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[Upcoming Drama 2023] Family, 패밀리- Jang Hyuk & Jang Na Ra- Premieres on April 17th


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Kim Kang-min transforms into Lee Soon-jae's son... tvN 'Family' casting




Kim Kang-min has confirmed his appearance in tvN's new drama 'Family'.

tvN's new drama 'Family' (Screenwriter Jeong Yoo-seon, Director Jang Jeong-do, Lee Jung-mook) is a breathtaking family shooter espionage comedy drama about a NIS black agent husband who disguises himself as an ordinary office worker and a sweet and bloody wife who dreams of a perfect family.


Kwon Ji-hoon, played by Kim Kang-min, is a person who lives his life without much worry. He is also the youngest son with a lot of aegyo and will show off his immature charm.

In response, Kim Kang-min said through his agency, “I am so happy to be able to participate in such a good work. I am truly grateful for the good fortune of being able to act with the seniors I saw on screen when I was young. During the time we spend together, I want to focus on seeing and learning many things while growing even more. I will do my best to fulfill my duty,” he said, expressing his impressions of casting.


Also, “I plan to show you a different side and charm from the characters I have played by making good use of the parts I can do well in my role, so please pay attention. I want to help with good works without harming the director, writer, actors, and staff who have trusted and entrusted me with them.”


Kim Kang-min, who made his presence known by perfectly digesting characters with different personalities in each of the dramas 'Hospital Playlist', 'School 2021', and 'Golden Spoon', anticipates another acting transformation in this 'Family', further raising expectations. It is rising.

Meanwhile, tvN's 'Family' is scheduled to air in April.



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by Lily Alice, March 6, 2023
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A script reading session was held for the upcoming K-drama Family



Family tells the story of a married couple Kwon Do Hoon and Kang Yoo Ra. Kwon Do Hoon is an undercover agent working for NIS (National Intelligence Service) equipped with precise and advanced marksmanship. The fact about his secret job is kept confidential from his wife. Yoo Ra believes her husband is an ordinary office worker at a trading company. Dreaming of having a perfect family, Yoo Ra married Do Hoon and leads a humble life as a housewife. But she hides a secret that only she knows. 




The drama casts Jang Hyuk - famous for playing the leads in Tell Me What You Saw and Voice - as Kwon Do Hoon and Sell Your Haunted House actress Jang Na Ra as Kang Yoo Ra.  












Other cast members include Chae Jung An (famous for playing Hong Da Ham in Suits), Kim Nam Hee (famed for his supporting roles in Search: WWWThe Law Cafeand Reborn Rich), Lee Soon Jae (last seen in Again My Life and Behind Every Star), and Kim Kang Min (who debuted through Hot Stove League and held roles in numerous popular K-dramas like Hospital PlaylistTale of the Nine-TailedHospital Playlist Season 2School 2021, and The Golden Spoon), among others.  


Family is directed by Jang Jung Do, who has been the executive producer of Our BluesLink: Eat, Love, KillAlchemy of Souls, and Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow; and the director of K-dramas Mothers and Dear My Room

Family is a 12-episode tvN drama premiering on April 17. It will take over the time slot of Our Blooming Youth. More news is yet to come about the drama's broadcast on OTT platforms. 



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Jang Nara, Jang Hyuk, Chae Jung An, And More Exceed Expectations At Script Reading For tvN’s Upcoming Comedy Spy Drama


Jang Nara, Jang Hyuk, Chae Jung An, And More Exceed Expectations At Script Reading For tvN’s Upcoming Comedy Spy Drama


tvN has teased Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s fourth project together with photos from their recent script reading!


Upcoming tvN drama “Family” (literal title) is a comedy spy drama about a National Intelligence Service (NIS) black agent husband who is undercover as an ordinary office worker and a sweet but fierce wife who dreams of having a perfect family. The drama is helmed by executive producer Jang Jung Do, whose hit works include “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” “The Crowned Clown,” “Our Blues,” “Alchemy of Souls,” and more. “Family” also marks the fourth project led by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, as well as their first collaboration in nine years.


Amidst anticipation for the new drama, “Family” has unveiled photos from the cast’s first script reading. Present alongside writer Jung Yoo Sun and directors Jang Jung Do and Lee Jung Mook were actors Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Chae Jung An, Lee Soon Jae, Kim Kang Min, Yoon Sang Jung, Gabee, Shin Soo Ah, and more.


To start off the reading, Jang Jung Do shared, “I’m thankful that such good actors have joined the script I discussed for a long time with the writer. I will create a set where we can always meet while smiling.” Director Lee Jung Mook added, “A lot of people say that projects take after its title. I will work hard so we can have a harmonious family-like atmosphere up until the end.”


As expected from the main pair, Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara kicked off the reading by showcasing their impeccable chemistry with perfect banter. Jang Hyuk will be starring as Kwon Do Hoon, Kang Yu Ra’s husband who is an NIS black agent disguised as a trading company employee. Despite being a charismatic and slightly intimidating agent, Kwon Do Hoon is a loving and romantic husband at home.


Jang Nara will be playing Kang Yu Ra, a housekeeping expert and Kwon Do Hoon’s wife. While she’s a dedicated wife who works to protect the perfect family of her dreams, she hides a secret behind her lovable nature. The two filled the reading room with laughter and cheers as they impressed with their comedic, realistic, and passionate acting.




Chae Jung An will transform into professional NIS operator Oh Chun Ryun, who is also Kwon Do Hoon’s marksman. Having divorced three times, she takes it upon herself to help Kwon Do Hoon keep his family until the end, and in turn develops an interesting relationship with Kang Yu Ra.





Lee Soon Jae takes on the role of Kwon Woong Soo, Kwon Do Hoon’s friendly and loving father. The actor commented, “This is a character I haven’t done yet. I did my best to showcase myself.”


Kim Kang Min, Yoon Sang Jung, and Shin Soo Ah will also help bring the Kwon family to life with their realistic portrayal of family dynamics as Kwon Ji Hoon, Lee Mi Rim, and Kwon Min Seo respectively. Also joining the cast is Gabee of dance crew La Chica, who will portray Ma Young Ji.





The producers of “Family” commented, “Right from the first reading, the teamwork and synergy of Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, and the cast members exceeded expectations. The actors and staff will all prepare diligently and greet viewers with a drama that we can fall into, to laugh and relate with.”


tvN’s upcoming drama “Family” is slated to premiere this April.



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Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara become Family in tvN’s new comedy


The first script reading stills have dropped for tvN’s new comedy series Family, featuring the main cast led by the iconic re-pairing of Jang Hyuk (Red Heart) and Jang Nara (Sell Your Haunted House).

As the center of our story, the two will be playing the happily married couple Kwon Do-hoon (Jang Hyuk) and Kang Yura (Jang Nara), who have a loving daughter played by Shin Soo-ah.


Although everyone thinks that Do-hoon is a run-of-the-mill corporate employee, he actually works for the government as a secret black ops agent, making it difficult to juggle between his work and home. Still, Yura runs their household like a tight ship and is determined to ensure that they remain a picture perfect family, even if it means concealing secrets of her own.


At work, Do-hoon’s boss is Chae Jung-ahn (King of Pigs) in the role of Oh Chun-ryeon. She enjoys a successful career and the freedom of being single, but she also struggles with loneliness, in addition to the aftermath of her three divorces. Her experiences lead Chun-ryeon to feel sympathetic for our hero and she tries her best to help Do-hoon protect his family.

In supporting roles, the eminent Lee Soon-jae (Behind Every Star) will be playing Do-hoon’s father, while Kim Kang-min’s (The Golden Spoon) character will be Do-hoon’s carefree younger brother, who is married to Yoon Sang-jung (Shooting Stars).


On the production side, scripts were penned by Jung Yoo-sun (That Man, Oh Soo) with directing helmed by PD Jang Jung-do and PD Lee Jung-mok. Notably, this will be Jang Jung-do’s first time as a main PD, but he has a long history of working as an executive producer with recent projects including Alchemy of Souls and Island.









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Oh, they set a premiere date already?? It's out in next month? Thanks everyone for all the updates. I am so excited to see Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara fill up the screen with love again. :heart:


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On 3/9/2023 at 8:48 PM, gm4queen said:

Oh, they set a premiere date already?? It's out in next month? Thanks everyone for all the updates. I am so excited to see Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara fill up the screen with love again. :heart:



Officially the news only say it’s April. But JH himself had said it will be April 17. 

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