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  1. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi updated her SNS with actor Kim Soohyun She wrote, “Wow! Kim Soohyun will be on Tetsuko's Room. I was so happy to find out that Soohyun knew about Tetsuko's Room and even delayed his return trip by a day to come to the studio. I had watched him in My Love from the Star and Queen of Tears, so I knew how wonderful he was, but meeting him in person was a surprise! He came to my dressing room to say hello. At first, he seemed a bit nervous, but as we talked, he relaxed, and we ended up laughing together. We exchanged gifts too. He gave me a tea set and cookies, and I gave him a fan and Japanese sweets. Later, one of his staff handed him a big bag, and he looked a bit confused. It turned out to be full of his own fan merchandise, like uchiwa fans. He shyly said, "These are my goods." At that moment, I was holding a T-shirt with my photo on it, and when he saw it, he asked, "Is that your merchandise?" I replied, "Yes, it is," and he looked so relieved and cute.
  2. Kim Soohyun to Appear on Long-running Japanese Talk Show, Tetsuko's Room
  3. [NEWS] Kim Soohyun to Appear on Long-running Japanese Talk Show, Tetsuko's Room, as a Globally Popular Hallyu Star. On June 22 and 23, Kim Soohyun held a fan meeting at PIA ARENA in Japan, selling out all seats and demonstrating his explosive popularity. On June 26, Fuji TV's flagship program Mezamashi TV reported that the Korean drama Queen Of Tears achieved high ratings in Korea and was also a big hit in Japan. They highlighted Kim Soohyun's fan meeting and interview as major news. Following this, there was significant interest in the news that Kim Soohyun would appear on Japan's national program, Tetsuko's Room. Tetsuko's Room, a representative talk show on TV Asahi, has been hosted by renowned veteran actress and best-selling author Tetsuko Kuroyanagi since 1976, and is approaching its 50th anniversary. The talk show has featured global stars and internationally prominent figures, including foreign politicians. Tetsuko's Room announced Kim Soo-hyun's appearance by saying, "A Hallyu star with global popularity will appear." Kim Soohyun discussed various topics with Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, including the drama Queen of Tears, his Asia tour, and his hobbies. Notably, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi was reportedly very surprised that Kim Soohyun sang Masahiko Kondo's song, Gin Gin Gin Sari Genaku, which was released in 1981, at his fan meeting. Even though the drama Queen of Tears ended almost three months ago, it remains popular, with a pop-up store recently opening in Tokyo. Kim Soohyun's popularity is expected to continue. https://www.slist.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=564582
  4. OP met actor Kim Soohyun and shared their story: “Back then, I was working at a store of a certain brand in COEX. It was around 6 PM on a weekday, and there were hardly any customers that day. I was just idly hanging around when suddenly, two men walked in. The store sold both women's and men's clothes, and I was at the men's cashier desk. The two men quickly picked out a few T-shirts and came to my counter to pay. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. There was an aura... really... My first thought was, "I wish he were my younger brother," and then I thought, "Is he a celebrity? How can someone have such a small face?" Yes, I didn’t realize at that time that it was Kim Soohyun. I still regret it to this day. I’m not very observant. While I was ringing up the items, I kept staring at him, not knowing he was Kim Soohyun. We made eye contact. I couldn’t look away. His eyes were beautiful, so round and black. I finally pulled myself together and told him the total. He handed me a check card. Was it a red BC debit card? Anyway, I neatly packed his items into a shopping bag and sincerely said, "Thank you, please come again," to the customer. I suspected he might be a celebrity, but the friend he was with looked so ordinary that I just thought Kim Soohyun must be a really handsome guy from Gangnam. After Kim Soohyun and his friend left the store, I said to my coworker, "Did you see that? Amazing, right?" My coworker replied, "Nuna! That was Kim Soohyun!" "Huh? Who's Kim Soohyun... Oh, Kim Soohyun? Oh my!" "Nuna, didn't you know it was Kim Soohyun and kept staring at him?" "No, I didn’t. I was just staring because he was so handsome." I regret it so much. If I had known it was Kim Soohyun that day, I would have begged for a photo, even if I had to cling to his leg. This was a small reminiscence of Kim Soohyun's fan who was suffering from Do Minjun's fever.”
  5. Kim Soohyun’s outdoor billboard at Homeplus Ochang branch
  6. [NEWS] Actor Woo Dohwan Joins Knock-Off, Helping Kim Soohyun. Actor Woo Dohwan will be teaming up with Kim Soohyun. According to an exclusive report by Star News on the 15th, Woo Dohwan has been confirmed to appear in the Disney+ original series Knock-Off. Knock-Off tells the story of Kim Sungjoon, an ordinary man who loses his job during the IMF crisis and enters the counterfeit business in the late 20th century. He eventually becomes the 'king of knock-offs' not only in Korea but worldwide. In the drama, Woo Dohwan plays Lee Minseok, Kim Sungjoon's high school friend and the CEO of the largest portal site in Korea. Lee Minseok helps Kim Sungjoon through financial difficulties. Kim Soohyun has been cast as Kim Sungjoon, a character with a mild personality and good looks who had a stable job at a major company but becomes unemployed due to the IMF crisis. He starts selling knock-offs to make initial funds for a business proposed by Lee Minseok and eventually dives fully into the counterfeit market. In addition to Kim Soohyun and Woo Dohwan, Knock-Off also stars Kwon Nara, Jo Boah, Kim Sieun, Kim Muyeol, Yoo Jaemyung, Lee Jungeun, Jo Woojin, Kim Uisung, Choi Kyuri, Kim Hyeeun, and Kang Malgeum, generating high expectations from global viewers. https://www.starnewskorea.com/stview.php?no=2024071508591458640
  7. [NEWS] Top actor Kim Mooyeol joins Kim Soohyun in the drama Knockoff. According to News1 on the 13th, Kim Mooyeol will appear in the new drama Knockoff. Knockoff tells the story of an ordinary man, Kim Sungjoon (played by Kim Soohyun), who loses his job during the IMF crisis and enters the counterfeit business at the end of the 20th century. He eventually becomes a global counterfeit king in the 21st century. Kim Mooyeol became a top actor this April with the movie The Roundup: No Way Out, which attracted over 10 million viewers. He captivated audiences as the main villain Baek Changgi and is set to appear in the new Disney+ series No Way Out: The Roulette on the 31st. This news of his next project has drawn attention. Knockoff has a cast including Kim Soohyun, Jo Boah, Kwon Nara, Lee Jungeun, Yoo Jaemyung, and Go Kyupil, which has already generated interest. With Kim Mooyeol joining, the already trustworthy lineup of actors is expected to create even more excitement. Knockoff has completed its script reading and will be released on a global OTT platform in the future. https://www.news1.kr/entertain/broadcast-tv/5477995
  8. [0712] OP met actor Kim Soo Hyun at Seoryong, a Chinese Restaurant at Sangam-dong, Seoul. OP said, “After finishing my class, I went to eat with a close friend and saw a bunch of celebrities. I saw Kim Soohyun, Kwon Nara, Kim Namgil, Jung Mansik, Yoo Jaemyung, and Go Kyupil. It must have been a gathering for a new drama.
  9. [INFO] Queen of Tears Pop-Up Store in Tokyo. Future events for the Queen of Tears Japan Pop-Up Store are planned in cities outside Tokyo. Details about the cities and dates will be announced later
  10. Actor Kim Soohyun will appear on Japan TV Asahi's Tetsuko's Room on Friday, July 19, 2024 at 1:00 PM JST
  11. [NEWS] Actress Kwon Nara Joins Kim Soo Hyun in the World of Knock-Offs as the Lead in 'Knock-Off' On the 12th, Star News exclusively reported that Kwon Nara will appear in the new Disney+ drama Knockoff. Knockoff tells the story of Kim Sungjoon, an ordinary man who lost his job during the IMF crisis. He dives into the knock-off business at the end of the 20th century and eventually becomes the king of knock-offs worldwide in the 21st century. In the drama, Kwon Nara plays Moon Yoobin, who, along with her brother, makes fake products and sells them before being scouted by Kim Sung-joon to taste the money. She believes in her dreams and efforts https://www.starnewskorea.com/stview.php?no=2024071215033136333
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