu Family Book) 2013 Best K-style Style Icon Award 2006 KBS Survival Star Audition: Grand Prize http://media.tumblr.com/64bfc3d9607bc9307cc007880d48ab0c/tumblr_inline_mlcuidmLYv1qz4rgp.gif NEWS/Interviews *Please give proper credits to translators if reposting elsewhere* Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, and Choi Jin Hyuk Run with ‘Running Man’ “The Heirs” Kim Woo Bin, Park Shin Hye, and Choi Jin Hyuk Captured Filming for “Running Man” Lee Min Ho and Choi Jin Hyuk exchanged the icy glance at the almond farm LA,US Actor Choi Jin Hyuk Transforms into a Bad Guy for Heirs Fanmeeting In Japan (09/15/13) Choi Jin Hyuk is the next charismatic chaebol to steal hearts in still cuts for 'Heirs' “Heirs” Finally Introduces Choi Jin Hyuk’s First Stills [*] Choi Jin-Hyuk together with Jo Yoon-Hee become the exclusive models of "Arnold Palmer" [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Joins the Bad Guys in God's Play [*]Choi Jin Hyuk to Joing Jing Woo Sung's upcoming film [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Romances a 23-Year-old Student [*]Naver Star Column --Encounter with "Gu Wol Ryung" at the Edge of the Cliff [*]Newsen Interviews [*][interview] Actor Choi Jin Hyuk [*]If I didn't succeed This Time, I thought of Giving up Acting [*]Choi Jin Hyuk leaves message on his Fan Cafe Page [*]Actor Choi Jin Hyuk to flunts his Animal Instincts for Arena [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Posts on his DC [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Pierces Hearts With "High Cut" [*][interview] Choi Jin Hyuk, "If I can't act Gu Wol Ryung well, I won't plan to at anymore" [*]The tears Choi Jin Hyuk Shed for the betrayal of Lee Yeon Hee was originally not in the script... [*]"Daebak guy" Choi Jin Hyuk to act in Writer Kim Eun Suk's "Heirs" Transforms into a "sexy perfect man" [*]"Gu Family Book" Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Seung Gi "Most Heartbreaking Story of Father and Son" [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Will act the same as Wol Ryung for the person he loves deeply [*]Choi Jin Hyuk accepts role in "Heirs"- to play Lee Min Ho's half brother [*]"Gu Family Book" Choi Jin Hyuk's Incredible 1 Second "Unforgettable Impression" [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Prepares Comeback Filming for Father-Son Reunion in "Gu Family Book" [*]I Am Most Happy when I Hear That People are Move by Gu Wol Ryung [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Interview : "I lost Hair While Stressing about the Drama" [*]Gu Wol Ryung to return to “Gu Family Book” [*][Exclusive]'Gu Family Book' Choi Jin Hyuk's Brief but Impressionable Appearance "Best Piece of his Career" [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Offered Role in Heirs! [*]Choi Jin Hyuk will never again announce his future relationship [*]Choi Jin Hyuk Can't get Enough of Gu Family Book [*]Choi Jin Hyuk's razor Commercials Draw Attention in Korean and Japan [*]Choi Jin Hyuk signs with Jun Woong Sung's agency "Red Brick House"[*]Gu Family Book: Choi Jin Hyuk Official Interview translation by celes80 (5.22.2014) [*]The romantic male characters that CJH plays… From EC to GFB translation by celes80 (added 5-17-2014) http://media.tumblr.com/64bfc3d9607bc9307cc007880d48ab0c/tumblr_inline_mlcuidmLYv1qz4rgp.gif Photos/Gifs Directory Social Media Twitter 1 2 3 4 5 6 Redbrickhouse me2day 1 Videos 130911 Star News-Choi Jin Hyuk Heirs Dramas Pride & Prejudice Official MBC Press Con & Teaser Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Fated To Love You Photo 1 Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit Teaser ER Man & Woman Teasers & Episodes Promo in Singapore Heirs Character Description (Translated)Teaser 1+2 w. eng sub (Thx to Polariscat) Teaser 4 14 min preview Fancam 1 2 Scrn Caps Ep1 1 2 Ep2 1 Ep3 Gifs 1 2 3 BTS/Stills 1 2 3 Photos/News Misc 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Press Con 1 2 3 4 5 Heirs exclusive photos by Shenny 1 Gu Family Book
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