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its quite widely known that LJG is beyond nice and approachable to his fans. but i would also like to point out that his fandom is exceptional in a lot of ways, which explains why he is always so nice

Something to brighten up the mood  Got this nice Japanese magazine with Joon Gi on the cover as well as the Japanese DVD for MLSHR, both with long and interesting interviews of the MLSHR cast.

OMG! The 4th prince has his own thread! I discovered it by accident! I love him since friday, the day i started watching SHR. It started with this scene: then it intensified by infinity beca

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*** LJK can always pull this off. Playing the role of a villain is so invigorating for someone like him. He will be very perfect as villain character. OMG - I love him in "Flower of Evil" - his eyes, that mysterious gaze, his smiles, he was so good in that masterpiece drama. He did it so well. I'd love to see Lee Joon Gi in any kind of roles especially those with action stunts.  :blush:



7 Main Lead Actors We Would Love To See As Villains In A K-Drama


There are K-drama actors that we consistently come across in main lead roles who usually play the good guys. They’re loveable, charming, handsome, and are most likely to make anyone fall for the characters they play. Some actors have played villain roles in the past, but there are also a bunch that have never crossed over to the villain side. It would definitely be cool to see them playing roles that are more dark and mysterious. Here are seven K-drama actors who we would love to see play a villain in their K-drama career.



7. Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi is definitely good at playing the ambiguous main roles where you’re not sure whether to hate him at first or love him. In his most recent role in “Flower Of Evil,” Lee Joon Gi played the psychopath craftsman by the name of Baek Hee Sung.




The thing about this role was that Lee Joon Gi was able to showcase the ambiguity and mystery of his character so flawlessly. It also made us a believer in his ability to play a psychopath very well. Seeing Lee Joon Gi in those close-up shots of his face while trying to feel any kind of emotion gave us chills. We need to see him in a full out villain role asap!


Start watching “Flower of Evil”:


Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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*** "Flower of Evil" is really an amazing drama. I feel so bad & sad that this wasn't on Netflix. The drama will keep you waiting for next episode. It deserved even more.  :Ohboy3:


Must-Watch K-Dramas That Were Awarded At The 57th Baeksang Arts Awards



The Baeksang Arts Awards are considered to be the most prestigious awards that can be given to an actor, actress, or an entertainer in Korea. It is held annually and is the only awards ceremony in South Korea that takes theater, movies, and television into consideration. At the most recent 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, there were many K-dramas that were rightfully recognized. Here are seven of those awarded K-dramas that you don’t want to miss.



2. “Flower of Evil

Nominated for five Baeksang Arts awards, Kim Cheol Kyu ended up winning the Best Director for his drama “Flower Of Evil.” The series was also nominated for Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor.




Lee Joon Gi stars as Baek Hee Sung, a craftsman who is married to detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won). The two have a little girl together and they seemingly live a normal life. What Ji Won doesn’t know is her husband’s dark past and the secrets he has kept hidden for many years. As she begins to investigate a case, she discovers that it is linked to her husband.


This series had a huge fanbase not only within Korea but internationally. People couldn’t help but fall for the charm of Baek Hee Sung and the way Lee Joon Gi portrayed such an ambiguous character.


With the mix of the love story element and mystery, it was a series that everyone couldn’t help but love!




Start watching “Flower of Evil”:



Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news



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