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  1. According to Xing Zhaolin's Facebook fan page, he will be doing a live chat today. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2146854972244241/permalink/2864708557125542/
  2. It seems like she's marrying another price. Can't wait to see if Mo Leng Cheng would be jealous
  3. I wish that Viki would get license to sub the drama for better English sub. The dialects in this season are poetic and meaningful if you concentrate watching it.
  4. First impression review by Chinese Drama Reviewe YouTuber Avenue X. I have been following her dramas review since the first The Eternal Love season 1. I value her opinion. So glad she still like this season to do a review Credit Avenue X
  5. I feel sorry for SML. However, i understand FL's actions.. I think FL behaves like that because ML is her husband from different world. She wants to protect him and be dotted by him. I was choked up on episode 11 when she had a heart to heart talked with him cause he wanted a divorce. I think the director is building up the female character of chasing her husband up to this point for their upcoming break up.
  6. Xing Zhaolin looks mature in season 3, like a man. I am also happy to hear that YouTuber Chinese drama reviewer Avenue X also enjoys watching current season. My favorite kiss of the 10 episodes is the one he tossed the wedding vail to cover his face so that he won't lose his memory when they kiss.
  7. Xing Zhaolin looks handsome and hot in this season. What do you think of Liang Jie playing two characters? We don't see much of the queen yet but so far I think she portrayed it well. Congratulations to the team for reaching 1B views in short period of time. These two make magic when they work together.
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