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[Drama 2021] Like a Butterfly/ Navillera, 나빌레라

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CR was dancing on the snow and Mr.Sim was holding his notebook tightly. Im glad Ho Beom turned around and saw it. I love the way he looked at them.  But, he looks so lonely.  

Okay, finally finished ep 6. All I can say is: poor haraboji.... I just want him to soar!   On another note. I put up a poll, chingus. Please vote @joccu @nrllee @rocher22 @larus @m

I had a feeling that Deok-Chool knew he is ill but I thought he wanted to do ballet as something he has to do before is too late. But it is more heartbreaking and beautiful how seeing Chae-Rok `s danc

this was so good drama. :love: this drama really pulled your heartstrings every episode. 

thanks for everyone for the amazing comments.  see you in other threads. :love:

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Sigh...this was a lovingly crafted drama.  Packed so much into it in 12 short episodes.  I loved every minute of it.  Everyone had a part to play.  Just like a well choreographed ballet.  The corps de ballet did their parts and told their stories well.  And of course there’s the pas de deux between CR and DC as the finale.  Haraboji danced his swan song.  And then the epilogue.  Loved how they met again in the snow.  At the rail crossing.  Their fleeting moments shared at a significant juncture in both their lives entwined them together in a bond that transcended the disease.  As the snow rained down in flurries, DC’s memory distilled to that one moment where he soared so long ago.  CR bows his gratitude and thanks to Haraboji.  And Haraboji asks the most relevant question in his mind to his young prodigy whom he inspired.  “Did you soar?”  CR nods as his eyes well up.  A satisfied smile breaks across Haraboji’s face as he bows in return.  Bravissimo.  And the curtain of snow falls on the pair.  A fitting finale.  :wub:  

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I will always remember this one, esp for how it made me text my parents more often!  A sweet little drama that was not loud or flashy, I love how everyone came together quietly to protect one sweet haraboji.  I will always remember this one for the lessons I learned. 


The saying is true.  At the end, people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.  For Mr. Sim, his kids, slowly one by one, remembered how he supported them as children and made them feel loved and important.   Seong-San, realizing his father all along understood the sacrifices he made to give up baseball and chose adulthood over dreams for his family.  He lived a life driven by the need to provide for his family, believing financial security is his ticket to happiness.  He forgot that happiness is a personal journey for each person - how his daughter has the right to her own dreams and that as a parent, the best thing he could do is to allow her to explore her potential on her own, in her own ways.  Mr Sim gave him the push to start over again on his own.  Seong Gwan needed to regain his purpose in his career.  Watching his father raced against the disease progress opened his eyes on how precious the remaining time is for both Deok Chul and his family.   He understood as a surgeon, he has the power to make this wish come true for his patients and their families.  Mr Sim's struggle made Seong Gwan felt helpless as he cannot change the course of his father's illness.  But from it comes the realization that he can indeed give those invaluable months, years, decades so that families can be together.  I love that the drama and Mr Sim allowed Seong Gwan time to discover on his own what he needed to make sense of his career and to eventually find fulfillment in the people he helped.  I cried when Seong Suk implored Deok Chul to allow her to be his caretaker.  A repayment for the many times her father would come shelter her from the rain as child.  I teared up when she verbalized that taking care of Mr Sim was her life's purpose, the reason for her not able to conceive.  I came to appreciate how kind and thoughtful Yeong-Il is.  There's much to say about not judging people's heart and character by their wallet or social status or even education.  Mr Sim's illness didn't bring out the worse of a son in law, who could very well avoided taking care of his father in law.  Instead, we came to see how observant Yeong-Il is and mind, what great memory the man has for the little things that are important to people in his wife's family.


The drama did such a wonderful job with Chae Rok's arc and growth.  I love how things come in full circle between CR and his father.  I remember in the beginning, CR would write encouraging post-it notes to himself, sticking them to those saved on his fridge from his parents (or his mother?).  In episode 12, we see Mu Yeong taping newspaper articles about CR's success on the same fridge.  CR achieved his dreams and the most important person in his life is cheering him on from home now.  The drama started with Chae Rok unable to focus his ballet passion on his own.  Seung Joo's pairing CR with DC gave both men a mutual cheering partner.  I love how CR came to care for another person's dream while chasing his.  DC gave him the confidence, support and family the boy needed.  And CR in turn learned to stand on his own, for him and for others, to not give up on what makes him happy and unique.  The airport scene @taeunfighting, when DC understood that without CR triggering and helping, he may not be able to recover his memories .... he ran after the boy to memorize his face for the last time.  CR realized the same but both knew it was time for Chae Rok to go after his.  Fast forwarded 3 years later, a frail DC has progressed but behold, something magical happened when he saw CR again, his memory returned.  The first sentence he uttered was the lingering question he tried hard to remember.  The ending bookended both men's dreams and strengthened that bond they both shared.


I love how each character was given space to find his/her happiness.  I love how halmoni remained strong and independent, living and taking care of her husband her own way.  I really love how both Deok Chul and Hae Nam able to live with Alzheimer's heads on, taking day by day and kept their promise of not burdening their kids.  It made me appreciate how resilient life is and how everyday, every ordinary day in an ordinary life, is happiness in itself.  For Mr and Mrs Sim, everyday that they are together even if his memory is fading is precious.

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10 minutes ago, bedifferent said:

The airport scene @taeunfighting, when DC understood that without CR triggering and helping, he may not be able to recover his memories .... he ran after the boy to memorize his face for the last time.  CR realized the same but both knew it was time for Chae Rok to go after his. 

I held it together (sniffing quietly and mopping the odd tear here and there) up to that point.  When they hugged, I lost it.  :tears:.  Realizing that the next time they meet, it will be a very different DC that CR would encounter.  And so it was.  Bittersweet.  More sweet than bitter.  And each acknowledged the other with their bows.  Without whom neither would’ve been able to soar.  :wub:

cr sentier Twitter


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Beautiful. That's how I'd describe this drama in one word. I loved how we got to watch Ho Beom, Eun Ho, gramps' youngest son - all get their chance to "soar". As well as gramps himself, with Chae Rok too.. 

    Granny is so strong. I admire her strength so very much. The fact she is willing and able to care for her spouse is admirable and an amazing feat in itself. Speaking from personal experience, caring for a sick family member is no easy task. It's emotionally as well as physically draining. 

    Chae Rok's with gramps' story continues to inspire as seen with the rookie gettin' classes at ballet. Well they inspire me with livin' each day as if it's your last & that age is just a number. 

Take care y'all. Be kind and dream big. XoxoX. 

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Navillera: Episode 11

by lovepark




Our elderly student continues practicing ballet despite his worsening condition because nothing can stop him from striving for his dreams. Now that time is running out, every day feels longer to him, and he cherishes these precious moments even more. All the while, his young teacher holds his hand and guides his along the way, making sure that he stays on the path and does not wander.




Hae-nam and Seong-gwan wait outside the house and greet Deok-chul when he comes back with Seong-san. She helps him inside, and their sons give them some space to talk privately. As Hae-nam gets Deok-chul a warm cup of tea, he apologizes and starts to explain. However, she cuts him off and asks if he remembers the day he retired.

She congratulated him for forty-years of hard work that day, and he thanked her back, crediting half of those years to her. Hearing him recognize her efforts made her feel proud, but Hae-nam points out that if his words were true, then half of his dreams are hers, too. She makes him promise to stay strong by her side while achieving his dreams, and he agrees.




Seong-gwan tells his brother that their mom knows already, but Seong-san has a hard time accepting Deok-chul’s illness. He suggests going to another hospital, but Seong-gwan stops him since he knows the results will not change. With a sigh, Seong-san takes them back to his place, and they break the news to the rest of the family.

Like her brothers, Seong-sook expresses her doubts and demands to see their dad in person. Though overcome with emotions, she sits back down when Seong-san begs her to act like normal for Deok-chul’s sake, and they discuss future plans concerning their dad.

Both Seong-san and Seong-sook offer to take care of Deok-chul, and the spouses support their decisions. While they argue back and forth, Seong-gwan says that they should ask their mom, but Eun-ho interrupts them since Deok-chul should actually get the first say. She asks if being sick means he can no longer think for himself, and the adults look away, acknowledging their mistake.




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Navillera: Episode 12 (Final)

by lovepark



This heartwarming tale of two men with a shared passion comes to a close, and though the end is bittersweet, the show never loses sight of its message of hope and love. Our elderly student gets his chance to soar alongside his teacher, and together, they show the world that it is never too late to start something new.



As Hae-nam wakes Deok-chul up, he stares at her in confusion and asks who she is. Seong-gwan overhears his parents from the hall and rushes in. When Deok-chul fails to recognize his son as well, they take him to the hospital for a checkup.

The doctor tells them that Deok-chul may need to increase his medication, but for now, he should be fine since he has not shown other symptoms. Seong-gwan stays behind while his parents leave, and he asks if his dad can still perform. The doctor lets out a sigh since he should know the answer already.


With a heavy heart, Seong-gwan suggests to his parents that they should go back home and tell Chae-rok what happened. However, Hae-nam refuses to give up that easily and takes her husband to the studio to help him remember.

Chae-rok gets ready for the gala and writes a message to Deok-chul on a pair of ballet shoes (“the man who will soar, Shim Deok-chul”). He stops by to see his mom and tells her about his upcoming performance and how Moo-young will be there to watch him.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2021/05/navillera-episode-12-final/

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11 K-Dramas That You May Not Have Known Were Based On Webtoons

May 4, 2021

For those of you who aren’t that familiar with webtoons, they are basically online comic books. One chapter is released weekly by the writer/illustrator and there are millions of readers who subscribe to these weekly updates. Some of the most famous K-dramas are based on webtoons/manhwa including “Princess Hours,” “Full House,” “Itaewon Class,” and more recently “The Uncanny Counter” and “True Beauty.” There really is no stopping this genre as it’s almost always bound to be a success! Here are 11 K-dramas that you may not have known were based on webtoons.


11. Navillera

“Navillera” is a healing drama starring Song Kang, Park In Hwan, and Na Moon Hee. It is about a 70-year-old retired mailman named Shim Deok Chul (Park In Hwan) who has always longed to be a ballerino. He meets Lee Chae Rok (Song Kang), an aspiring ballerino who is going through a lot of difficulties in life.




The webtoon is also titled “Navillera” and is written by Hun and illustrated by Ji Min. The webtoon was released on 2017 and was picked up fairly quickly to be made into a drama. It officially aired on Netflix on March 22, 2021 and has been receiving positive responses!






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