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  1. *sigh* Now the dragging parts begins. I absolutely hate it when characters are strong, even lecturing their boss without fail but let their family step over them. She longs for talking back but doesn’t, always agree with her aunt and cousin. Her aunt isn’t calculating, she is cruel. What she did to her as little child can’t be excused and uncle, even though he knows that it is wrong, never helps after all. No wonder she has problems to commit fully in a relationship after such a childhood. What I saw in the previews the Drama gets down the drain, turning into ridiculous moping whatever except our hero being true to all and himself. Hope they showed only the ridiculous parts.
  2. Today’s episodes were fluff. I hadn’t imagined that he chases her so direct. He isn’t brutal honest to others, he is honest to himself.
  3. Yeah, the premise s quite similar but nothing more. The heroine is quite feisty and no damsel in distress. The hero is very intelligent and quite scheming. ML actor and FL actress are pretty decent in acting and the directing is okay. Could have made a great Drama if the script wasn't...well...rather lacking. When any of you watched the Tiger&Rose Drama you will crack up since the scriptwriter used all those tropes what the scriptwirter character did. Unfortunately she was a bad scriptwriter, so you can imagine how this turns out. It isn't a bad Drama but don't imagine any surprise since all the characters and the plot are very transparent.
  4. @0ly40 Can you change the thread name? It isn't upcoming anymore.
  5. I think it is the usual way. Making the others fight so he can take over eventually. His first and strongest opponent is out of the picture already. Wouldn't be suprised if he started all. It is a classic trope especially in TW Drama.
  6. Instagram loves SL too. I just spoiled myself with the Preview of EP6 and our ship starts sailing very hard. Poor boy. I rarely have 2nd ML syndrome but with this Drama I had it from the first moment. How could they make him such a likeable character? Hopefully he will show up outside the dream world too and maybe have a chance with a girl too. Not ChuChu since that girl seems to have the brain of a pea in both worlds.
  7. Surprisingly good Drama. Chemistry of the OTP could be better but they are doing a good job so far. At least no awkwardness. The sappy background story is a bit too much. I prefer the recent timeline and the relationships. Is YR 2nd ML‘s savior? I have problems to keep the child faces apart.
  8. Poor immature LWJ. Your delusional Ex-bf is hitting at you bc he thinks you are LM and isn’t telling nice things about you. I think she finally got who is chasing whom. And I don’t think SCY understood why he lost the bidding despite being the cheapest.
  9. At the moment probably. Tang Yan and Luo Jin had 5 and I wouldn't be surprised if they had a 6th Drama somewhere in the next years.
  10. I don’t ship them in RL but I hardly ever do since I‘m not romantic in RL. Probably comes with the age. I prefer when actors stay friends after shooting since most of them don’t contact each other again or otherwise they would have problems to go back to normal life again. Just imagine you have to pretend to be in love with someone for months(!) who you aren’t. Must be a weird mix of feelings and I don’t think all of them can perfectly switch between work and RL. But when you earn a friend, you can see them and hang out with them even after.
  11. Well she is from the future in 10 years, so, of course she must look older. And I like that actually she does. It just irks me that her younger self looks exactly the same. They rather had taken a younger actress or at least gave her a making over. But I think it has more to do with the low budget. So I try to overlook that.
  12. Currently watching Parallel Love and Lost Romance and both are quite good, even though LR is a bit darker. Just binged Oops, the King is in Love and it was okay. The script unfortunately is lacking a lot. It has all the tropes our beloved script writer here used. Kind of inside gag.
  13. I never noticed the clothes except that LHY‘s jackets are far too big for him. They are okay for me. Nothing that sticks out but also nothing weird. But I‘m not much interested in clothes. Most time they wear classic office work uniform: a suit.