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  1. wow, 300 million views! cant wait for monday ! what is their ranks in terms of popularity as compared with other dramas?
  2. if joseph zeng promotes this show, it means the show should be broadcast soon.? looking forward to seeing him and liu yuning. i like liu yuning in his precious show the long ballad a lot. hope to see this show up and featured soon
  3. love this preview! i think part 3 has more kissing than part 1&2 combined! no wonder can hit 1 billion views ! hope Mo Lian Cheng stop having amnesia!
  4. hi everyone. i was surprised to see 8 raw episodes available on XXXXX ! i watched all of them. so peppered with many kissing scenes! its kinda like that chen qian qian show, where woman rules. even have the actress who was chen chu chu . she is a lady general. every monday tuesday and wednesday 8pm, 2 episodes, 30 episodes in total
  5. Agree with you on the endings. Was hastily ended somehow @marrez1 @ipohtown Hopefully there will be Easter egg specials? And the portion on leyan pregnant... did I miss out? We were happily enticipating baby haoyan in our earlier replies here in soompi forum
  6. Ep 38:Ah sun and Chang Ge plans was to pretend the eagles elite troop all died in the battle with the Mo Bei troops. They pretended to make fake dying sounds to mislead the bear troop (lead by a fat mongolian guy, i can't recall his name). This is to make bear troop leader fall into their trap and be killed by the Mo Bei soldiers. Then Ah sun faked his death. MuJin did this "act", by returning and sending Ah Sun's famous face mask back to the big tent to show Ke-Dun. MuJin was hoping to locate MiMi's younger brother who was held as a hostage by Ke-dun. hope you enjoy the shows. I t
  7. wow... w subs !!! love these... thank you for sharing... so leyan and haodu will have a small private wedding soon ..
  8. Ahhh.... so sweet. ah sun rewrote the note to be sent back to chang ge in ep 38. Guess what love notes he wrote?? The note is hidden in a little box. he said ‘ I miss u!’ In the note. Chang ge was so happy
  9. Today is Monday, Monday , Monday... it's show time tonight !!!! Hi Mila, @Mila https://www.instagram.com/p/COA6mcWDW07/ the body shown in your picture here is not Ah Sun's. I am guessing is mimi guli's. She somehow ended up working as a spy for She er (little khan or xiao ke han) and later she committed suicide. Read this part somewhere ( a posting ). If i find that post, i will edit this message and add it in later.
  10. Wahhhh.. expecting baby HaoYan at the end of the show.. that's fantastic !!!! thanks for sharing this !!!!
  11. Yes... an assassin shot an arrow at Ah Sun while he returned and was happily reunited with Chang ge. I am guessing must be the Tang Princess who was married to the khans, aka little Khan -She er's Mom 's instructions to kill Ah Sun. She wanted Ah Sun to die so that She er will be the future successor of the Khan. The ending is a Happy Ending.. look at the MVs... =)
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