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  2. SAMEEEEEE HIgh five! BTW they promised E-News that if they hit 20% they will come on their set and lie down on their bed or something. And they did hahahaha. Tmr they will air that episode hahhahahha 906 @Lawyerh are you referring to the hyolyn ost?
  3. @triplemits hot but also it rains quite a lot nowadays. Hoho. Have fun FP cast! I'm curious to see the crowd at KK airport. I keep remembering the huge crowd Running Man members got when they arrived in a foreign country. Hahaha
  4. 904. @triplem ya recipe for heartbreak right, after watch the last eps. I think i will need OST LUTYN soon haha...
  5. Thank you so much for the feedback and encouragment!! I will add the hairpin in!!!
  6. April 21, 2019 SBS Drama "The Fiery Priest" Likely to Come Out With Season 2 Source: Sports Donga via HanCinema.net It looks like there will be a second season of the SBS drama "The Fiery Priest". According to sources, the success of the first season led to the decision of the second season. "The Fiery Priest" ended on the 20th with a viewing rate of 22%. The final episode also sent out writing saying 'We will be back'. "The Fiery Priest" starring Kim Nam-gil, Lee Honey and others was well supported for its story of fighting evil.
  7. OMG GIRLS, WE HAVE AN AIRING DATE!!! 12 JUNE 2019 https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/三生三世枕上书 Look what is written there! OMG!!! Hope it's true woaaaaa...so excited!!
  8. @katakwasabi Let's hope they can stand the heat...I'm dying here...blasting the aircond and fan... Anyway a warm welcome to them to my sunny homeland @Ameera Ali Mr Hwang is a joker What is this ? Some talk show?
  9. 190422 NCTsmtown Twitter Update "https://youtu.be/Zw8TdG9tiOA #CHENLE #JISUNG #NCT #NCTDREAM"
  10. i might be one of those few who never followed the series ------- Whoopie...I am all caught up with PsychoM...urgh it smells very tragic for my SM - JS ship @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @sushilicious Think they would have arrived in my country now. Let's hope they can stand our crazy heat 902
  11. @LaurenPanna Your fanfic would add to what's a good ending to be an excellent one. I was hoping to see MM wearing the hair pin WJ made her as she was being twirled around by WJ in the ending scenes. I also wish there is more WJ and MM cuts or deleted scenes. So anyone WJ-MM fans please post them if these get released.
  12. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50085938?from=search&seid=4536745297945839649 I brought the BTS scene in the question. I don't think WJ pretend to kiss ZJR here. I think it's Joseph who was just goofying around with her or the part was just edited to look like as such.
  13. BTS cute. Celebration of her birthday. His q&a session with fans. Hope somebody translates this for the non speaking Chinese fans. Actual interview video only 5 minutes But the bts of the above interview, Cute. Wow!!! He can beat box Cr: as tagged
  14. I just got off eps 12 and if I am not mistaken this is basically a syndicate that uses children to beg for money. Very common in parts of Asia. Sometimes they disfigure or dismember the child to get people's sympathy. Eps 12 was pretty mind blowing . So SM's stalker is also a victim himself , and quite likely a child that is born out of sexual violence. Urgh I felt great pain seeing SM's history through An's eyes. I am reminded of this movie called Room which had a similar premise We also find out that Ji Soo's dad out of desperation becomes YSS Construction's "kept man" . I teared up with JS in this episode. It was heartbreaking for her to find out about SM's past and then to make matters worse, to find out that her dad had intentionally used Jae In's dad to quickly cover up the case. But kudos to her for deciding not to repeat her father's mistake nor turn a blind eye. I am still confused as to what An saw at the end - I know it is meant to cast doubts on how SM has been using everyone to bait his stalker ( i refuse to call this man his father since he was nothing the but a biological one ) out of hiding. I really hope that SM does not go the route of this monster. It is really not too late to turn back . The stills don't make me feel better either with me feeling worried for JS's safety because in earlier episodes both Dr Hong and Jae In kept telling her to be careful .
  15. Whoa she's translate it Cr.uploader @J13 there's some IG acc willing to upload it and I think nanachou will translate for us too
  16. Wahhhh can't wait for translation and I want that interview together please
  17. I missed you gurl!! Where were you?!!!!! Hahahaha. But they are both on it though! The moment the drama ended, they were practically friendzoning each other on every interviews. Too savage. Haha. That's why I got too confused during the RM ep. They were so sweeeet and all over each other esp during the tango dance.
  18. I haven't watched the ep with subs after watching it live on saturday Glad the maim cast joined the reward trip~ they all look good amd well rested
  19. Kdrama fashion *** Fan Made posters
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