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[Drama 2021] One Ordinary Day ⛓️ 어느날


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One Ordinary Day tops the list of Most search OTT series on Naver


Top 10 Most Searched OTT series

1. One Ordinary Day

2. Hellbound

3. Work later drink now

4. Crime Puzzle

5. Squid Game

6. My Name

7. D.P.


8. Silent Sea

9. Adult Trainee

10. Shall We Have a Cup of Coffee?




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Lee PD IG update
“Mr. Kim is a very pleasant person to hang around. He is very humble at the set. He likes to talk with other actors and staff. But once he heard "STAND BY" from the director, he never fail to focus on his acting immediately.
He is a great ACTOR ever.”




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Best kdrama airing at the moment. Possibly top 3 or 5 of the year. And we're still only episode 2.


I had a long ep 1 post. I also mentioned after the it left me wanting ep 2 right away. That same feeling again. I wanted ep 3 already.


Good cinematography. Opening scene black and white  only the  blood imprint all over the house is the in color to put emphasis. What could've happened. How the murder and escape happened. It showed Guk Hwa  rolling along the bed with.... we'll assume it's Hyun Soo. They didn't show the face. 




They show bloody hand imprint on the wall,  on the rail of the stairs, broken vase leading up to the room and more blood prints. But it doesn't make Hyun Soo a murderer.  Guk Hwa from the beginning has been provoking, egging and making  Hyun Soo jumpy and scared mostly with her knife antics.  Then she tried to egged Hyun Soo to do the same thing to her.  She was the more agressive one. The dominant despite feeling and acting all depressed af.


So the blood trail  it could be that she was taunting him. Roughly playin leading to her bedroom. They were both drunk and high and hazy  from the drugs/pill. That.. or Hyun Soo was so out of it.. he did something crazy... or...he passed out while someone got inside the house violate and murder Guk Hwa. She ran all the way upstairs bloody, and knocked the vase.


Lawyer Shin takes cases that will earn him money. He has an ex wife and chhild he has to pay child support. They think of him considered as nuisance lawyer. They know his tactic an  think lowly of him. The prosecutor doesn't even believe him when she found out who Shin will be the lawyer for Hyun...she can't  laughing. Like Shin was easy peasy


Lawyer knows how the chief and the  police works. how they will spin a story to make it work for them. For the prosecutor. Hyun Soo was instructwd not to say anything about " that night". But he reiterate to the chief he did not kill Guk Hwa.




I want lawyer Shin  to realize he's defending a murder suspect who confess to doing eveything except killing the victim.  To defend him because he believes in him.  Not because he can make money and prove he is right about what he sees and observe in the system. That he is competent street smart lawyer.  Because the truly believe Hyun Soo is innocent.


Youn know how lawyers are. If a client is guilty, they are hired to defend otherwise. Depends on  the lawyer's moral obligation. To the victim and suspect.


What do you think?  Guilty or not Guilty?

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