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  1. This is so amazing!! Very romantic.. I’ve been replaying over and over again. Probably more than 10. Can anyone help to translate what DJ and FJ were talking about? I assume similar to the book but wasn’t sure 100%.
  2. There is a scene of FJ with the big blade and she was making a cut on her hand and blood ran out. Some flashes of initial DH and Demon King fight scenes appear. Demon king had 2 drop of blood into the demon and fairy world. I don’t remember it in the book. Was it something new the writers added?
  3. Yesss... I can’t wait for the coming episodes!! So many kissing and intimate scenes. I can see that DH is getting more softer and amusing, and all reserve for for FJ only. He’s such a regal person and yet he’s so romantic towards FJ. Ahh.. it’s melt my heart.
  4. I was puzzled for some time too about DH kept asking FJ why she didn’t listen to him. Is it she didn’t listen to his reply of the tea tasting?? He did mention that the tea looks lively and the second sip of tea tasted sweet. Was he indirectly imply FJ personality? Actually giving compliments??
  5. How do you convert to ePub? I tired doing it online and through some app but it turn out weird, the pages didn’t align. Maybe i didn’t use the right the site or app. Please help.
  6. This is so hilarious. I kept rewinding and rewatching these scenes again and again. I was laughing so hard and rolling on the sofa. Lian Song looks like Ah Li when he pulled Dong Hua sleeves. Like a small kid asking for help..
  7. I love these.. it’s so hilarious. I read it so many times and I am still amused by it. I hope they will include some of these snippets in. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come.. the pool scene.
  8. @vintage_chutzpah how about try using internet browser on computer? It works for me.
  9. Personally, I like DJ in mortal realm, funny and acting kiddish which we don't see when he's in immortal world. Similar to FJ when she was a maid and fox in Taichen palace. I hope the drama don't prolong the mortal world to too many episodes. I can't wait for the funny and teasing scenes just like in the book.
  10. @Leslie Mtz C @yoyom15 @Sisca_TVXQ I use Firefox and it works. Previously I was using chrome. Thanks for responding.
  11. I have a question about WeTV english. I have signup for the WeTV vip through my phone and I've been streaming from my phone. I tried to login on my computer and kept pop up error. I tried to search the FAQs and nothing about it. Anyone having such error?
  12. The ost just got released. Here’s the link Yuanzi Book - Fate Book https://m.kuwo.cn/h5app/single/87505272?f=ip&t=sinawb from wins official website: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4463112419327152
  13. Same for me too. I’m so happy it’s finally out. I really like the ending song from the trailer. I assume it is one of the ost. Does anyone know whether the song have been released and name of the song?
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