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  1. True to reality kind of drama which means in reality there really are people like the Shaman Mother Bang; Murderer Sister Ji-Na; Conniving VP Seo; Cuckoo Aunt Jae-Ran; Brainless Cousin Gwi-Nyeo...somehow as I watch this series i group these 5 as a batch as the way they handle things, talk are lots to do with self self self... Despite these 5, I enjoy this series as I find another group who are kind-hearted despite what they have or may have done but willing to account for their own action and these people are Poong-Do, Chung-Yi, Hak-Kyu, Chairman Ma Young-In, Manager Ko and Ryan... As i continue with this series, I am wondering who will be the winning team... Stress out at the same time as I want the ending soonest possible... Fighting to the couple team Poong and Chung; the parental team Chairman Ma Young-In and Father Sim Hai-Kyu; and lastly the loving supporting team Manager Ko and Ryan
  2. Watched the first episode way back 17 Nov 2018 and after that stop watching as was back log with many stuff... Decided to pick up from 2nd episode just recently 01 Mar 2019 and now watching Ep 31. Journey through to Ep 31... I had to control not to reach out for something to whack the following people in the series with the number indicating most desired to hammer .... 1. Jang Da-Ya (JDY)... she is only pretty in outlook but inner look are contaminated beyond repair. She enjoys adding fuel to her mother-in-law and she is poisoning her mother-in-law with her sweet talk and oh a glass of warm water to calm down, etc. She forgets she did not marry Wang Yi-Ryook out of pure love. She was eyeing to be the MADAM in the Wang family taking over the role of her mother-in-law OEY. She is a spoilt brat beyond hope. She looks down on people and has no respect for Ms Yeojoo and Miss Cho. She is rude to everyone in the household and thinking she is already the DOWAGER controlling everything. She despise her FIL each time he does not entertain her crooked behavior. Each episode that JDY pops up in...there is none that show her being kind at all... Yes...she needs to have the worst suffering delivered to her and in my mind is for her husband to have a lover that really cares for him far more than his status-quo. Oh yes... JDY is having the green eye over the part-timer who turns full-timer at WYR new restaurant. 2. So Yang-Ja (SYJ)...I would say she is perfect match with JDY...they could easily pass as mother and daughter DNA proven or not does not matter. These 2 are perfect match in their behavior, greed, thoughts and using of others. SYJ is beyond repair no matter how many "this is the last time... I am sorry... It is better I die... " The only thing that makes her be pleasant and nice to anyone is MONEY and lots the kind that does not stop flowing. She blames KDR for her husband death but in real sense... she is the one killing her husband over and over again over money and her treatment to KDR. She is the one who kicks KDR out and disown her throwing the DNA result in her face. And when she needs money...suddenly the DNA does not matter... She puts down her own birth daughter KMR by not letting her work siting her premature birth, weak in health, etc... SYJ does not deserve KMR at all who no matter what still sticker herself to SYJ and even to before marriage talk telling KDR no matter what the mother did...she cannot let go... 3. Oh Eun-Young (OEY)... Ah as her own husband say to her..."Chronic disease of the mouth"... oh yes... that's is so true... I want to give Wang Jin Kook a big hug each time. Indeed his wife OEY is a loose nut and does not think at all... She blames everyone for whatever happens. She runs away so easily...just pack her bag and run... then run home... disown her 1st son yet want to control him. Ouch... this is a psycho mom on the loose... She is the last person anyone should share any information with her because she will just vomit it out to anybody. Oh speaking of that... in talking without thinking... OEY is perfect match with SYJ... They talk like air head then turn the whole table around and blame others... Conclusion...the series so need to just put this 3 people together for a whole month in the same cell and see how they handle each other... naturally will see JDY sticker to her mil OEY and creating more devil thoughts. Apologies for being long-winded...took me a few days to decide whether to share here or not. Thanks for your time reading this.
  3. Started watching this series and the subs has not changed. Watching without depending 100% on the subs else can be quite upsetting Is there one with improved subs? watching this because of Kang Ji Hwan as am following all his drama...such a wow fellow
  4. @msmy yes... so sad...he swallow his words just because of his wife's words... What wife would use such cruel words to blame the husband for not giving their son a good life? Hey...the son is a big boy already and he can go find his own good life instead of chasing skirts. Sad indeed. Very very disappointed with CS's holding back and decided to follow his wife. Hope the truth won't be out only after gramps no longer around... I want Grandpa to hang in there to get the real truth that DB is the real grandson. Just watch the preview and so happy that Grandpa not giving in to HW. LOL actually Grandpa did not in exact words agree for HK and JB to be married to each other. He just said HW needs to make her status legalised and "documented" as in she is no longer related in any way to Grandpa. Grandpa knows once he disapproved HW to be with JB...then there's no way HW will go through the "strike off family register, etc etc" BRAVO Grandpa This JB is a loud mouth and "LOVE" to boast especially more so now he is "fake grandson"... wooo... imagine fake grandson marry fake grand daughter produces more fakes... Wow...JB sure has a temper ok...now I admit JB and HK are perfect match made for each other. Ouch so painful to hear HK telling JB to be happy and ask JB "if everyone is unhappy then should you be unhappy also?" Hey... she ought to swallow her own words... remember when JW and WJ were doing so well in their work, HK was not once happy. Instead she plot to destroy and destroy. So if she can ask JB that question...then why can't she be happy instead of being a plotter, destroyer? This series is moving too slow... Need more episodes and longer would be nice ... Ok... I am saying that because I want to know the ending and the fate of everyone. @UnniSarah... i am still hanging in here despite not wanting to watch anymore of the "fakes" and "liars" I need soju to numb numb numb so I won't be pulling hairs out...
  5. Just finish Ep 56 and the preview for Ep 57 is WOW... I want to see it but it's not out yet... Preview showing Daddy Yoon Chang Soo meeting with Grandpa Oh Sang-Pil and telling Grandpa JB is not his grandson...rather it is DB. Wooo...Daddy YCS...you rock... go ahead and whack that nut wife of yours HYS... better still put HYS and SHK together they so rub each other's back perfectly. A bit worrying considering SHK lies even when confronted by husband YCS... Preview for EP 57 keeps me
  6. @UnniSarah that circled word means love crush... arrow pointing from HK to DB... HK having a one-way love crush on DB DB arrow to WJ is both ways as in both love each other and is not a one-way feeling. And JB one-way arrow to HK. Having just finish watching ep 5, I still want to whack YS big big time. $$$ is more powerful to her than her "love" for her own son JB. Tho HK suggested it to her, she should stand firm but instead she cannot even think straight. The biggest joy would be when Grandpa discover the truth and the best is after HW gets her way in marrying JB and Grandpa discovers the "scam" and out the world both of them go. Oh...isn't that so sweet Grandpa right-hand man Chief Secretary Kwon is not loyal to Grandpa. He is a "yo-yo" that bounces whichever direction. How can he provide information to YH knowing very well whatever Grandpa ask him to do or tell him is within Grandpa and him. Speaking of which CS Kwon is a perfect match to Secretary Min. Both are "yo-yo" who do not stay loyal to their boss. What's the ending going to be like? Who's going to be so dead? Will JW recover and gets back to work at Anchorwoman? Is wedding bells going to toll for DB and WJ? Guess I need to stay "loyal" to this series to find that out.
  7. Finally...another crazy greed nutcase has blown off her mouth without going through her air head... yup... really want to whack her big time - Heo Yong-Sim. Each time she shoots her mouth, she will say it is for Do-Bin her precious son. She even go to the extend of shooting off her mouth at Han Woo-Cheol... if i may say...at least Woo-Cheol is not a greedy person like her or crazy yo-yo bouncing off the tamborine like her son Jae-Bin. I am so glad for once Jae-Hee stand firm and give a piece of mind to her mother Yong-Sim... Many many villains in this series... Hwa-Kyung thinking everyone owes her and she owns whoever she wants Yeon-Hee is a psycho that's cannot decide what she really wants yet she goes about trying to "kill" those who make her unhappy Yong-Sim is a greedy villain who only talks about money and nothing else Jae-Bin is a yo-yo who does not see what he is doing is wrong or maybe to him, he is one who cannot do wrong, any wrong he blames Do-Bin I am wondering if Shin Myung-Joon will eventually turn to Joon-Won and their daughter Woo-Jung when Grandpa finds his grandson and everything goes to the grandson which means Myung-Joon will be penniless? Will it be blood [Woo-Jung] is thicker than water [fake Hwa-Kyung] in the end? I am going to admit whenever Hwa-Kyung opens her mouth, I hit the mute button...likewise with Yeon-Hee and Yong-Sim...somehow my fingers will auto hit "mute" button
  8. Just being curious...How many of you want to whack Jae-Bin for taking it out or loosing it with Do-Bin just because of one greedy person Hwa-Kyung? Jae-Bin really has a head full of air only...he is being used by Hwa-Kyung and he is also carrying news of what happen to Woo Jung and Joo Won directly to Hwa-Kyung...wooo Jae-Bin is definitely Hwa-Kyung minion. And each time he is not happy or Hwa-Kyung ignores him... he will go screaming his head off at Do-Bin and even to the point of not caring the brotherhood. This series is 120 episodes and it is only Ep 50 now...
  9. Just watch Ep 02 and ouch...Crown Princess is pregnant with someone baby... and she is blaming Crown Prince for not being close with her so Crown Prince not allow to blame her... A very sadistic Crown Princess and how "righteous" she is trying to justify her action. Crown Prince knew about her pregnancy... Crown Prince should use this to threaten Crown Princess father. That would be so "Wow-wow" to see Crown Princess father's reaction Now question who is that "lucky" guy who contribute to the making of a "future crown prince"? I am curious and I am guessing only... Is Jung Je Yoon from Capital District Office Hong Shim's brother? He grabbed her hands and ran away with her when their father was cruelly murdered. Somehow time flies and we only see Hong Shim pops up. Where is the brother or what happen to him? It is a norm that I won't watch any series that is less than 10 eps already in the midst but curiosity caught the better of me as I decided just to take a peep into Ep 01 and that's it. The cat got trapped and went on to Ep 02...
  10. Thank you so much... Am listening to it now... Such beautiful voice and the music has a tempo that fits the lovebird scene Thanks Jillia for removing the video. Also noted your reminder. May I know how to remove the video when I want to quote the words only that has video / image to it? Thanks. [ add on msg after reading Jillia note - Sep 13 ]
  11. I think his drink was spike by HW so he is as good as knocked out and HW happily jumped into bed with him as she wants to bear his child and using that to enter back into Grandpa's household. Moral of the story... do not go out with someone you already do not wish to spend the rest of your life with. Ok... going to admit DB is blur beyond rescue. No matter what happens...he happily hop over to HW each time she calls or appears hopeless. "Sleeping with the enemy" suddenly pops into my head when thinking of DB in bed with HW. Ouch
  12. HW is one sicko person full of greed even if it is through lies she will just bulldozed through. Ep 48 is really flashing GREED GREED GREED... the sister suddenly so nice to HW because of a branded handbag... ouch oh yes... so happy DB put his foot down on his love for WJ. Sadly HW is beyond hope or even worth the looking at. Her greed is way beyond. Thinking back to day 1 when she went on a picnic with the real HW then 7yrs old and the real HW parents... fake HW could have tried to rescue or pull real HW out from the water or something... She just stood there looking and I am guess her mind is running...let her die so I will be the adopted into the family as the real HW. Would like to say... just skip everything...just show the final ending of fake HW...
  13. Anyone can help? What is the title of the song played towards the end of Ep 20? It is such a perfect song reflecting Eugene's thoughts when Ae-Shin appears in front of him.. Thanks Oh yes... i am repeating as in replaying Eugene's thoughts... his voice is so husky yet touches the soul... what a voice indeed...
  14. Am watching Ep 19 now and at the scene where Lee Wan-Ik brings workmen to destroy Go Sa-Hong residence. That smirk on Lee Wan-Ik face makes me want to hang him by one leg high up in the open air where the current tram is going or better still at the gateway of Goo Dong-Mae place. Isn't Lee Wan-Ik himself a low-born man? If he is, then he is in no position to act like he is noble man. Ouch...i really need to rewatch this whole drama once it ends so can see the link more clearly. With breath in between catching only 2 eps each week and in between this drama am catching other series...am admit I am sitting on edge now. Back to Eugene Choi and Ae-Shin. Oh I really like Mr Haengrang and Ms Haman-daek...both of them really protect Ae-Shin and I feel they are also protecting Eugene Choi in some ways. Both Haengrang and Haman-daek are like bridge between Eugene and Ae-Shin
  15. As at now...the feeling while watching this series is lots of with the recent ep bringing more . There need to be a miracle for Soo-Ho be it 0.1% let he be living a happy life with either Ji-Hyun or Chae-A ... that is who he wants to be with and knowing that's the one who will bring him happiness and not talking about dollar and sense. Am thinking initially he starts leaning towards Ji-Hyun because of guilt. But probably to the point of having a marriage with her, by then his guilt could also be driven by a little bit of "love" for Ji-Hyun? It's like his heart is telling him other than guilt, love is a possibility? He wants to go for the 0.1% treatment so he can be a family probably adopt that cute boy from the orphanage - the one saying he wants to have Soo-Ho as his dad and Ji-Hyun as his mum? Writer-nim...please please give me a surprise that is full of
  16. As i catch up on this series...I am in awl as to how stupid Jae-Bin is. He is not thinking with his brain if there's any in that head of his. He is thinking with his body instead. Working with Joo-Won and knowing well Hwa-Kyung is at war with Joo-Won and also with Woo-Jung, how can Jae-Bin still lean towards HK to the point bringing her into the family home. Oh well...i guess at least he did not kick out Do-Bin and have HK sleeps on DB bed sharing same room with him JW. The crooks and bigger crooks really play their crooked mind game so well... it is cheating one another based on their theory of "FAMILY" "TRUTH"... Sadly even the "fair-game family" Chang-Soo and his $$$greed wife Yong-Sim is playing their own game here. the greedy wife YS is saying one thing and doing another thing all for $$$ and may I say...she is willing to selling "her so-called son" for lots of $$$ if and when grandpa Sang-Pil comes knocking for the heir. The head of the family Chang-Soo, wife Yong-Sim, son Jae-Bin, daughter Jae-Hee... interesting all talks about $$$ first before agreeing to do a favor or help out one another. Strangely only Do-Bin do not put forth $$$ value before doing anything for anyone. How would this series fare towards the ending?
  17. Just started to watch this series yesterday and now on Ep 5 only. Already I want to slowly peel layer by layer off Shin Min-Seok making sure he feels the pain as each layer is peel off... at end of Ep 4, I already want to hang him upside down. He kills 2 person already... Seol Ji-Hyun's sister and mother. Yes although he did not directly do the killing, still for Seol Ji-Hyun's sister... he hides the truth. As for Seol Ji-Hyun's mother, he did not expect her appearance with the other guy. But still he hides the truth of both death. Oh for once I am so glad he broke off with Seol Ji-Hyun. At first I was mad at him for breaking off with her but now I am so glad he did. Feel sad for Ji-Hyun having lost both sister and mother in that short time span. Hope Cheon Soo-Ho will be a source of strength to her and help her discover the real truth. I did not read any of the posting for the episode as yet. Wanting to watch till I catch up to Ep 10 then I will go backwards and read all the sharing here. Ok...back to Ep 5
  18. Just curious...why does Im Da-Young face looks like she applied many layers of make-up? It has the "cake" look when close-up. Like trying to cover up any blemish, etc...not natural... All in all...I enjoy this series because of Kim Ji-Woon -- Han Seok-Jin and Go Tae-Soo -- Jo Hee-Bong. Enjoy seeing how they relate to each other and care for each other in their own ways. And there's Jang Yong-Gun -- Yun Ju-Sang....oh he is such an "angel" looking out for Im Da-Young. Indeed a nice series to watch ...
  19. Watching Ep 140 and must say Oh Jung-Hoon is super dumb, stupid, blur and all... He does not even realize that he is actually helping his Father-In-Law [FIL] all the way by "showing-off" each step of the way meaning... when he stole the ledger...he so happily go inform his father-in-law... he found his brother... he also tells his FIL. He is like feeding information to the FIL and helping the FIL plan his [FIL] escape route. Hmmm... how dumb can he be and considering he has the most education as compared to his siblings and even his own friend Kyung-Ho. And to think JH studies Law... cannot imagine he being a lawyer and fighting for his client... he probably be feeding information to prosecutor instead of helping his own client... To think of it, probably his brother Jung-Tae and his friend Kyung-Ho knows JH's mentality so most time, they choose not to update him on situation ... this JH once he has information he runs to his FIL... He thinks of his responsibility to his wife Mi-jin but his wife has zero thanks to him...she is only thinking of herself...selfish to the roots and i cannot stand the way she treats her mother-in-law and grandma-in-law and the siblings-in-law. She thinks she is upper class but everything she do is so low. Cannot wait for the day she is reduce to nothing. More strange is how the "law" can so easily be bought just to protect their own. Congressman Oh will have his day too and same with his daughter Hae-rin . Can't wait for the ending of this series just to see what happens ...
  20. Just started to watch this series... had good laugh most of the time Indeed is a good series to watch as each and every one in the series is good in portraying their role well As I watch on... I still find Sun-Ha, the eldest daughter of Park Hyo-Seob very selfish in many ways. The one that really me is how she tells her father off when she saw him with Lee Mi-Yeon. Sun-Ha actually has the cheek to lecture the father about not holding back and has to see Mi-Yeon even on such a day when Eun-Soo is hospitalized. Hmmm... has Sun-Ha forgotten before that she was in a hugging kissing mode with Kyung-Soo. Does she consider herself perfectly correct to do the hug and kiss especially when Kyung-Soo mother does not even approve her in the slightest bit. Then off course she has no idea what Kyung-Soo mother has done to her father Hyo-Seob. Ok...that being said... Sun-Ha is still selfish all the way. Yes she took care of all her siblings when their mother passed away. But that does not give her the "right" to lecture her father. No matter what, her Father is still the head of the family. So want to smack Sun-Ha Another selfish daughter is Hyun-Ha. Selfish as in she thinks of herself only. Just because her father loves her the most does not give her the right to be selfish and nasty. Oh yes one more thing...she shoots her mouth without thinking that makes it even worst. She bullies everyone in the family the way she deems right. She has totally forgotten what her 2nd sister Yoo-Ha has told her not to diverge the "divorce" matter to Eun-Soo. A loose cannon for sure and it would be wonderful to see how Yoo-Ha is going to deal with her when she finds out Eun-Soo knows about the "divorce" matter. Hmmm...she is so lucky her niece is so understanding and promise not to diverge to her mother Yoo-Ha. ouch ouch ouch Yoo-Ha despite being the single mother as in after her husband dump her (yes i see it as her husband dump her because of the "so-called" family name face they need to upkeep) she is holding in strong for her child. She does not give up when the tough gets going... she bull-dozed her way to try to find solutions. I like how she has "the other side" of her... the "i will not be bullied" Yes...i want to see more of that because she has been bullied far too long in her marriage to the "spineless" husband. Ouch...i really want to smack smack that family...the "high noble class" All that being said... I am bouncing back to the series. Yes I started super late in watching this series and it is already at Ep 47 and I am only at Ep 11... LOLxxx. And i did not read any of the post before my this post because I want to continue to watch the series without knowing what has happen, etc etc... Thanks all for reading...
  21. I caught up to Ep 10 and already I am getting restless wanting to just watch all the way to ending without having to wait patiently. How "Lee Byung-hun" carries thru the character of Eugene Choi is just so amazing and mesmerizing... ahem...that's one word I did not think I would use to describe Lee BH but this particular drama is just so amazing and mesmerizing all because of him and for that I need to salute him for bringing forth the character so well... Yes... he has a stern face, a worried face, an "arrogant" face at times... but whatever facial expression he wears ... it fits each moment so well. Thank you so much Mr Lee for bringing so much character and life into this k-drama "Mr Sunshine" Next I need to applaud is "Kim Tae-Ri"... she is indeed the perfect one to be Go Ae-Shin. Yes...I read some was against her being the lead actress with Lee because of the age gap... Hey...as I watch from Episode 1 to 10 thus far... I find KTR to be so well matched with LBH. They are like clockworks. Their expression, tone of voice, body language and all are such a match and in sync. Her low tone when she share her thoughts, or when she is mumbling to herself, her facial expression...they are perfect indeed. I can even watch this series and both LBH / KTR without the volume on and just watching them that way is beyond description. Thanks so much to the writer, producer, director who offer the role to this 2 amazing artistes. Age gap or not... important is they bring the story across to viewers. Strangely another series I am so stuck with is Dong Yi and likewise there were comments against the main artistes Ji Jin-Hee and Han Hyo-Joo being their age gap of 14 years... hey...they carried out their role amazingly well too...
  22. Indeed a "messed-up" series with those doing wrong yet blame others for the wrong... Grandma is too strong-headed in the 1st place and she seems to control everyone like a puppet... pull the string, they move... cut the string, they goner Soon-Young is just too weak to handle anything from beginning when molest by the Factory Manager, she chose to keep quiet... Her life messed up the minute Jung-Hoon left her because he was too self-centered. Yes Jung-Hoon is self-centered blaming his defacto father, instead of sitting down to discuss with the family, he chose easy way out by marrying the nutcase Mi-Jin. Speaking of Mi-Jin...she thinks she owns the whole world and everyone owes her. She is real nutcase. Soon-Young's aunt Goo... another nutcase who preys on her own niece Soon-Young. Why I say preys... simply because she is doing things her own way yet saying she is doing it all for Soon-Young. Hwang Chang Sik aka Mi-Jin's father is nothing but a crook in everything he deals with. His wife Cheon aka Mi-Jin's mother another nutcase or rather "diarrhoea of the mouth" where she shoots out without going thinking yet thinks she is right. I would like to say "these 3 are indeed a perfect family in the sense the 3 of them share the same thinking... "Everyone owes them but they "perfect family" owns everyone and everything" Each one of them would "kill" just to get what they want without blinking an eye. As I watch this series...I lean towards Jung-Tae and Kyung-Ho for whatever they are doing, they are trying their best to do for the one they love and hold dear to. And these two are the reason I am continue to watch this series till end. In concluding...this is just another k-series to entertain ourselves with and for those artistes who are able to actually make me so "mad" while watching the series... it goes to say... "they act well" Till then... happy watching to all those who are following this series...
  23. Just finished Ep 06 and I am sitting on edge waiting for the rest of the episodes... Intense yet so full of "love"... every scene...every conversation...every moment between Ae-Shin and Eugene... Oh how the title "Mr Sunshine" just don't quite pull through... in my mind I am thinking more like "Mr Intense" if Mr Sunshine is refering to Eugene... Gonna re watch from Ep 01 Bounced back to real world... Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Tae-Ri... they really carry the drama through so well with their individual role. I was thinking..."wow...imagine the conversation, the details, the expression...how both of them must portray to capture the audience and same time capture our interest to continue to watch..." No matter how good the script or story line is... end of it all...it's the artistes who will bring life to the script. Thanks for bringing so much intense, love to this drama Mr Sunshine... And here I shall wait patiently for the continuation
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