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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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Just like my previous post for ep  when it ended I said wanted to have ep 3 right away.  Still same thing.  After ep 4, I want Ep 5 already! It left hanging.


My current favorite. Best drama airing right now and and one of the top 3 dramas (for me anyway) for 2021. Saying this even with just 4 episodes.  Outstanding acting by the cast!



Kim Soo Hyun is worth whatever he's being paid for as an actor. I mean for this drama. His good acting!! I'm not a huge fan of the actor but in this drama.  I am! His character, his portrayal.. his feelings and emotions He's excellent!


You have a fan in me in this drama! From episode 1 to Ep 4. I've been praising his acting and this drama.. so good!


 Oh man! The end scene of ep 4! Kim Soo Hyun 's amazingt acting! the quiver in his voice, the face, the movement. Stellar indeed! Favorite scene!



And this one... omg! Yes that amazing acting!


The start of ep 3 the part where he's holding his prison number  for the photos and mugh shot.  I felt so bad and sad for Hyun Soo. When he went inside his cell. the unsureness. the nerves. thehe'sa feeling scared. And when nit's time to sleep, his cellmate is having panic attack and anxiety disorder and, Hyun Soo's reaction. He's having to use his asthma inhaler. The prison gang picking on him making 


Episode 3 is hearthbreaking for what's Hyunsoo's having to go through. And just like my episode 1 & 2 this gonna be long post too.


The Chief Sang Bum is convinced Hyunsoo killed Gukhwa. But here what I think...


If he has a motive, It's possible. But he only met her that night.

If he found out something that somehow links him to Gukhwa's past. It's possible.

If he was egged on agresssively by Gukhwa, it's possibe.


In episode 1  the night  Gukhwa rode the taxi, she was depressed. But she was the one with the strong personality. Asking to buy the beer and ciggies,. Asking Hyunsoo to join her drinking. Giving him pills. He was already intoxicated and high by the time they stop at her place. Ask him to join her. They drank more.. took drugs more. She told him her depressed state. She lives alone in that big house. She took the knife and suddenly Stab on table in between the fingers of Hyunsoo.  She was drunk and high af. Hyunsoo too but he was nervous. She egged him on to do the same knife play on her hands.. then she kissed him. Encouraged/seduced. All this while intoxicated and high. They went physical and make out.  He woke up on the couch. Thirsty af. Saw the time and ent inside the room of Gukhwa to put on his pants and  saying he needs to go home. It was dark in the room, he nudge her in the shouldder and this is where he touch the blook, he turned on the lamp.. then he panic. He ran out all the way to his taxi. But he's panic.. he forgot his inhaler, the jacker he wore, when he came bacl he saw the blody mess, the serated knife on the table with blood,  and the disarray.


I already mentioned most in episode 1 post, but mentioning this again because...


 Episode 3 the chief detective Sang Bum  said he's not so innocent. He said behind the innocence and sweet smile and charming face, those who kill gets more cruel ansd put on their mask. The in the blink of an eye they turn into monsters.


Meanwhile Park Mi Kyung. the top lawyer for law firm got interested in Hyunsoo's case, and it so happens the intern Seo Jin is from the same Uni as Hyun Soo, the top lawyer ask SeoJin to go to Hyunsoo's parent's house then let them know it's better to have them as the one who'll take the case nd defend rather than a third rate lawyer. She told them she'll do it for free which convinced the parents.  The thing is.... when she assured them she'll get Hyunsoo out of prison, wether he's guilty or not, empathy is missig, even the sympathetic tone tyo what Hyunsoo's going through.


She's doing it for free. There seems to be catch to that. To win. To out do. Never mind if Hyunsoo's guilty or innocent.  As a lawyer,  your job is to defend. To make client walks as a free man. But it doesn't feel as if there's a conviction to her that she believes Hyunsoo soo is innocent. She's taking the case because I think she'sa trying to prove something to someone. She didn't say anything good about lawyer Shin. even calling him third rate lawyer who takes cases for the money.


At least with Shin...he believes Hyunsoo to be innocent. Yes he does want money. That's why he took the case, But he also believes that  he may be innocent. He lowerd is lawyers ee nd told the parents, 50K won as retainer's fee.


I mentioned in  my ep 2 post, "I want lawyer Shin  to realize he's defending a murder suspect who confess to doing eveything except killing the victim.  To defend him because he believes in him.  Not because he can make money". I get that from Shin. unlike Park Mi Kyung.


Meanwhile in prison Do Ji Taes, seems to have become his protector in ways. Whenever the prison gang roughs him soo Do Ji tae lingers and this scares the gang. For cigs, cellphones, and meth,  Do Ji Tae is the one with power. No trade exchange happens without his permission.  One of the gang member inside took something w/o Ji Tae's approval. He asked Hyunsoo.. to tell him who among the prison gang members did it  But the gang must have done it.  Somee grab Hyunsooo covered his face with hood.. he's gasping for air screaming. This is like in


Last scenes for ep 3 Hyunsoo woke up and found his cellmate  - the one with anxiety - hanging on a rope and looks he he hanged himself.


Episode 4.


And just like when he saw his cellmate body hanging from the rope, he ran! He screamed and  and run away. Same exact action he did when he found Gukhwa's dead body swimming in blood. He run in panic!



16 hours ago, Magician said:

This episode has to be one of the most intense ones so far. It was mentally draining to watch everyone manipulate/force hyunsoo to confess


All the means to get a confession from him.. even taking away hs nebulizer and placing it in front when he did the polygraph. All in the name of making chief Sang Bum good, the prosecutor good just for victory pupose of making sure everyone knows they were able to catch, convict a  murderer.


Lawye Shin has the best interest of Hyunsoo. But the suddent change of lawyer from him to Park Mi Young changes the orignal plan that's supposed to be what was agreed. 1. Don't say anything "that night". 2 Don't agreed to anything without a lawyer present. 


When he was ask to do the polygraph test ( because he claimed he recall  whappened)  he said yes.. because the chief and the prosecutor he needs something to back up the claim. So they want him to to the lie detector test- inadmissible as evidence but the chief (convinced he killed her), said it will make life easier for  Hyunsoo. He said yes without a lawyer present.


Throughout the whole thing, it was lawyer shin doing the work


When lawyer Shin found, he made to check, to look for something that could be used against and just try to help. He found out Gukhwa as taking fentanyl  prescription drug.  He help! He gave all information to intern Seo Jin. So he basically did all the work to somehow help the case of  Hyunsoo.. despite being replaced as the lawyer.


Park Mi Young  lawyer like business like conversation with Hyunsoo was very matter of fact.  She wanted him to do the plea bargain. Confess to kiling Gukhwa. Walk a way free man age of 30.


I'm not feeling Park Mi Young at all. I don't feel the compassion. The enthusiam for the case. She doesn't believe in innocence and guilt of the client. She wants to win case for the firm! No compassion no empathy. She did a plea bargain with the prosecutor Taehee.  Should be 17 yrs of rape and murder and no appeal but since no confession that will not that and she bargain. No appeal. But 10 years for involuntary manslaughter for Hyunsoo.


She told Hyunsoo... confessed to the murder and get lighter sentence. And with good behavior, Hyunsoo can be released by the time he's 30.


But.... Hyunsoo from the start already said he didn't kill Gukhwa!


Like I said.. it doen't matter whether she think he's innocent or guilty but the fact that she got a plea bargin with prosecutor Taehee she considers it a victory... for herself! maybe the law firm and on the prosecutor..


He said already he didn't kill her!


Shin visited Hyunsoo. At least he comforted him a way by letting him know and letting him realize, what plea bargain could mean.  He said that's how lawyers work.  (In ep 1 also explain to Hyunsoo how lawyers, police, prosecutors acutally does things and it's not favorable).


Hyunsoo ask.. what Shin wil do. He said...if he did kill Gukhwa.. then yes plea bargain. If he did kill her. If Hyunsaoo confessed to something he didn do.. he's forever branded as a killer.  He told hyunsoo.


During the court hearing to decide the the plea bargain of involuntary manslaughter lawyer park bargained for,  the judge ask Hyunsoo  did you kill Han Guk Hwa?  He sai "No" He was crying. "No I didn't kill her!"


Lawyer Shin's face. the relive face.  Hyunsoo listend to him.


And because it deserves a repeat!   Kim Soo Hyun 's excellent acting! the quiver in his voice, the face, the movement. You have a fan in me in this drama! From episode 1 to Ep 4. I've been praising his acting and this drama.. so good!


This post is long thanks for indulging.  Happens when the drama is good. I dissect and post. I have long ep 1 & 2 post previosu page.  And now this.  I want Ep 5! Friday can't come sooner!

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 My current favorite and best currently. The pacing, the plot. The courtroom, the penitentiary. The scenes.  The color tones , cinematography. The acting of Kim Soo Hyun is top notch! The fact that I am not fan actually. But I am now.



That same feeling for below tw post.


Lawyer Shin's reaction was the first one I wanted to see when Hyunsoo said No. I didn't kill her. 

I keep saying thank you for being there for Hyunsoo. Thank you lord for lawyer Shin!



cr: as tag/twtr

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I get why everyone was so impressed with ML emotional conveying of the scenes but after the first two episodes I wanted to scream,  'could you grow a spine, stop blubbering and fight for your freedom?'. My gawt we're at episode six and he hasn't taken a break from all the whimpering.  Actually I strongly believe that was the directors poor choice. That or he was smitten with ML tears.

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 This top 3 best drama of 2021.  The acting alone is  excellent.


19 hours ago, GingerK said:

'could you grow a spine, stop blubbering and fight for your freedom?'.


Well he's fiighting for his freedom. Since ep 1 up to present ep 6. He's been saying all along he didn't kill Ghukhwa. And when Park Mi Kyung told him to just admit he killed the girl for the involuntary manslaughter and lesser sentence iof 10 years in jail. But he didn't want.. because he believes he didn't kill her.  His story hasn't change.


It would have been easy just to accept 10 yrs prison but then what? he'll always have that brand "rapist and murderer".


I'm okay with Hyunsoo's character traits. I'm not annoyed at the "whimpering". He's being tortured and hurt inside the prison by other inmates. He knows he can't fight them. Plus he has asthma and it triggers that whimper like hard of breathing emotion.


Hyunsoo is meek at the most. He's not agressive. He was shock at what happened. You lock a meek 20 year old college student in jail accused if rape and murder that he can't even remember because the girl who suddently went inside the taxi threatened to even report him for refusing to accept passenger. Hyunsoo is studios in his studies.  He wasn't even gonna go to the party that night. He was going to study and review but his friends kept prodding him. Telling him he should relax for once and have fun. He decline. The friends rented a villa or something that cost 100 for fare to go to the place  He doesn't have the money but friends kept on insisting so, he found a way to go there by taking the taxi of his father who off service that nigh. Everything that happened that night it was Gukhwa's initiative. The beer, the drugs, the alcohol, the knife play. It was Gukhwa who kissed him wanted to make out.




Episode 5, Park Mi Kyung, if only she believed in Hyunsoo.  But she cared most about the the firm and the reputation. Getting that plea bargain made her feel like she's better than than prosecutor.  But Hyunsoo didn't want that.


With lawyer Shin... it's money but... he also show's empathy to Hyunsoo. He does little things. Buying him clothes bringing it jail.. first time Hyunsoo was lock ( then he found he was no longer the lawyer). He took time to gather evidence finding out Gukhwa's being prescribed a fetonyl drug. Even asking his ex wife for favor.  He shows concern for Hyunsoo in ways. telling to not lose that hope.  Once you lose that hope you lose the will to get put of prison.


Edit:  accidentally click the enter button when I'm not done yet with my post. Adding  more to this post.


Park Mi Kyung gave the murder case to Soo Jin the intern.  She told her to use gain experience and at mostoods are aganin't Hyunsoo and the case will wrap up  in 3 months.  I want her and lawyer Shin  to prove her wrong. Not only to her but the chief detective and the prosecutor.  Lawyer Shin is not your typical lawyer like Mi Kyung. He's like street smart in his own conventional ways.


 In prison the gang member makes Hyunso buy ciggarets and if he fails, he gets beaten cut with bladed toothbrush. When he just coudn't give the gang member about more ciggarette,  a lit one was put inside his mouth. His palm was burned by a lighter.  That scene made me whimper.. cry.  That scene was pure torture.



 Kim Soo Hyun's acting is stellar! I agree with the post. I cried on this scene.



Hyunsoo's savior/friend/protector Do  Ji Tae. He avenged the what happened to Hyunsoo by punishing the prison gang member who burned Hyunsoo's hand. 


Do Ji Tae is an enigma to me. Whatever his crime is, he's been there for 10 years. But he lords it over there. Even prison officials cater to him.  He sees hyunsoo as his dongsaeng.


So when Lawyer Shin went to Hyunsoo and told him he's gonna be his lawyer. He told him about jury trial and how long it will take.. and to always hope. Not to lose hope. If he does he migh never ge out.  He ask the ex wife (who works for NFS) for the favour to potograph the crime scene.


Not to be outdone, the prosecutor also asking colleauge to make sure there is direct evidence linking Hyunsoo to the murder.  She showed the evidence of cut and blood on Hyunsoo's hand.


But of course if you watch ep 1 you know he got that wound from breaking the glass door because he went back to the house to get the jacket with nebulizer and that's when he saw the knife on the table.



A serrated knife was used to stab Gukhwa.. which in panic, hyunsoo took and and hide in his jacket. Obviously if you're a murderer, you'd throw it away but hyunsoo took it even brought it to the police station  the night he was arrested.  How they didn't know he had that knife from the time they had breathalyzer test all the way sitting inside the police car and then even on station. They only saw the knife when he was being pat down.


The pace of the drama is quite fast. There's a jury trial already. (very much like in jdrama) which I like.


Lawyer Shin and prosecutor Taehee presenting the case to the jury.  When the doctor said drugs ketamine and LSD mix with tequila, this will render memory loss and beng incapacitated.  Hyunsoo has been saying all along he couldn't remember anything.  Shin pounced on this and told the jury.  But the prosecutor countered with the knife found on hyunsoo (yes, the whole time that night police only saw the knife after he was pat).  


There's break and then after a walk through of the murder scene. Didn't know that could be done. I cannot imagine those sensational cases in the US doing so.


Episode 6


On the walk through.. Hyunsoo jittery nervous panic trying not show emotions or reaction aadvised by lawyer but of course... that's impossible.  They were inside the kitchen, prosecutor reeneact how the murder happened. What he did to her. Hyusoo was  in all sorts. Hyunsoo was shown in black and white scene  he had the knife and was stabbing Gukhwa. 


Did he really stab her 13 times. Did he imagine doing it and rembered. Was iit the constant remindeing of stabbing gukhwa that it appear in his memory. Hyunsoo fainted and couldn't breath and needing the nebulizer.  The chief detective goating at him  and saying he was just acting... to try and get away with it.. getting sympathy and reprive . He's so sure Hyunsoo killed gukhwa. 


Remember the detective has an offer to head  legal  security team for private company once he retires and needs blossom up name position. If I remember the one who offerered said the murder case can give him that rep being the best - something like that. It was ep 1.


Trial resumed.  Prosecution questioned Hyunsoo's morals and characterising him as as someone who would easily assault someone. They said he assaulted  he pushed that classmate off the stairsresulting to injury. When it fact.. hyunsoo was so provoke because said classmates bullied him  called him names and said something about this father (who is taxi driver). He never told the father he was being bullied. 


 Soo Jin is the one arguing for the defense. Questioned Hyunsoo about this ask him what he would say to that classmate. Hyunsoo apologized. A provocation. Lapse in judgment, he fought back the teasing the name calling when it got too much.


Soo Jin in closing argument at end of the day's trial, was good. She told the jury lapse of judgment by the police, by the arresting offer, of her own  (cite the example her cell rang, while quesitioning witness). She said  everybody had lapse of judgement but does asking  "is the woman dead?" make hyunsoo a murder.. The answer is no.  And when there is no direct evidence tha Hyunsoo plunge that knife and stab gukhwa... then hyusoo cannot be accused of murder.  Lawyer Shins approval and slight smile.


Because he knows he can leave to handle the argument, lawyer Shin working hard gathering evidence possible persons who have motive to kill gukhwa. Th friend  who had a falling out, the other guy friend who sold the drugs.. the three seem to be in love triangle. Then there's the courier driver  who was the gas station, gukhwa threw cig butts at him. He also followed them at han river. He delivered a parcel to Gukhwa's house last month.


I was actuually suspected since Ep 1 when Gukhwa thre that cig but. He was suspicious then and is now.  The driver got terminated  because he was former sex offender who wear ankle monitor. Shin went to look for him and driver denied accusation, he's holding an ax you know.. and Shin's alone there.


Meanwhile without lawyer Shin, Soojin was not able to stop hyunsoo from going to stant to be questioned. He wanted to speak and tell everything what happened. Soojin advised him not to. But Hyunsoo's emotion is so high and the chief detective trying to rub it in that Hyunsoo is the killer.  He's getting all frustrated.


Hyunsoo wanted tell the truth. to tell them again, he didn't kill gukhwa. I said before the police chief is bent on getting conviction for Hyunsoo and a win before he retires and accept the offer of legal/security for firm.  From ep1  he believes hyunsoo killed gukhwa andf from the very start Hyunsoo has said he didn't kill her.


Hyunsoo told told them what happened. But of course, this would backfire without proper though to impulsive action. And as was the case, he panic, he's distraught. He wants to tell the jury I didn't kill her.  Plea his case  with his emotions in disarray prosecutor took advantage of this ratttled of question after question after question.  And with no lawyer Shin,  and his burts of emotions and getting panic mode he cried and said he doesn't know anymore. That's the end scene. of wp 6


In real life it does happen,  you just want to stay stop already I don't know amymore. Like you just want it to stop.


Once again, superb acting of Kim Soo Hyun. I already mentioned I'm not fan of his.



I've never watch any of his drama not even once. I've seen teasers here and there of drama he's starred. Been wanting to watch  Moon Embracing The Sun or Snow for Christmas.. something like that. Heard they're both good ones but I haven't gotten around to doing so.


Thanks for indulging. I know the post was super duper long. This is the best  drama currently. But no one to discuss this with.


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