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  1. thank you ! yes, i watched it last night 11pm KST on Netflix. My time zone is one hour behind =) this episode 6 is fantastic. Her dress is so nice.. there's one that shows off her tiny waist ! towards the end of ep 6, I was v sad that she has illusions of her dead mom. that scene looks so terrifying. as if she is locked in that sleeping position and unable to move.
  2. May I ask what time does the new episode comes on Netflix later? it airs at 9pm-10pm Korean time. so i will get to see at 10pm KST ?
  3. wahahahahahaa.. i also want to touch those abs she is so pretty. i like her clothes, her make up, her hair, her red shoes..
  4. Wow.. that’s great ! I can watch on WeTV !!! Yay !!! Will start this now
  5. Looking forward to seeing ba Wang ye in season 3!!!! hope there will be more spoilers uploaded soon to ease our Long Long necks.. waiting waiting waiting
  6. Thank you watching parallel love too not too bad my only grouse is that I found the female lead a bit too old to be paired with the male lead who is 23?. He’s the handsome guy in the show 春花秋月,right? he was so handsome in that show !
  7. Watched 3 episodes and i am hooked to Kim Soo Hyun new show. I love the female lead's style, her clothes, her shoes, her hats, her hair is just so beautiful ! just like IU's hotel delunar. I love IU and her fancy clothes in that show too. already reached page 45.. this thread is moving fast !
  8. YES i have watched ELOD and also ten miles of peach blossom. TMOPB was my first c drama. i love it. watched many times. Was so in love with ye hua and Qian Qian . still my no 1 favorite drama until now I watched Goodbye my princess too. it was great but i dun like the ending...
  9. Rewatched and rewatched.. time to move on... may I ask everyone here.. which drama you trying out now? i have finished Destiny too. And rewatched eternal love 1&2 twice too.. what is nice?? Please throw ideas let me know which are good
  10. Wow the fans are really loyal and persistent ! Everyday without fail they wait at heng dian hotel to capture these videos of him going to the set and his return to hotel to rest ! salute these people for their dedication and sacrifice of their time
  11. I just love this drama esp Phoenix I have rewatched several times !
  12. I think the first 2 episodes - pretty average i stopped a couple of times to watch the new show Boss. - which I tot was much better as it’s comical , pretty similar to what’s wrong with secretary kim kind of vibe. And that pace is better, will glue you to the show with every episode development. i think maybe need time to develop interest in this drama. allen ren character is pretty good. And he’s rather handsome in this role I must say. Will try and watch more n see what happens..
  13. Watched all 6episodes in one go and I must say I am hooked.. the pace is good and gets you glued to it.. how are the episodes released ? please help me find the previews for ep7..
  14. click comments below the video for the translations in english ep 31 ep 32 ep 33 ep 34 ep 35 and ep 36 - i think it was posted already earlier
  15. this scene is ep 30, right at the end =) so lovely.. spreading the virus.. hahhaaa.. after allllllll the sadness, finally see this =) now i have to wait a week for ep 31 onwards!!!!
  16. Wow.. the fans are really something.. footages of the filming site!
  17. Sad sad sad.. ep 24-25.. watching all in raw ep 26 she has moved on to Hungary she speaks good English and works as a florist I like the beautiful street scenes of Hungary in these episodes .. so nicely filmed.
  18. wow.. allen -he's so handsome in real life =) and so noti too at the start, teasing the cast. The singer 州州 who was escorted in by car - i heard him sing in 我们的歌 show before。 He is so cute, changing voice to a girl to trick the cast. will watch more !!! =) thanks for posting this
  19. thanks ! i feel you did a great job translating !! He's so cute !!! now i know what's bulbasaurus and charmander names in chinese language !!!!
  20. Just started on this show.. watched about 10 episodes N I enjoyed it v much. This drama was pretty comical.. I like the male lead and his dimples .. is he hiding his identity or something? Really just a pirate ? watched the bts in this page.. so sweet the female lead is so cute and energetic !
  21. Same.. it’s been such a Long wait!!! i been checking in to duboku to see if there’s an update to say it will be on air on xx date.. so far it has been disappointing .. day after day still no changes or updates on the air date
  22. Oh my god! So many kiss scenes !!!! At the end of 6 months of filming, it would be an unearthly number of kiss scenes !!!! lol
  23. oh.. LJ is confirmed married ? to that tibetan actor? i think he's also v good looking. we should be happy she found her true love.... although all of us will prefer to ship her and Mr lizard as a real couple. =D =P
  24. oic oic. now i remember the $100 story refers to Xi yi! meaning he doesn't belong to her so sad... =( thanks =)