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  2. 2019 RAIN Fan Meeting Vancouver 2019 RAIN Fan Meeting Vancouver On June 7th & 8th Hard Rock Casino Vancouver RAIN's first visit to Vancouver!! TICKETS WILL GO ON SALE APRIL. 19th. at 12pm (PST) www.ticketmaster.ca ⠀ Ticket sales will be available through “ticketmaster.ca” at noon on April 19, Performances will be held on June 7 and 8 at the Molson Canadian Theatre of Hard Rock Casino (2800 United Blvd. Coquitlam) ⠀⠀⠀ Ticket purchase and sponsor inquiries, please contact us at CBM PRESS + ENTERTAINMENT 604.401.1144 | 778.840.8356 credit : http://www.raincompany.co.kr/notice.php
  3. The tabs on my window are literally a bunch of bilili and youtube mvs and this page.
  4. tbh, I dont think HPLs plot calls for such steamy scene (unless that webtoon has one?) Maybe kisses here and there but probably not a bed scene like that. And just like KJW said during press conference, they will have "appropriate romance". But for me, that steamy scene in WWWSK is not really too much, thats why i was wondering too why they edited it out on succeeding broadcasts in other countries and in Netflix.
  5. Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing the pictures + the clip. Welcome back, LMH! So happy to see many fans out there welcoming him back, fans from other countries.................. Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing MORE pictures. Despite of the quiet discharge that he wants, we still could see reporters around. Even with that facial mask I still could see his eyes shines bright....................my man is so happy. Finally................D-DAY has come! It's here!
  6. I was actually living in Houston for the past 5 years and just moved back 6 months ago. And yes, 45 was my highway monthly! Hahaha seriously. You and I are living on the same boat floating in the same ocean drifting to Snake Island. I did the exact same thing you did with the WJ/ZM scenes versus all other scenes. I wished for English Subs and Vietnamese Dubbing so badly, but had to resort to reading Vietnamese subtitles for the first time in my life. I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! (and HECK YES TO AVENGERS. I'm going to watch that tomorrow!)
  7. Yeah , he’s vocal about his beliefs . So I respect that . He gets trolled a lot . @Lmangla i tag you in the drama thread about the plot twist . Too Long to post here @Dhakra ok put here in spoiler. I’m curious to read . 614
  8. First duty as Ambassador of Gwangju 2019 World Swimming Championship 2019 modeling uniform for the event
  9. In an exclusive report from Chosun.com on April 24, it was revealed that Yoo In Suk — the former CEO of Yuri Holdings and Seungri’s business partner — admitted to police that prostitutes were called for a Japanese investor [in December 2015] and that there was payment for sexual services rendered. Seungri and Yoo In Suk were both called in for […] The post Yoo In Suk Admits To Mediating Prostitution In 2015, Seungri Denies All Knowledge appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. can someone tell me y TvN changed WWWSK steamy bed scene into the milder one (aka they cut some steamy stuffs on the bed) during rerun? i actually just realised this coz my colleagues and i were betting on which bedscenes are gonna be hotter lol (WWWSK or HPL).. and my friend told me that during rerun of WWWSK, TvN changed the scene coz it was too steamy for tv and maybe crowds didnt like it hence the rating for the episode dropped slightly (jst a speculation though).. ** i remember there were many making out scenes in ‘the last empress’ too and some of the comments said it looked dirty lol.. but that maybe bcoz TLE was aired on public broadcast station.. therefore i’m actually intrigued to know how knetz feel about watching hot steamy scenes on the screen in general... do they like it or not? jst like @zashi23 said, the bedscene in WWWSK was actually the hottest scene i saw in kdrama coz i remember nearly choked on my cereal when i was live streaming it lol. i didnt expect it to be that hot ( so happy that day lol).. so im not sure if TvN is gonna go with the same steamy route as WWWSK again for HPL but the possibility is there. ~ even ‘encounter’ and MOA didnt hv steamy bedscenes right? so what do u guys think?
  11. I don’t know... But why they thinking that this photo was made on his 1st enlisted day? Don’t want to think that this photo is fake
  12. SALT POST(2019.04.19) [#박신혜] 신혜 꽃이 활짝 피었습니다♡#Mamonde #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ [URL: http://naver.me/GDeMrlQh
  13. @bLaZe2 I was intrigued too. The transitions in their relationship can be a little abrupt at times. I wonder if any of their scenes were cut because of the adjustments they made to Hao Lan and Lu Buwei's storyline.
  14. I read English by reading with my eyes. My eyes follow the text and I don't have to read every letter or every word. We don't read every word when we're fluent in the language anyway. We just recognize the word. But Vietnamese? Forget it. I have to read each word and then by the time I'm half-way through the line, somebody already said something else. I literally paused at every sentence during those sweet Wuji and MinMin scenes to make sure I don't miss anything. Those politics scene I just let it play--whatever words I catch, I catch. If I don't, I get the gist from their body language. I'm suffering from major withdrawal of HSDS. Should I read the novel? I was actually reading the translated novel in English but it's so boring in the beginning that I put it down and haven't picked it back up since. (Thank goodness I have Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame to keep me distracted these days!)
  15. OMG!! Shawn sings too, he sounded really good!! https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDEzNzQ2NzA4MA==.html?sharekey=8d23079be18e11f9b39e380f92b5ac4f1 I've been watching From Survivor to Healer and i'm not gonna lie, he is all i was focusing on whenever he appeared and by the end of the episode i'm like - uh..need to replay, wasn't concentrating on the story .
  16. @Zoeyyyy and @bLaZe2 Welcome to the forum! @Zoeyyyy It is called 乱世之爱 If you appreciate any of my posts, pls click on "like" (the heart symbol). Thanks!
  17. Wow @gtLmh0622 thanks for the photos. Lots of Minoz from different countries, including media, flocked around Suseo to welcome back Minho! We're all excited for his return!
  18. ehhhe, I am Vietnamese and am so used to read the subtitles both for English and Vietnamese. It takes times to read and understand fast following along.
  19. I thought so too.. especially on this drama.. since this is pretty much headed by her. there seemed to be a lot of expectations, since WWWSK was huge. She's doing a lot of promotions (even Namoo) compared before. So, yeah she will defintely giver her all on this (whatever the scene may be). I mean there's something between them that people loves and respond to. Just see it and appreciate it for what it is, to enjoy watching the drama (and make the ratings higher!) Just calm your PPC hearts! the captain is in character, and she's doing a really good job!
  20. Sorry dear, can’t help you in this respect. @tibba @heyyoooo @joonminfan @idleee Yes to glasses but not a big fan of the facial hair . While watching Rebel , I wanted to reach out to my screen & shave him . I don’t think there’s anything off screen btwn him & SM but definitely they have great chemistry working together. I’m not sure if I like him playing second fiddle to Kang HN. Especially if it has a love triangle. If he does take up the drama , I’m hoping for a separate love line . He did turn down the main lead for Perfume very quickly but seems more interested in Camillia. So there must be something meaty about the role that appeals to him Park Kyung IG update
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