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  1. I meant the end credit 'Memory' song. I think there was a miscommunication on my part. Sorry about that. The new song, I went with your translation and on the basis of that it sounds lovely.
  2. Hi! Could anyone please explain what's happening in the preview of the next episode? P.S. After watching the last scene of the episode, I now know what it means when people say, 'It just happened.'. Lovely song. I wish they would sub the songs too. Thanks to @jayakris I looked it up on YouTube with English translations. Beautiful song! This is one thing I totally love about K-dramas, amazing OST. Every single time! Coming back to the episode, it seemed that the 30s husband and SW. It was very sweet the way he kissed her forehead. At the same time, it breaks my heart. If
  3. Hello! Hello! Hello! Been lurking and reading your comments before watching the latest episode. Thanks to @Abs_ triggered, I know the objectifying continues. I am forewarned. @ktcjdramaYou got a point there. I remember how she pushed him away when he came back from the long flight and wanted to snuggle with her but she had better plans like doing the laundry. And there she thought, she had the perfect marriage, all figured out. @joccuI never liked this Ami from the very beginning. She seemed too frivolous. I don't know but she comes across as someone trying too hard.
  4. This was fantastic! Mind blowing! And that amazing cinematography. Not to mention the really creepy ML Dong Sik! I cannot figure him out yet. Is he an eccentric genius or a complete nutcase / psycho. Tremendously enjoying the drama. Congratulations to the entire team! Looking forward to the story. This kind of reminds me of When Camilla Blooms... the cinematography was great then. But they lost the plot a little. The thriller/ mystery was kind of disappointing. Perhaps it was also a love story. Hopefully, we don't get diverted here. P.S. I don't think DS is a psycho/ s
  5. It was an epic snooze fest! The 40s husband seems to be breaking his own level in every episode.And what's with Ah Mi? The way she was openly flirting and getting him drunk to carry out her act of seduction! Not that the 40s husband was in any way unwilling! This was very, very disturbing! Deliberately setting out to seduce a married man? Is there really a dearth of unattached men? *facepalm* I am so disgusted by her. I really don't want to know anymore. I just hope the wife kicks some RickRoll'D here and teach them a lesson! The glib liar and the seductress. Can you cut the damsel in distress
  6. What if the writers are playing mind games with us? I mean the 40s husband is 'just looking, not really touching'? He would then be the epitome of a gentleman! An ideal husband! A thoughtful step son! And a kind and helpful stranger! I don't think my heart can take that kind of betrayal. I have invested too much in him. My posts have been too unkind to him, hurling vitriol on him for perhaps being an unbelievably good person? As for why all the women are falling for him, besides him being such a 'gentleman' is perhaps he has access to the fountain of youth. (Clue: All those shower s
  7. Hello everyone! Finally! Finally something happened! Things are moving. I think it was a good episode. Lot of questions answered and a lot of new questions arise. I am intrigued by the PD engineer guy. What's his story? I thought the 50s husband was the vilest man in the drama. But Mr 40 is giving him a stiff competition there. I also have a problem with the camera constantly objectifying the women in the drama? I totally enjoyed the 'Temptation of Eve' episode between the 40s husband and his young 'mistress'. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but her suffering from
  8. Hello everyone! Sorry haven't been around but have been reading everyone's comments. I finally watched EP 7. I am not sure if I can bring myself to watch EP 8 back to back. EP 7 was quite emotionally draining. My heart goes out to the two innocent children. It is always the children who suffer the most. My heart couldn't take it when the little boy asked his father with tears brimming in his young eyes, if that other woman mattered to his father more than he and his family did. That was the death blow in my opinion. How could he stand before them and try to justify his action? One mistake? Was
  9. Hello! I decided to catch the episodes too as thanks to Netflix, they are available sooner. I quite enjoyed the two episodes. Her 17 year old bratty self, not so much. I'm interested in the present day FL and how she deals with life. Another thing I appreciated was how they didn't try to make her look like a flawless beauty but a very natural look with freckles was presented to the audience. The two male leads are funny in their own way. Poor FL, she has to baby sit her 17 year old bratty self and the Chaebol ML. But I like her. She has resilience in her. Would be fun to see how M
  10. Hello Everyone! Not watched this week's episodes yet. Was too invested in Mr. Queen to give it any thought. Moreover, nothing really happens in this drama. This is my go to drama to watch while I wait for Mr. Queen subtitles. I am glad more new dramas are on Netflix. Waiting for subs is nothing less than Hell. My only question here is 'Is anyone really interested in the dad bod of the 40s husband?' Why so much attention on his shirt-lessness? It doesn't even add to the story? The creators are obsessed with him. He's good looking and all but IMO, I prefer him fully dressed.
  11. Wow! If that's him with some weight on, I'd admit it isn't too bad at all. Quite a stunner with a dad bod too. Is that really a dad bod? This is cheating! Thanks for the videos. I wish there were subtitles. He is quite cute but that annoying character he is playing atm puts me off him. BTW, is that really his dog? What a cutie!
  12. @lebeaucouple: Isn't it the other way round? I thought it was the step mom with her spells of dizziness, a convenient way to fall into strong, manly arms of her young and handsome step son? She suddenly turned into a creeper needing support 24x7. And experienced spells of dizziness every time her step son was around. Objectively speaking, it was too funny! Like I mentioned previously, she is a femme fatale/ damsel in distress/ black widow all rolled into one. The bathroom loving step son just cannot resist such a temptation. Should we start calling their interludes as 'Temptation of Step-so
  13. Random thoughts: 1. Even without his six pack abs, he is kind of cute. But needs to shed his Mama's boy image to be more appealing. His Mama's Boy image overshadows any cuteness/ hotness atm. Could you please grow up man-child? And any woman would confirm that it is definitely a dampener in terms of sex appeal. Also, thank you for reminding me that he's the same guy from My Secret Romance. Note to self: Watch the rest of the episodes and complete the drama . I gave up after the hot passionate one night stand the couple had. 2. What's with all these shower scenes/ just out of
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