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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] The Blue Whisper 与君初相识 Season 1 & 2


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Hi! Where is everybody?  I don't know how you all feel.  I think the way the Scriptwriter unfolds the story is very unappealing.  Very messy and erratic.  It does not flow smoothly.  Would love to hear all your opinions.


Ep 17:


And so Ep 17 is very erratic. Too many side-stories.


Lin Hao Qing: He brought back Siyu from the Snakes' Pit. He didn't kiil her.  That was just a show to pacify San Yue and Yun He. He brought her back to assist him in researching a new Antidote to the Frost Poison. Just as what Qing Shu has done for his father. But he does not want Siyu to be sacrificed like Qing Shu.  Why does he need a New Antidote? Because his father Lin Cang Lan & Qingshu - the 2 main Components of the Antidote, is gone.  The Spititual Power of the Antidote needs to be constantly Replenished.  Otherwise Yun He will die.  It is a Race against Time.


The Blue Feathered Phoenix: is still helping Li Shu and San Yue.  Right now Li Shu is still "Transparent". All three are in the Phoenix's place at Le Yiu Shan


Ji Yun He: She was tortured by Tian Shi everyday.  She misses and worries about Chang Yi everyday.  Only Cheng Yu is good to her.


Chang Yi, Kong Ming and Luo Suo: heads to the North to seek alliance with forces who are opposed to Shunde. CY is still Weak and even though he does not want to admit it, he still loves Yun He.  Shunde's men are still chasing and looking for Chang Yi.  Shunde will not be satisfied until she had Chang Yi captured.


They arrived at a place called Ling Shuang Tai and saw Zhu Ling (the Master of Ling Shuang Tai) attacking Qing Qiu Mei Hu (Qing Yao).  Chang Yi saves her and takes her away to safety, while Kong Ming covers them.  I think Qing Yao is lovestruck by CY.


Chang Yi told Qing Yao that he is looking for Qing Chuan (King of Qing Qiu/ Fox Clan) without realising that Qing Yao is Qing Chuan's daughter. They are all from the Famous Qing Qiu Valley.  But over the generations, have lost their influence and power and have migrated to the North. They are dissatisfied with the suppression of Shunde and the Immortal Masters.


So Qing Yao tried to hypnotise CY but failed. She was reprimanded by CY.  But luckily Qing Yao is a good girl.  In came her Cousin-Brother  who wants to capture CY and hands him over to Shunde for favour.  But Qing Yao refuses and defended CY.


Qing Yao took CY to a safe place to rest. She told Chang Yi that her father was now  held captive by Zhu Ling. So CY has to help free him first. QY gave CY a bottle of medicine - certified effective by Kong Ming.


Chang Yi wants to lobby for the support of the Qing Qiu/ Fox Clan.


There are 3 Love-Hate Relationships:

Chang Yi vs Ji Yun He

Aoji vs Ning Ruo Chu

Xue San Yue vs Li Shu




Ep 18:


San Yue: returns to the "Valley of a Thousand Flowers" to look for the Antidote bcos she is still suffering from the Frost Poison. Fought with LHQ.  Li Shu secretly helps her to escape and they both returned injured to Le Yiu Shan.  Aoji has to attend to them.


The Highlight of Ep 18 is the Fight between Chang Yi and Shunde, Zhu Ling:

- Chang Yi pretends to be held captive by Qing Yao.  She wants to exchange CY for her Father.

- Zhu Ling (alligned to Shunde) tried to destroy CY's Elixir but CY fought back.

- Shunde appears to re-capture Chang Yi.

- But Chang Yi is ready. He has already placed a Special "Immortal Capture Formation" on the battle-ground (Kong Ming's master piece). Chang Yi then released the Inner Alchemy of the Fox People from Zhuling's hands. And in the process, manage to set free many Demon Clans and people who are dissatisfied with Shunde.

- Shunde never expected CY to be so Powerful, especially when he is now without his Tail

- Just when CY wants to kill Shunde, her servant Zhang Xian Shu move forward to shield her. So CY killed Shang instead.  Shunde then produces her Trump Card.  She told Chang Yi : "You cannot kill me.  Yun He is in my hands."

- CY replied that he does not care for YH anymore.  Since she has deceived and stabbed him.  He said YH is his. No one can torture or kill her except him.  But he still let Shunde go.  (For the sake of YH of course. He cannot admit it. But we all know)



Elsewhere in Ep 18, we have Shunde sending in a bunch of little demons to bully Yun He.  These demons were previously subdued by YH in Ep 1. We have the Goblin, Ah Sheng who thought YH loves him;  we have the Bird Demon who misses her deceased child.  But they ended up harmless and pretending to torture Yun He - to please Shunde.  Bcos Yun He did not harm them in the past.  (This Scene is so unnecessary.  Which is why I say the Scriptwriter is not doing a good job)


And Chang Yu brought a New Dress for Yun He. She has been wearing the same dress since her capture.


I look forward to Ep 19.  I believe Chang Yi is going to rescue Yun He.



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3 minutes ago, hush puppy said:

Hi! Where is everybody?  I don't know how you all feel.  I think the way the Scriptwriter unfolds the story is very unappealing.  Very messy and erratic.  It does not flow smoothly.  Would love to hear all your opinions.

I think ep 18 made up for the lacklustre ep 17. I'm engaged with the show but I do agree that the story could flow better. I think they tried to squeeze a lot of content in 22 eps with many side characters and events, which draws the focus away from CY's growth and JYH's suffering/longing and therefore, we don't feel a very strong emotional connection. 


Btw. I'm wondering why CY can sometimes appear weak and then suddenly be powerful. It seems inconsistent. Like in ep 18 he suddenly become veru powerful when in ep 17 he was still physically weak. Maybe I missed something. 

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5 hours ago, Polly said:

I think ep 18 made up for the lacklustre ep 17. I'm engaged with the show but I do agree that the story could flow better. I think they tried to squeeze a lot of content in 22 eps with many side characters and events, which draws the focus away from CY's growth and JYH's suffering/longing and therefore, we don't feel a very strong emotional connection. 


Btw. I'm wondering why CY can sometimes appear weak and then suddenly be powerful. It seems inconsistent. Like in ep 18 he suddenly become veru powerful when in ep 17 he was still physically weak. Maybe I missed something. 


@Polly  Agree with you on the Story.  As for Chang Yi, I believe it is because Kong Ming has been healing him  all these while.  He  will get stronger each day.  Also he  has taken Qing Yao's Medicine recently.  But ultimately, he still has to get back his Tail.

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I just completed Eps 19 and 20.  A lot of revelations about Xian Shi and Kong Ming. But I don't know if you all are interested or not.  The response has been "cold" lately.  Probably because of  my opinions about the FL.  Her Fans are offended. :(

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Hi @Polly, @tantaran808, and everybody: I am quite busy today. :(  But here goes:

I'm experiencing some Soompi technical issues currently.  May have interruptions now and then.


Ep 19:


1) No. Chang Yi was not going to let Shunde off the hook.  He shot a Sword at Shunde.  Desperate, Shunde "shouted" to Xian Shi: "Master, saves me!".

2) Xian Shi felt her power and immediately sent a Protective Screen to protect Shunde and Zhu Ling and bring them back to Mount Lu Tai (where Xian Shi's Abode and Mansion is located)

3) Chang Yi's sword hit Xian Shi's protective screen and bounces back. The return-force is so powerful that it hits Chang Yi's "Elixir Pearl" and shattered it.

4) Over at Mt Lu Tai, Yun He felt the "shattering" because both (YH and CY's) their Shark's Pearls are Spiritually Connected.  YH also realised Xian Shi's Defence Shield on her at the Dungeon seems to have weakened.  Because Xian Shi has concentrated too much of his Spiritual Strength on saving Shunde.  She took the opportunity to escape.


The guards found out and went looking for her everywhere.  YH accidentally hid in front of Xian Shi's private residence.  The guards dared not check that place. So YH went in to look around. She found Xian Shi's Secret Room.


Inside the Secret Room hangs an Old Portrait of a Lady who resembles Shunde. YH thought, since they can easily meet everyday, there is no reason to hang Shunde's Portrait in his Secret Room.  So it must be somebody else. Why?


Suddenly a powerful wisp of Energy went pass YH and entered the Portrait. Curious YH touched the Portrait and felt a strong, sucking force. More Energies entered the Portrait. Before YH could investigate more, Xian Shi came in and took her back to the Dungeon.


Tian Shi purposely told YH what was happening in the Northern Realm. YH was worried about CY.

(My Guess:  The Portrait is housing an Evil Spirit.  Tian Shi is secretly practising a Forbidden, Black but Powerful Meditation Technique. Just a guess)


5) Back at the Northern Realm, King Qing Xuan agreed to an Alliance with Chang Yi.

6) Chang Yi suddenly collapsed and went into a coma. Correspondingly, YH felt the Effect.

7) King Qing Xuan tried to revitalise CY with the "Pill Condensing Technique" but failed. The long incarceration by Zhu Ling (Shunde's ally of Ling Shuang Terrace) has greatly weakened his Spiritual Energy. This technique is very Exhausting Spiritually and may even costs one's Life. Qing Yao offered to take over by lying that CY and herself is now An Item.  (Oh No! I hope Qing Xuan will not force CY to be his Son-In-Law later on).

8) CY was saved.

9) Back at Mt Lu Tai, Shunde was raging at Zhu Ling and her younger brother. She wanted Tian Jun to send a Punitive Force to the Northern Realm.  A sensible Tian Jun refused.

10) In the Dungeon, YH begged Xian Shi to let her go.  Since TS has already finished Experimenting with her. Xian Shi offered a Game of Chess.  If YH wins, he'll let her go. If not YH stays on obediently.  Of course XS won. XS told Yun He that keeping her is like the Game of Chess.  Her imprisonment triggers a lot of Reactionary Situations, all of which are exactly what he wants.


YH asked XS what he wants.  XS replied: "I want to hold A Funeral For The World".  Meaning, XS does not like a peaceful world.  He wants to see Chaos. Everybody fighting against one another - to Death.


11) A frustrated Shunde went to wreak her Anger on YH.  She purposely taunts her by revealing that CY has a New Lover in the North.  He is going to be King Qing Xuan's son-in-law.  YH replied that Mermen only have One Love in their Lifetimes.  But even if CY has a New Love, she will be happy for him.  Frustrated, Shunde was about to kill YH when Tian Shi appeared and stopped her.

12) Shunde asked Xian Shi for a Punitive Force to the North. Xian Shi said she can use whichever of Xian Shi's forces she likes.  Shunde was so happy. YH laughed cynically and said Shunde will never succeed.  Shunde warned YH.  If she succeeds, she will cut an inch of YH's flesh everyday. YH countered by saying that if Shunde is really confident enough, then this warning should apply mutually to them both. Ep 19 ends here....




Will post Ep 20 later.  The Plot is getting interesting..


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Ep 20:


1) Xian Shi warned Yun He not to harm Shunde. Saying that nobody is allowed to take her away from him.  YH asked Xian Shi what is it in Shunde that makes him love her so much.  Tian Shi replied: "Her Face".


YH realised immediately that the one Xian Shi really loves is the Lady in the Portrait in his Secret Room.


YH asked: Who is that Lady? Why is she not by your side?  Are you creating all these Chaos because of her?  


2) Back at the "Valley of the Thousand Flowers", Luo Luo begged Lin Hao Qing to release her. LHQ imprisoned her for helping San Yue to escape the last time. LHQ ignored her.  He worries instead about the recent upheaval in the Northern Realm. They have previously sent some Spiritual Masters there. They have yet to return. LHQ worries about the Frost Poison.


3) Tian Jun (Shunde's younger brother) went to the Bodhi Tree again.  He reminisced about the good old days.  When his parent fell from the outer space and perished, Tian Jun was still a Wisp of Primodial Spirit (Fundamental Essence of Life) inside this Bodhi Tree.  Shunde used to come by everyday and night to accompany him, talk to him, teach him about the Flow and Unpredictability of the World.  She was so commpassionate then. But now she is changed.


Suddenly Tian Jun thought of Yun He.  So he went to see her.


4) Tian Jun went to see Yun He. He actually went to see her twice. The two tested each other. At the second visit, Yun He expresed her inner thoughts to Tian Jun and they agreed to an Alliance to fight against Tian Shi.   


YH told Tian Jun about the Frost Poison and that Xian Shi is the dissipated spiritual power of the detainees.  He absorbed the spiritual energy of all those kept prisons here, including those little demons which Shunde last sent in to bully her.  Their spiritual energy were all diverted into the Portrait in the Secret Room. Xian Shi's purpose is to kill endlessly.  "To Hold A Funeral For The World".  Xian Shi is using Shunde and Yun He as chess-pieces.


Tian Jun was so angry that he wanted to go and confront Xian Shi. Yun He stopped him and asked him to go find Luo Luo instead.  Then asked Luo Luo to go find the Blue Feathered Phoenix.  Because only Aoji is powerful enough to defeat Xian Shi. So off went Tian Jun to find Luo Luo and set her free.  Later LHQ and Si Yu was wondering how Luo Luo manage to break free...


5) Meanwhile in the Northern Realm, the Fox King held a meeting to confer about the many spiritual masters and immortals seeking refuge in the Northern Realm.  CY suggested that it is time to confront Shunde and Xian Shi at Mt Luo Tai. Chang Yi and Kong Ming also suggested that they seek the help of the Blue Feathered Phoenix.  So that is how and where Luo Luo and Kong Ming are going to meet.  


Suddenly someone rushed in to report that the Spiritual Master from the "Valley of a Thousand Flowers" had a Frost Poison Attack. Kong Ming went to administer a Medicine to delay the attack. CY asked him for an explanation.  How come he has the antidote. CY didn't know the Truth.  He still thought that the Frost Poison was invented by Lin Cang Lan.


But Kong Ming told CY that the Poison was created by Xian Shi.  While this Medicine was created by him, Kong Ming.  KM told CY that he was the once the Eldest Disciple of Xian Shi, tasked to deliver the Frost Symbols (the Symbol found at the Nape of every Spiritual  Master) to Lin Cang Lan.  The Frost Symbols were then  implanted in every Spiritual Master in the "Valley of a Thousand Flowers", to receive the Frost Poison.


But when Kong Ming learnt of the Truth, he rebelled and left Xian Shi.


When Kong Ming arrived at Le You Shan, the first person he runs into is Li Shu and then San Yue.  (My Guess is Luo Luo will appear to help him.  Because Luo Luo know San Yue and Li Shu.  Kong Ming don't)



Am looking forward to an Exciting Finale tonight !



Some Side Info:

1) Qing Shu (Lin Cang Lan's female assistant) is Fox King's younger sister

2) The Pearl which Chang Yi gave Yun He represents the meaning that they will never lose each other in this Life - "A Pair For Life".

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28 minutes ago, hush puppy said:

Qing Shu (Lin Cang Lan's female assistant) is Fox King's younger sister

Ah interesting fact. That makes JYH now also kind of related to them since she caries the sister's DNA/essence. 

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Ep 21:


1) This ep is a disappointment.  Nothing better to do.  Designed to let Luo-Luo, KM, LS and San Yue Monopolise the  Screen for a change. It kind of brings down the "Temperature" that they have been building up for the Finale of Part 1.

2) San Yue thought KM was going to harm LS.  So she appeared to protect him.  She  cross-examined KM to find out who is he. KM explained that he was sent by Chang Yi to invite Aoji to help defeat Tian Shi. Hearing Chang Yi's name San Yue was intrigued.  


LS advised KM to go down the mountain and buy a jar of Wine for Aoji.  She loves Wine.   KM did just that. He brought the Jar of Wine into the cave to cool it with Ice, as suggested by LS.  Then he went off for a while.


In flew Luo Luo the Butterfly.  Saw the Wine and went for it.  Back came KM and the 2 scuffled for a while. Luo Luo's carefree charisma is at her best.  In no time KM fell under her spell. They finished off the Wine. With the over-powering effect of the Strong Wine, both of them soon dozed off.


3) LL, KM, LS and SY went to see Aoji. LL proceeded to make a New Jar of Wine for Aoji. Aoji still refused to help.  She challenged them to make her Drunk.  But instead LL managed to convinced Aoji  with her Charm and Innocent Chatter - which seems to effortlessly remind Aoji of her ex - Ning Ruo Chu.  So she agreed to help out.


How did Luo Luo charmed Aoji?

In her drunken state, Luo Luo muttered: "Drinking is not to drown your sorrows. But to forget your worries, say what you want to say and do what you want to do.  This is the so-called Freedom."


Thinking about it, Aoji will not understand. Because she has always been trapped by Love.  But now facing the words of such a little girl, she was touched.  She recalled what Ning Ruo Chu said: "If you can't do what you want to do with your heart, what's the point of living?"


Seeing this little girl in front of her.  Regardless of her life and death for her friend.  Was willing to risk her life to rescue her.  Such a move made her ashamed.  And thus she agreed to help :P


4) LL went with San Yue to save Yun He.


5) Aoji went to the Northern Realm to discuss the Strategy to deal with Xian Shi.


Ep 21 ended.




Ep 22:


1) Xian Shi and Yun He were reading in the Dungeon. Reading the Travel Notes of Xian Shi's one True Love (The Lady in the Portrait).  But suddenly Xian Shi sensed the presence of Aoji and Shunde in danger.  (Yes. That's the Strategy.  To lure Xian Shi away.  So that Chang Yi can rescue Yun He)

2) Xian Shi whisked Shunde to safety with his Spritual Power.  And then fought with Aoji.

3) Luo Luo managed to enter the dungeon with the help of San Yue.  Luo Luo update Yun He about their Rescue Plan.  But Yun He gave Tian Jun's official seal to Luo Luo and asked her to leave first with the Little Demons. While she stayed on to stabilise the situation.

4) Chang Yi made a entrance to Mt Lu Tai. He was talking to Li Shu when suddenly the Little Demon Ah Shang appeared and mentioned Yun He.  Hearing YH's name, CY immediately flew away to the Dungeon. (Wah.  So obvious.  How can he says he don't love YH anymore)

5) The guards reported to Shunde about the escape of the Little Demons.  Shunde headed to the Dungeon to kill Yun He. YH  transformed into a 9-Tailed Fox Monster twice.

First time:   She was about to kill Shunde but falters because she recalled Tian Jun's plea not to harm his sister. 

Second time: When he was about to kill Shunde,  her Fox Spiritual Elixir was suddenly exhausted.  Xian Shi has conducted too many experiments on her.  Her Veins were contorting and bursting.  She returns to her normal frail form.  Cannot transform anymore.

6) Shunde attacked with her Whip. YH countered with her "Hidden Soul Needle" and Shunde's Face was Sliced.  Shunde wanted to attack YH again.  Chang Yi made his Grand Entrance. He took YH away and sets  the Dungeon on Fire.

7) CY with YH was obstructed by Ji Cheng Yu. CY produced a Memoblia Item from Kong Ming.  Seeing that item, JCY went sentimental and allowed them to leave.

8) Lin Hao Qing saved Shunde from the Burning Dungeon.

9) The Fox King appeared with his men to capture Shunde. LHQ refused to surrender. Xian Shi appeared and saw Shunde's deformed face. He was so enraged that he proceeded to "suck up" the Elixir of the Fox King and his entourage. Faced with such a situation, the Fox King has no choice but to Sacrifice himself.  After telling his daughter, Qing Yao to take care of the Northern Realm, the Fox King exhausted his entire Elixir to "Tele-Port"  his team away. (I supposed Qing Yao will make Chang Yi, Lord of the Northern Realm)

10) Xian Shi asked his men to give chase.  But Tian Jun appeared to stop him. As we know, Xian Shi does Not respect Tian Jun because being Young, his Cultivation is weak and The Heavenly Emperor's Immortal Decree has yet to Acknowledge him. 


But at this Crucial Moment, this Heavenly Emperor's Immortal Decree  actually exited the Bodhi Tree and flew to Tian Jun.  So now He Is Officially The Heavenly Emperor.  Even Xian Shi has to kneel down to him. The Evil Spirit inside the Portrait in Tian Shi's Secret Room sighed with regret at the change of Power. With this Heavenly Decree, Tian Jun can summon Millions of the Heavenly Soldiers and all the Magical Weapons.


11) Elsewhere, Chang Yi took Yun He to the Northern Realm.


The Finale of Part 1 ends...


I would say the Finale lacks the Ultimate "Wow" Factor.  The water was boiling but did not managed to reach the Boiling Point.


So we have to wait till April 4 to see how the Saga continues.  Will it be better than Part 1??




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