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  2. Welcome @cathmar. I like park seo joon too. I have watched she's pretty, fight my way and WWWSK. I just don't like sageuks so i skipped hwarang. His drama in tvn which i just can't remember(noona romance) i have it downloaded but haven't had the time to watch yet. Siblings? You don't like noona romance lol. Just being in one project i think is great regardless of their roles. I think they will look great together too
  3. In new stills released for the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Her Private Life,” Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are stuck together at a vacation home. After a sweet date at the zoo and a heart-pounding against-the-wall moment last week, the couple takes it to twin-sized sheets for the next episode, and Kim Jae […] The post Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Have An Intimate Pillow Moment In “Her Private Life” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  6. My support jumper for Esther ... I hope she live for another day to tell her story - SH asking for more evidence was pushing her to limit this week Esther playlists music should be this
  7. I never watch the 94 version, but my guess is probably the actor and actress (Joseph and Yukee) playing the characters. They don't overacted and have amazing sizzling chemistry.
  8. Hi all! So I have been stalking this forum for a while now, ever since Snake Island eps started airing, and I must say it's been amazing to find people who are just as in love with this drama as I am; your posts have added so much happiness to my existence after I was left empty when the drama ended. Both Joseph and Yukee are the WJ/ZM of my dreams. I've been watching Jinyong (dubbed in Viet) since I was a kid, and my dad is A HUGE fan of the 1986 version. Naturally, being my father's daughter, I am in love with both LOCH and HSDS (not a huge fan of ROCH). I actually watched Joseph in "Take My Brother Away," and absolutely LOVED him, so seeing him take on Zhang Wuji, my favorite Hero, was like a dream come true. He did a SPECTACULAR job, and his chemistry with Yukee is OFF THE CHARTS! I completely and utterly fell in love with them that I had to resort to reading Vietsubs for the first time in my life just to watch 6 eps weekly! They brought life, love, drama, passion, angst, and a true re-imagination of two of my favorite Jinyong characters ever. I have literally seen every version (minus '94 because omg terrible), and this is hands down my favorite version of HSDS. Just like some of you, I shared the same disappointment in the ending, and I was actually FUMING when WJ stepped in front of ZM's sword. FUMING. I was literally yelling at my phone like "OMG YES. LEAVE HIM! HE'S SUCH A DUMMY!" Then I had to reel myself back in because 1) I'M TOO OLD TO BE SCREAMING AT MY PHONE OVER A DRAMA & 2) OF COURSE MINMIN WOULD TAKE HIM BACK BECAUSE HE'S HER INSUFFERABLY KIND AND FORGIVING AND INHERENTLY GOOD WUJI WHO HAS PROTECTED HER (MOSTLY) EVERY STEP OF THE WAY AND WHO THREW AWAY AN ENTIRE KINGDOM JUST TO GO SEARCH FOR HER IN MONGOLIA, NOT KNOWING IF HE WOULD EVER FIND HER AGAIN OR THAT SHE WOULD EVEN TAKE HIM BACK. T_______T Oh I love them so much. Anyways, enough of the long intro (and loud gushing). I had been in the background mostly lurking, but what REALLY drove me to post was because of this AMAZING Fan MV that I am literally GIDDY to share. Trust me, if anyone can appreciate this, it's you guys. haha I know you've seen a different MV that had them reincarnated, but this one takes the cake! Holy moly, it's so well-edited. (JUST realized @LaurenPanna literally also just posted it, but let's give it a spotlight because it's THAT good!) I want to watch this story come to life so badly!!! haha
  9. I totally agree with you lol. As i said her style and dress are either a total hit or miss. I am not sure about the hair but is it because of her endorsements? Like i think she endorses a supplement which is good for the hair. But my point is everyone knows that she has a shorter hair lol. I don't like her hair in the cf launch of viviscal pro. Hate those extensions lol I prefer her hair when it's all dolled up. 2012 i think when she attended and has been nominated for rooftop prince, i like her hair there. I hope she can be a bit adventurous when it comes to hair styles and dresses. She is already beautiful so i think she will always be safe lol. I wonder what will be her dress for the coming baeksang awards. I hope her stylist will dress her with something different. White is always safe but can she wear something that is not too common?
  10. Back to serious matter, I couldn't believe my time doing shipping update, brought me to this horrifying issues. How could you so proud be in the circle of friends, or didn't know their activities. Your best friends so active promoting the places (that clubs), and still proud of it. Lee Da Hae (bc of her best friend) and Park Han Byul ( bc of her husband)- both once a good friends, both from wealthy families, and forever they are in this circle. Sad reality. Hope both of them protected forever. This is not a time accusing people black heart, or delusional, crazy shippers or what- this is Asia minor undercover trafficking and murder. https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2019/04/enter-talk-new-crazy-reports-about.html?m=1
  11. I think the real motive here might be that Seong Mo wanted to help change Lee Ahn's life for the good. When he was in interogation, he proved that psychometry can't be used in court as of right now, but like it says above LA can prove his ability by finding the killer now after he read SM. In the end justice kinda prevails here from what im predicting. psychometry is would finally be accepted by the police force, YSS will be exposed, the killer will be jailed, SM might get some jail time depending on the truth here , Jae In will get admitted to the police force, and the mother will finally be safe. Only thing left confused here is why Jae In's dad didnt fight against his charges or maybe it was true in the first place.
  12. Actress Yoon Ji Oh and writer Kim Soo Min are now engaged in a legal battle. On April 23, lawyer Park Hoon, the legal representative for Kim Soo Min, filed a complaint against Yoon Ji Oh with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in central Seoul for defamation and contempt. A number of screen captures of Kakao Talk […] The post Writer Kim Soo Min Files Lawsuit Against Yoon Ji Oh For Defamation + Accuses Her Of Taking Advantage Of The Jang Ja Yeon Case appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. so AR angry with the grandfather because her father committed suicide how rich is that, why blame other for something he happily , but loved how delusional her arguments are the grandfather betrayed his childhood friend for something everyone do according to AR - she most have been drugged in 19 / 20 centuries , she didn’t know is illegal to get bribes, but who I am to argue with crazy richard simmons like her
  14. When Sang Sang back to human world chubby that’s was actually what thought. I think she got pregnant her wedding night. I hate Ning Que talk dirt talks because for me this show Sang Sang and his relationship was so pure and cute. I hoping they don’t use for the second season.
  15. To anyone that has watched '94 version, what is the similarities this version has with the '94? Since both of them has either the same director or the screenwriter or producer right? What makes this version better than the '94? I've watched only snippets of '94 I want to murder both WJ and ZM, hahaha. Steve Ma he's acting like he's in a Qiong Yao series, like dude calm down stop being so emotional lol. That's why I'm surprised I like this version so much, how come the same people that make that abomination could make this version that I couldn't get it out of my head? I would really like to hear all your thoughts. Cheers!
  16. hii it my first time to write soompi forum,glad to see jugglers cast here
  17. hi fellow soompiers, we all know it's an awesome drama and I am glad its airing because lately I can not find many that I personally like.This one and Doctor Prisoner are the ones that I really looking forward to watch .....but .....its a big but ......since last week I had my subbed episodes on Tuesday so I could menage the waiting.Its a different story though with episodes 9 and 10.I keep refreshing all day ( its Tuesday 7 pm already in my area) all the sites that have Confession but the last two episodes are still Raw. Have you seen it with subs somewhere? I would really appreciate your answer chingus.
  18. I realise there are Two different MV on WJ ZM with their student uniforms versions. Two different songs https://m.weibo.cn/6313849959/4363805624542437 https://m.weibo.cn/6307939316/4362447693556187
  19. Maybe showers .. are a fetish place for him . I remember vividly the look Uhm Ki Joon and Chae Soo bin gave to him when he said that !! They were startled and thought of something else hahaha . Honestly, who says he/ she wants to a robot to wash him/ her ? lol. And the funniest thing is that he didn't let go of his robot-washer wish : he talked about his wish a few times. The first time was with CSB and UKJ, the second with CSB again I think and it was a promo video for IANAR's airing in China/ Taiwan, and then he talked about it again in post-dramas interviews. Indeed his eyes have so much sadness. When he cries , you need to have a box of tissues with you He said he likes sad stories ( I can't get my hands on that part from his interviews) It's fact that he hadn't an easy childhood and was hurt : His motto reveals it He chose IANAR because he relates to the main character who was an hermit due to his allergies after being hurt by humans He revealed being hurt : Actually since young, I feel very tired working among adults, as a kid, I get ignored and I feel very disappointed and sad. Even though the adults think that I am still young and does not know the things around me, but even that, as a kid I am also very sensitive and I can feel. So whenever I see weaker people or people in trouble, I will take note of them. I want to earn money and give it back to the society. Also, I have a dream that has to do with the environment. As the Earth becomes warming as the ice caps are melting, Polar bears would need to carry their cubs and swim further distances, I feel very sad seeing them like this, so I don’t use disposable items, and I also don’t on the air-conditions, a dream of wanting to fight together for survival with the animals. http://yshbiased.blogspot.com/2012/07/interview-vogue-august-issue-faces-of.html His experience as a child actor should be an example to be taken account seriously and sheds light to how child actors are being treated. His words come up quite frequently, he has never talked about the extent of his emotional hurt. At least, we know it is as deep as not being able to meet people and becoming close to them:
  20. I have to admit I've been a lurker in this thread for a while Oh my goodness ,those cheeks bones dunks head in to a bucket of icy water Make me , quickly catch up with all the four episodes before next episodes , Kim Jae Wook really nailed it for me so far ,I like he is pompousness ,but not to much ,I cant wait to see more of him with our fangirl . * The wall scene I re-watch it so many times I’m ashamed to say I abuse the repeat button * I swear to god , seeing how adorable he is , make me want another pet
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