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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Current Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날- Kim Soo Hyun / Cha Seung-won • Friday & Saturday : 11PM

Yes a definitely good first espiode! Haven't watch kdrama for a while but I thought I check this.


When I can sense a good drama and so I check this one.  When I wanted episode 2 right away!  itt means it's that goo! I'm not fan of KSH.. don't really watch his most his dramas but this one and his acting is terrific.. And it's still episode one.  I also thought. I also tjough Yoo Seung Ho also  would be terrific playing the character as well. 


KSH pulls off being college a student. I'm like that him, he  doesn't look 30 so.  I guess the hair style and clothes. Anyway great first ep and excellent acting!





Ep 1 was phase was fast and I like that they went right for it it. The mystey is try to solve who was the killer. The plot of this is to  prove  Hyun Soo's innocence and  lawyer  Shin took his case. He wanted to "poke".  Lawyer's intuition I suppose.


Hyun Soo was suppose to attend a party organized by his friends. Didn't want to (I think he's the studious type student) plus doesn't have the  money to go to the place but prodded by his friends he decided to sneakily take his father's taxi  park outside as it's not being use for the night.  He remove the dashcam and made sure the signage vacant was on.


However the young woman (the victim) got inside the cab  while it's park Hyun soo said taxi's not on business that night. He wasn't able to do anything. The woman stayed befriended Hyun Soo. They drank beer, gave him a taste of pills/drugs  went to her big house drank some more took drugs even has knife play then make out with one another  high and drunk make out sesh.  The woman was bordering depress af!   I  actually thought she was gonna jump off han river commit suicide when she told Hyun Soo her destination. She should have! Ha!


The middle of night he woke up on the couch all thirsty af! realisation dawned on him. Went inside the room put on his clothes and was saying bye to the woman.. when he touch her shoulders to tell her he's leaving he felt the blood. He turned on the lamp and that's when he saw her bloody body! lifeless, naked and full of knife wounds and cuts. Lying on the bed of blood. Hyun Soo was in shock. Heaving diffculty breathing  he's got asthma so he always has inhaler). Then  went in to panic mode went to kitche/bar table and that's when he saw the knife! serrated knife bloody knife. The woman was touting him and they were doing knife play earlier.


He took off fast in his taxi but went back to get his jacket which he has inhaler then in a panic mode  took the knife. Instinct likely, hence he took the knife, placeiton the dashboard.  He was apprehended  for drunk diriving (( in panic he hid inside his jacket). Breathalyzer not working,  was to be brought to the station but police receive break in attempt so they went .... yes... to that same house where he left in panic and murder occured.


Kim Soo Hyun's acting his character 'Hyun Soo"  was excellent throughout the scenes.


The neighbhor saw him leave the middle of night. Same neighbor who reported the break in. But he's an old man so eyesight not good.  They went to police station. Chief's order. When the chief came he noticed Hyun Soo having weird eyes ask the police to check. They brisk and pat him. Hyun Soo was keeping himself to stay calm but he was in panic. The knife was found inside his jacket ( fool, or innocent as he is that he hide that inside the jacket instead of throwing it away. Sheehs!) 


Meanwhile his family noticed he did not go hom and his father saw the taxi gone. They have no idea what happend.  Hyun Soo's phone belongin were taken away so phone just keeps ringng.


He confessed and relayed details of what happened to the chief. and swore in innocence that he didn't kill her he wasn't the one who murdered the girl. Chief called him a suspect.


Lawyer Shin came by the police station doing his lawyer thing with someone inside the cell and noticed Hyun Soo. He asked one of the police why someone who looks like to be in boyband inside the cel.. he was told .. rape and murder of woman.


Yep piqued his interested but he move on.... but then outside the station. As a lawyer one would have that..sort of instinct.... so he went back.  Spoke to Hyun Soo..ask what happened and  having heard him profess innocence.  Gonna take his case.


Hyun Soo's believble innocent. He panic. Took the knife instead of throwing it away. He woke up from the couch in the living room and not inside the bedroom where he found her.  The only way for me to think he murdered her accidentally was if he's too high on drugs and drunk.... or.... the woman egged her on the knife play! He high to care. Or want to please.  She was found with 13 stabs on her body.


It's either he's someone stab the woman, or Hyun Soo did it.. high drunk and egged on.  I did mentioned the wonas look depress af and I thought she wants to die.... so..... I dunno.


But... as the story is lawyer trying to prove the suspect innocent and  how justice system works. I hope Hyun's Soo innocent.


So yes  what terrific first episode.. and I've feeling I'm gonna watch the whole drama.  That good and I enjoyed all levels of episode one.. can tell cos my post is long. Ha! Waiting for Ep 2!


*all twts post ctto as tag*






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Hyunsoo and his little sis









Coupang Play - This week Top 20 
From the premiere on the 27th, the first episode ranked 10th, and the second episode has risen to the fourth place (within two days)
Cr: Coupang Play








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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날

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