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  1. Okay, no CC then. Give him XE's friend. She is so devoted to her and needs someone who loves her too.
  2. I'm at that point wishing when the Dream world ends TX ending up with CC and XE meeting QF in RL and falling for him. I'm so delusional.
  3. As far I have seen there is no one in Dreamworld who TX doesn't have seen in his RL. I think he noticed XE but they just didn't showed it us like many of his past still is under wraps. When there is truly no QF in his RL I'm curious how his mind made this face up. So, we will surely have him somewhere at the end.
  4. I don't care a bit for the wardrobe. For me they could wear neon colored plushy onsies. Even those Cinderella shopping spree trope is something I never will understand since it shows how shallow the world is. Everyone like wearing nice things to feel good but in a Drama the storyline, chemistry, directing, casting, acting ability and literal everything come before wardrobe for me. No offense to people who have a different opinion, I probably was always too much a nerd and played with my male cousins and classmates. I'm excited how the Drama is turning out. I'm so hooked bc of all the
  5. Don't be too excited since such a long zoom-in normally means they won't kiss at all . And they already mislead us with the love confession. AND it will surely be at the end of the episode, so they leave us hanging for 2 weeks.
  6. This totally surprised me. I try to be openminded. If it is just another story of a human male getting an alien girlfriend I'm in. When it is another season of our old OTP that only will work with the old casts and directing style since they all made it work despite how little script they had. Let's wait. I don't think we will get it before mid/end 2021 and probably I'm more lenient then .
  7. Cool! SET TV will show it live. I don't think I will wake up that early (6:40 am in my area).
  8. When the imaginations of the some people within the fandom are true they reason bc AR is so shallow is since he is still only a character in the book. When QF is TX's romantic and devoted side there is a reason why AR still is flat. Probably THAT is the reason why QF starts to burn. AR starts to become TX and QF becoming a part of him again. There is no need for him anymore. I'm curious who could be is dark side, his anger. And will he wake up again when he finds all parts of his mind? And XE falling just for TX's face is not uncommon. That is how love on first sight works. She ido
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