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  1. Finally watched the last episode. I really had to compel myself to watch it because the ending kind of fizzled out for me. It was predictable and a little unconvincing. I mean after what we were set up, the last two episodes seemed to have fizzled out the adrenaline rush. This was a revenge drama so instead of ending it with a bang, too many screen time spent on family drama. I wish they had cleared all the family so that the focus was more on the revelation of the motive and delivering of justice. I mean it was too easy! I can't believe the chairwoman's son/ driver/
  2. @LmanglaYes! Indeed it did! I was a little disappointed! They had been building us up for a showdown and then the Chairwoman just walked in to surrender herself. This seemed like a filler episode to me, with everything falling into its place. I didn't much care about the romantic scenes between the ML and FL. I would like to know if a third party, in this case, a journalist could be present during an interrogation and does he have a right to interrogate a suspect? It seemed a little odd to me. Also, did I misinterpret the scene? I thought there were two children in the
  3. Is this based on the book? I'm super excited about this. I recently finished reading the novel! Brilliant! I haven't watched any of LMH's dramas since the epic 'Boys Over Flowers'. That was my first K-drama and since then there's no looking back. I was just thinking if anyone could turn the novel into a movie and here it is! A wish fulfillment! Good luck to the team! Looking forward to some more news on the project.
  4. Here are some of my thoughts: 1. I am glad the wedding didn't take place. I'd rather see the FL marry after she has cleared her name, with her head held high in the presence of all. 2. Do we really need to complicate the story unnecessarily with a terminally ill child? Why is everything so complicated in K-drama land? 3. I think that guy, secretary is the Chairwoman's son. Not lover. The way the dead son was baiting him in front of her.
  5. I have too many favourite actors in the Ahjussi list! I can't believe they are called ahjussi. They are like old wine getting better with time. I see their name and I click. I have watched almost all of their dramas and I would continue to do so. Anyway, I really enjoyed participating in this poll. It was fun!
  6. @NodameOh don't even get me started on the ML's manipulative ways. Again, I like how the SML is straightforward and admits to looking for 'excuses' to be with the FL. I was a puddle of emotions when he asked how many excuses were required till none were needed to see her in future. The guy is literally wearing his heart on his sleeve, what more do you need woman? As for the ML, he is so cunning and manipulative and does whatever suits him without considering others. Leaving behind his sunglasses, asking her to help him settle down and the stopping her from leaving and meeting the C
  7. Finally watched Episode 4. I am really liking the SML. I know liking him is going to be futile because I am setting myself up for heartbreak. But I like the gentle budding romance between him and the FL. He seems like a decent guy who got hurt and is cautious but at the same time willing to try again and value the person. I think it's very important in a relationship that we value and cherish the our partners. I really liked what he said about him never losing anything precious. Most importantly, I really appreciate his honesty, coming clean about him being the receiver of her drunken calls.
  8. I don't know how is this cute and lovable? The ML is super annoying and toxic. Just let the girl live her life! If you can't return her feelings for whatever reason don't keep appearing before her, being nice to her, giving her hope! Let her move on with her life. Just stay away. You cannot be so selfish! I'm sorry but I am not liking the ML. He is hurtful and in real life, this cannot be construed as anything cute or romantic. I am interested in the SL backstory. So, the step mother' is his first love? Ouch! That surly hurts and must have left deep scars.
  9. I think the chairwoman herself is that anonymous/ unknown artist whose paintings are supposedly bought at an exorbitant sum of money. So basically she is buying her own paintings, to deflect money laundering?
  10. Binge watched till Episode 11. Wow! Everything has picked up pace and It will all come together soon. I love the pace of the drama. As for Se Mi , she is an idiot. Sorry but I can't think of a polite way of describing her. How can you call yourself a mother and hurt a child? This woman is amazing! Really! And how idiotic are you that you cannot see how you are being used. Does she really think the Chairwoman would support her after she no longer serves her needs. Oh and what's with Mr Kang's sister? Has everyone left their brains at home? What an actress that Cha
  11. I am running behind the schedule . I need to catch up episodes 9,10 and 11! But the weekend is finally here and real life is under control! I binge watched Episodes 7 and 8, so my question is why the chairwoman suddenly so interested in her granddaughter.She had no compunction in killing a newborn baby, and now suddenly she is desperate to have her granddaughter. What is her sinister plan? I don't think she has any maternal feelings towards her granddaughter. Did anyone catch that? Any theories etc? The chairwoman is one evil woman and the way she is using Se Mi fueling her anger t
  12. My first K-drama! Initially, I dropped it. Then picked it up, skipped scenes till she was released from the prison. I have watched this countless number of times. I love it! Ji Sung remains my all time favourite actor. I am excited to watch this again and go through a roller coaster of emotions! The madness is too exhilarating!
  13. Awww... this was soooo good! A romcom after so long. Loved the first episode! Looking forward to the story. Hopefully, WY will find the man of her dreams who would love her just the way she is, and she finds her happily ever after.
  14. I agree with you @riverie, The drama was extremely promising. A fabulous cast, great cinematography and a good story, at least on paper. Somehow, it lost its mojo. Now it's a wreck and we don't know where we are going with the story/ characters. Let's buckle our seat belts because this is one bumpy ride and we are in too deep, too invested to abandon this drama.
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