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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] The Blue Whisper 与君初相识 Season 1 & 2


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Part 2 - Ep 1


1) Chang Yi took Yun He back to the Northern Realm.  She was sick and sleeping. KM did a Medical Examination on her:

Verdict: Her pulse is very weak - near death conditions. KM could tell that someone has injected 2 Extreme, Opposing Energies into her to fight against the Frost Poison.   It can counteract the Frost Poison.  But in doing so, is disrupting the Balance of the Cosmic Energy, thus harming her body.


Besides, Xian Shi was trying all types of Medicines and Poisons on her.  And Shunde is torturing her on a Daily Basis.  Lastly, having a strong character, Yun He is someone who cannot keep quiet.  She is opposing Shunde everytime she is being tortured. Thus exhausting her Spiritual Energy.


2) Fox King

He fell into a coma after exhausting his Elixir to save his Team.  Kong Ming suggested to have him Frozen up.  So that later should they find a Remedy, they can still resurrect him.  (Nobody truly dies in a Fairy Tale)


3) The Blue Feathered Phoenix

Aoji noticed that since her imprisonment in "The 10-Squares Formation", Xian Shi's power has increased by leaps and bounds.  She felt something is amiss and advises Chang Yi to be careful the next time he fights him.


4) Chang Yi isolated (imprisoned) Yun He in Hu Xin Island. Chang Yi kept saying he wanted Revenge.  But in fact, he is very concerned about her.  


- He brings her Medicine everyday and watched her drink it up and eat her meals before he leaves  

- When her Energy Level dropped, CY will help shore it up with his own.

- When the maid (Qing Yao's girl) bullied YH, CY did not hesitate to throw her out of the Window. 

- Why. CY even transformed the Dark Night Skies with a Moonlit and Starry one for her.

- Li Shu made a Bowl of Fish Soup for San Yue.  CY snatched the entire bowl for Yun He.

(What revenge.  He is being an over-protective Boy Friend :lol:)


5) Shunde

- Shunde woke up to see Tian Jun beside her.  She asked for Xian Shi.  But TJ told her that eversince the day her face was injured, Xian Shi has not visited her. Not even once. She does not believe.

- Later Xian Shi dropped by. She was elated.  Xian Shi use the "Scavenger Insects" to heal her Face. Although effective, this is a very painful technique.  The Insects will devour her injured flesh to encourage the growth of new facial tissues.  


But Xian Shi does not seem to care.  All he wants is to get back her original face.  Which makes Shunde hate Chang Yi and Yun He even more.


6) Lin Hao Qing

- The last time San Yue stole the Last Sample of the Antidote for the Frost Poison. So LHQ needed another sample.  This was the reason why he has to be nice to Xian Shi and why he saves Shunde.

- He visited with some Fragrant Grass for Shunde.  But Cheng Yu told him that Xian Shi is using the "Scavenger Insects". 

- The Evil Spirit in the Secret Room escaped.  So Cheng Yu and others were busy getting rid of it.  Of course no one knows that the Evil Spirit belongs to Xian Shi.

- Left alone, LHQ tumbled into the Secret Room.  The Evil Spirit purposely arrange for all of these.

- LHQ saw the Portrait of a Shunde Look Alike but did not find any Antidote Sample.

- But later he told Si Yu that using the "Scavenger Insects" means Xian Shi does not love Shunde.  He also guess that Xian Shi's Real Love was the Lady in the Portrait.


7) The Demon Spirit In The Secret Room

- Xian Shi knew that the Demon has let LHQ into the Secret Room.  He confronted the Demon.  But the Demon is getting very restless and disobedient.  He asked XS why he did not kill Tian Jun before he summons the Celestial Soldiers and Magic Weapons.

- XS said he is giving respect to the Late Tian Di.  And doubts Tian Jun has enough Cultivation Power to summon the Celestial Soldiers. (He is silly to keep underestimating Tian Jun)

- Both XS and the Demon has made a Blood Pact.  They both want Chaos in the World.

- XS's power came from the Demon.  A Blood Pact may be Powerful.  But it is also very Dangerous.  Once the plan fails, everything will be Lost.  The Demon may even devour Xian Shi.


Note :

I foresee a Bloody Ending for Xian Shi

I foresee this Demon will later take possession of Shunde to carry out his evil deeds.


I'm sure most of you feel the same too.



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Part 2 - Ep 2  (A bit slow)




Xian Shi Vs the Demon Spirit in the Secret Room:

- The Demon is getting impatient and threaten XS

- Xian Shi said he will not kill the Demon.  But he can seal him in the Portrait forever, if he continues to behave like this.

- The Demon dares him to do it.  Saying that XS cannot do it because XS's power is from him.


Qing Yao Vs Yun He:

- In Ep 1, QY's servant girl has been feeding info about YH to her.  Things like YH has the 9-Tailed Fox's Red Fire.  QY's cousin-brother overheard her verbal thoughts and jumped into the conclusion that YH had killed Qing Shu (LCang Lan's assistant) and took over her Elixir.

- So QY replaced her girl to deliver food to YH and attacked her.

- YH transforms into a 9-Tailed Fox and uses the "Hidden Soul Needle" 

- Angry and convinced that YH had killed her Aunt - Qing Shu, QY was about to finish YH off when Chang Yi appeared to stop her.

- CY took QY outside and told her everything that has happened in the "Valley of a Thousand Flowers".  That QS did it for Lin Cang Lan.

- CY forbids anyone from approaching YH again.

- QY asked CY what is his relationship with YH.  Has she not cheated and stabbed him? Is CY being "Bewitched" by YH?  Just as Qing Shu has been by Lin Cang Lan?

- But CY said that is his business.  He wants YH to taste the same medicine for a change


Chang Yi Vs Yun He:

CY: Asked YH for the truth about the incident at the cliff.

YH: Refused to say anything.  She begs CY to release her.  Her days are numbered. (Actually she didn't say anything because she didn't want CY to feel Sad or Guilty when she dies)

CY: Stab me again and you will be free. Stab me.


Xue San Yue Vs Chang Yi:

- SY wants CY to release YH.  The Rumours about YH killing Qing Shu is widespread. So it is dangerous for YH to remain at the Northern Realm.

- CY refused.  SY was about to fight with CY when Li Shu appeared and dragged her away


Chang Yi Vs Yun He:

- Chang Yi was going through some official documents

- YH asked if Xian Shi has come after him.  It is unlike Xian Shi not to  come after CY after what has happened at Mt Lu Tai.

- CY made her drink her Medicine.

- CY left after leaving  a Book for YH to read.  A book which YH has previously shared with him back in the Valley. 


Luo Luo Vs Kong Ming:

Of course.  How can they end the episode without some  "Sweet Desserts" from this Cute Couple.  Luo Luo is so innocently aggressive.  With Luo Luo, KM is just like a "Shy Girl" being seduced :lol:.  But surely and slowly KM is falling for her.


Yun He's New Attendant:

For Yun He's safety, Chang Yi got the friendly Little Birdie Demon from Ep1 to deliver food.  (Not the Lady who misses her deceased daughter.  But the Birdie Couple's wife).  YH got her to let her escape.  She leapt off the Window.  The Protective Seal is broken.  She thought she is free.


But Chang Yi gave chase.  Repeating the Opening Scene of Part 1 - Ep 1.


Chang Yi got her back to the house and "bite" her right ear to install a "Tracking System".


Not an electronic tracking device.  But a Merman's Tracking Seal or Imprint.  It links up one of the 5 Senses of  both Chang Yi and Yun He - The Sense of Touch, Feelings and Sensations


Ep 2 ends......


Note: I'm now 100% sure that the Demon in the Portrait in the Secret Room, is Zhu Yan.  The Rebel who had fought with the previous Tian Jun (Heavenly Emperor) and lost.   Because he knows so much about the Last Celestial Emperor and the Immortal Order that Tian Jun has received.  And he wants to have Tian Jun killed. And have Chaos in the World.



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anybody waiting for english ST's from episode 9 can read the recaps from the following link and see the episode for a better understanding


The whole drama - almost all episodes have been recapped  






you can search for the rest of the episodes in the above webpage


I saw another webpage by dramacool also done the recaps just for ep11


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Part 2 - Eps 3 & 4

Another 2 Draggy Episodes.   With some important bursts in between to hold our interests.  The Scriptwriter's way of Story-Telling needs to be improved.  Too many Side-Stories affect the Intensity of the Story.


Ep 3:


Ep 3:

Lishu Vs Chang Yi:

LS:  Advises Chang Yi not to lock up Yun He.  Said if you love someone make sure they are happy. Must give and take.

CY: When did I tell you I love her?

LS: No need to tell me. Just tell your Heart.

(Xue San Yue overheard their conversations and quietly self-reflect on her relationship with LS)


Luo Luo Vs Kong Ming:

CY has tied LL to KM to keep her from mischiefs i.e. trying to save Yun He.

LL tried to escape and stretch the rope too much.  It inadvertently springs back and she was thrown into KM's arms. LL reassures KM that she will never remove any part of his clothings this time.  Told him not to struggle or she may ends up in his Heart.  Poor KM was exasperated by this girl's innocent yet tantalising words.  To be angry or not to be....



CY came back.  LL disturb him about Yun He being locked. Finally CY explained that the Rumours about YH killing Qing Shu is rampant.  Locking her up is for her safety.


He cut the Rope which tied LL to KM. KM said CY cannot forget YH.  CY asked him back.  How about you?  Meaning KM and LL.


Xue San Yue Vs Lishu:

After overhearing Lishu's advice to CY, XSY managed to ease up regarding her relationship with LS.  Both of them reconcile.



- She was growling in pain from the "Drastic Plastic Surgery" which Xian Shi has applied on her.  

- Her servant came in with a Pain Reliever from Lin Hao Qing. She just needs to inhale the Scent.

- Shunde to LHQ: You brought this.  What do you want for a Reward?

- LHQ: I'm not here for a reward. Just want to ask a question.

- Shunde: "Shoot".

- LHQ spoke in Riddles.  "I've always respected someone.  Lately she seems to encounter a big problem. The thing she values most was destroyed by others.  I thought he will be heart-broken.  But surprisingly the person she cares for the most, is unconcerned.  If you are this "someone", do you think it is worth it?"


Shunde asks her attendants to leave them alone.

Shunde: What do you mean?

LHQ: You should know what I mean.  If Xian Shi cares about you, how can he let you suffer like this?

Shunde: No.  He is the one who is most concern about me.

LHQ: Then why didn't he give you the Magical Pain Reliever? Even I know about this Pain Reliever.  How can he not know?  Only one explanation.  He only cares about your Face.  Not you.

Shunde: Stop. You are lying

LHQ: Have you never been suspicious?  That the one XS cares about is someone else?

Shunde lost her cool and shot LHQ a Punch

LHQ asked her to check XS's Secret Room.


After discovering the Secret Room, LHQ is here to alienate the Master-Disciple Relationship between Xian Shi and Shunde.


Si Yu suggested to LHQ to return to the Valley. Afraid that Shunde might harm them.  But LHQ said not to worry as Shunde is already affected by his words.  LHQ asked Si Yu about their Spiritual Masters in the Northern Realm.  Si Yu said their spies have already infiltrated the Northern Realm.  Will report back if there are any News.


The New Lord of the Northern Realm:

Yes. Qing Yao wants to appoint Chang Yi as their New King.  CY has been attending to their Political matters since QY's father is in a Coma.  He has done well.  Besides CY has saved their lives before.  QY has discussed with her Elders and there are no objections. CY agreed and they will arrange for a Coronation Ceremony soon.


Qing Yao is using her Spiritual Energy to nourish her father's Elixir everyday.  So she is feeling tired.


Yun He:

She was telling Ah Ming, the Birdie Helper that she has always been fighting against Fate: Lin Cang Lan, Shunde, Xian Shi. She has never given up. Now the battlefield is getting very Bitter.  But even then she will decide her own fate.


CY came in. YH is having her meal. CY is reading (Looks more like a Married Couple).  Meanwhile YH is quietly planning her Death: 

- Jump from the 1st Floor? (No. She won't die. Only injured)

- Set a Fire?

- Go on a Hunger Strike? (No. She is not a Prisoner)


She asked Ah Ming (the Birdie Maid) to prepare extra burners. Says the place is too cold for her.


Luo Suo came to tell CY that Qing Yao has something to discuss with him.  Before CY left, YH said a lot of Endearing Words to him.  Like:  You are the best and most  good-looking man I have ever met.  Most gentle and kindest.  If the incident at the Cliff has not happen, I think I will really like you.  I don't mind being with you forever....

CY : What is your Motive for saying all these now?

YH : No. Nothing.  I suddenly feel like saying that's all.

CY : I know. Tomorrow I will be busy. I may not come to see you. Be obedient and finish up your medicine and take your meals.  (He walks off)

YH : She thought to herself:  "Good. I've said whatever I want to say".


Chang Yi's Coronation Ceremony

Chang Yi went up to be Coronated.  But his mind is still troubled by YH's last words.  Meanwhile YH tried to commit suicide by sleeping with all the Burners burning.  She wants to inhale the Fumes (Carbon Monoxide).


CY felt something strange from the "Sensor" and ran off.  In the midst of the Coronation Ceremony.


Meanwhile a dying Yun He had a strange Dream.  The Lady From The Portrait entered her dream and tells her that it is Not Time for her to leave yet.  And with that Yun He woke up.  And saw that all the Charcoal Fumes have been miraculously blown away by the Wind.


CY: You want to die?

YH: Grabbed CY's Hair Pin  and tried to stab herself.  CY stopped her.

A frustrated YH taunts CY with the Cliff Incident.  Saying she was only saving CY from Shunde.  Yet now CY is imprisoning her and refusing her right to die.  She told CY to kill her if he hates her so much.  


I believe the Lady From The Portrait must be Xian Shi's Lady Master.  She has died as some previous flashback scenes have shown us.  She is displeased at the way Xian Shi has turned out.  She either wants Yun He to help convey a message to Xian Shi.  Or something else.


The Coronation:

KM advised CY to apologise to QYao and the Elders.  CY did.  He apologise to QYao for putting her in a difficult situation. Said Coronation is only a Ritual. Defending the North does not depend on a ritual.  He promised to do his Best to Defend the Northern Realm.

QYao asked CY what he is going to do about YH.  CY shot back: Is that why you want to make me Lord of the Northern Realm?

QYao assures him that that is not the case.  She only wants the best for CY and for the Northern Realm.



Meanwhile in the Heavenly Realm, Tian Jun is cracking his head to decipher a Map  he last received from the Celestial Decree.  He has been studying it to no avail.

Lei Zi arrives to remind TJ it is time for his Meditation Practice at Mt Tai Island.

Fei Lian stopped him.  Saying there are more important things at hand.

Suddenly the Senior Immortal Master, Hexu drop a Chess-Piece on the Map and said "Can Go".  Meaning Tian Jun should go to Mt Tai Island. So they are leaving for Mt Tai Island.


The ep ends with the Servants cleaning up Yun He's place.  Chang Yi is moving in.




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Part 2 - Ep 4


1) Chang Yu arrives at Yun He's place:

The servant girl told him that they've done as per his instructions.  They brought over all the most precious, magical supplements for nourishing the body.  But YH's reaction is one of Surprise.


YH: The whole place is filled with rare treasures. Where did you get them? You're so extravagant.  Aren't you afraid that you might not last long in your position as the Lord of the Northern Realm?

CY: None of your business.

YH: Oh. It is my business.  Because if you can't last long, then I can run away.


2) Kong Ming Vs Yun He:

KM came in and said to Yun He.  I've never seen him so extravagant before.

YH: You must be Kong Ming. An honour to meet you.

KM: Not at all.  Your name reverberates like the Thunder.

YH: Why are you so angry with me?

KM: You've forgotten what you have done before?

YH: Oh yes.  I've hurt Chang Yi before.

KM  Checked her Pulse.

CY: How is she?

KM: Cannot be saved. Can only live for a month plus.



Kong Ming reprimanded Chang Yi for concentrating on Yun He when there are more urgent things to attend to.

CY: How do you decide who to save?

KM: I'll help save a kind person.  But not an evil person like her.

CY: The last time we stormed Xian Shi's Mt Lu Tai, Yun He gave Tian Jun's Seal to Luo Luo to save the Minor Demons first.  She disregards her own safety.  Is this Benevolence or Evil?   If you don't even want to help a person, how can you talk about the masses? Besides, her sufferings is related to Frost Poison.  So I believe you know what to do.


The word "Frost Poison" pricks KM's conscience.  Because he was then Xian Shi's Disciple. He was the one who delivers the Frost Patterns/ Seals (the Snowflakes Symbols) to the "Valley of a Thousand Flowers" which were implanted in every Spiritual Masters, to receive the Frost Poison.


KM mumbled to himself.  "A Merman Should Not Learn How To Talk".


3) Shunde Vs Xian Shi:

Xian Shi went to see Shunde.  Telling her that his method of using Scavaging Insects is very effective.  He gave her a Sweetener.


Shunde: Master.  You want to heal me or my Face?

XS: Got angry and threw the Sweetener onto the floor and walked off.


Tian Jun Vs Shunde:

Tian Jun went to bid Shunde farewell.  He is going away to Mt Tai Island for a while to assume some Austerities Practice.  He is worried about Shunde and asked her to return to their Heavenly Realm.


Mt Tai Island:

Shunde recalled that Mt Tai Island was the place where Shunde and Tian Jun first met Xian Shi (Celestial Master).  Tian Jun wanted to go there.  Shunde accompanied him. They met a Ferocious Beast.  Xian Shi appeared and helped them.


XS was  immediately star-strucked by Shunde's face and invited her to be his Disciple.

TJ: Why mention him.  You were the one who dashed forward to protect me. Disregarding your own safety.  Believe me.  When I return from Mt Tai Island, I'll have the Capability to protect you.

Shunde: Go.  Don't waste time.


4) Shunde And Xian Shi's Secret Room:

Shunde went to check out XS's Secret Room.  She saw the Portrait.  She recalled :

- the White Gown (just like the one the Lady in the Portrait wore) which XS gave her to wear.

- the Pose that XS taught her in her Sword-Play training.

She said to herself:  "So that is the woman Master loves".


Xian Shi came in and said: "You should not have come here".

Shunde: Is there any place in the 4 corners of the world that I cannot go? (After all she is the older sister of the Heavenly Emperor).  What is this Portrait all about?  The Sword, Dress and Face.  I'm just a Substitute.

Xian Shi: Removes her Mask.  Tied her up.  And applied the Scavenging Insects again.  She was in Pain.


(The Demon in the Portrait starts "Stirring" again.  I believe Zhu Yan died in the Battle with the Previous Heavenly Emperor.  What is hiding inside the Portrait is his Evil Spirit or Energy.  Still bent on doing harm to the world.  Which just suits Xian Shi.  So he collaborates with him)


5) Kong Ming Vs Yun He:

KM is treating YH.  YH asked him to let her die.

KM: What have you done to CY at the Valley?

YH: Do what. I just tell some lies to a little child. I don't regret.

KM: You don't have any regrets? Do you know what CY has done for you? He plans so hard to have you rescued.  When he sensed you're in danger, he immediately left the Coronation Ceremony.  What will the other attendees think?  You said you are doing all these for Glory.  Why not just send CY to Shunde and XS? Whether it is at the Cliff or now at the Northern Realm, you are protecting him. Isn't it so?

YH: You already know.  But you will not tell him.

KM: Right. Because these are critical time now. He has more important things to attend to.

YH: Thanks. I assure you I'll help CY in any way I can. Even though I'm already so frail.

KM: If that is the case, finish up your medicine.


6) Si Yu and Lin Hao Qing:

SY told LHQ that Shunde had a confrontation with Xian Shi.  LHQ was happy to hear that. LHQ said that Shunde is a very Arrogant person.  She will definitely react.


7) Lin Hao Qing Vs Shunde:

LHQ visited Shunde again. Shunde was throwing a Tantrum. Zhu Ling from Ling Shuang Terrace of the Northern Realm stopped him from going in.

LHQ: If I dare to enter, I'll dare to face the consequences.  If you have the guts, you can come with me.

Shunde: You again?  You dare to come again?

LHQ provokes Shunde:  Are you going to admit defeat?

Shunde: Defeat? You think I'm defeated?

LHQ: A person's Gaze is very important. His Gaze on you has No Affections. He cannot return your feelings.

Shunde slapped LHQ.

Who are you? Master's affections for me is not for you to question.

LHQ: Your Gaze at Master cannot conceal your feelings.  You cannot lie to me or to yourself.

Shunde: What do you know or understand? After my father died, everybody kept reminding me of my responsibility to take care of Tian Jun. Nobody cares about me or what I want.  Master is different.  He cares about me and what I want.  He tells me I can be Myself.  That my feelings are important too.  I can only be myself in the presence of Master. Not just TJ's sister.

LHQ: Even when he is treating you as a Substitute?

Shunde: As long as I don't know.  Why must you wake me up from my dream?

LHQ: I just feel that being aware is painful. But being confused is worse.  Have you ever consider?  That only by Being Powerful Yourself,  can You Make Your Lover Remains By Your Side?  Whether It Is Body Or Mind, He Should Only Belongs To You Alone.

(Wow! Lin Hao Qing Is Really Good At Instigating People)


8) Chang Yi and Yun He:

CY visited YH and asked her to take her Medicine. CY is preoccupied with Official Matters.  YH asked him to relax a bit. Saying: "If I treat you like before, you will do as I want right?

CY: You think too much?

YH: Why not try?

CY: OK. So he pulls her close and kisses her. Her entire bowl of Medicine spills over.  (But the Kiss is just a touching of the 2 Lips. :(   No passion at all :lol:)


Kong Ming came in at that moment:

CY to YH: "See?  It does not work".


CY left.  Outside his emotions are aroused.

KM followed. "If she takes her medicine regularly, she will be alright. Please do not spill her medicine like this.  Her Pulse Is Racing Today.  (Ah Huh.  Yun He is excited)


CY went to KM's place to discuss some Defensive Strategies for the Northern Realm.  But his mind is not there.  He is still thinking about the Kiss.  (Where got Kiss CY? Only a Touching of Lips Man).  KM was frustrated.


9) Chang Yi and Yun He:

CY went to see YH again. 

YH said she can't sleep after the Kiss. 

CY said you are the one who want to try.

YH: I don't mean that.

CY: You're the one leading me to the Kiss.  And now you're complaining. What do you want?


YK: OK. Let me be direct.  Merman only has One Love in One Lifetime. But you can kiss an  Enemy.  Isn't that breaking your Merman Rules?

CY: I've never broken my traditions.  You will forever be mine.  Our Tracking Imprint allows me to see you and access your feelings. Wherever you are, as long as I want to, I'll know

YH: No wonder you knew when my Life was hanging on a Thread.  Are you treating me as your Shadow.

CY: You are not. You are a Caged Beast.  Controlling you with a Tracking Seal is enough.

YH: You are Crazy.  You would rather let go of your feeling. But still want to imprison me.

CY carries YH to the bed and makes her sleep.  While he returns to his work.


YH thought to herself: "Well. I'm dying soon. Will not trouble him for long. But Mermen cannot take a Second Wife......"

CY thought to himself: "YH.  If by imprisoning you is the only way  I can keep you by my side, I'll do it willingly" 


(Ah.  These Two Of Them.  Love each other.  But don't want to admit.  Are all Lovers like that?)


10) Luo Luo Vs Qing Yao:

Luo Luo overhead Qing Yao's conversation with her Maid. They seem to hate Yun He.  The maid was complaining that Chang Yi is Bewitched by Yun He.  That is why he left in the midst of the Coronation and now moving in with Yun He.  Yun He commiting suicide  is just an Act.


What ? Commiting Suicide?  Luo Luo panicked and immediately went to beg Kong Ming to help Yun He.


11) Luo Luo Vs Kong Ming:

Luo Luo went to see Kong Ming and asked if Yun He is really sick.

KM told her that YH is suffering from the consequences of Lin Cang Lan's experiments. And can only survive for a Month plus.

Luo Luo cried and went to beg the Blue Feathered Phoenix to help heal Yun He.

So Luo Luo, Aoji, Xue San Yue and Li Shu - all went to see Yun He. 

At first Chang Yi refused to let them in.  But later relented.


12) Teary Reunion With Friends:

CY: Was worried.  He thought silently: Old friends reunite.  Emotions uncertain.  Can her health take it?

Aoji: Checked YH's pulse and said it is better to let Yun He go. Meaning her health is beyond redemption.

YH: Smiled and said: "Exactly what I want".


Outside Chang Yi Reflects upon what Li Shu has said  before they all went in:

"The Bosom Friends meet again.  What are you complaining about?  Besides what is so good about having a lifeless existence?"


So Chang Yi removes the Protective Shield he has installed around the house.


Part 2 - Ep 4 ends.....



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@hush puppy Thanks for the recaps.  I love the angst of Ep 4.  Reba and Allen are masters.

I can see Reba physically collapsing and weakening yet she still keeps her sassy attitude.  Allen fights to keep his cold, ruthless face in front of her, but flashes of tenderness break thru anyway.  

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Part 2 - Ep 5



1) Luo Suo (CY's servant) is confused. YH is CY's prisoner.  But:

- CY co-habits with her

- CY gives her medical treatment

- CY allows her friends to visit her


2) Luo Luo, San Yue and Li Shu presses the Phoenix for a way to heal YH. At last Aoji said that it seems there exists in Mount Tai Island, a Precious Dew Drops Magic Fungus called Lingzhi or Reishi Mushroom.  Usually used in Chinese Medicine.  It is credited with Miraculous powers and also considered a symbol of Good Luck.


Aoji said maybe this can prolong YH's life for a while.  So San Yue sets off to find it.


3) Shunde:

Xian Shi brought her a Teasel Root (Chinese Herb) Ointment for her Face.

Shunde: I heard that applying this ointment will hurt like digging out one's flesh deep to the bone.

XS: But it can heal your face.

Shunde: recalled LHQ's words to be Powerful Herself.  So she pretended to be subservient to XS again.  Begging him to help heal her face.  That she'll not cause trouble.  But she asked for a Reward

XS: what do you want?

Shunde: I want to have the same level of of skills as Master.

XS: As long as you are happy, you can have anything.  (XS is not that Smart sometimes)

Shunde: Then I can use any Spiritual Master I want?

XS: Of course.


4) Luo Luo and Yun He:

Luo Luo drops by to see Yun He

YH is surprise and ask isn't there a Protection Shield ?

Luo Luo said it is there.  But I don't know why it allows me in.

YH knew that CY has removed it.  "That Silly Merman", she says to herself.

Luo Luo: What do you mean? Why don't you tell him the Truth?

YH: There is a lot of things happening now in the Northern Realm. Which requires his attention.  He is now Lord of the Northern Realm.  Not just my Merman.


5) Lishu and Aoji:

LS cooks the Fish Soup for Aoji.  But it does not taste good. Because LS's mind is not there.  He is thinking of San Yue.  So Aoji asked him to go find her.


6) Si Yu and Lin Hao Qing:

Si Yu told LHQ that their Spiritual Masters are back.  They were attacked by the Frost Poison.  But saves by Kong Ming. LHQ is worried because Xian Shi has purposely delayed the Delivery of the Antidote by 2 days.

Si Yu: Don't tell me he has found out your plans?

LHQ: He is "Beating around the Mountain to scare the Tigers". i.e. makes a move as a warning to the people concerned.  Hinting to me not to create any trouble.


7) Shunde:

Was enjoying herself stepping on a sea of Grapes on the floor. 

LHQ came in. Shunde invited LHQ to join her.

LHQ commented that Shunde looks happy.  She must have reached a decision and a plan already.  LHQ congratulates her.


Shunde said she has to thank HQ for that.  That all tender feelings are false - illusory.  She will be strong and poweful. So as not to rely on others for alms. She don't mind pretending to be someone else for now..  But some day, she will get what she wants and nobody can stop her.


With that she breaks into small pieces the White Gown her Master had once given her. The gown similar to the one, The Lady in the Portrait is wearing.


Shunde: You previously reveal the Secret Room to me. Today you are visiting me again. And accompany me to recall the Merman's crime.  Is it out of Loyalty.  Or do you have any ulterior motive?

LHQ said that he does has a motive.  He seeks her permission to attack the North, in her name.

Shunde: Only this?

LHQ: Yes. Only this. I want to teach them a lesson. To allay your anger and remove the humiliations the Valley of a Thousand Flowers has suffered.

Shunde: It's only these?

LHQ: It's only these.

Shunde: What's so difficult about this? But I have one condition

She wants YH killed. She gave a powerful push and LHQ fell onto the Floor. Shunde placed her Foot on his face saying that if the results are not to her satisfaction, the whole of the Valley of a Thousand Flowers will suffer.


8) The Valley of a Thousand Flowers:

So Lin Hao Qing convenes a meeting to announce the War against the Northern Realm.

There are objections.  But LHQ has no choice.  He already has a Plan.


9) Xian Shi and the Demon Spirit:

The Demon Spirit say a lot of words to flatter and instigate Xian Shi.  That he is ingenious to delay the delivery of the Frost Poison Antidote. And spreading rumours about the Frost Poison. Thus forcing LHQ into actions.  The Demon Spirit also complains that XS is losing interest in him.  Everyday, XS is only thinking about healing Shunde's face.

It seems that this Demon Spirit has problems acquiring back his Body Form.  XS sneers at that fact.  The Spirit says that once he gets back his Body Form, his accumulated force will be unmatched.  He tells XS to wait and see.


10) The Northern Realm:

News of the impending attack from the Valley of a Thousand Flowers reaches them. CY convenes a meeting. As usual Qi Feng is doubtful of CY's ability and asked what he is going to do. 


CY is in his elements.  He says: So What?

1) The North is cold.  The roads are frozen. These are opportunities.

2) We're familiar with the terrains. These are our topographical advantages


CY says the Spiritual Masters always think highly of themselves. Arrogant and Impulsive. So we have a crack troop for an enemy.  We must use the right timing.  Geographical and social conditions are favourable to us. A good time to go to War.  There is nothing to fear.  He will lead the troops.


CY asked KM and Luo Suo not to tell YH.  


11) But Luo Luo already told YH .  YH said it is so unlike of LHQ to do this.


12) Luo Luo brought a bowl of soup to KM again.  At first KM was firm and tells her not to do that again.  Seeing Luo Luo's disappointment, KM told Luo Luo that he finished the entire bowl of soup which she last gave him.  Luo Luo is so happy.  Said she'll bring him a bowl of soup everyday.  So that they can do the Spiritual Cultivation together. KM misunderstood her and was worried.  Luo Luo says it is for her Beauty.  KM relaxes.


KM gives Luo Luo a Blusher (as suggested by Luo Suo)  Luo Luo is so elated that she gives KM a peck on his cheeks.    This girl has no clue to a male-female relationship at all.


13) Tian Jun - Mt Tai Island:

Tian Jun and his 2 assistant went to have a look at the Magical Mushroom, when San Yue suddenly shows up and wants to pluck it.  TJ shouted to her to stop. SY said she needs it to save somebody's life.  Tian Jun said it needs time to mature.  The Magical Mushroom is a spiritual being. It has Intelligence. If you pluck it before it matures, it will feel threatened.  Whatever happens to it, it will pay back a hundred or a thousand folds.  So if you want to get it safely, you must wait for it to ripen.


While talking to San Yue, TJ realises she is YH's buddy.  He asks SY how is YH doing in the North.  SY said the Mushroom is for her.  She is dying. He advises San Yue to wait. for a few days before plucking the Mushroom.  He invited San Yue to stay at his residence.  But San Yue would rather sits there to watch over the Mushroom.  


14) The Protective Vest:

YH secretly made a Protective Vest for CY.  So she was tired.

CY says she don't look good. 

YH: You don't have enough sleep. Your eyes are blurred.

CY made her some Sweetened Garlics  - YH's favourite. 

YH said: "You still remember".   

CY said it is for himself and has nothing to do with YH. 

YH asked him to take one.  Actually CY don't like it.  So he grimaces as he eats it.


YH said: It looks like some things never change. Let me gives you a gift too. She produces the "Protective Vest".


Ep 5 ends.....



Edited: 7 April 2022

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Part 2 - Ep 6



1) San Yue was waiting for the Magical Mushrooms to mature.  Suddenly Fei Lian (one of Tian Jun's assistants) approaches her.  FL asks her to join Tian Jun.  TJ wants to uphold the "Natural Law" (Tian Dao - 天道).  He needs the assistance of many people.  


2) Li Shu's 2 assistants eavesdrop.  They don't like San Yue.  So one of was thinking of using some medicine to turn San Yue and Fei Lian into a "Couple".  They are grumbling when LS appears. The 2 men ask LS to follow them home. They reminded LS that he had said before that once he has finished with his "Karmic Hindrance", he will return home with them.  They accused LS of not keeping his words.


San Yue overheads the conversation and takes offence to being called a "Karmic Hindrance".  She installs a shield and forbids LS from approaching her.  (Actually she is protecting LS.  She does not know if anything untowards will happen at the time when the Magical Mushrooms mature).


3) Chang Yi is admiring the Protective Vest which Yun He has made for him.  Very beautiful and shimmering. Qing Yao comes in with another Vest she has made for Chang Yi and sees that Chang Yi already has one.

CY: Thanks.  I already have one. You can give it to someone else

QY: Says CY's Protective Vest is very Exquisite.  Wonders who makes it.  She wants to learn from the maker.

CY: I make myself. It is not as exquisite as yours.  Nothing to learn.

QY: Alright.  I'll keep mine.  Should you need it one day, I'll give it to you again.  By the way, I want to brief you on the inventory of the necessary supplies and materials we have prepared for the impending battle.


4) Yun He is exhausted after completing the Protective Vest.

She dozes off.  The Lady in the Portrait enters her Dream again.  She is wearing a Half- Veil on her face.

YH : You finally appear. Which Divine Being are you? Why do you enter my dream the last time ? You are meddling in my business.  You are getting in my way.

Ning Shi Yu: I exist in the Wind.  Where there is Wind, I'll be able to Perceive.

YH : What is your Motive?

Ning Shi Yu: I need your Help

YH : You have such Remarkable Abilities.  Why do you need me?

Ning Shi Yu: Only you can find me. That is why only you can help me.

YH : How can I help you?

NSY: Come. Let me show you something.  She touches YH's hand and suddenly they can see several Flashbacks.  And so we see :

- Xian Shi (Ning Qing) is a Disciple of Ning Shi Yu and a younger disciple-brother of Ning Ruo Chu.  Three of them are like a Family.

- Xian Shi (Ning Qing) visited NRC and the Phoenix at their secret hideout.  Remember they are Not supposed to have a Cross-Clans or Master-Disciple relationships

- And how conveniently later their Hideout was discovered by others.

- NRC and the Phoenix were attacked.  The Phoenix injured a few of the attackers (Spritual Masters) and the news spreaded far and wide (I'm sure this is the Work of Xian Shi).  The conflict intensified

- XS contacted NRC via a letter and asked him to return to The Valley.  XS proposes the "10 Squares Matrix".  Saying it would be NRC and the Phoenix's Private Oasis.

- After NRC has sealed the Phoenix inside the Matrix, XS killed NRC.


Yun He is exhausted and falls into a Coma.  Chang Yu senses it via his Tracking Implant.


5) Chang Yi summons Kong Ming. Kong Ming says YH's pulse is getting weaker and weaker.

Only when YH is the weakest, can she dreams of Ning Shi Yu.  Yet when she stays too long in her dream, her Fundamental Essence of Life will perish. 


YH to NSY: Why must you let me see all of these? Who are you?

NSY removes her Veil.  

YH : You are the Lady whom Xian Shi cannot forget.


CY, Luo Luo and Luo Suo are waiting outside while Kong Ming attends to YH. Qing Yao joins them.  (I'm beginning to be irritated by her. Finds her nosy and clingy.  But kind)


Ning Shi Yu continues.  She implores YH to tell Phoenix that it was Xian Shi (Ning Qing) who killed Ning Ruo Chu.  And to tell Phoenix to stop Xian Shi.

YH : Why are you doing this?

NSY shows her more Flashback of Ning Shi Yu with Ning Qing and Ning Ruo Chu.  Both NQ and NRC were young boys then.  NING SHI YU  IS THEIR MASTER.  (So my wild guess is correct)


6) Yun He wakes up.  

Luo Luo rushes to her bedside.

CY "grabs" Luo Luo away and transfers his Last Shark's Pearl and Elixir to Yun He via the Mouth-to-Mouth Kiss (of course).  (Yes @Polly  I hear you.  CY has so many Pearls to give to Yun He)

KM tries to stop CY, to no avail.  CY needs his Elixir for the impending battle.  (The extent of his Love for Yun He)


7) Qing Yao was waiting outside.  As the others leave, QY asks them what is happening. Nobody says anything.  But the Innocent LL did.  She tells QY that CY has given his Shark Pearl to save YH.


QY is angry of course. She ask them what their motives are.  CY needs that for the impending battle

LL: What motive?  CY has long given his Shark's Pearl to YH.  His Heart only has YH.


8) Yun He tells Chang Yi that he should not have turned back after the Cliff Incident.  He should not persist in hating her.

CY : It is Never Hatred.  Right from the Start.

YH : Then what is it? 

CY : What do you think?

YH : You should not have done this.  Now you are without your Tail and Elixir Pearl.  How are you going to defend the Northern Realm?

CY : I don't need my Tail or Elixir Pearl to defend the Northern Realm.


9) Qing Yao and her Father

Heart-broken, QY pours her inner thoughts to her father who was in a Coma. She says she is deceiving herself into thinking that CY will like her. But she knows it is a One-Sided Affair. CY only loves YH.   She can't stop him.  (Her father's Fingers move.  He is coming out of his Coma.  What will he do to CY?)

QY tells his father that only he can talk some sense into CY (Oh. Really?)


10) Yun He and the Phoenix

YH : LL please ask Aoji to come here.

LL  : why?

YH : To talk about the Past.

LL thought with CY's Shark's Pearl, YH will live on.

Aoji: It is only temporary

YH to Aoji: I once heard that NRC and Xian Shi are disciple-brothers.  Are their relationship good? Any grudges between them?

LL: But the records in our Valley do not have their names. How do you know?

YH: While imprisoned by XS, I heard him mention it (It is a white lie.  As she cannot say it is from her Dream)

Aoji: Grudges - No. They grew up with Ning Shi Yu.

LL: Who is Ning Shi Yu?

Aoji: Their Master and the Only Female Leader of the "Valley of a Thousand Flowers".

Both LL and YH are surprised.

Aoji: Since you speak of the Past, I'm sure you must have a reason.  What do you want to do?

YH : (Says to herself.  How to tell her it was a Dream? No evidence. Besides she has left her sorrow behind.  Based on what I saw in a Dream, I cannot lead her to a confrontation with Xian Shi.  It will only harm her)

So YH says to Aoji: About the "10 Squares Formation", do you still blame NRC?

Aoji: I have hated him once. Blamed him once.  But Time has heal me of my Pain.


YH saluted her with a Toast.


11) Kong Ming - Chang Yi - The Impending Battle

Chang Yi and his Strategy :

The Northern Realm's topography is complex.  The enemy is bound to enter our territory through the Forest.  I plan to station our Tactical  Deployment Troops there.  We will wait in ambush


Shunde's strategy is to deplete our Military Strength. Then haul us in like a Fisherman does his Fishes. 


I plan to hold Peace Talks with our Opponent.  Surround them but not attacking. Then call for Peace Talks.


12) The Battle With The Spiritual Masters From "The Valley of a Thousand Flowers"

As foreseen by Chang Yi, the enemy  entered the Northern Realm via the Forest. CY's plan is to Surround but Do Not Attack.  Then hold Peace Talks.


But Qi Feng (Qing Yao's cousin brother) is like the Fox King (Qing Xuan).  Disobey the military order and rushed forward to attack.  (The Last Time when they invaded Xian Shi's Mt Lutai, the Fox King also confront Xian Shi on his own.  That was not in their Strategic Plan. Result: He was seriously injured with one blow from XS.  The Fox King is waking up.  I'm sure he will create a lot of Problems for Chang Yi because he wants him to love Qing Yao.  Yun He will also be in danger)


13) Luo Luo - Yun He

LL : Rushes in to tell Yun He that the Enemy's forces fell into their Ambush.  They are encircled in the forest by the Border.

YH : Good.  After that, with a Peace Talk, matters will be resolved and the Northern Realm will be free from harm.


14) Lin Hao Qing - Siyu - Zhu Ling (Previously from the Northern Realm too)

ZL scolded LHQ for leading the troops into an ambush. ZL reminded LHQ that his forces (Spiritual Masters) have the Frost Poison.  They were arguing when a report came in.



On all sides, the encircling troops did not attack.  Except for the one from the direction of the Northern narrow mountain pass. (Qi Feng's troops).


LHQ : There should Not be a sudden change in a Military Strategy. That shows our Opponent has develop a problem.  Let us stage a Break Out from the Encirclement via the North.  Let us attack when they are celebrating their Victory.


15) The Bad News

KM breaks the bad news to Chang Yi.

KM : LHQ breaks through our encirclement via the North where the troops of Qing Yao and Qi Feng are stationed.  QF has been punished. He was caned 300 times.  LHQ dispatch an Envoy or Messenger. The Envoy is Siyu.   Lin Hao Qing is willing to conduct a Peace Talk on One Condition.

 -  He wants to meet Yun He -


Zhu Ling again pressures LHQ to go all out to attack.  But LHQ says Shunde's main aim is to capture Yun He.

ZL : After that what?  Shunde wants the entire Northern Realm too. Not just YH


Si Yu Enters.

Yun He to Siyu: What does LHQ wants?

SY : You

CY : Have you finished?  The answer is No.  I'll never surrender Yun He or Kong Ming.


LL whispers to YH saying, Chang Yi is so Imposing.  So Awe-Inspiring.  YH also says to herself : Chang Yi is different now.



I think Lin Hao Qing's Plan is not to harm the Northern Realm or Yun He.  He knows the "Valley of a Thousand Flowers" is under Threat from both Shunde and Xian Shi.



She wants Yun He killed.  She wants to trample on her Eyeballs.  Otherwise she will come after the Valley.


Xian Shi will continue to control the Valley with his Frost Poison.


I believe LHQ wants to Defect to the Northern Realm with his Spriritual Masters.  Knowing that Kong Ming can help with the Frost Poison.


But how is he going to do it?  We have to wait till next week.....:(



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I'm wondering.   Do you all wonder too?


If Xian Shi (Ning Qing / Celestial Master.  "Xian" stands for Celestial.  "Shi" stands for Master) loves his Master Ning Shi Yu  so much, why does he allow the Evil Demon Master's Spirit to hide in Her Portrait?  Does not make sense isn't it?


Why don't we discuss this while waiting for Next Week?:lollipop:


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@hush puppy My guess is that the 

evil demon lost his physical form and needed Ning Qing to carry out his plan of creating chaos in the realms. He transferred his super powers to Ning Qing. Meanwhile, he needed a place to cultivate and he deliberately choose something that is very dear to Ning Qing (i.e. the painting of Ning Shi Yi) to reside in. This is to protect himself from Ning Qing, as Ning Qing wouldn't destroy his master's painting. Ning Qing probably reluctantly agreed for the evil devil to reside in the painting, as long as the evil devil will transfer his powers to Ning Qing, keep himself confided in the painting and wouldn't harm the painting. In return, Ning Qing will help the evil demon to cultivate by supplying him with essence from the caught demons. 


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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama] The Blue Whisper 与君初相识 Season 2 premiered April 4

Hi guys). Since I'm quite behind everyone here, I'm not sure if it's worth posting :lol: . But last episodes I've been watching- 18 and 19-were super cool, so I would like to share some thoughts).

I'm just totally in love with the "Shifu" -Head Master, that character the actor and production team created is soo cool. That white clothes, total calmness in the eyes, sense of control, power and superiority shown in every move create a huge contrast with his cruel and calculated actions. Although he only had few fighting scenes in the episodes I've seen,it's clear no one is his match (at least so far). I'm waiting impatiently for the time when Shifu's beloved first disciple  understands he is at the wrong side of things


and deep down he already is clearly hesitant and questioning his Shifu's actions.

The young Emperor, I suppose,


would have to make a painful choice between his sister's life and doing the right thing...

Dilraba, IMO, doing much better job during last episodes compared to the beginning of the story. I wonder what scenes they shoot first). Love Yun He's  interactions with Shifu, these two characters have a couple of great dialogs :)


Butterfly girl and  fox princess are really annoying. First is absolutely stupid and useless, second clearly has a crush on Chang Yi and


now that she saved him 

she definitely would play a "victim card" in future.

They just get on my nerves so much:evillaugh:.


And the last thing- I would like to insist clothing department should get a lot of awards for their amazing work. Love the color and fabric choices:wub:.


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@leo2020 Join the club! It's never too late:D. I'm also not sure what to make of the fox princess. Understand from those who have read the novel that she is a new character originally not in the novel but added in the drama. Initially she seems like a sensible girl but her judgement seems to be more and more clouded due to her one sided love for Chang Yi. Her servant and cousin also are making matters worse. I feel that her character is bearable without the instigation by her servant and cousin. 


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Since we are talking about characters we love, let me add that I adore Li Shu, both the drama character and the actor that plays him. Although Li Shu’s original intention was to get close to San Yue, and gain access into Wan Hua Gu to search for Qing Ji, he actually fell in love with San Yue, and prolonged his stay just to be with her. I was sad when he died and cheered when he was revived by Qing Ji. I also enjoy the funny scenes that he and his two minions appear in. Hope he survives to the end and live happily ever after with San Yue.

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3 hours ago, Polly said:

@leo2020 Join the club! It's never too late:D. I'm also not sure what to make of the fox princess. Understand from those who have read the novel that she is a new character originally not in the novel but added in the drama. Initially she seems like a sensible girl but her judgement seems to be more and more clouded due to her one sided love for Chang Yi. Her servant and cousin also are making matters worse. I feel that her character is bearable without the instigation by her servant and cousin. 


Ohh, so she is smth like Éowyn in Lord of the Rings...OK than, will try to tolerate her, at least for now:rolleyes:.

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Part 2 - Ep 7 (Or Ep 29 Overall) :


1) Preparations For The Battle:

Chang Yi, Kong Ming, Yun He and Luo Luo are discussing their Battle Strategy. Things do not look good.  LHQ has had all the roads in the Northern Realm (Beiyuan) blocked.


YH : Guess that  LHQ will send his 3 Best Spiritual Masters to set up a Tactical Formation.  While the rest will form a blockage.  YH suggests that they should concentrate on the 3 Main Spritual Masters.  Once they are captured, LHQ's Battle Formation will crumble.

CY : How do you know they'll do these formations?

YH : These are the most logical formations. Besides I know LHQ.  Don't underestimate these 3 Main Spiritual Masters.   They're not easy to handle.  Luckily we have Chang Yi,  Kong Ming and The Phoenix.  Each can take charge of each route.

LL : I'll go and canvass for the Phoenix's assistance.

KM : We have to ensure that nothing goes wrong

YH : The last route must let our troop lead.

CY to YH: In order to let me take back my Pearl, you really rack up your brain.

YH : It's alright if you think that way.

CY : Why stand on our side this time?

YH : Because Shunde hates me to the Bone. Helping you is helping myself. What do you think?  We must have a Commander-in-Chief at the Battlefront.

CY : Alright.  I'll be back in an hour

YH : When do you intend to strike

CY : Early tomorrow morning

(Actually this Plot is to give us a few seconds of a Romantic Moment from CY and YH.  Because CY has to borrow his Pearl from YH for an hour.  So they need to Kiss).


2) Lin Hao Qing's Strategy:

Since CY refuses to surrender Yun He, LHQ plans to use himself as a Decoy. To be caught and taken to the Ling Shuang Terrace.  From there he can meet Yun He and take her away.

(Actually Zhu LIng is from Ling Shuang Terrace.  He should have led this Battle instead. Because he knows this Terrain well.  Funny Plot)


3) Yun He Meets Up With Ning Shi Yu:

So CY kisses YH to borrow his Pearl for an hour.  He leaves for the Battle.

Yun He thought to herself: "Sorry CY. I've to trick you again.  Only then can I get your Pearl to leave my body for a while.  I need to know the Truth of what happened in the past"


Yun He grows weak and meet up with Ning Shi Yu again.


Ning Shi Yu was the first generation of Spirit Masters in the Valley of a Thousand Flowers. One day when she was travelling in the Human World, she met and brought back an Orphan Boy.  She named him "Ning Qing" and taught him Celestial Arts. Ning Shi Yu taught Ning Ruo Chu and Ning Qing according to their characters.  Ning Ruo Chu is more easy-going.  Ning Qing is more reserved and sensitive.


Ning Qing was a Descendent of the Spritual Masters.  But don't know why he was left in the Human World.


Ning Qing's gratitude for his master turns into love.  But this was not allowed.  So it was kept hidden in his heart.


Then came the Ning Ruo Chu and the Phoenix incident.  Ning Shi Yu defended them and was condemned for not being  fit to be a Teacher and Leader of the Valley.  At that that time, the "Lin Clans" was coveting her Position.  So they took the opportunity to strip away half of her Cultivations and banish her from the Valley.  Removing all traces of her from their records. Nobody is allowed to mention her name again.


Ning Shi Yu never tells Ning Ruo Chu and the Phoenix. Because she does not want them to feel Guilty.


Ning Qing chose to leave the Valley with his Master.  They travelled all over the Human World.  That's how Ning Shi Yu wrote her Travellogue.  The one Xian Shi shared with Yun He when she was imprisoned by him.  Ning Shi Yu also noticed some changes in Ning Qing.  He became more cruel and vicious.  Ning Shi Yu thought that may be Ning Qing was too anxious to help her regain her Leadership in the "Valley".  She wanted to steer him back to the right path.  But she died before she could do it.


While travelling in the Human World, Ning Shi Yu was seriously injured after eradicating some demons. She was surrounded by them.  Having half her Cultivations removed, she is not as good as before.  Ning Qing went to ask for help from the Valley to no avail. Ning Shi Yu died.


Ning Qing lost his master forever.  So he hated everyone in the world and wants everyone to be buried with his Master.  But Ning Qing went back to the Valley.  He knelt for 3 Days and 3 Nights, before he was accepted back into the Valley.  And from there, he plotted his Revenge.

- He blames Ning Ruo Chu and the Phoenix for starting the problem. (So he had NRC killed and the Phoenix sealed in the Matrix).

- He blames the "Lin Clan" for getting rid of his master. (Therefore he created the "Frost Poison" and had all their Spiritual Masters controlled.)


Now only the Phoenix can defeat Xian Shi. 


Why only Yun He can meet Ning Shi Yu?  Because after dying, Ning Shi Yu turns into a Wind Spirit.  She is neither immortal or a demon.  Yun He is also neither immortal or a demon.  So only she can see her.


4) Lin Hao Qing and Yun He Meet:

The Phoenix fell into LHQ's trap.  She brought him back to the Ling Shuang Terrace. 

Yun He went to meet him.  LHQ has to bring YH back to Shunde.  Otherwise everyone in the Valley will be killed.   YH agreed to help because she is dying anyway.  This way she not only can help LHQ but will also be her Last Sacrifice for her Love.


LHQ gives Yun He a magical spell to "Blank Out" Chang Yi's Tracking Imprint on her for an hour.  Yun He will return to meet him again the next day. Simultaneously, LHQ sends a message to Siyu to create diversion.  Then he can take Yun He away.


She went back with CY and was smiling to herself.  CY was jealous.  CY: "Are you so happy to meet Lin Hao Qing?"  He once again asked YH about the incident at the Cliff. He wants to know the Truth.  But YH refuses to tell him.  CY stomped off.


5) The Fox King Wakes Up:

Qi Feng continues to instigate Qing Yao.  Saying CY does not care for her. Only loves YH.  The Fox King wakes up.  QF and QY hurried to see him.


Qi Feng instigates the Fox King. saying CY has let him down and often bullies Qing Yao.  If he does not wake up, the Northern Realm will certainly perish.


The Fox King is Angry.  But QY finally confesses that CY has never loved her.  She bluffed her father because she wanted to save CY when he was last fatally injured by the powerful backlash of Xian Shi.


The Fox KIng told them not to let CY knows that he has woke up.  And also to watch Yun He closely. The moment Yun He contacts Lin Hao Qing, they'll close in on her.

(I know once he wakes up, there'll be trouble for CY and YH)


6) The Magical Mushrooms Matures: 

- Meanwhile the Magical Mushrooms are maturing.

-  Li Shu appears.  He tells San Yue he only want to help her.

- The Thunder God suddenly appears.  One can only meet the Thunder God in a Thousand Years.  Why does he suddenly appear?

Even Tian Jun is surprised.

-  Will something bad happen ?



Edited on: 13 April 2022

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] The Blue Whisper 与君初相识 Season 1 & 2

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