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  1. Oic oic. It’s a Q&A Yes the idea of season 2 excites all of us here !!! this page moves so fast so many new posts to read !!!!
  2. Season 2? can share with us where did you see this? that he would do a season 2 with the original cast .. thank you
  3. Yes the raw episodes up to no 24 is available. I think I won’t sleep .. will marathon all.. from 15 -24
  4. Yes.. both of them are so cute! The servants have to pry and pull them apart.. so funny n he sneaked back into her room via the window !!!! So sweet!!!
  5. Do continue watching all the way to the end. It’s funny, witty and the plots are very unexpected i enjoyed this show v v much watched like 3x and rewatched all the bts hundreds of times... my first time watching this male lead Zhang ruo yun in c drama I hope they will film the next season soon
  6. Ding Yuxi looks good in this new short haircut!!! thank you for sharing the live link
  7. Can you share where this news is shown ? looking forward to season 3!!!
  8. Thank you for sharing this 芋圓西米露 taro paste pudding with sago milk explanation. That’s so sweet and enchanting i was wondering why it wasn’t mango w sago, the usual desert ..
  9. Wow! So many new pages of bts scenes! Keep them coming to fill the void until Monday night ! thank you for sharing them here!!!
  10. Intense love is ding yuxi’s drama w anr actress all 24 episodes are available i didn’t really like this drama. Just went for last episode n skipped the in betweens DYX plays a surgeon. V handsome , more of a cool and calm character ROTAR is way better
  11. yes, me tooo cant wait for the next 2 episodes to appear on Monday night 8pm
  12. Thank you tried watching love better than mortality not too bad does she end up w Xiao bai or the bad brother Qiu ye I still , still prefer this present drama Romance of tiger n rose.
  13. Zhao lu si’s drama which is better to watch in your opinion love of a thousand years or love better than immortality ?
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