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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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I can't stop posting about this excellent drama to end the year.  My previous post for ep 5 and 6 was really super long. Actually all my post are  long. I recap and have thought and discuss by myself. Why I'm the only one discussing this excellent drama, I don't now.  Can check the previous page and post  to see who could be the killer! thoughts and theory and recap.


Top 3 best dramas of 2021.  Move to Heaven. Byond Evil and now this drama.... One Ordinary Day.


 Never seen the the original British drama. I probably won't.


This drama. The acting and the cast and plot. Critics laud this and rightfully so.


This was the end scene and wow!.I'm a fan of Kim Shin Rook since Beyond Evil. And Kim Soo Hyun, I'm heaping praises since episode 1.  Outstanding acting.  As I said previous post. Haven't seen any of his dramas but planning to check two



I agree below.


Lawyer Shin. Hard working. Not just for the money but he cares for Hyunsoo.  I agree below.




Do Ji Tae.. the enigma. called him that in my  previous ep recap post.  Need his back story too.


And I like him!

cr: twts ctto

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Coupang Play App updates One Ordinary Day cover photo







Coupang Play Top 20

One Ordinary Day No. 1 








Currently the most searched webdrama per Naver:

One Ordinary Day 


Shadow Beauty 

Work Later, Drink Now 

Squid Game 

My Name 

The Silent Sea 


Adult Trainee




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The actors and characters they portray. The outstanding acting!


Kim Sung  Kyu as  Do Ji Tae. The engima. The lion inside the prison.  The savior the protector of hyunsoo


Obsessed with Do Ji Tae!. Kim Sung Kyu giving us good acting.


Kim Shirok as the Taehee  prosecutor I'm hatin'.  brilliant!



Lee Seol as  Soo Jin. I slow clap watching the scene  the way she did that closing argument.



Cha Seung Won as my favorite laywer Shin.  Coming up......

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Message from cast team.


7 Potential Murder Suspects In “One Ordinary Day”

7 Potential Murder Suspects In “One Ordinary Day”

Dec 17, 2021
by C. Hong

Who are the suspects in the “Chrysanthemum Murder” case?

Coupang Play’s new drama “One Ordinary Day” stars Kim Soo Hyun as an ordinary college student named Kim Hyun Soo who becomes a murder suspect overnight and Cha Seung Won as third-rate lawyer Shin Joong Han who reaches out to help him while never asking him the truth of what happened that night.

The production staff of “One Ordinary Day” recently shared some key points about the seven suspects in the case:



First witness Yoo Seung Hoon


According to the drama’s production staff, the first suspect is Yoo Seung Hoon (Lee Soo Kwang), the first witness who claims he saw Kim Hyun Soo enter Hong Guk Hwa (Hwang Se On)’s house. Kim Hyun Soo hit Yoo Seung Hoon’s car outside of Hong Guk Hwa’s house, and even though it was Kim Hyun Soo’s fault, Yoo Seung Hoon acted suspicious by telling him to just leave and wanting to resolve the situation as fast as possible. In addition, he was loitering around Hong Guk Hwa’s house the next night at dawn and picked out Kim Hyun Soo right away in front of Park Sang Bum (Kim Hong Pa).

Informant Ha Noh Suk


Another suspect is Ha Noh Suk (Park Bong Seo), the informant who alerted the police about a housebreaking incident. Kim Hyun Soo was in the police car after failing a breathalyzer test, but after Ha Noh Suk’s call, he was caught up again in the incident around Hong Guk Hwa’s house and taken to the police station. The police misunderstood Ha Noh Suk’s call at first, but Ha Noh Suk clearly stated that the man who had come out of Hong Guk Hwa’s house had driven off in his own taxi, placing suspicion squarely on Kim Hyun Soo.

Stepfather Jo Kang Pil


A strange man with an unreadable face, Jo Kang Pil (Shin Woo Cheol), who was the victim Hong Guk Hwa’s stepfather, is also a strong suspect in the case. Even when Hong Guk Hwa’s body was being cremated, Jo Kang Pil showed no reaction in his facial expression, suggesting that they hadn’t been that close. However, he continues to attend Kim Hyun Soo’s trial and shows interest in how the case is progressing.

Roommate Yoon Ho Jung


Hong Guk Hwa’s roommate, Yoon Ho Jung (Na Eun Saem), drew attention to herself by crying excessively at Hong Guk Hwa’s cremation. However, she doesn’t have an alibi, which puts her on the list of suspects. She secretly watched the on-site inspection with an anxious attitude. Lawyer Shin Joong Han discovered that just before the murder, Yoon Ho Jung had a huge fight with Hong Guk Hwa and abruptly cut off contact with her, leaving all her stuff behind.

Roommate’s ex-boyfriend Uhm Ki Jong


Yoon Ho Jung’s ex-boyfriend, Uhm Ki Jong (Lee Pung Woon), also distributed medicine to Hong Guk Hwa, and was the last person to be in contact with her before she died. However, the reason for the call was not revealed, making viewers curious about the contents of this conversation. He gets angry and is spotted making a suspicious call to Yoon Ho Jung when Shin Joong Han says that someone had reported Uhm Ki Jong for distributing drugs.

Delivery man Lee Chul Ho


Lee Chul Ho (Hwang Sang Kyung) is a delivery man who was caught on CCTV while tracing Kim Hyun Soo’s steps that night. In the CCTV footage, Lee Chul Ho stares intensely at Hong Guk Hwa at the gas station while she’s smoking a cigarette. When Shin Joong Han wants him to testify as a witness, he gets dangerous and flies off the handle.

Kim Hyun Soo


From the moment he was arrested, Kim Hyun Soo insisted that he was innocent, and even showed tears at the injustice of his arrest. During the on-site inspection, Kim Hyun Soo has a vivid vision of himself with a knife, although it is unclear whether it’s just his imagination or a memory, and passes out afterward. At first, he insisted that he had not killed Hong Guk Hwa, but he suddenly changes his answer to “I don’t know.”

The production staff stated, “We are grateful that viewers have been sharing their suspicions and guesses while watching ‘One Ordinary Day.’ Please tune in to the remaining two episodes to see if the person you suspect turns out to be the killer, or whether it’s someone else. It’s more fun to watch if you do the detective work along with the cast in the drama.”

Who do you think is the killer?

Cr. Soompi

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날- Kim Soo Hyun / Cha Seung-won • Saturday : 11PM : Final EP

Episode 7: Transformation,

oh wow.. indeed a transformation in Hyun Soo.  KSH acted out so well with his transformation and seems composed and less bothered by in the hearing of his trial.  In the end, with him asking Do Ji Tae if he (DJT) really think he's innocent, I wonder how many of us here believe Hyun Soo is?

So they're going to wrap everything up since today is the last episode? 

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날

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