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  1. guess whos gonna download the ep and edit shitz
  2. ikr wows-wow its so long like wth, it was such a drag like wow when my friend told me I'm just thinking of all the time will be wasted
  3. i have the first ending and make up thing in my head than watch the 2nd one. i- would rather read those bad fanfic instead lmao
  4. last week i was dying for a happy ending, this week im dying because of edits. If the final eps dont do the show justice, MIDNIGHT AT MIDNIGHT WE NEED TO EGG THEM HONESTLY I COULD SEE THIS SHOW WINNING AN AWARD OR SUMMMMMMM but now idk
  5. i dont get how there are many censorship in china, have they found a way to resurrect someone and are hiding it ????????
  6. I also believe that when she took the k/k pill it restore her power to her natural state as shown with the mark on her head, when ppl saw her with QZY face, she didnt have the mark on her forehead.
  7. omg really ??????? wwowowo i read before it wa dvd ver
  8. tbh this is the best on screen chem i've seen after, Ten miles (OPB), Fuyao, The eternal love (web drama s1) and weightlifting fairy. i'm so soft for these two.
  9. i dont know but i know that the team subbing the drama is using the DVD ver
  10. If you dont know where to find the DVD ver. i found it
  11. Dude i can feel the love in his eyes and vibe, so subtle yet so intense. If this couple dont get a happy ending i feel like i need to kill someone
  12. Finally i caught out with this forum, i found this show like last week and i've been investing my time to read all of this. I just hope the ending is not rushed and and pacing goes well. Although i hate sad ending and those other thing (she think he dies but he aint, y'k what i mean?) I realise i should just go and learn more chinese cause i feel like most website only license show that has popular names on the list and ignore the upcoming actress and actor. :'(
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