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  1. That’s true too... ASun has less scenes and less talk time towards the end. He has become a protector of Changge instead of the powerful Ashile Sun. As he said to Li Shimin that he is Changge’s person.
  2. I thought the ending for Changge and ASun would be more complete as they have been through so many ups and downs. We only get to see a blip of each of them, not even together at the end... In weibo, someone leak a script of Changge and ASun (similar to Leyan and houdu) with more intimate scenes which is not of the ending. The producers cut them all. I wish they would have included them. I don’t understand why the director/producer rush towards the end. Is it making one more episode cost extra for them? Since they already make it... I thought they would make more money with it
  3. The rumors said in summer.. no confirm date yet. I’m guessing it will be like The Long Ballad, announce today for tomorrow or in similar fashion.
  4. I totally hear you. I felt the same too.. feel like we’ve been cut short. I hope they will release another short clip of their happy ending.. or remember the 3rd promise from Changge to ASun has not been materialize yet? Hopefully the director/producer will give us something.. just like eternal dream of love/the pillow book, the director/producer release bonus clips after the season finale.
  5. Thanks for the clips. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow for the new episodes!! cant wait!
  6. i don’t think so.. the scene happen after the Changge and ASun bumped into Shuyu when they went to see the Mobei king in the throne room.
  7. @maskros thanks for the translation. It’s like bitter sweet confession.. nonetheless it’s so sweet..
  8. Thanks for the insight. That’s explained.. their intimates scenes are really good, at least the producer is making it up for us.
  9. I wish the producer would make that arc.. When they showed Changge’s hairpin, I thought the producer would make something out of it.. will be nice to see how Changge has ties with the grassland people. This will make her cause for peace between the Tang Dynasty and grassland tribes more worthwhile. I felt Sheer’s growth.. he is becoming more and more ‘human’ with emotion rather than full of arrogance with ASun showing/pointing him the right way. Looks like from the ep48 preview, he’ll stop becoming his mom’s puppet. Now think about it, all the characters has gone t
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