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  1. The first few episodes are good , but after ep8 or so where they kissed ... the plot goes to focus on business rivalry & bad guys , I think that's not as good. *i watched to ep13
  2. I've watched to ep10 of 24 , rate it 7.5/10. Fun and entertaining despite low budget no epic scenes or grand plot. the official youtube channel updated a dozen videos , I'll repost them here trailers , bts BTS Songs
  3. overall i watched the first 5 episodes of 玲珑狼心 , it's low budget production without epic scenes , prop , music , this i rate it 6.0/10 , entertainment fun value I rate it 8.0/10 the lead actor is very good and he got real muscles to stand out against other current skinny actors that rely on long sleeve to hide outdoor scenes heavy digital filter like other 2020 2021 drama , indoor scenes sometimes more natural skin tone
  4. Completed this drama without fast forward i rate it 5.5/10 better than "legend of awakening 2020 天醒之路" but suffer from the same faults and bad ending 1 of the 3 directors from this drama is from LoA 2020 天醒之路 actress cheng xiao's "no kissing scene" rule applies for both drama
  5. The characters get increasingly powerful in godly skills that it make their first 8 episodes look minuscule weak. Those people were literally fighting with wooden sticks and battery-powered tokens and now u have long range colorful power beams coming out effortlessly. Hopefully the writer does not corner the story into a deadend that end disappointingly.
  6. second half of ep18 is very good heavy metal music when faced with overwhelming odds , like video game series "doom" smoky part corrupting everything , bubble pool turn into blank ink this part I rate it 10/10 the plot also good they didn't take a shortcut to bring out the oldman to block the army , let the main hero grow himself overall this series I think it deserve 8.0/10
  7. this show had a subliminal message that all the sect in the pugilistic world submit their special skill into a booklet manual form for storage at 48zhai and be included in a "encyclopedia" all characters are overly-enthusiastic to do it in other wuxia stories , sects don't share their secret skill with outsiders because it can be countered , making them sure-lose in duels and without exclusivity they will have trouble getting recruits to be their free labour it just doesn't make sense to me , as a wuxia story plot it mirrors the current economy over
  8. finished the drama I rate it 6.9/10 theme song not powerful enough , insert song by male lead is autotune flat very obvious second half lost momentum as it shift to growing supporting characters stories , emphasis on poison - trap - army natural scenery is average , CGI background overused but still within acceptable , not too fake IIRC they had to stop filming at around 70% of the schedule due to pandemic and restart ending is alright , enough time to explain the aftermath boss fight is ok , a few minutes long
  9. Completed the first 12 episodes , 1/3 of the total 36 ep. Rate it 7.0 / 10 EP 8 and onwards is really good. I would say the first 7 episodes does not represent the show well. Energetic background music during fight scenes. Fast paced plot. Almost equivalent to 天醒之路 Legend of Awakening 2020 Most funny scene was hugging and the mirror show him hugging a ghost. Classic anguish facial expression from hongkong 阴阳路 series of comedy-horror movies.
  10. Watched 4 of the 8 episodes released. Plot is fast paced , fantasy folklore is deep. CGI and fake snow get boring quick as the whole color palette is very muted with lots of white surface and dim night scenes. Pretty actresses. Will continue to watch.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SExuSDcecvs this video doesn't embed i don't know why
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