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  1. Why do I feel like the poster looks like a guy in red... hmm... are they gonna flip the story? The third princess marries in to a supposedly rotten male lead instead? Wonder when filming will start... pls let second season be good...
  2. I’m so glad the soompi forum is back again/alive. Let’s all gather again when season 2 starts (just a wish, I don’t have any news)!
  3. It already hit the 2 billion mark on the Tencent app. scatters happy vibes all around lol Yay?
  4. Remember that DYX was busy eating noodles in a livestream with ZLS? This type if you are curious: https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/food-drink/article/3092456/noodles-became-chinese-national-dish-during-coronavirus Apparently very popular in China
  5. But if they lock most of the episodes to VIP only, then the impact to views is so great/bad right? It’s like they are purposely making it difficult. That said I think we are very close to the 2 billion mark... fingers crossed!!!
  6. I think it will hit 2 billion views so am still keeping my fingers crossed CP is now 11, drama is #3 and for most promising (?) actor category, DYX is 1 and ZLS is 2: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4518712910274985
  7. Lol! By the way he was using manner hands when he was dancing. This article has some gifs of the performance and while he was rehearsing and praised how polite he was during rehearsals and after the performance: https://k.sina.cn/article_7028096601_1a2e83e5900100oxai.html?from=ent&subch=star
  8. Yes, she was casted first and then she had to go for screen tests with various male actors. She acted out the same scene like 40 times with different actors. She mentioned it in an earlier interview which I’d translated some snippets in this thread. But can’t find my posting...
  9. I started playing Animal Crossing and omg it’s so addictive so that’s filling the ROTAR void. Didn’t manage to pick up any shows that draws me in to continue watching to the end. But am tempted to try You Are My Destiny once the full series is released.
  10. YZ is controversial, copies/plagiarizes and has his share of antis but he can produce really good dramas and his artistes do quite well. If he has produce absolute rubbish I would agree with you but Yanxi Palace is still one of my fav Chinese drama. Even 宫 (Palace? gong?) that starred Yang Mi was quite an entertaining watch even if it was like a rip off version of Bubujingxin... so yeah it must have been hard for ZLS to drop out of the show but aren’t we all glad that she did. YX appearing in Chuang 2020 in case anyone is interested: The show, DYX and ZLS also did well in another ranking - the show was ranked number one in terms of hashtags (I think, Chinese not that good ha), and DYX ranked second behind Dilireba for another stars ranking, while ZLS was number 5: https://k.sina.cn/article_6361119753_17b26fc0900100o8c9.html?from=ent&subch=tv
  11. Link to official drama Weibo post about the wrapping up as I couldn’t see the pics posted earlier: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4510964731427631 And a new poster of the ML and FL: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4517469006471170 Article about ZYC appearing at some Mango TV event in costume: http://www.intnews.cn/v1/470660.aspx Article says this is the wedding costume
  12. Actually, the Novoland author won a plagiarism lawsuit against the Princess Agents author. So seems like Princess Agent copied Novoland... Source: http://www.dramapanda.com/2020/06/novoland-pearl-eclipse-author-xiao-ruse.html?m=1
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