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  1. @bedifferent: OMG! This is really unbelievable! I can't believe that I finally found someone who is a big fan of 'Thank You'. I have watched and re-watched it countless times. I can't get over it. I love the soundtrack. I wish it was available somewhere. 'Thank You' and 'Fated to Love You' remain my most favourite dramas of all times. (So, it's no surprise that I love Jang Hyuk! He's super cute and sexy. He's like wine that gets better with age. (#shamelessfangirling) These two dramas are real stress busters for me. I haven't come across a drama that has affected me this deeply. So I can relate to being in a 'mess'. GHJ has a knack of selecting great dramas. And did I mention she's super pretty? This drama too seems extremely promising. The promos seems to be heartwarming. GHJ has excellent chemistry with no just her male costars but what I find most wonderful is her rapport with child artists. This was most evident in 'Thank You'. Then it was in the drama 'Greatest Love' , though the opportunities and scenes weren't as many as in 'Thank You'. GHJ was so realistic as the single unwed mom struggling to fight against social prejudices. Recalling her struggles brings tears into my eyes. I think everyone did a fabulous job in that drama. A special shout out to the Grandfather who was simply adorable.
  2. I got so excited after watching the trailer on Netflix that I had to come here looking for the thread. I love Gong Hyo-jin! She is my most favourite actress. She never fails to impress with her diverse characterizations. I really admire her for taking up projects that deal with some really different, difficult and challenging issues in the society. She is so effortless in each of her characters! How does she do that every single time? When the Camellia Blooms seems interesting and after a long lull I find myself excited about a show. The trailer was so heartwarming. I think it's Gong Hyo-jin really who makes her characters so appealing, relatable so much so that you not only end up falling in love with them but they also leave such an indelible mark on you. I am biased towards 'ThankYou' because it has my favourite Jang Hyuk, but nevertheless the Gong Hyo-jin portrayla of a single unwed mother with a child battling aids has truly left an indelible mark on me. I have enjoyed her other shows too be it Pasta, It's Okay, That's Love, The Greatest Love , Master's Sun and Don't Dare to Dream..... How come she gets paired against such good looking and charismatic men in all her shows? Apologies for this long rant/ fan-girl post! Hoping to interact with all the other followers of the show and discuss, rant and rave as the show progresses!
  3. I just can't get over how cute SSR looks , especially when he's doing a rom-com scene. Why is he so charming? Why! Take pity on our poor hearts.
  4. He's the only reason why I am going to continue. He has won me over in TLE. I never found myself as conflicted as I was when I was watching TLE. Even surprising myself by supporting our beloved 'Pyeha'! I wish SSR all the luck in the world as he pursues his career as the male lead. He is such a versatile actor that he effortlessly slips into his characters, charming his audience. P.S. I love his voice. #fangirl
  5. Dear Perfume, I have been so excited since I heard of SSR's new show. However, it is with great regret I must mention that I haven't warmed up to the show yet. I think the female lead's hair is kind of distracting. But SSR looks sooooooooooooo good. I'm feasting my eyes on him. A real treat for sore eyes. It also helps that he's so charming. He's charming even when he played a villain. It's really unfair how effortlessly charming SSR is no matter what role he takes up. There's an innate charm in him. I am hoping the show gets better because I had been waiting to see SSR in a rom-com after I watched The Last Empress. He has brilliant comic timing. Not everyone is well-versed in the art of comic timing. He's a natural. Being such a brilliant actor , he makes watching his shows a real treat for the audience. This brings me to another of my quibbles. Although the show is touted as 'comic', the comedy seems quite 'forced', contrived. They really need to up the ante to prevent the show from being just another 'rom-com'. The female lead although I sympathize with her situation, being a middle-aged homemaker , stuck in a rut for 17 years, unfortunately isn't really pulling her weight, or is it just the script? The show sometimes gives me the vibes of 'Romance Is a Bonus Book' , a show I wasn't really a big fan of. SSR has my love and complete support though the show hasn't been successful in engaging my interest yet. I don't wait with bated breath as I had been for his previous show. It's a little disappointing to me because he's such a brilliant actor. It seems a 'waste' of his talent. Please redeem yourself and live up to our expectations dear 'Perfume'! A lot is riding on you, especially since you have such a versatile actor in your kitty. A very very disappointed fan...
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the series! Week after week it had kept me hooked to it. There was never a dull moment. NGM being so charming and such a fabulous actor helped. The cat and mouse chase was just what the doctor ordered after I finished The Last Empress and there was nothing to fill the void. The plot was intelligently crafted. I hope we get Season 2 and it is as tightly knitted as Season 1. Rooting for NYJ. Also, I would take to mention the amazing job the villains did. Both Dr. Seon and LJJ. Gosh, LJJ was soooooooooo creepy. That cold hearted smile of his, his whistling ... *shudders* The actor did a brilliant job of acting like this cold, ruthless, merciless 'murderer'. I tried to sympathize with him after his back story was revealed but he was beyond redemption. As for Dr Seon, that cunning smile! The shrewd expressions! All three main actors did a fantastic job in my opinion. Thankfully, there was no 'romance' to dilute the thriller. Though TBH, I thoroughly enjoyed the romance between Prosecutor Jung and Ms. Oh! They provided the much need comic relief when things got too tense. Overall, definitely one of the best series of the year 2019 and definitely added to my list of favourites with The Last Empress. Bidding it goodbye with a heavy heart. Hope to see the charming MGN soon!
  7. Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SSR is back! He's so cute. Looks adorable when he is doing comic scenes. He's fab in villainous roles too. *sigh* Is there anything he isn't good at? *making moon eyes* Thank you @katakwasabi ! When is this show starting? I hope it starts soon. Doctor Prisoner had been keeping me company after The Last Empress. But that too is ending soon. I can do with some comedy now and of course romance! Also, can anyone provide the English subtitles of the teaser please?
  8. I'm late for the party but I'm relieved to know that it isn't the case of latest episode not being uploaded but rather no new episode aired on Thursday. Rather disappointing for the fans as we eagerly wait for the show, especially for Namgoong Min! That guy is sooooo charming. I think I fell in love with him in Beautiful Gong Shim and I have been avoiding The Girl Who Sees Scents because I am not ready to see him play a negative role. I'm sure he aced it going by all the rave reviews of the show. But my poor heart isn't ready yet, so I'm watching Undateables! Gosh! He has the most charming smile and his acting is so effortless. Anyway, moving on to LJH, I'm sorry I could not sympathize with him. His sob story could not melt my heart. He is beyond redemption. He is a cold- hearted, calculating, ruthless murderer, without any feelings of compunction or regret. Despicable! Also, why is NYJ unable to see what a back stabber Director Seon is! I don't understand why sometimes intelligent characters acting completely contrary to themselves. I hope this is just a ploy on NYJ's part to fool and to bait the bigger fish. I think this might be the reason why I didn't like the latest episode. Can we get the old sharp witted NYJ back, please?
  9. I don't much care about the romance/ lack of romance. In fact, it's better without any. I am enjoying this battle of wits way too much to care about the romance or lack of it. NGM is acing it as an anti-hero. Such a fabulous actor. I love watching the play of different expressions on his face. Absolutely brilliant and mesmerizing. Every time I watch a K-drama, I seem heedlessly face in love with the male leads. The credit goes entirely to these fabulous actors for doing such a fantastic job that one just can't remain immune to their charm. I would also like to admit that KBC is doing such a good job as a villain that as a viewer I detest him and he makes my blood boil with his cold hardheartedness. He is easily one of the best villains of 2019. It would be hard to beat this cold, calculative, manipulative doctor villain. Every new episodes he outdoes himself scaling new heights of being the most detestable guy on screen. But at the same time, I wait with bated breath to see what his next move will be. In this game of chess, let's see who gets 'check-mate'. My bets are on the cool, composed, not to mention suave NGM. Both the actors are brilliant and they play a mjor role in making the show so brilliant. Looking forward to more excitement and new twists. Let's see how NGM maneuvers to get himself out of tricky situations again.
  10. This show has completely captivated my interest. I was going through a lull after The Last Empress. All the rom-coms were sadly extremely cliched, their execution too wasn't great enough to captivate my interest as an audience. Doctor Prisoner has done a fabulous job of keeping the viewers hooked to the edge of their seats with all the twists and turns. It also helps that Namgoong Min is such a superb actor. I first saw him in Beautiful Gong Shim and it became one of my favourite shows. I could never imagine him in such an intense anti-hero role after I watched Beautiful Gong Shim. I think that's a mark of a good actor who constantly re-invents himself , does challenging roles and never settles for stereotypical roles that would end up labeling him as an actor.
  11. Thank you so much SBS! It does make our hearts soar again. It was down in the dumps since you decided to kill Pyeha! Thank you for the translation. Can anyone translate the song they sing? I want a cute rom-com with Jang Nara and SSR, please, k-drama gods!
  12. Pyeha! My heart is heavy with grief. Although we expected it, it still doesn't make the pain any less. Hyuk, you will always be remembered as the most dynamic character in TLE. Everyone did a great job, but you outshone everyone and worm your way into the hearts of the audience. We could hate you or love you, but no one could ignore you. I started watching the show because I was hoping for a HEA which we were deprived of in Fated to Love You and also because I am a big Jang Na-ra fan. In fact, I hardly took a notice of SSR in Thank You. No, that would be wrong. I did notice him as a weak , indecisive character who made it easy for us to root for Jang Hyuk. But after watching SSR's stellar performance in TLE, I have become his big big biggggg fan! Hoping to see him on television again, not as a weak indecisive character or as a villain please! If any writer/ PD is lurking here, please take note. We would love to see SSR as a 'good' guy but then SSR as Hyuk had proven that evil guys are more enigmatic than the good ones, more entertaining certainly! Thank you @ktcjdrama and @katakwasabi for the live recaps.
  13. Wohoo! We get to see more of Pyeha's crazy antics! Bring it on writer Nim! If he continues the way he had begun, I have a feeling he would go down spectacularly. Thereby, ensuring truth and justice triumphs over evil.
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