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  1. This is the best drama I've seen in past 5 years. 3rd best drama overall only topped by 傾世皇妃 and 神雕侠侣2014 *edit* after finishing the drama , I'll take that back , not the top 5. The final few episodes went off-topic when the side characters were all screaming revenge and war. Final rating 8.0 of 10
  2. I'm at ep4 and the show is quite good , it's rather early in the story and they show the female lead character's hidden power.
  3. plot hole about ep5 when long-wei-er summoned 20 ninja in black to attack crown prince , their attack style is black/red energy balls and they were all instantly neutralized by the female lead in feather wing mode. it caused a shockwave in the spirit realm that affected the bookworm guy , showing his eyeball in black/red evil spirit too somehow these dark minions were not used again and not explained whether long-wei-er uses dark magic
  4. completed the drama final rating 7.5/10 music 6.5/10 , above average but none sung by actor/actress , lyrics not poetic enough CGI 8.5/10 , can't see any flaws , the alternate universe blissful house is really good plot 6/10 , naggy sword spirit who does nothing much , "dead" forcefully revived for happy ending acting 7/10 romance 7.5/10 costume 5/10 outdoor scenery 7/10 actor actress looks 8/10 a fun short drama but not "epic journey blockbuster tale"
  5. I skipped the parts with "bad guys discussing their plans in a dark room" and the show is much more enjoyable.
  6. completed the drama yesterday final rating 5.0/10 front half 7.5 middle one-third 7.0 last one-third 6.9 , getting draggy final 2 episodes , plot took a shortcut to wrap up quickly , deduct points best acting of the drama goes to MingZun MoHuan
  7. Obviously fake. Since a couple years ago in China the drama production crews stopped doing confirmation multiple weeks further out. Look at all the drama within the most recent 2-3 years .... they only confirm the air date within the last 1-2 weeks.
  8. The "bokeh" or blurring effect have lots of horizontal rectangle boxes , it's horrible. Dramas made in the mid 2000s have worse camera and lenses they don't need to blur the focus of background to look "artsy fartsy"
  9. The plot is similar to 笑傲江湖 where the whole hypocrite wulin trying to bully a youngster second generation over a supposedly powerful swordplay manuscript.
  10. I agree the show is pretty bad , there isn't any clear goal for the lead twin sisters , 1 want to survive (no ambition) and 1 want to get powerful in status (ambitious). While the YuanHouYe "marquis" want to fulfill some kind of "kingmaker" prophecy while pretending to be loyal to the king.
  11. completed the drama deduct another 2 points for the bad ending my final rating is 5/10 bad points -main protagonist gave up his revenge mission -female lead died a few episodes before ending -from halfway onwards , 1male 1female supporting character had more screentime than the lead duo -routine getting injured and calling for medic -routine getting sad in past events -excessive use of greenscreen to reduce physical building in studio -inconsistent fighting capability of bad guys -over emphasis on "team of 4" -treating the audience like fools when all the brotherhood argument are explained as "pre-planned acting" through flashbacks - there is only 1 single kiss scene in the entire drama good points +plot twists +bad guy leaders have the physique and costume +front half of the show have sweet romance +great outdoor scenery +around episode 43 there is a real fast horseriding scene by chumin actress , all other horseriding are fake with body double or filming technique at around episode 43-44 outdoor scene orange rocky canyon , zhaoxifan looks perfectly illuminated from forehead to waist , it looks like he was greenscreen added onto a high definition photo background the director went into bokeh frenzy to repeatedly blur the background out of focus there was also a scene around that episode where the camera angle became "computer game" CGI revisit back to zhaifengtang , from there I realize the perimeter fence was all fake CGI to shortcut lower cost skip building it , only the floor near the center is real the scriptwriter probably following a directive to never show protagonist successfully revenge against the emperor , instead spending full episodes explaining the need for emperor Sword Dynasty 剑王朝 from 4 months ago had the same flaw it's in line with the "no time travel" limit 8years ago , to limit the C audience imagination on "what could be if we rewrite history" supporting character override main character in screentime same flaw as 从前有座灵剑山 and 三千鸦杀 Please get your own show. I'll fastforward if i see the same actor again.
  12. From the trailer we can guess the purple eye sister got jealous that her crush love her craftsman/tactician sister instead , and converted into baddie.
  13. last 4 episodes remain for me front 1/3 , 7.8 score middle 1/3 , 7.5 score last 1/3 , 7.0 score during the second half , the show lost it's main sweet romance line and revenge line screentime hijacked by the 2nd male character inconsistent battle prowess by the "bad guys" , sometimes appear superman , sometimes weak like normal villiagers
  14. 2 years ago there was a scandal about groups that demand cash if not they would unleash their "online army" to mass downvote on douban to hurt the production team's financial prospects thus I don't take the score seriously , only those in the really low score 3.x to 4.x is real and should avoid wasting time. Some 5.x score drama are pretty enjoyable.
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