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  1. So happy to see some new posts and enjoyed reading all posts. I think the script reading was held today and the filming will start next week. Looking forward to this drama although I haven't seen Song Kang in any of his previous projects, I trust Min Young's choice. These days many Time City pics/vids are circulating because of Zhe Han's popularity I don't have any hopes left for this drama
  2. Chinese poems used to give me headaches, but not any more thanks to SHL (+ AvenueX). I wish more dramas will use literature references so that we can learn. And I love Ma Jie From CATHY @Wuzetian Thank You for the updates especially for the Peaches
  3. @kur4p1k4 really can't tell whether it's photoshopped or not, but I think they didn't record TianWen on the same day. As I remember GJ recorded first then ZH recorded the next day...don't remember the dates though seriously the edits are so good now I'd think it's an edit even if it's a real pic. @Wuzetian why not....please post maybe in a spoiler tag Cr REAL1640 Gong Jun and his
  4. Totally agree I felt like I'm reading a book while watching this drama and praying to see these two together again....who knows maybe one day we'll get that
  5. Can't believe I'm posting in this thread again.... Anyways Healer webtoon is coming
  6. @Oksana Sutra @dreamcatcher Looks like ,Min Young is catching up with her friends both Sica and Jin Joo updated photos....and seems like shooting didn't start yet. and I'm so happy about the Healer Webtoon
  7. Koreans have watched episode 17 and going crazy for A'xu's fairy looks... @Wuzetian Thank You so much for the updates and all your costumes posts load on my laptop perfectly.
  8. PANDORA live, he is looking so small and cute When can we listen
  9. IT'S RAINNING ~LOVE this fan station they have insane captures my fav one @kur4p1k4 someone gave 1 star to concert right? (1st day there were no 1 star or 2 stars but the next day there was 1) and fans were saying that's from the Youku editing team @Wuzetian So A'xu really has 22 outfits indeed our princess....Looking forward to the article and WKS's
  10. I miss them & their hands... (Via Weibo Cr as tagged) @Wuzetian Yes she posted it in weibo, I think because of LLD supertopic birthday. & I'm rewatching whenever I can (Esp 6,11,12,18,22,25,27,34) More i watch more beautiful it is and I started one Kdrama and few Cdramas but I don't really like any of those esp the scripts are
  11. I got this news today in like 2 or 3 different platforms word-of-honour-star-zhang-zhehan-files-police-report-privacy-invasion Indeed a cat
  12. Indeed a fairy goddess first time seeing this Ma Jie shared this ❤
  13. New Photos from Anker and Elizabeth Arden He looks so good in white
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