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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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This was terrible and almost a waste of time. The performances and actors were great. Love being introduced to Ji-Tae. Want to see him in more things. But this was so stupid to me. The story progression. Was this a film about prison life or about solving a murder case and freeing an innocent man. Glad it was good for everyone else but I would not recommend it.

Very frustrating with loose ends and plot holes.

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Oh well.. we watch drama for our own pleasure.




Just finished epsiode 7.


Kim Soo Hyun's acting is just amazing.  If you're not fan like me.. you will be ( maybe for this drama).  After watching the ep 1, If you read my post here, I said he's worth whatever's getting because his acting is outstanding.


After watching episode 7, that end scene I wanted episode 8 already. After that I remember it's going to be the last one.


In ep 7 is Hyunsoo's transformation


Not a hyunsoo tear was shed the entire episode. He came close at the start when he got so frustrated he had to lean on the stairs railing and punched the wall several times. Also when  when he's  mother and sister seemd to have turned their backs on him.


Yes. Hyunsoo did not shed a single tear.  He was being bullied by the prison gang doosik, all the harsh treatment and abuse inside the prison. He endured them. But there that breaking point.  And this starts his transformatiion. On the last scene of 6 when Hyunsoo told the court and the prosecution "I don't know anymore"  he's bewildered crying frustration on his face that no one believes he didn't kill Gukhwa.


The start of ep 7 he was back in prison woke just dazed staring at the ceiling. They have TV in prison and the news was discussing hisa rape and murder case. The prison gang dook sneering, laughing calling him rapist, this made Hyunsoo so frustrated.  He's like given up. Like he didn't care anymore.  He went to  Do Jitae and ask for help.  Make him tough teach him, how to surivev prison, the system. He smoked (for th first time) he learned to box his frustration, Do Jitae sparred with him.. No more innocent hyunsoo. He's  been transformed. 


Doosik noticed the differennce is hyunsoo's swagger and been itching for a duel. Doosik and Hyunsoo went at it. Hyunsoo's pumelled and punch his overdue madness on doosik. .  He could've killed him... but he didn't. Doosik said it's not yet over.  Hyunsoo back to his cell breathing heavily took his nebulzer... but no.. frustration still building.. he threw that nebulizer instead.


Meanwhile lawyer Shin's frustration also manifest trying to  list possible susepect, ones that has motive. He's just working hard to figure, to defend  Hyunsoo.. and with his atopic dematitis acting up thre the white board went to bed frustrated woke up missing the many txt of his ex wife. She came by to provide documents. She does care. She doesn't want to see him give up whether it'snot sickness, not the trial, not the family.


When the trial resumed, Soohyun's behavior change. Lawyer Shin said.. (and I guess this is how I also see it) it's because he found a way to cope with his situation.


 I agree. Like he's given up. Like he doesn't care any more. 



Lawyer Shin grilled the  Gukwha's friend and th friend's ex boyfriend coming to the conlusion, they're not the killer. So that leaves the courier driver.. Moinitor ankle was off for an hour. He followed Gukhwa. He also was a known sex offender. There's that possibilily.  When it's lawyer Shin's ex wife turn as witness. He asked Hyunsoo first to write down his name. He's left handed. He then ask his ex wife (btw, works at NFS) about the knife wounds, from the 13 stabs 8 were on diagobal 7 'o clok position. and said ne can presume the killer is right handed. I clap my hands.


She let them have it! told prosecutor why she's there, how the medical examiner showed bias, depsite having other possibilities he presumed hyunsoo guilty already. That she was not there for lawyer Shin, that medical  evidence can be interpreted differently, that jury has the th right to hear from various experts.


Meanwhile, Hyunsoo transfer to a different cell, a photo of the beach on the wall. He was just deeply staring at it. Aww. Thinking of freedom.


The last scene for Ep 7  Hyunsoo's gotten a tattoo on his arms. It reads...when it doubt, In favour of defendant, no one is presumed guilty. And the question he asked "hyung" ji tae....."do you really believe I didn't kill her?"


I say no.


I'm still waiting for episode 8


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In my opinion, the open ending for kim hyun soo standing at the top floor of high rise building was an intentional scene by the director : it allows us to ponder what the audience wants him to be in future, will he jump down from the building (which can be a very depressing ending, or we want him to reflect himself and don't give up hope?) - a helpless and depressed teenager - what can he do in the future bearing the "murderer" name throughout his lifetime even though it has cleared his name in the end. From this drama, we can see the unfair judicial system can ruin a young man easily....


Before the end of the story, the sentence was sentenced to life imprisonment, but later the plot reversed. It turned out that the murderer was not him. However, for Hyun Soo, even though the facts were innocent in the end, the physical and mental changes and injuries caused will be the mark that will follow him for a lifetime.


The elder guy that Hyun Soo met in prison changed his worldview step by step. Therefore, he was forced to adapt to the dark side of the world. He felt helpless and disappointed in his innocent debates, and that pushed him to distrust the world and life, and finally stood on the top of high-rise building smoking thoughtfully, although the picture did not appear to jump off the building, there was the sound of a police siren, which was intriguing....


In the absence of direct evidence, the prosecution and the police used circumstantial evidence as the basis for conviction. They could not find a real prisoner within the short time frame. They may need to create a prisoner in order to calm public opinion. Very ironic.... This drama has greatly raised the unfairness of the judicial system. Questions and doubts are one of the very important themes of "One Ordinary Day".


From a general perspective, "One Ordinary Day" adapted from a BBC drama can be regarded as a very successful work in terms of script transplantation. The plot is compact and the paced was just nice, coupled with the background ending music, the moving performance of all the actors, it's like watching a movie. The story is finished smoothly, expressing a clear purpose, and raising the doubts and challenge on the Korean judicial system. "Human nature" is always a topic in dramas and movies, and everything is presented naked and unreserved in the play, which makes the audience ponder a lot. A highly recommended drama to anyone.

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날
18 hours ago, Magician said:

Coupang Play's 1st drama is so insane.

Kim Soohyun as their first actor will always be a great choice. 



Kim Yoo Jung's cameo here is unexpected



Pardon me for asking, does this ending mean next week will be another story of KYJ?  It means this drama will present different set of stories by time?

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3 hours ago, a15t3 said:

Pardon me for asking, does this ending mean next week will be another story of KYJ?  It means this drama will present different set of stories by time?



Some people say maybe there is second season with KYJ as lead










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I've just fnish the final episode 8.  And just so you know. The drama is not about the murderer or murder case. That's not the focus. This drama is like how the justice system works. The focus is more on that. 


How it affects a young innocent  man accused of rape and murder. The arrest. The stay in prison. His emotional state. How he cope with prison abuse.  How it change Hyunsoo from innocent studious college boy to a man who got into smoking who even tried drugs. The trauma he suffered inside the prison. Seeing Do Jitae... his defender his only prison friend. killed by a knife attack.  He was never thesame afte his release.  He is forever branded a murderer by society.  The scene where he bought a cigarette, he was on the rooftop smoking, pacing back and forth. That's hyunsoo being depress.  Perhaps contemplating suicide.  He's seen how it was for his cellmate (ep 1) who had depression and anxiety and just hanged himself. Hyunsoo emotionally shock by that. It's how intepret that scene on the rooftop.


This drama is more defending a murder suspect. You see more trials and courtoom scenes. The presenting of evidence the cross examination of witnessess. The  closing arguments. The appeal to the jury, the court's decision.


The way lawyer Shin never gave up because he believe that his client is innocent. It's hard to defend someone when you know a client is  guilty and you're just doing your job as the the lawyer. But not in this case. Yes  the money was factor but lawyer Shin has been a doing this for 20 years defending crooks and cons as he told hyunsoo. He can immediately tell.


All the cast in this gets an applause  This drama was short  and fast pace and I like that. No fillers. No unnecessary scenes. It's focused.


Cha Seung Won deserves best supporting actor. Lee Seol as intern Seo Jin and Kim Shimrok prosecutor Ahn was into their character. Played it good.  Kim Sung Kyu. Playing Do Jitae fits his character so well. His scenes with Soo Hyun are m favorite. I am not familiar with him as an actor but I am now. Acting is good too!


I have to say it again for then nth time.  Kim Soo Hyun acting in this drama is superb and oustanding. He deserves best actor recognition. Daesang. From the episode 1 to episode 8 his acting is  nothing short  of stellar. If you want to know why, then you watch. I rest my case.






In the final episode 8. The beginning of the scene, Hyunsoo ask  "do you really think I did not kill her"  Jiate's response was  "I don't care to know whether you killed her or not. What I do know is how you're like in here. Nothing more. Nothing less".   That exchange validates why I like their scenes. 


The trial continued with witnessess being called and cross examine.  There's no clear and direct evidence so all are cirmcumstancial. Lawyer Shin working hard looking at notes and photo, practicing his closing argument.  His atopic dermatitis attacking, he keeps scratching. In the morning when he woke up, he look like mess. Tired and just .


Last day of the trial, there waskey piece of evidence police detective kept and did not submit. This is the inhaler of soohyun. Lawyer Shin found a way to pin the detective and twist something to defense advantage.   After tht It's time for the closing argument. He prosecutor ahn made their closing agurment appealing the jury. Lawyer Shin and  his full closing argument appealing to the jury:


Him facing the jury....


I look like  mess today. I thought long and hard whether it'd okay for me to be here looking like this. According to my doctor this is triggered by extreme stress. And it's true. I've never worked on such big case before. You see I'm an attorney. However, I do not belong here. I'm a so-called third rate lawyer.  Who specializes in petty case. I handle over 365 case a year over the course of my 20 year career as a lawyer.  I have dealt with thousand criminals so I have gotten to a point where I can tell whether someone's guilty the moment I see them.


So what did I think the moment I first met Mr. Kim sitting over there? I took one look at him and could instinctively tell he was innocent. The kind eyes, and the humble polite demeanour. A college student in his 20's who was busy studying, dating, and looking for a job. Just an ordinary college student and an ordinary young man. And this young man has been insisting he's innocent since day one. Of course I woudn't say he's completely innocent. He drove his father's taxi without permission to meet up with friends. He took drugs given to him by a woman he has never met before and upon finding the victim dead, he fled the scene. Without even calling the ambulance. Flustered, he even tampered with the evident at  scene then drove even before the drugs and alcoho wore off. 


These are the offenses the Mr. Kim committed. He did not do anything else and there is no evidence he killed the victim,  Ms. Hong. The evidence the prosecution presented so far is all circumstantial and based on speculaton. The police detective who spearheaded the investigation remove a piece of evidence on th crime scene.  He did not question other suspects at all because he had Mr. Kim as the prime suspect from the get go. So as a result, Mr Kim fell victime to the police's targeted investigation conducted with a clear goal in mind. He has lost his freedom, and no on trust him anymore. Along with that he has also lost hope. However there is still one thing he hasn't lost and can claim.


Be it a suspect, perpetrator, or a defendant, no one should be presumed guilty until there is a proof beyond a reasonalble doubt. That's right. As stated in the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, everyone shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Unless the prosecution can present irefutable, conclusive evidence in this courtroom that Mr. Kim indeed commited a murder, he should be found... NOT GUILTY!


Ladies and gentemen of the jury, that young man's future depends on your decision. I rest my case.


Cha Seung Won as the third rate lawyer Shin. Terrific acting  His role has a a lot of small trains and he acted them so well.  Have to win best supporting actor. Shoud win.


The court ask Hyunsoo if he has anything say. He stood up and say " do you still think I killed her?"


The verdict. Jury failed a unanimous decision 4 found him guilty 5 not guilty. But the cour has the last say according to the judge. He said investigation and indictment were sufficient and reasonable. Hyunsoo is found guilty and sentence to life imprisonment.  Prosecution wanted death penatly.


Back in prison. Ji tae  told Hyunsoo.." don't feel to wrong. Korea's judicial system had always only favored the rich.  The law doesn' exist for those not in power".  Jitae remains to be Hyunsoo's defender from doosik and the prison gang members. Until... Doosik was killed by knife attack. This affected Hyunsoo.  He felt even more alone.


He doesn't want an appeal anymore, he said that to Jitae


And because lawyer Shin never stop to try and find more evidence because he belive hyunsoo to be innocent, he confronted stalker. Found out he had  camera that police took along with the photos but was not admitted as evidence. He paid the buddy police money so he can have the evidence box. showed the photos to the detective.. who had to do the right thing..otherwise.. Prosecutor ahn had to tell the press and everyone the real killer was found. 


Lawyer Shin visited Hyunsoo and told him.. everything. Hyunsoo will be a free man.  He was free phsically but the suffering inside the prison. His emotional state. He's not the innocemt boy he once was. He's broken man..on the rooftop smoking.....contemplating life.


If you want to know who killed


doctor who prescribe the fentanyl. He was Gukhwa's ex boyfriend. Who was the at her house.


The last scene.. Lawye Shin and a new possible client. Season 2? Shin back at the police station checking on a client, was about leaave when he saw someone inside another cell. When he tapl she turned around took card looked at him. and single tear fell.  Kim Yoo Jung cameo.  Perfect! no lines needed just facial expression and that single tear.


Yep. This drama is one of the best for 2021. top three. You know what the the other are.  My choice of drama to watch has neve failed me. I'm glad I watch this.


The post is long . Thanks for indulging. Can tell how much I like this drama.. I want season 2.

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One Ordinary Day received high praises and positive reviews on socmed during its release, such as "Best Drama of the Year," "Best Directing, Acting, Color, and OST."

It received so much love that real-time chat rooms was flooded with requests about its additional disclosure.



The Studio M focuses industry attention with its founding work 'One Ordinary Day'

The Studio M claims to be a multi-platform-based well-made drama production company. Directed by star director Lee Myung-woo, who has both work ability and box office, and the immersion of top Korean actors such as Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won. With his high acting skills, he is creating a 'One Ordinary Day' syndrome with high praise from netizens.

'One Ordinary Day' received rave reviews and acclaim on social media throughout the release, such as 'the best drama of the year' and 'best directing, acting, color, and OST'.



Coupang Play, which introduced 'One Ordinary Day' as the first series after the launch of OTT, is also pleased with the 'One Ordinary Day' effect. After the release of episodes 1 and 2 of 'One  Ordinary  Day', the number of new subscribers surged by 254% compared to the previous week, continuing a rapid rise, and Coupang Play has risen to the top spot in the Google Play Store, surpassing Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney Plus, as the most popular app in the entertainment sector. In addition, after the release of episode 1, it maintained the No. 1 position without a single change in ranking in Naver's 'Most Popular Web Drama' after the release, proving its powerful power by defeating major works such as 'Hell' and 'Women in Drunken City'.

The Studio M, which made a good start with the founding work 'One Ordinary  Day', is planning to carry out large-scale global projects with major overseas producers in addition to domestically is strengthening




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Can't stop the th praise for Kim Soo Hyun acting. Should get best actor for next year. 

 Stellart acting  of aloneless and helpleness without a dilaogue. Even the the crew on the scene got teary eyed.



*twts ctto*




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One Ordinary Day. And the oustanding acting and characters!


I've never watch the original. I don't think I will. I read some say drama and the acting is world class.


Cr: scmp.com.  click link inside twt post to read whole thing.

One Ordinary Day – Kim Soo-hyun stars in Korean court and prison drama that is easily one of the year’s tightest shows

  • The Korean adaptation of British legal drama series Criminal Justice and HBO’s The Night Of will go down as one of the tightest K-dramas this year
  • One Ordinary Day is an evenly paced production full of quiet triumphs and crushing setbacks, and full of scene-stealing performances from the cast

One Ordinary Day, the Korean adaptation of British legal drama series Criminal Justice (which HBO remade in 2016 in the critically acclaimed The Night Of), will go down as one of the tightest K-dramas in what has been a year packed with stand-outs.

Via Pierce Conran Published: 6:15pm, 21 Dec, 2021

Source:  https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/k-pop/k-drama/article/3160533/k-drama-review-one-ordinary-day-kim-soo-hyun-stars-korean


with his excellent emotional acting.. yes he is worth what's he's getting.



  *all twts ctto as tag*

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finally watched this to the end. 



Kim Soo Hyun was brilliant.  For me this one of best acting works. 


I  have watched the original. And this was really brilliant drama. It was intense and showed how cruel world could be. 

people see thing their way. And for them it´s the only way. 

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