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  1. Seeing her smiling brightly like this So thankful to Na In Woo & Lee Yi Kyung for always standing by her side, hopefully their friendship will continue.
  2. Maribelle Official Instagram Update Isn't she the prettiest bride @hazelanne.medina9 You can copy the URL from Instagram and Twitter @pmypsj Hook is just worse, don't have any hope with them
  3. So happy to see the birthday update this year and she writing caption in english Once again wishing our lovely princess a Happy Birthday, May you shine Brighter & Brighter Youngie @hazelanne.medina9 welcome to the thread! You can download pics from twitter or Insta.
  4. We had countless weddings and wedding dressess in 'Love in Contract', so I thought there won't be any surprisingly good weddings in Min Young's dramas as we got almost every possible concept in Love in Contract, But 'Marry My Husband' wedding is just so real , and Kang Ji Won is the prettiest bride.
  5. Missinng Ji Won & 2Ji, I guess our lives will be like this until she returns with another project Can't get enough of these wedding pictures @OksanaSiytra Siss Thank you so much for changing the titile, love it
  6. Final Group Photo from the official photographer It's really hard to say goodbye to this drama and 2ji
  7. New Behind Stills Marry My Husband Episode 13-14 I can't believe they cut this scene from the episode
  8. Watch: Park Min Young And Na In Woo Get Savage In “Amazing Saturday” Preview TV/FILM The stars of tvN’s hit drama “Marry My Husband” are coming to “Amazing Saturday”! On February 10, the popular variety show aired a sneak peek of its upcoming episode, which will feature “Marry My Husband” leads Park Min Young and Na In Woo as guests. The newly released preview begins with host Boom introducing the two guests—before proceeding to get teased mercilessly by both of them. Park Min Young cracks everyone up by jokingly telling Boom, “I noticed that you do a great job teasing people [on the show]. Like a crafty trickster.” However, despite her declaration that she “came on the show to have fun,” Park Min Young demonstrates impressive focus as she gets serious about the lyric guessing game. Meanwhile, Shin Dong Yup jokes that due to Na In Woo’s skyrocketing fame, Moon Se Yoon—who knows the actor from starring together in “2 Days & 1 Night”—now treats him differently from before. “I saw [Moon Se Yoon bow] earlier when greeting him,” laughs Shin Dong Yup. Na In Woo then gets savage as he grills Moon Se Yoon on whether he knows the name of his character in “Marry My Husband,” before changing targets to Boom. As Na In Woo bombards him with questions about lyrics, Boom playfully wipes his sweat to show how flustered he is. Finally, Boom explodes by yelling in frustration, “All right, I got it! I’m having a hard time too!” Park Min Young and Na In Woo’s episode of “Amazing Saturday” will air on February 17 at 7:30 p.m. KST. https://www.soompi.com/article/1641963wpp/watch-park-min-young-and-na-in-woo-get-savage-in-amazing-saturday-preview Same here sis, I have never watched the full episode... Can't wait for next week I can't believe we get to see Min Young on a variety show.
  9. [NEWS] According to Asan Medical Center in Seoul, #ParkMinYoung donated 100 million won to the hospital's cancer center on the 7th. She thought of donating for cancer patients because she played the main character Kang Ji Won(cancer patient) in the drama #MarryMyHusband Youngie the pretty angel
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