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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊


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Title: The Romance of Tiger and Rose
Chinese Title: 传闻中的陈芊芊 / Zhuan Wen Zhong De Chen Qian Qian
Broadcast Website: Tencent

Broadcast Date: May/18/2020      

Genre: Historical, Romance, Time Travel
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Orange Image
Origin: China


Synopsis and Plot summary:

Chen Xiaoqian, a scriptwriter who has been single since birth, wrote a female centric drama. However she was unable to start shooting smoothly due to the criticism of her writing by the actors. Chen Xiaoqian vowed to prove her ability, but accidentally entered her own script where she became the third princess of Dongliang women's country, a minor supporting chraracter who would be killed anytime. Thus begin her journey of survival, where she meets two guys - an unpredictable rich young master named Han Yue and a perfect guy who is the Minister of Education named Pei Heng.



Zhao Lusi as Chen Qianqian

Ryan Ding  as Han Shuo



Coming up...........



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Back with Another Time-Travel Drama, Zhao Lusi Enters a Fictional World in The Romance of Tiger and Rose



The charming Zhao Lusi might have taken an interest in time-traveling as she returns with yet another drama bearing a similar theme. The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊 dropped promos yesterday teasing another light and adorable love story.



Zhao Lusi's pastel garb compliments her bright personality but hides the worrisome journey she has to face. She portrays a writer from the modern world who is transported inside her own script! The only problem is, she is not the heroine but the evil third princess whom she wrote as a minor character destined to die.
Starting with Oh! My Emperor, Zhao Lusi's choice of dramas seem to give off similar vibes but I think it suits her well. Only 21 years of age, she maximizes her youth and easygoing nature to ease into the genre. With her growing fame, the actress has a lot of time to explore light romances before transitioning into more mature roles. 
Snippets of the leads' romantic escapades are already shown but I think those who are hungover from Zhao Lusi's previous drama Love Better Than Immortality would need some convincing especially since she had wonderful chemistry with Li Hongyi whom she also worked with in Prodigy Healers. In fact, it was their tandem that viewers have enjoyed more than the plot itself. 
It's surely a tough act to follow for actor Ding Yuxi whose only been in a couple of dramas but hey, he might surprise viewers with what he has to offer. He certainly looks every bit the arrogant prince he is set to portray. Sheng Yinghao and Zhou Zixin also star. 
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I just watched the first 8 episode and until yet I enjoy it tremendously.


I lmao when the actor rightfully pointed at the main hole in our heroine’s screenplay and her revenge was to make his character evil and hated by everyone :lol:.


I think this Drama has potential to become a great 3-sisters drama. Even though 1st and 2nd sister have suffered a lot in past I don’t think they are on the path to perdition yet. Wouldn’t be surprised if 3rd sister did had to bear the biggest brunt.


I loved how 3rd sister wanted to match up the original OTP and failed miserably. They mistrust each other now. Of course, 2nd sister will fall for him in future since this is a Drama but hopefully she will choose her sister instead of him.


The ML is hilarious. He is quite intelligent when it comes to scheming but is absolutely stupid when it comes to our FL. :D

The ML actor is chewing nails *juck*. I hope the director is saving us from showing much of his hands in future. They should have given him a restorative manicure. :wacko:

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8 minutes ago, Vivi123 said:

WeTV/ Tencent app has all 8. VIP members can watch all 8. 

Exactly! Compared to what they had when the App started I can recommend to get a VIP account. They have all the new stuff and it is already subbed other than MGTV who has no subs very often and don’t have subs before they show up in thier YT channel. I’m sure the native Chinese here would say the translation isn’t that good but it is far better than I can understand without. :phew:

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Laughing my as+ off for 8 episodes straight. Not skip even a bit. This story are so funny. Great chemistry between lead. I'm willing to spend money to buy Vip pass in WeTv apps to watch this series. Eventhought this is not a high budget series, the costume and background scenery still look beautiful :wub::D

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Just started last night ... enjoying the first 2 episodes.  Will continue the rest today.

So far so good. Hilarious how FL tries correct her mistakes n die so that she can go back to real world. Love how ML schemes to kill off FL fails miserably each time. :joy:

Each time FL thwarts ML attempts to kill her,  FL forgot she needs to kill off her character. So instead it became a tit for tat.:joy:

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1 hour ago, ElleSor said:

It's her again! 


Hehehe...despite the repetitive theme of her dramas she's quite enjoyable to watch and very amusing. 


Her acting is quite good since I always forget how young she really is. She has a good range of expressions and her voice is very good. The Drama sounds dubbed but if they did it is her own.
And directors seem to love her too since she gets casted a lot. I don't mind that it isn't for big budget even though a bit more success would be great for her market value so she can take a bit time off.

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17 minutes ago, rosierosie said:

is there going to be a love triangle? Looks good, I might tune in......


The 2nd sister surely will fall for the ML (HS) but we don't know yet if that will turn her evil or she is gets paired up with some other guy. I think FL's (QQ) former fiance would be a great match for her since he longs for doing what she can do.

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10 hours ago, Usi said:

EP 9 & 10 were great too. Gosh, I will miss that series all week. :ph34r:

Was watching ep 1&2

this show is really hilarious 

the lead guy bullied by the third princess!!!

hope the subsequent episodes are equally funny... 

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