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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] The Blue Whisper 与君初相识 Season 1 & 2


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Just finished ep 29. And, I need to vent:


The fox clan is getting on my nerves. To start with, Chang yi saved the fox clan. Without Chang yi they would long been captured by Zhu Ling, let alone be able to free the fox King. Yes, it's true that Chang yi has had the support of the fox clan to fight against the demon masters but that is a common enemy. It's not like the fox clan is fighting the demon masters to help Chang yi alone. Chang yi also never asked to be saved. It's decided by the fox princess unilaterally. He never promised her anything. Can't stand the audacity of the fox clan to behave like as if Chang yi owes them big time.


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On 4/11/2022 at 11:24 PM, Polly said:

Just finished ep 29. And, I need to vent:

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The fox clan is getting on my nerves. To start with, Chang yi saved the fox clan. Without Chang yi they would long been captured by Zhu Ling, let alone be able to free the fox King. Yes, it's true that Chang yi has had the support of the fox clan to fight against the demon masters but that is a common enemy. It's not like the fox clan is fighting the demon masters to help Chang yi alone. Chang yi also never asked to be saved. It's decided by the fox princess unilaterally. He never promised her anything. Can't stand the audacity of the fox clan to behave like as if Chang yi owes them big time.

@Polly  Cool down my friend. :w00t:   It is going to get Worse, before it gets Better.   I said before -  I'm beginning to be irritated by her (Qing Yao).  Having said that, it is Human Nature to behave like that.  Here we are watching a Drama.  So we tend to favour our Hero and Heroine.  Which is right.


But in real life, most people will behave like Qing Yao.  Because people only care about themselves and their family.  How many people are really  Selfless and Grateful?


Qing Yao and her Clans probably think and say: "When you arrive here, you are a Nobody.  You are a Merman without your Tail (50% of your strength already gone).  Your entire clan wiped out.  You got no home to go to.  No doubt you saved us.  But I also save you twice (Gave you a vial of Medicine to shore up your Energy. When you nearly died, I used up 50% of my Energy of save you.  Otherwise you would have been dead long time ago).  I even make you our King, man.  Why would you side that girl so much?



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Part 2- Ep 8 (Or Ep 30 Overall)



1) The Lightning Strike:

-  The sky is suddenly filled with Thunder and Lightnings.  It is about to strike on the Spot where San Yue is standing.  Li Shu quickly rushes in to shield San Yue from the Lightning Strike.

-  Tian Jun threw the Celestial Decree which he has received from his late father, to shield both of them.  And the Celestial Decree was shattered into small pieces.

-  Lei Ze (one of TJ's assistants) lamented.  The Decree is supposed to be able to Summon Millions of Celestial Soldiers.  He wonders how Tian Jun has the heart to use it like that.

-  Tian Jun says that because it is from his late father, it is able to ward off the Lightning Strike.

-  San Yue and Li Shu apologise profusely.  But Tian Jun says it is his duty to protect others.


Suddenly the broken pices of the Celestial Decree converged on a Virtual Screen in front of them.  Lo and Behold, the Map which Tian Jun has been laboring to discover comes together.  Forming a Topographical Map.  


2) The Magical Mushrooms Mature:

- Tian Jun plucks them and gives to San Yue and ask her to quickly give them to Yun He.  Both of them rush off.


3) Yun He:

- Yun He activates and applies Lin Hao Qing's Magical Spell to block the Tracking Implant on her Right Ear.  She is leaving.

- Chang Yi is confering with Kong Ming on their Military Strategy.  There is no feedback from his Tracking Implant.  But he feels uneasy.


4) Lin Hao Qing's "Diversion" Strategy:

- Siyu is worried about Lin Hao Qing. She delegates Xiao Xing to take care of the Diversion troop.  While she leaves to join LHQ.

-  The Diversion Troop was activated. Their Spiritual Masters launched a Night Attack.

-  Luo Suo rushes in to inform Chang Yi about the attack.


5) Yun He And Lin Hao Qing:

- Yun He joins Lin Hao Qing who was imprisoned at the Ling Shuang Terrace. 

- They are about to leave when in comes Qing Yao, Qi Feng and their men.

- QY accuses Yun He of betraying Chang Yi.

- LHQ is about to fight back.  YH stops him.  She does not want to jeopardise The Peace Talks or Negotiations.


6) The Fox King (Qing Xuan):

- Qing Xuan appears.

- YH pleaded with him to let them go. Said LHQ will  continue with the Peace Talks.  Will not harm Beiyuan (The Northern Realm).

- Qing Xuan remembers that LHQ was the one who protects Shunde in their last fight at Xian Shi's Mount Lutai.  And now attacking Beiyuan under Shunde's name.  He cannot trust LHQ.

- Qing Xuan gives order to kill both of them.


{Chang Yi realises that his Tracking Implant has been Blocked.  The Spiritual Masters' sudden attack is a Diversion to shield someone.  Luo Luo comes in to tell him that the Qing Xuan wants to kill Yun He.  CY and KM rushes off (or rather "Flew Off".}


- Yun He's 9-Tailed Fox Demon's (Qing Shu) Red Power Fire flares.  Denoting the force of the "Hidden Soul Needle".

- Qing Xuan asks his daughter why YH has that.

- Qi Feng replied that Yun He had killed Qing Shu.  But Qing Yao still has a little Decency to say that is not true.

- But the Impatient Qing Xuan rushes forward to strike at Yun He

- LHQ moves forward to shield YH.

- YH pushes LHQ back and shields him from Qing Xuan.  YH's back is facing Qing Xuan.

- The urgency of the situation activated her 9-Tailed Fox Demon's Power. She transforms into a 9-Tailed Fox.   Her Tails flare and injured Qing Xuan.

- LHQ told Qing Xuan that only a Voluntary Transfer of a Spiritual Strength can automatically protects the Owner or Host when she is in Danger.  Meaning Yun He did not kill Qing Shu.

- YH says she didn't know about this at all.  Meaning the strike at the Fox King was "Unintentional".

- Qing Yao went Beserked.  She gave order to kill Yun He. and Lin Hao Qing.


Of course at this very moment, who but Chang Yi and Kong Ming arrive.


- The Fox Clan soldiers said Yun He harbours evil intentions, rescued the Prisoner and killed Qing Xuan.

- Chang Yi asked Kong Ming to try his best to help Qing Xuan.

- Chang Yi turned to face YH and said: "So that's your real motive".

- YH was taken back to her place.  LHQ was transferred to Wu Wang Cave.


7) The Fox King Is Dying:

- Qing Xuan could not be saved

- Chang Yi said to Qing Yao: "Why did you hide the facts that he has woke up, from me?  To catch Yun He red-handed saving a Prisoner and then frames her?"  (Chang Yi is not stupid)

- Qing Xuan wakes up briefly.  He wants Chang Yi to keep his words.  CY once said that he is grateful to Qing Xuan  for saving his Life and will repay his kindness should it be needed one day.  He wants CY to kill Yun He and take care of Qing Yao.  He tells  Chang Yi that Qing Yao has given half of her Elixir Energy to save him when he was last fatally injured by Xian Shi. CY is still young, so it does not adversely affect her too much. With that he dies (This time is for Real.  Will not be resurrected again).


8) Lin Hao Qing, Yun He and Chang Yi:

- Qing Yao wants Chang Yi to give justice for her father's death.

- Lin Hao Qing asks Chang Yi to release Yun He. Says Chang Yi cannot protects her now.

- Chang Yi refuses.

- Lin Hao Qing sends a message asking Xiao Xing to get their Spiritual Masters to Retreat.


9) Qing Yao Seeks Revenge :

- Qing Yao leads the call for Chang Yi to attack the Valley of a Thousand Flowers, kills Yun He as a payback for killing her father.

- Chang Yi says that he will never allow anyone to hurt Yun He.

- Chang Yi promptly returns the 50% of Qing Yao's Elixir Energy to her. 

- As for protecting Beiyuan, Chang Yi says he will keep his words.

- After returning Qing Yao's elixir, CY is weak and needs a rest.


10) Zhu Ling Flexes His Muscles:

- ZL threatens the Valley's Spiritual Masters with the Frost Poison.

- The Elders of the Valley are in the dark about the Frost Poison.  They only hear from the rumours.  Elder Mu Ze talks back to Zhu LIng. And was duly punished with the Frost Poison.  Mu Ze dies.  So now they know what is a Frost Poison.


11) Qing Yao And Chang Yi:

- Qing Yao went to see Chang Yi. CY refuses to see her.

- Kong Ming reminds QY to be clear who she thinks are Beiyuan's enemy.  KM says it is Shunde. Not Yun He.

- The Stupid Qing Yao says she saw with her own eyes Yun He betraying Chang Yi and killing her father.  

- KM says what we see may not necessarily be the Truth. At times, we have to use our Heart to discern the Truth.  (Polly, do you feel better now?)


12) Luo Luo and Chang Yi:

- LL wants Chang Yi to go and see Yun He.  Chang Yi refuses and throws LL out.

- LL bumps into Kong Ming.

- LL begs KM to help YH and herself to escape.

- KM agrees to do so.


13) Chang Yi and The Phoenix:

- Chang Yi stood watching in front of Yun He's place.

- The Phoenix came and they talked.  The Phoenix hopes CY and YH will have a better ending than Ning Ruo Chu and herself.

- Suddenly the Valley's Spirit Masters sounded their Battle Drums.

- Chang Yi has to leave for Battle.

- Chang Yi promises that should he returns safely, he will leave Beiyuan with Yun He and Phoenix and together they will lead a peaceful life.


14) Yun He and Ah Ming:

- Yun He thanks Ah Ming for taking good care of her all these while.

- She passes a Letter to Ah Ming for safe keeping. She asks Ah Ming to send it off once everything is settled.  (Did not say send to who).

- Kong Ming came in and told her that Luo Luo asked him to help them escape.

- Yun He asked Kong Ming to shore up her Energy to the Maximum.  She needs it one last time.

- Kong Ming agrees to do so.  But warns her that it will be Lethal to her health.



Ep 31 should be Exciting.

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4 hours ago, hush puppy said:

I just finished Part 2 - Ep 9 (Or Ep 31 Overall).  At last some actions. I'm sure all of you are enjoying it.  Will recap it tomorrow.

Lucky you:heart4:. I'm now starting to think I might spent too much time learning German as a second foreign language- seems like I should have opted for Mandarin instead :D. Who knew at that time, that I eventually bump into such cruel company named Youku, that would tease me with non- subbed stuff and poison my happy "Cdrama life" :evillaugh:.


OK, finally it's a wrap of Part 1 for me, yooohuuu:)

I should say I'm really satisfied with Dilraba's acting in the last 2 episodes. I know she is overdubbed, but her mimics and facial expressions are all there. Great job). Chang Yi looks determined in his actions and words- get revenge, bla-bla-bla:rolleyes:,-  but the moment Yun He was in pain he is instantly there to help with eyes full of compassion. Ohhh, I love such characters a lot :lol:


For me the most impressive moment was 


when young Emperor for the first time openly confronted Shifu.  I won't for a 0.000001% believe Shifu was sincere bowing to the Emperor, he will definitely fight back. So expecting more development in this "corner", very excited about that:thumbsup:.

BTW, the young actor playing the Emperor was in The Long Ballad, playing Dilraba character's cousin- the naughty Crown Prince. A very talanted young man :).


So, seems like by ep 22 we already have 


3 couples, hehe. Nor every drama has that much these days, hope the production team was able to squeeze 3 full developed stories here, without cutting any corners. 

Looking forward to Part 2, however still not sure if I manage to find subbed episodes fast :sad1:

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Part 2 - Ep 9 (Or Ep 31 Overall)



1) Yun He and Kong Ming:

In the concluding scene of Ep 30, Yun He asked Kong Ming to shore up her Energy to the fullest, one last time.  She needs it to help Chang Yi in the Battle with The Valley (For convenience, I shall refer to "The Valley of a Thousand Flowers" as "The Valley" from now on)


KM : You will exhaust all your Internal Vitality.  Your Pain will intensify and then die. When you could have lived for a few more days.

YH : To be Magnificent for An Instant is enough.  The Valley's first Spriritual Master to go out like this, is good enough


YH : I'll not tell Luo Luo or Chang Yi.

KM : True Love is hard to come by.  And there are some things one must do.  Which is more important than Life and Love.  So even if they come to know about it one day, I don't regret. Kong Ming gave Yun He a Pill.

KM: The relationship between Bei Yuan and The Valley is like Fire and Water now. How can you help us win this battle?

YH: Please take me to see someone.


2) Qing Yao:

That someone is Qing Yao. She was at his late father's altar.  She told her father that she will avenge his death. Chang Yi is weak now because he has returned her 50% of the Internal Energy.  She implores her late father to protect Chang Yi


Yun He and Kong Ming enters.  The beserked Qing Yao called for her men to come in.  KM told her not to waste her efforts.  KM has sent them away.


QY: We are facing a Big Enemy now. Why are you doing this?

YH: (She went to pay her respect to QY's late father at his altar.)  I know a way to return Chang Yi's Elixir Pearl to him.  And to stop this war between Beiyuan and The Valley.


3) The Battle:

With Lin Hao Qing in the Bei Yuan Prison, Zhu Ling seized command of the Spritual Masters.   He forced them to go to war with Bei Yuan by using the threat of the Frost Poison.


So now both Chang Yi and his troops and the Spiritual Masters from The Valley are facing each other. CY's assistant told him that their Opponents seem to be Low in Morale. Something is wrong.


So Chang Yi threw an Olive Branch to them. He said: "It is not easy to battle Bei Yuan.  If you are willing to retreat, I will release Lin Hao Qing. I assure you I'll not send my soldiers after him.  But if you all insist on fighting, I'll let you all see, how Fearless we are."


Qu Xiao Xing to Elder Dong Lian: What should we do? Do we really have to fight?

Dong Lian: All our lives are in the hands of Zhu Ling. We have no choice. (He meant the Frost Poison)

So QXX gave the Battle Cry and they rush forward towards Bei Yuan troops.


Yun He, Kong Ming And Qing Yao Flew In:

YH : "Stop!"

CY : Rushes to YH: "Why do you come here?"

YH : "I want to come myself.  Don't blame them".

KM : "This is not your personal matters now.  It concerns the whole of Bei Yuan".

QXX: "Chang Yi, Let go of Yun He.  Yun He, come with us."

CY : Threw a plethora of Fishes at the Opponents.  I mean the Sky is filled with Fishes. Don't know what they signify :lol:

YH : "Chang Yi, don't worry.  I'm not trying to flee.  I just want to talk to some old friends."

Elder DL: To Yun He:  "What are you doing?  Are you helping Bei Yuan against the Valley?"

QXX: "Whatever Lin Hao Qing did is for your good."


Basically Yun He is good at appealing to People's Hearts.  And at this moment, she chose to Publicise the Frost Poison. She tells them that she has met with Lin Hao Qing. He brought them to Bei Yuan to cooperate with Bei Yuan and to free them from the Frost Poison.  


Kong Ming added that he has found a medicine which can suppress the effects of the Frost Poison.  Their comrades who had come to Bei Yuan earlier are still alive because of this medicine.


Elder Dong Lian is hesitant.  Qing Yao promises that any Spiritual Master who pledges  his /her allegiance to Bei Yuan will be accepted as one of them. 


The Spiritual Masters begin to lay down their arms one by one.


Zhu Ling Flew In:

Realising that his Threat is not working, Zhu Ling inflicted the Frost Poisons on all of The Valley's Spiritual Masters.  They fell to the ground,  writhing in pain.

ZL sneered at Kong Ming.  Saying: "You have something that can suppress the Frost Poison right? The Valley has 3,000 Spiritual Masters. I want to see how many you can save. And if you have the time to save them."


Yun He has no choice but to sacrifice herself.  She flew to the Sky and  Unleash All Of Her Internal Power.  All the Spiritual Masters from The Valley are Healed.  Yun He slowly fell  to the ground. Chang Yi flew up to catch her.


But Yun He has exhausted herself and died in Chang Yi's Arms.  (So sad.  Did anyone of you all cry?)


Zhu Lin fled.


Later Lin Hao Qing and Qing Yao managed to complete the Peace Talk.


4) Yun He And Chang Yi:

CY took YH back to her place.  Before CY can take her into the house, YH said: "Let's remain here.  So that I can see the Snow for the final time."

CY: You have not told me the Truth. I have not forgiven you. I forbid you to die.

YH: Touch CY's cheeks.  "If you stroke it, it won't hurt.  It won't hurt."


Then the screen shifts to the Scene YH had when she thinks of CY in the Prison of Xian Shi.  In the Dream she meets CY and told him: "Actually I wanted to tell you so much.  That I've never betrayed you.  But I dare not.  I use the Bigger Picture to lie.  I fool everyone including myself.  I'm only afraid.  Afraid that everything I've done was Wrong:

- Making decisions for you was Wrong

- Forcing you to leave was Wrong

- Stabbing you at the Cliff to make you give me up was Wrong


Hurting someone who is so Pure and Naive.  Changing you from someone so Gentle from the Sea, to someone completely Different.  But what's the Point.  We cannot turn back.  Please forget about me.  Forgive yourself.  Free yourself."


Luo Luo came and scolded Chang Yi for not understanding Yun He all these while.


Xue San Yue and Li Shu:

Came back with the Magical Mushrooms to find a grieving Luo Luo. LL told them that Yun He had died.


Tian Jun:

Saw a shooting star and knew that a close friend of his has passed away.  He understands that it was Yun He.


San Yue informs Tian Jun that she was too late.  Yun He had died.  TJ was enraged and sentenced Zhu Ling with the severest punishment. Even Shunde dares not interfere.


He took Shunde to the Bodhi Tree, tied her up, stripped her of her title and locked her up in a room to Self-Reflect.


The Blue Feathered Phoenix (I like to call her "Aoji"):

Luo Luo came looking for her to drink away her sorrow.  But only found a Letter to her. In her letter to Luo Luo Aoji said she has returned to her home in Mount Le You.  In ep 30, I mentioned that I don't know who the Letter (from Yun He) is for.  It is actually for Aoji.  Yun He finally told her the Truth about Ning Ruo Chu's death.  Aoji returns to Le You Shan - her Home.  I'm sure she is planning a Show-Down with Xian Shi (Ning Qing).



Sorry everybody. I'm a bit late with this Recap. Have been busy. 



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19 hours ago, hush puppy said:

But Yun He has exhausted herself and died in Chang Yi's Arms.  (So sad.  Did anyone of you all cried?)

Yes, me! The first time since the show started :relaxed:

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Part 2 - Ep 10 (Or Ep 32 Overall)



1) Tian Jun:

- Tian Jun went to Bei Yuan to offer his condolence.  He waited for a few days to see Chang Yi. But Chang Yi was too heart-broken to see anyone.

- San Yue and Li Shi came out to see Tian Jun instead.  Li Shu said perhaps Tian Jun may never gets to see Chang Yi.

- TJ said he owes this  to Bei Yuan.  He believes that the one Yun He had sacrificed her life for will not mourn forever.  He will come round to it.


2) Chang Yi And Yun He's Dead Body:

- Chang Yi was looking at Yun He.

- The Wind suddenly blew and Yun He's Scroll (Ancient Book) fell to the ground. A hand-written note slipped off.

- CY picks it up to read.  It was in YH's hand-writings. She had documented and even drew pictures of everything they had done together.  Places they have been. (A Diary)

- Tears fell down CY's face.  And he told Luo Suo to invite Tian Jun over.


3) Chang Yi And Tian Jun:

- Tian Jun said he is here for 2 things:

   a) To apologise for what has happened. Said he has failed to disciplin Shunde. That it was partly his fault.  He has neglected his duty.  He owes Bei Yuan one.

   b) He wants to cooperate with Chang Yi to oppose Xian Shi (Ning Qing)

CY: Said that Bei Yuan does not need his sympathy.  And they will settle any debts themselves. "You believe I'll cooperate with you?"

TJ : Yes. Because we are the same kind of people.  He will wait for Chang Yi's answer.


4) Chang Yi And His Memories:

- Chang Yi went wandering to all the places he and Yun He had been during their last Date.

- After that he was ready to Release Yun He to the Wind and let her be free like the Wind.  He brought her to the Spot where Yun He  had ran and shouted that she is Free now, the first time she tried to escape.  

- Tears ran down Chang Yi's face.  One of his Tears transforms into a Bright Pink Pearl (called a "BLOOD PEARL")  and rolled into Yun He's Palm

- Chang Yi wants to seal off Yun He's house.  Since Yun He is not happy here. So he asked Luo Suo to clear everything. Luo Suo took some manuscripts from YH's house.  One of these drops to the snow-covered ground.  CY picks it up.  Seems one of the pages is folded and YH has written on a Corner the word: "Ning Qing".

CY to Luo Sou: Invite Tian Jun to the Main Hall.


TJ to CY : You mean you found some leads and clues to Xian Shi?

CY gave TJ a Travelogue (written by Ning Shi Yu) which Yun He used to read and the folded page where YH had written "Ning Qing" on a corner.  CY thought the information might be useful to TJ.

KM: I can help Tian Jun to solve the puzzle.  KM was surprised to see Tian Jun.


Seems that before the Battle, YH had already told KM everything about Ning Shi Yu and Xian Shi. She asked KM to convey the information to Tian Jun.  So KM told TJ that the Author of the Book is Ning Shi Yu and. bla, bla..... the entire Story.


Fei Lian: So Ning Qing did all these for Ning Shi Yu.  FL wonders about the Page where Yun He wrote "Ning Qing" on a Corner.  What has it got to do with Xian Shi?

KM: Explained that Xian Shi used to be an Ordinary Spiritual Master in The Valley. He had received unfair treatment from the Lin Clan.  Xian Shi's spiritual cultivation was mediocre.  No match to the Lin Clan. But in a very short time, his cultivation advances by Leaps and Bounds.  He even created the Frost Poison.  And can threaten and control the Lin Clan instead.

CY: He wants Vengeance.  So he needs Power.  He has found a Fearsome and Formidable Power.

KM: Told CY about Yun He's dream encounter with Ning Shi Yu.


5) Yun He's Dream Encounter With Ning Shi Yu:

NSY: Told Yun He about a Mythical Mountain which Ning Qing went to. Once inside, one can experience Hallucinations. You can see what you yearn for. As well as what you fear most.  NSY felt that there is another world in there.


But after leaving that place, she cannot find the mountain again.  None of the villagers know about the existence of that Mountain.  NSY wanted to follow NQ into the Mountain but was blocked.  So she didn't know what happen inside.  But when NQ came out, he brought with him a Mysterious Force (Power).


He became very Powerful. The Most Powerful in the World.  Created the Frost Poison to punish the Lin Clan. Controlled The Valley.  NSY also do not know what is hidden in her painting.


Chang Yi  said the secret to defeating XS is inside this Mountain.

Tian Jun   asked to borrow or make a copy of Ning Shi Yu's book/ Travelogue.

Chang Yi gave the book to him.  Said Yun He is TJ's friend. And he believes Tian Jun can solve the Mystery.

Tian Jun  asked Chang Yi to come with him to the Heavenly Realm.

Chang Yi refused. Because here is the home of YH and himself.  Besides Bei Yuan is Xian Shi's Rear Resistance.  Someone must be in charge.


6) Qing Yao And Lin Hao Qing:

QY : Releases LHQ

LH : How about my Spiritual Masters?

QY : They can choose to stay or leave.  

SY : Why return to The Valley?

LHQ: Because it is my Home.

Elder Dong Lian and Xiao Xing pledges to follow LHQ.   

LHQ wants to do further research on the Frost Poison. He sent Elder Dong Lian to look for some ingredients. He asked XX to remain at Bei Yuan. One XX is on good terms with CY. Two:  XX can take care of Spritual Masters from The Valley.


7) Lin Hao Qing Became A Father :

Using Yun He's handkerchief, LHQ managed to locate Little Yun He.  She has become a young 9-Tailed Fox Demon.

SY   : Has she not died?

LHQ: Her Body? Yes. But her Celestial Form can be remodelled. Because of Lin Cang Lan's experiments, YH's body has Dual-Pulse.  One died.  The other Primodial Spirit survives - Her Spirit Master (Qing Shu's genes)

Yun He used to be a Hybrid.  Now she is a Pure, True Blue  9-Tailed Fox Demon. A thorough bred.  No longer a Hybrid.


(This is the Reason why LHQ is confident enough to take Yun He back to Shunde in the first place.  Because he knows how to Resurrect Her)


LHQ took Little Yun He home to The Valley.  Housed her at a Quiet and Isolated Corner. Seal off that place.  (It is so Cute to see LHQ treats YH as a Precious Baby).  He places her inside A Giant White Flower.  And uses 50% of his Internal Energy to nurture her.  Soon  YH begins to take Human Form.  The little, 10 year old, Yun He is back!


She has Lost her memories of things past. But she still holds very Dearly Chang Yi's Tear - the BLOOD PEARL.  I believe this Blood Pearl will lead Yun He to Chang Yi again.   Lin Hao Qing names her  "Ah Ji".   LHQ becomes Ah Ji's Sifu (Master).


8) The Demon Spirit In The Secret Room:

The Demon Spirit continues to be Restless.  He wants to get out.  He wants Chaos. He starts to provoke Xian Shi by comparing him with Ning Ruo Chu.


Said if Xian Shi cannot fulfil his promise - the Blood Pact, he will find another Partner.


9) Shunde - The New Partner:

She has a Nightmare where both Tian Jun and Xian Shi ignore her.

The Demon comes visiting. Wants to take her as it's Disciple.  Promised to make her Powerful.  Instigate her to capture all the Spirit Masters  and absorb their Energy.

The Demon enters her Palm.


Shunde tries out her Newly Acquired Power on her maid.  Wow!  Very Impressive.  Her maid was Petrified.  She asks her maid to summon Zhu Ling. 


Why?   ........we have to wait for Ep 33



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Part 2 - Ep 11 (Or Ep 33 Overall)



1) Xian Shi And Cheng Yu :

Xian Shi : Gave Cheng Yu some medicines for Shunde's face.  Told him to make into a bowl of medicinal soup for  Shunde to drink the next day.

Cheng Yu: Told  XS that Shunde has met with Zhu Ling. She asked Zhu Ling to deliver a message. Shunde wants to use Xian Shi's disciples to catch the Spiritual Masters who have escaped to the Human Realm. Zhu Ling to be in charge.  XS allows.

Cheng Yu gave his opinions : Said the crimes of those comrades do not warrant a death sentence. Shunde will only injure innocent people.  So far, XS's disciples only supervise the spiritual masters and eliminate evil spirits.  Cannot mis-use them.  Shunde is confined to her room.  If XS did not approve, she cannot do anything.

Xian Shi : A chess-player cannot go back on his words. As for the chess-piece. To Obey is a Chess-Piece.  To Defy is an Enemy.

So Cheng Yu cannot say anything.  XS is telling him that he (Cheng Yu) is only a chess-piece.


2) Cheng Yu And Zhu Ling:

Cheng Yu hands Xian Shi's seal to Zhu Ling.  With that ZL can summon XS's disciples. Cheng Yu try to advise ZL not to do evil and fight against his own comrades. Saying they all are only chess-pieces.  But Zhu Ling did not heed his advice. 


3) Cheng Yu And Kong Ming :

Cheng Yu has no choice but to send a message to his old buddy, Kong Ming.  Warning him of what Shunde is going to do.  Cheng Yu is a good person.  But he has no strength of character to leave Xian Shi.  So this is the least he can do.


4) The Search For The Mythical Mountain :

San Yue, Li Shu, Tian Jun and his 2 assistants were searching for this mountain. San Yue pointed out one.  But Tian Jun is not sure. He checks Ning Shi Yu's Journal.  But there is no reference.  


Fei Lian said NSY's Journal is thousands of years old. Maybe the landscape has changed.  Fei Lian very cleverly suggested they check the records of The Ancient Book of Ping Shin Zhai, which is in the Heavenly Realm.  So Tian Jun asked  San Yue and Li Shu to continue the search.  While he, Fei Lian and Lei Ze returns to Heaven to check the Ancient Book


5) San Yue and Li Shu :

Fei Lian tries to help Li Shu gets close to San Yue. He makes some prior arrangements with the Inn:

-  Make it fully-booked.  Only 1 room left.  So San Yue and Li Shu has to stay in the same room.

-  In the room, the Bed only has a Half-Mattress.....


6) Chang Yi :

After the death of Yun He, Chang Yi keeps himself busy.  He seldom go out, rest or sleep. Sometimes he will go to the frozen lake and stand and stare at it for a while.  Luo Suo is worried.  Even though Chang Yi has got back his Pearl, still he cannot stretch himself like that.


Kong Ming said Chang Yi knows.  But he dares not stop.  Because if he does, he will think of Yun He.


Kong Ming informs Chang Yi that he has received a letter from Cheng Yu telling him of Shunde's plan.  He told Chang Yi that he will go and bring the Spiritual Masters back to Bei Yuan. Bei Yuan must get their support. So that CY need not worry so much.


KM apologises for collaborating with Yun He. 

CY : If given another chance, you will still do the same. Isn't it?  It is actually YH's choice. Nobody can stop her

KM : You must rest sometimes. Not right to keep busy like this. Even if you torture yourself, nothing will change.


With that Kong Ming leaves for his journey.  Chang Yi returns to his work.


7) Luo Luo 

Luo Luo misses Yun He.  She keeps herself busy by making Wines for sale.  She wants to buy an island for herself.  Said at least one of them must achieve their dreams.


8) Yun He Keeps Lin Hao Qing Company :

Aji eats a lot.  She is always hungry.  Lin Hao Qing is so Happy. He really spoils her.  Accompany her when she eats.


Si Yu worries if Yun He will be strong-willed as before when she grows up.  She asks LHQ what he is going to do.  LHQ says he never plans to restrict her Freedom.


Half a month later, Aji is already a young girl.  She looks just like Ji Yun He before. But she does not remember anything from the past.  She always dreams of Chang Yi. And wakes up wondering who he is.


Aji is curious about the World Outside.  She asks to go out.  Lin Hao Qing promises to accompany her go travelling.


But first, Lin Hao Qing teaches Aji the spells, forming seals, drawing arrays, and Face-Changing spells.  


Lin Hao Qing asks Aji to promise him 3 things:

a) Do not go to Bei Yuan (the Northern Realm where Chang Yi is)

b) Do not go to Mount Lu Tai (Xian Shi and Shunde's place)

c) Do not show her True Face


If she can fulfil all these 3 conditions, Lin Hao Qing will accompany her to go travelling in the Outside World.


Aji does not like to change her face.  When she is distracted, she will show her True Face.


So LHQ reminded her : "If you can learn other spells, it is good.  But the Art Of Transformation, you must know.  This is the only way you can live according to your own wishes in the future.  No one can see your real face except me and Si Yu. Have you forgotten the rules I told you to memorise?"


Lin Hao Qing is very good to Ah Ji.  On her birthday, he prepares Fireworks for her.  Aji finds the Fireworks somewhat familiar.  (Yun He and Chang Yi has seen some fireworks in their last date before the Cliff Incident of course).  Later LHQ also brought her  a Bowl of Birthday Noodles.  


9) Bei Yuan :

Nothing much.  Just that Chang Yi has successfully transformed Bei Yuan into a bustling town. 


A lot of Spiritual Masters come to settle down in Bei Yuan.  So at times there are conflicts.  But Qing Yao manages to settle them. 


Qi Feng continues to be cynical of Chang Yi.  But Qing Yao respects him.  There were rumours that Chang Yi only cares for the Spiritual Masters. But in reality Chang Yi receives a lot of letters from the Elders of the Fox Clan, asking for favours.  Chang Yi always accommodate them.  QY saw some of these letters.  So she knows the truth.



Edited on 15 April 2022

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On 4/15/2022 at 4:46 AM, ipohtown said:

Thanks @hush puppyfor the recap. 

Btw, what is the difference between blood pearl compare to the regular pearl? When Changyi cried, his tears became white pearl. So why blood pearl?


@ipohtown  I don't know why they introduce the  "Blood Pearl" in this Drama.  For that, we have to ask the Scriptwriter.  :lol:   


I can only say what it is.  "Blood Pearl" is very rare.  It shows the Intensity of Chang Yi's Grief.  A By-Product from a Very Tensed State of Mind and Emotions often comes with an Equally Powerful Force - Good or Bad.  But in this case, should be Good.  Because it is about LOVE.


Aji is wearing it around her Neck.  So it is not surprising that she always dreams of him.  And she will be drawn towards where he is.  Just like a Magnet attracting the Iron Filings.


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Part 2 - Ep 12 (Or Ep 34 Overall)



1) Aji's Dream:

Aji dreamt of Chang Yi again.  She woke up feeling confused and related the dream to Lin Hao Qing:


"I am lying on a large stretch of ice.  It was snowing.  Very, very cold.  There is this man.  Who was hugging me.   I saw his face.  Not bad-looking.  He has a very big tail. Long and shiny."


Lin Hao Qing:  "Some more."


Aji:  "He looks forlorn. There are Pearls falling from  his Eyes.  Like this one."  (She points to the Blood Pearl which is hanging from her neck).


Aji to LHQ: You said when you found me, I was wearing this.  What exactly is this?

LHQ : It is just an Ordinary Pearl. Just like those in your Dreams. No need to concern yourself with it.

Aji : I thought it has something to do with my past.

Lin Hao Qing quickly produced some snacks for Aji. To distract her thoughts from her Dreams. And as usual, once Aji saw the Snacks, she forgot about other things already.


LHQ : Told Aji he used to have dreams too. About someone he loves.  And about someone he hates.


The one I love wants to leave.  I stake everything to make her stay.  Including my Life.

But the person I hate said: "In this world there are a lot of things you need to do using your Life.  They are more important than your Life, Love and Hatred."


Aji said she does not understand what LHQ is talking about.


LHQ: "It is alright. Not understanding is sometimes, a Blessing.  Everything in the Dream will soon pass.  And when you wake up, you should let it pass.  Time goes forward. Spring Flowers and Autumn Moon.  Year after year.  You should not always look back.  It is alright to have a Dream.  But just let it pass when you wake up."

(I like the way LHQ phrase it.)


LHQ: Do you still want to cultivate?  Do you still want to see the outside world?

Aji  : Of course!  I'll surely cultivate properly.  Especially the Art Of Transformation.


They make a Pinky Promise.

LHQ:  I have waited so long for this Day.


Lin Hao Qing knows that Ji Yun He too well.  In her last life, she sacrificed too much for The Valley of A Thousand Flowers and for others.  She is a person who loves Freedom.  So in this Life, he will let Aji be a Free Person.

(Strange. I'm more "moved" by Lin Hao Qing than the Main Leads.)


2) The Remedy For The Frost Poison:

Lin Hao Qing and Siyu are busy working on the Remedy.  They are in the Final Phase.

LHQ:  It is almost 90% ready.  The only missing ingredient is the Setos Thistle Cypress Grass.  Elder Dong Lian is on his way back with it.  With that grass, this medicine will be complete.

Siyu: Is that why you promise Aji that you will go travelling with her?

LHQ:  Once this medicine is ready, all the Spiritual Masters in The Valley will be cured.  When the time comes, I will find a place for you to stay.  A place to call Home.

Siyu: How about you Master?

LHQ: Takes Aji travelling all over the World.  A long-cherished wish!

Siyu: I am happy for you.


3) Qi Feng Killed A Spiritual Master. (This is a Water-Injection Scene):

The scene changes to Bei Yuan, to Qi Feng.  He is drinking to drown his frustrations.

QF : Qing Yao will soon give the entire Bei Yuan to others.  I don't understand why she is so enamoured by Chang Yi.


Fu Heng: He is one of the 2 brothers from the Fu Clan who were quarrelling with another newly-arrived Spriritual Master Mr Lu Jin Yan in Ep 33.  Remember? (Very confusing right?)

FH came in and began to satirise QF. Saying he has no power.  That he, (Fu Heng) wants QF's land instead  (This FH is too much.) 


He began to make fun of Qing Yao.  Saying QY is crazy over Chang Yi.  But he noticed that Chang Yi is not interested in her.  "Why don't you tell her to follow me?"


That's it.  It is enough for Qi Feng to kill him.  And he did.


Then Qi Feng frames Lu Jin Yan (a Spiritual Master who just arrived at Bei Yuan.  The one QF was quarrelling with in Ep 33).


4) Chang Yi "The Majistrate"  :lol::

Luo Suo rushes in to tell Chang Yi that Lu Jin Yan has killed one of the Fu Shi (Fu Clan) brothers. 

LJY:  I was framed.  I regretted coming to Bei Yuan

Fu Shi Brother: Why.  You were so arrogant when we found you by the Frozen Lake (the place where Chang Yi released Yun He's Soul)


The moment Chang Yi hears the word "Frozen Lake", he got Sensitive.  So he ordered both of them to be held at Wu Wang Ku (the literal meaning is : A Bottomless Cave).  To be executed later.


Qing Yao objected.  But to no avail.  Qi Feng was quietly delighted.  He thought he is now safe.


(But Chang Yi is Not stupid.  When both of them were alone, Luo Suo asked why Chang Yi made such a decision.  He usually is not this rash. CY explained that he did this on purpose.  Lu Jin Yan is new to Bei Yuan.  How can he know where the Fu Brothers' Manor is located.  What more  the Frozen Lake.  He did this to throw Qi Feng off guard. Besides, these people have broken Bei Yuan's law and peace. And most important they have disrupted the Resting Place of Yun He.  They deserve to be punished.   He asked Luo Suo to keep a close watch on Qi Feng.)


5) Aji Masters The Face Transformation Skill:

Yes. Aji finally master this Art.  She shouted to Siyu to inform Lin Hao Qing to get ready to travel.

LHQ: She is so impatient.  Ask her to wait for a while.  Elder Dong Lian is on his way with the final ingredient.


Suddenly the Big Pot of Boiling Herbs exploded and the concortion spills all over the floor.


This is an ominous sign. Whatever it is, it means LHQ and Siyu has to start all over again to brew this concortion.


6) Elder Dong Lian Is Ambushed:

Yes. Zhu Ling finally catches up with Elder Dong Lian.  He is taking Elder Dong Lian back to face the fury of the now-possessed Shunde.  But before that Elder Dong Lian managed to dispatch a message to inform Lin Hao Qing.


This means Lin Hao Qing cannot fulfil his pinky promise with Aji. He has to go save Elder Dong Lian. After deliberating for a while, he decided to send Aji away.  He is worried that when he is away to save Elder Dong Lian, Shunde and Xian Shi might come to The Valley.  And if Aji is around, she will be in Danger.  


So Lin Hao Qing tells Aji to leave first.  He has urgent matters to attend to. Will take one to six months.  Aji is  to go to the South, where his father's subordinate is living in seclusion.  She is to leave early the next morning.  Later LHQ also instruct Siyu to accompany Aji to the South.  But Siyu begs to stay on with LHQ.  


Early the next morning, Lin Hao Qing sends Aji off. Aji reminded him to quickly come join her once he has finished his work.


Lin Hao Qing said:  "You will always find where to go and what to do."


In My Opinions, Lin Hao Qing's Love for Ji Yun He is Not Any Less Than That Of Chang Yi.  His love is very Deep and Selfless.  He wants to save Ji Yun He's Life and asks for nothing in return.  He only hopes that she can live according to her wish.  Then his Love is fulfilled. (I'm so touched).


Aji turns back one last time to look at Lin Hao Qing.  But he is no where to be seen.  Aji sets off on her Journey And Adventure.


Lin Hao Qing was hiding behind a Tree.  As Aji walks off, LHQ said to himself:  "Aji.  Remember.  Don't  come back."  


7) Luo Luo:

LL feels bored without Yun He.  So she left for the Human Realm.  A place where Yun He and herself used to go have fun.  Then she saw Qu Xiao Xing entering an Inn. She followed suit. QXX was having a discussion with some other Spriritual Masters.


QXX teases that LL must be looking for Kong Ming. She denies and said that she is looking for a husband.  The other guys laughs and mocks at her.  Saying how can an ugly girl like her finds a husband.  

In desperation she wants to have a "Joint Cultivation" with QXX.  Because  a Joint Cultivation process always gives her a better Complexion.  (In their world "Joint Cultivation" is like a "Love-Making" process.  Because they have to hug each other, kiss each other to share their Spiritual Energy).  QXX protested.  But LL says she will be responsible for QXX after their Cultivations


Kong Ming who is all the time listening upstairs is offended.  He takes LL upstairs to his room.   He forbides her from Joint Cultivation with others.  LL says anyone else is better than him.  Because KM had walked out on her.


KM lifted her into his bed and they do Cultivations together.  After that LL finds that all the marks on her face have disappeared. She asks KM if he has ever dislike her looks. He says she always look Beautiful to him because she has a Beautiful Heart.  He left her because he always has a funny inexplicable feeling whenever LL is around.  LL reciprocated his feelings.  So now they are Officially A Couple


8) Aji - The Traveller:

Aji travels alone in the Human Realm, disguised as a Boy.  She found an Inn and settled into her room.

Aji : "This is the first time I'm in the Human Realm.  Why does it feels so Familiar?"

Suddenly she feels that someone is using his or her Internal Energy.


Qi Feng's men are chasing Ji Ning (Ji Ning is Cheng Yu's friend and a  fellow disciple of Xian Shi.  One of those summoned by Zhu Ling.  Ji Ning spoke briefly to Cheng Yu before he left on his assignment.  He is reluctant to join this expedition. To kill the Spiritual Masters).


Aji thought that Ji Ning is being bullied by Bei Yuan's men.  LL joins in. Unfortunately they cannot recognise each other.  LL tells her that  all of Xian Shi's men are evil.  Aji refuses to believe her because it is One (Ji Ning) against so many of Bei Yuan people.  She  have LL captured, and together with Ji Ning, they left the scene.


Aji tied LL to a tree.  Took her "Spiritual Stones" (their Cash System).  She thought LL has stolen from someone else.  Aji does not know the difference between Men and Women.  So she threatens to search LL's body.


Kong Ming arrives to save LL.  He knocks Aji and Ji Ning unconscious.  Kong Ming leaves LL with QXX.  Told QXX to take them back to Bei Yuan first.  KM still have some matters to attend to.


So Bei Yuan -  Here comes Aji!


9) Lonely Chang Yi:

Chang Yi was drinking alone by the Frozen Lake. Phoenix drops by to have a brief conversation with Chang Yi.  Advises him to pull himself together and enquire briefly about Xian Shi's movements.


10) Aji And Her Prison Mates:

Aji regains her consciousness to find herself in a Prison. Together with Ji Ning and Lu Jin Yan.  The Fu brother (The Fu Clan are Snake Demons)  is in another cell.


Through their arguments, she jumps to the conclusion that Wu Wang Ku is a place where prisoners await their executions.  So of course she has to get out.   She hatched an Escape Plan.  Shouting to the Prison Guards that the Fu brother (the Snake) is digging a tunnel - an escape route.  When the guards come in they are knocked unconscious of course (as always).


All four of them escape. Lu Jin Yan and the Fu Brother each bid Aji farewell and went on their way. Aji advises Ji Ning to leave Bei Yuan.  Suddenly, Aji's "Blood Pearl" Shines and pulls her to a certain direction.  (To Chang Yi of course.  I think :lol:.  Just a wild guess)






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Part 2 Ep 13 (Or Overall Ep 35)



Ep 35 


1) Aji And Chang Yi:

Ji Ning to Aji: Do u really know the directions?

Aji's Blood Pearl suddenly shines and pulls her towards  a certain direction.  Aji and Ji Ning went along.  But the place gets more and more desolate.  And colder and colder. Ji Ning was doubtful if they had headed in the correct direction.  But Aji said the more barren it is, the less likely for the Bei Yuan Spiritual Masters to be there.  Then the Blood Pearl stopped shinning.  Aji told Ji Ning to wait while she went forward to check.

She came by the Frozen Lake area and saw a man dozing against a rock.  She went nearer to check.  "It's the queer man I saw in my dreams.  Why is he here?".  Aji recalls her dream and calls out a name.  Chang Yi woke up and threw her off.

Ji Ning shouted out to Aji to run.  He is Lord of Bei Yuan.  Aji asked Chang Yi to talk properly. But Chang Yi froze her instead. She could not run.  Desperate Aji shouted out: "Big Tail Fish!".   (Just what Yun He used to call him).

Luo Suo came at the moment and told Chang Yi that a fox demon had helped Lu Jing Nan and the Fu Clan Brother to escape from the prisons.

CY told Luo Suo to take them all back to the Main Hall.

Aji thought to herself.  They must have been enemies previously.


2) Chang Yi and all of his Prisoners in the Main Hall:

Lu Jing Nan, Aji, Ji Ning and the Fu Brother were brought to the Main Hall.

Aji : "You cannot kill me.  Not just me.  But everyone here."

Chang Yi: "What right have you to tell me that?"

Aji recalled her dreams and said: "Bei Yuan is not afraid to go to battle.  But we prefer to join hands with the 3,000 Spiritual Masters against the enemy."  A person who can such words can never be a muddle-headed and tyrannical leader.  Otherwise you'll let everybody down.  And Bei Yuan's trust in you.

CY to Aji:  "Who told you these?"

Aji: "I heard about it along the way. Others came here is because here has the things they're looking for.  If you kill without checking.  If they die here. Then you are telling everyone that there is no difference between Bei Yuan and Xian Shi's place.

CY: "You said all these.  You are not afraid I'll kill you?"

Aji: "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. You'll not kill me."

Qi Feng wants to take Lu Jing Yan away to be killed. Because he is afraid his secrets will be exposed. CY stopped him.

CY: "What is your name?"

Aji:  "Aji".

CY: "All your lives are safe. No death sentence. But you all have disturbed the peace.  Let them be labourers at the Ape Shelter Camp."


3) Luo Suo and Chang Yi:

LS: "Why do you suddenly let them off the hook."

CY: Recalled what Aji had said to him. Words previously often used by Yun He.  He went to see her again. Sat down to drink tea with her.  "Who are you actually?  Who is your master?"

Aji ran off and tried to escape by disguising as a lady

CY: Didn't you say you'll not try to escape?  Bei Yuan will not tolerate Liars. Do you want me to send you back to the Wu Wang Ku prisons?

Aji: Want to imprison me again?  Your tail is so big.  Why is your Mind so limited? (Words that Yun He had said before)

CY grabbed her and the ladies' clothes fell out.   You're a woman? Why did you call me "Big Tail Fish? How do you know how to address me like that? Who are you

Aji: managed to escape by taking a risk.  By saying that he is a man and challenging Chang Yi to search her body.

Fed up. Chang Yi walked off.


4) Lin Hao Qing and Shunde:

Lin Hao Qing knelt in front of Shunde's place, and begged for some time. Finally Shunde let him in.

Shunde: I'm confined to my house. Cannot even go out.  What do you come here for?

LHQ: No matter what happens, Xian Ji is still Xian Ji. My loyalty to you is unquestionable.

Shunde: gestured to LHQ to go closer to her.  "If it is like this, I'll accept your loyalty then.  With that she placed her palms hovering in front of LHQ's throat to Absorb his Spiritual Energy. (Unfortunately his energy is incompatible with her)

LHQ: asked for the release of Elder Dong Lian

Shunde:  You want Elder Dong Lian released or this? She threw the box  of the Grass/Herb on the floor in front of LHQ.

Shunde: Show me your Loyalty.

LHQ: wants to destroy the herbs.

Siyu: grabs it away from him.  (Actually in the process, Siyu has already switched the Real Herbs with an Artificial one)

Shunde: Your disciple is not very loyal to you.

LHQ: slapped Siyu (Just an Act) and destroyed the fake herbs.


5) Lin Hao Qing and Elder Dong Lian:

LHQ asked Elder Dong LIan to return to the Valley to recuperate first.  He'll remains at Mt Lu Tai for a while to further develop the Antidote.


6) The Evil Spirit and Xian Shi:

Evil Spirit: LHQ managed to trick Shunde.  Yet you did not do anything about it.

XS :  It is just like "an ant trying to shake a tree."  Even if we admire his courage.  So what? The ending has been decided.

Evil Spirit: Right also.  LHQ lacks his father's sense of judgement.  But Ning Qing.  Shunde sent out so many of your disciples.  Aren't you afraid that things will get worse?

XS : That is what you want isn't it?  You have planned it well when you entered her dreams isn't it?

Evil Spirit: (Laughed).  Even though you knew, you didn't get angry.  I'm very touched.  We're still good partners.  

Another thing.  Tian Jin had returned to Heaven.  But the other two are still hanging around in the human realm. If they find that mountain, our secret will be exposed.  You better get rid of them.

XS: Already sent my people.

Evil Spirit: You understand me best.  But with your disciples scattered outside, who can you send?  Can it be.......


7) San Yue and Lishu:

San Yue woke up.  Still asleep, Li Shu turned over to hug San Yue.  SY pushed him to the floor.   They then went out searching again.

Xian Shi's men came to capture them.  Ji Cheng Yu led the team.  Ji Cheng Yu "lightly" injured Li Shu.  San Yue and Li Shu flew off.

Cheng Yu asked his men to give chase.

SY and Li Shu decided to hide first.  And wait for Tian Jun to return.

They bounced into a couple, whose lives LS had saved before.  So they will hide out with them.


8) Cheng Yu and Xian Shi:

Cheng Yu apologised to Xian Shi for failing to capture San Yue and Li Shu. 

XS: With so many men, you still failed to catch them?  (He noticed that Cheng Yu's right palm is hiding a talisman.  CY was given 3.  If he had used all 3 talismen on Li Shu, it will be fatal.  He only used 1)

CY: What are you looking at master?

XS: Looking at my good disciple.  All grown up already.  Different from the time I brought you home.  I once thought you are different from Kong Ming.  Will not betray me.  Compassion? Everyone wants it.  But not everyone deserves it.  Certain things can be done once.  But cannot be repeated.  Remember. Do not disappoint me.


9) Chang Yi:

Luo Suo: came to make a report on Aji.  Said nothing happened.

CY: Nothing?

LS: Sometimes she scolded you. Apart from that nothing else.  Just an Aji, you sent so many people to watch her.  Isn't it a waste?

CY: Continue to watch her.  He read Kong Ming's letter :  "Fallen petals are defeating.  Did not see her form.  But her spirit (Qi) is still wandering in this world.   If your hope are not extinguished,  this life will continue endlessly.  Maybe thousands of years later, will meet an old friend."


So Chang Yi wrote to Kong Ming:  "Sir, you said an old friend.  Is it true she'll be back?"


10) Aji:

The Supervisor at the Ape Shelter Camp: "Today if you all did not collect enough twigs, nobody is allowed to go home.  Don't be lazy."

Ji Ning: Are you really not doing anything?  Don't you want to escape?

Aji: You think I don't want?  Must think of a way.  To the Supervisor: "Hey. Go and tell your master I want to see him."


11) Qing Yao and Chang Yi:

QY: "About Lu Jing Yan's murder case, there is no decision.  People are talking about it.  Hope you can make a decision soon.  To placate the people.

Luo Suo to CY: Aji wants to see you.

QY: Small matters like this no need to trouble master.

CY: I'll go over now.  To QY he said:  You tire yourself everyday. Go and  rest early.  Concerning Lu JIng Yan's case I already have a plan.


12) Chang Yi and Aji:

CY: Previously you tried to avoid me.  Now want to see me. Your moods change very fast.

Aji: Why? You only allow us to flatter you?  Don't allow us to protest?

CY: Protest?

Aji: You have imprisoned us. Punished us.  When are you going to release us?

CY: When did I say I want to release you all?  Anybody who is related to Xian Shi, is not allowed to leave Bei Yuan.

Aji:  What if I atone for my crime by doing good deeds?  Can you make an exception for me?

Luo Suo: A wild fox like you?  Almost badly beaten by our master.  What can you contribute?

Aji:  What if I can catch a Big Fish for you?

CY: If you have anything to say, just say it.  No need to beat about the bush.

Aji: Lu Jing Nan said he had been framed. The murderer of Fu Heng is someone else. I believe you've already thought about this right?

CY: So you know who is the murderer?

Aji: Every injustice has it's perpetrator.  Invoke Fu Heng's up for questioning.

Luo Suo: Speaking nonsense.  He is already dead.

Aji: produced a Talisman.  The Fu Clan are snakes.  Their blood vessels have 9 lives.  Do you want it?

CY: stretched out his hands to take it

Aji: retract her hands.  She asked to be released first.  But Chang Yi snatched it back from her hands

CY: Since it is a business transaction, of course we have to check the goods first. (CY looked at the Talisman and recalled something.  Yun He I think)

CY: You create this yourself?

Aji: Of course not.  It is Ji Ning.

CY: Take her away and wait for my news.

Aji: Want to imprison me again?

CY: From today onwards, they can move freely in Bei Yuan.  The rest we'll talk about them later.


13) Invoking Fu Heng:

Chang Yi asked Luo Suo to arrange something secretly.  But Qi Feng's assistant heard everything.


The other Fu Brother came with Fu Heng's coffin.  With the talisman, they managed to summon him to life.  But Qi Feng arrived at that very moment.  Lu Jing Yan jumped out of the coffin.  He says:  "In this world there is no talisman to summon the dead."


Chang Yi appears......



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Part 2 - Ep 14 (Or Overall Ep 36)  Ep 36 is kinda longer than usual.  And it gives more time on Tian Jun.



1) Qi Feng - The Murder Case of Fu Heng:

Qi Feng was caught red-handed.  A Flashback shows Chang Yi reading the words written on the  Talisman given him by Aji.  It says: "Use A False Bait To Lure The Real Fish". (:lol: A good idea from a mischievous Aji).  Chang Yi handed him over to Qing Yao to handle.  After all, both of them are  from the Fox Clan.  More appropriate for Qing Yao to mete out his punishment.  But this incorrigible  man still want to threaten Chang Yi.


He asked his men to watch Aji closely.  


True enough, seeing that Chang Yi was preoccupied with the Fu Heng Murder case, Aji and Ji Ning took the opportunity to escape.  They were chased by Qi Feng's men, who used some chemical-smoke to render them dizzy. Qi Feng noticed that Chang Yi cares a lot for Aji.  He wants to use Aji as a Bargaining Chip.


Luckily, Ji Ning managed to break free and ran back to inform Chang Yi where she is.


2) Chang Yi Saves Aji:

Meanwhile Aji's legs was injured.  She managed to climb up a tree to dodge from QF's men.  But she sort of momentarily lost control of her Spiritual Energy. Thereby failed to maintain the illusion.  Her True Face was revealed.


Chang Yi managed to fight off her pursuers.  And when he went to find her, to his surprise, saw her True Form.  She is Yun He.  Yun He fainted.


An elated Chang Yi brought her back to his house and settled her in his bed.  A sleeping Yun He dreamt about her past interactions with Chang Yi.  Unfortunately when she wakes up, she still cannot remembers her past.  Chang Yi treated her wounds, apologised and said that he was wrong in the past.  He begged her to stay.  


Chang Yi did not know that she has lost her Memory.  So both of them are equally confused by what the other say.  


With her true face revealed, Yun He was in a fix of how to face others. So Chang Yi asked her to stay in his room.  He will forbid anyone from entering.  Initially Yun He protested.  But later she agreed.  Because that is the best solution.


3) Qing Yao Deals With Qi Feng:

Qing Yao removed all of Qi Feng's Spiritual Energy and banished him from ever entering Bei Yuan again. (Serve him right).


4) Kong Ming Returns:

Kong Ming returned to Bei Yuan and told Chang Yi that he  finally knows the reason for Yun He's existence and loss of memory.  He found out from some Classics.


As we already know,  Lin Cang Lan's experiments, resulted in Yun He having dual veins.  When the Spirit Veins died out, the 9-Tailed Fox Veins woke up.  There must be people who knew this technique and helped shape her into a Human Form.  


Chang Yi guessed that Yun He's Master must be Lin Hao Qing.  Kong Ming confirmed his guess.


Kong Ming said that if Chang Yi wants to restore Yun He's memory, he will find the solution  even if he has to travel to the four corners of the world.  But Chang Yi rejected his kindness.  Because Chang Yi saw that the current Aji enjoys a simple and happy life.  Which was something Ji Yun He never had in the her previous existence.


Chang Yi would rather that Aji live happily without suffering.  Rather than remembering the pains of the past.


5) Chang Yi Comes To Terms With The Past:

Chang Yi returns to the old house where he had confined Yun He.  He looks at the Sea-Shell Yun He had given her before.  He thought to himself: "I once thought that God is so Heartless to me.  Forced me to admit that all my efforts are unfounded.  But you are not unfounded.  My efforts are also not unfounded. Thank you for coming back."


He left the Sea-Shell on the table and left.  


6) Luo Luo : (They have to give us a Water-Injection Scene)

Luo Luo found out from Luo Suo that Chang Yi is very caring to Aji: carry her to his room, personally attend to her wounds.  


She thought Chang Yi is using Aji as a Substitute for Yun He.  And she objected.  There can only be One Ji Yun He.  She rushed back to Kong Ming's place to look for Poison.  Obviously to use on Aji.  But Kong Ming was there and was able to stop her.  He kissed her of course.


7) San Yue and Li Shu:

San Yue prepared a bowl of medicine for Li Shu. Both of them looked at the couple with their baby and longed for a family life themselves.  Li Shu said they can have a family too.  After all these are over, they can go back to San Yue's hometown.  San Yue said he does not have to give in to her all the time.  In fact San Yue would like to visit Li Shu's hometown too - Mount Sui Wu.


8) Tian Jun, Lei Ze and Fei Lian return:

They've found the location of the Mythical Mlountain.  (So we are right.  The Evil Spirit in Xian Shi's room is Zhu Yan, who onced battled with Tian Jun's father).


The mountain is called Wu Liang Shan (Literal translation is Mount Boundless or Immeasurable).


Tian Jun's father sacrificed himself to defeat Zhu Yan.  Wu Liang Shan could not endure the intensity of the quake caused by the battle and fell from Heaven.  Via a crack and into the Mortal Realm (Human World).


Fei Lian explained. that every 500 years, this mountain will have a Ying-Yang Interlock once.  It will spit out the old and take in new blood.  As a result there will be an opening for an instance. And that's the time one can enter the mountain.  This phenomenon will be happening within these few days.  So they quickly left for Wu Liang Shan.


They were searching for the mountain when Li Shu heard a voice calling him. Li Shu had a theory.  Said they may have missed something.  A mountain needs not neccessarily falls to the ground.  What if this "Crack" is in the Void in front of them?


So both San Yue and Li Shu step onto the Void in front of them and discovered that they are on solid ground.  Yes. Wu Liang Shan is in the Void in the Air.


All of them entered the Moutain.


9) Xian Shi Felt An Intrusion:

He flew there and sealed them inside.  So that his Secret will not be revealed.  They cannot get out now.


Suddenly Tian Jun finds himself alone with the Deity of the Four Directions.  The Deity came to offer his Homage to Tian Jun.


10) Tian Jun and the Deity of the Four Directions:

In the battle with Zhu Yan, the late Heavenly Emperor managed to save the Last Strand of Primodial Spririt for this Deity of the Four Directions.  Instructed him to keep watch over this Mountain until Tian Jun comes along. Tian Jun is supposed to thoroughly vanquish this vicious beast - Zhu Yan.  To complete what his father had not been able to do.


Zhu Yan comes from an Evil Person's thoughts.  If these thoughts are not removed, Zhu Yan will not disappear.  Tian Jun's father has destroyed Zhu Yan's Human Body & Spirit.  But left behind a strand of his Remnant Soul.  He just needs an Evil Mind to take him back to the Mortal Realm. And that Evil Mind is Xian Shi (Ning Qing).


This Deity of the Four Directions showed Tian Jun a Flashback where Ning Shi Yu and a young Ning Qing went inside this Mountain.  Ning Shi Yu is a pure and honest person and so is not affected.  But Ning Qing is not. Which is why Zhu Yan can reach out to him and invited him to return again in future.


When Ning Qing returned to the Mountain, the "Yin" power is particularly Strong.  Yin ascend.  Yang declines.  Inside Wu Liang Shan, the Force loses it's balance.  This Deity of the Four Direction failed to suppress Zhu Yan and thereby gave him an opportunity to enter Ning Shi Yu's portrait which Ning Qing was carrying.  And they both entered into a Blood Pact.


Blood Pact:

a) Zhu Yan gave his Power to Ning Qing

b) Ning Qing took him out of the Mountain, into the Mortal Realm

c) NQ to help Zhu Yan absorb Spiritual Energy from others so that he can re-build his Body Form



Zhu Yan's basic body is the Eternal Poisonous Ice.  So the Frost Poison comes from him.  As long as he is alive, the Frost Poison will not be eliminated.


Deity of the Four Directions has a Time Line.  After passing the information to Tian Jin, he is dissipating.  Before that he gave Tian Jun a Magical Artifact (A Glazed Heart Lamp.  A Lamp of Crystal Flame)  which can "Unseal" a deceased Demon's Battle Array or Spell.  He bids Tian Jun to use Tactical Deployment of Troops to suppress Zhu Yan.


But Tian Jun and his Team's current predicament is how to break through Xian Shi's Seal on them.  The Glazed Heart Lamp can help them to exit.  But it is broken.  They have to find a way to repair it.  Can they do so?  San Yue sent a letter to Kong Ming instead.


11) Zhu Yan and Xian Shi:

Zhu Yan is restless.  He is scared that their Secret will be exposed before they achieve their Goal.  But Xian Shi is confident that nothing will go wrong.  He believes Tian Jun's Cultivation is not strong enough to repair the Magical Lamp and break through his Seal.


12) Shunde And Her Thirst For More Spiritual Energies:

The captured Spiritual Masters are insufficient to quench her thirst.  She wants to absorb Zhu Ling's energy.  Luckily Xian Shi came in.  XS notices that Shunde's face is healing fine.  He told her he will get her a new medicine.  But Shunde would rather have more Spiritual Masters captured.


XS: You want them  or their energies? 

Shunde: More energies will heal my Face faster isn't it.

XS: Suggested the "Thunder Fire Veins of the Earth" (believed to exist by Geomancers). XS asked Shunde to ask Zhu Ling who is from Bei Yuan what the "Thunder Fire Veins of the Earth" is.


13) The Thunder and Fire Veins of the Earth:

Zhu Ling explained:

The Thunder and Fire Veins span across Bei Yuan.  It is an Ancient Fire Network which has been Dormant for many years. Once ignited, Bei Yuan will perish.  The Spiritual Masters will have no where to run to.  And Shunde can easily bring them back to Mt Lu Tai.


Cheng Yu tried to persuade Xian Shi not to do this.  Saying Kong Ming is still there.  

XS: Do you still want a Traitor to return?  What are you thinking?  I'm very clear as to what I'm doing.  Still the same words:  "Don't let me down."


14) Yun He went for a walk with Chang Yi:

Yun He's injured leg is healed.  She is thinking of escaping.

CY: "Escape what?"

YH: Ah. No. I want to search for a gift for you.

CY: Really?


Since YH felt boring and wanted to go out for a stroll, Chang Yi accompanied her to the Frozen Lake - her favourite place.  She loves that place because she can feel  as boundless as the Sea and Sky.  Unrestrained - the Feeling of Freedom and being Carefree.  She felt like going for a Freedom Run.  Chang Yi allows her to do so.


Yun He ran and then turned back to look at Chang Yi.  Chang Yi was starring at her.  "Why does he stare at me?  But his Gaze looks familiar.  My Heart is beating fast too."


Chang Yi approaches her and said: "Don't be afraid.  If you like it, I can accompany you here everyday."


Yun He: But I have to go back to my Labourer's work.


Chang Yi: It is my fault. You don't have to do it any more.  I won't force you in future.  You can do what you like as long as you are happy.





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