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  1. I thought I clicked on something that make my phone screen dark like this, LOL. I don't like it either.
  2. I skipped those scenes too. I can't watch someone abused another person.
  3. ZXL is going to work In the morning
  4. Where did u watch all episodes. I wastch on iQIYI and it shows two episodes per day. I skip the torture or abusive scenes. I can't take it.
  5. I gave up on this drama too. Watch English subbed to episode 18 and i am getting tired of the FL's trouble after trouble. I took a peak at episode 30 raw and it seems like the ML hasn't found out about the swap of the two sisters, I could be wrong. There weren't many custom's dramas to watch at the moment. Chinese modern dramas are mostly boring.
  6. I tried to watch but can't get into the drama. I didn't feel the characters.
  7. Yes, one of the ML is in a love affair scandal. Zhang Ming and Xu Lu confirmed dating after they went to a dating variety show. Now he cheated on her with an actress (it could be the lead female this drama,not sure). The new girl friend exposed Zhang Ming's text messages telling her to say or do bad things to Xu Lu. Xu Lu on the other hand still think Zhang Ming and her still are dating. It was mentioned on below video.
  8. I am on episode 4. I just wonder if you could spoil, how she not ends up with the J-guy.
  9. I have no problem at all, Prince Yu has higher nose bridge and Prince Jin has a longer face.
  10. It's not the best drama and I got annoyed by the female lead stupidity, but I enjoy it so far. I benched last night. I want to know how Prince Yu would react after he finds out that Jinyan was supposed to marry him, but her sister swapped in her place.
  11. XZL is playing a flute on this scene.
  12. It's the third. 4th one is still filming, which is The Eternal Love 3
  13. No, Liang Jie is engaged to a Tibetan's singer in real life. But that's ok because i don't ship actors in real life.