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  1. show was filmed in 2017 opening theme was sung by the lead actress the show is available on youtube this long version trailer from year 2020 videos
  2. I watched the first few episodes ... its good and funny , rate it 8/10 the stated 20 , 24 , 26 episodes seem too short ... I can enjoy this genre to 50 episodes easily
  3. i fast forwarded through more than half of season 2 episodes rate the entire show 4/10 there is too much negativity tone to the show , especially after the dragon become demonized and the parallel history plot massive unbalance as the human in town (not the historical army) are depicted as always useless if no immortal magic solve their problem this show is within the top 3 worst shows I've seen in recent years , the other 2 are 无心法师 season3 and 长相守
  4. Caught up to all the released episodes this week , they didn't flesh out the second lifetime much , barely any supporting character or activity I rate it 6.5/10
  5. season 2 is just the extension of the bad part 1 , the human army plot is just running around in circles without much progress
  6. this is the original version of the theme song with female voice , from the RPG game 5 years ago in the drama it appeared after the female lead goes through sad events in "first lifetime" I like this version better , but the redone male voice have better background instruments BTS more bts
  7. I'm at the 10th episode and I rate it 7.5/10 so far , although the first 2 epi are a little slow progress. 31min per ep is quite short , normal trend for web-drama missed opportunity on the ending theme , using a cartoon shortcut , thumbsdown to this laziness
  8. role playing game this in the tv drama after the opening theme there is a line of words it's based on this game
  9. I think they missed a chance to introduce 1 more female character late in the final 1-3 episodes , to tie up the single WeiShuYu could have given the chance to propel whichever director's pet newbie actress
  10. The tv show is based on a RPG game at least 5 years ago , it might not be plagiarizing another famous TV drama
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