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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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The three men of One Ordinary Day. My favorites.


Kim Soo Hyun.


Deserved.  I wan't him to win best actor / Daesang next yeat. Totally deserved.


I've mentioned several times that I'm not actually a fan... but I am now.




Cha Seung Won.  A nomination for/or a win for best Supporting actor. Deserved! ( Maybe competition with Lee He Joon for Chimera?)



Kim Sung Kyu. I'm not familiar with the actor... but I am now.  A gave us good acting and portrayal of his i character. I'm going to check some of his other dramas.




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Posting.. for the mentions of OOD l praise worthy drama  from Coupang. Btw, not sure what exactly is Coupang.


I wanna see  KSH win a best actor for this drama. he deserves it.




IKR.  I also want season 2. But this is just cameo. It's a terrfic one. The look of shock. the turn around. That single tear. No dialogue. Imagine  Kim Soo Hyun and  and Kim Yoo Jung in drama.




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One Ordinary Day. This a heavy a heavy drama..soo some may not enjoy but the acting is amazing.  Watch if you have time it's only 8 episodes.


 I need to see Kim Soo Hyun win best actor next year for this drama. Deserved!  I also want to see Cha Seung Won for best supporting actor. Deserved recognition.



I agree. The range of emotion alone w/o dialogue shows stellar acting.




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8 hours ago, jongski said:

One Ordinary Day. This a heavy a heavy drama..soo some may not enjoy but the acting is amazing.  Watch if you have time it's only 8 episodes.



I finished this drama yesterday. I like it. It was a good drama. Even if the truth was discovered in the end, the like of Hyun Soo was changed for ever. When police officers and prosecutors don`t do their job properly, tragedy can happen.

I was glad that they did not hide the truth when they found out they made a mistake). They were just humans after all.  People can easily poit a finger to someone without knowing all the facts. The story can be a moment of reflection for all of us. 


I did not watched the original series but I think this drama was a good remake. I could sense it was a remake through. I want to see more Kdramas like this, that escape the formulaic kdramas.

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Waching current drama Through The Darkness reminded me of a another heavy drama  One Ordinary Day.


If you haven't watch this. You miss a good one. Only 8 episodes.  Brilliant acting from Kim Soo Hyun. This is his TMETS in his 30's.


When is award season again? Kim Soo Hyun's should win a best actor / Daesang! Oscar worthy. Yep he is that good in this drama!






ctto twts for sc

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And with apologies to Oh Jung Se and others.... but when award season comes it's KSH for me for his portryal from this 8 episode drama! I'm not even a fan but I am for this one because he was amazing! The acting skills is brilliant and worthy of award.


This drama! Because it's not on Netflix but some netz just finding out about this. Oustanding drama and acting! Watch and you'll see what I mean.







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I saw the post below and...


Not on Netflix and only 8 episodes. But Kim Soo Hyun's range of acting in this drama is deserving of an award. No ifs not buts. I don't know what the criterias are for an actor to win an award but I sure hope it's based on acting, the over all drama, directing and writing. And not because of popularity award. Drama or actor wise.


This is an underrated drama but everything about this  and his acting deserves a win.


Not actually his fan. I've only watch two of his dramas. METS and this one. Maybe I shoud check more.





After watching this. I agree.  (And Yoo Seung Ho if only.. he picks drama that will show his superb acting)



*all twts ctto as tag*

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Whether you're a fan or not (me the latter) I agree with the post below. He was really amazing

One doesn't need to be fan to enjoy the actor's brilliant acting!



Not on Netflix but so what. If you watch this then you're lucky one getting to see a top notch drama and acting




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