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  1. lol.. at the end, the queen screamed all to get OUT and the king received a slap. poor king.
  2. I love that place by the sea the couple SH and JK went to. It's beautiful. That bridge with glass floor, and a portal with a giant swing. just awesome. anyone knows what is the name of the place they visited?
  3. cant wait for ep 4 !!!! Seo Joon looks very cute and handsome tooo.. she will date seo joon ?? go see the preview for ep 4..
  4. Yes day 1 was 10 episodes available then today I saw alllllllll... no idea why everything was released in one go.. and Xiaozhan only appears at ep 10. I marathon one night ........
  5. It’s broadcasted !!! Yay.. finally !!! duboku.net https://u.holidays4y.com/voddetail/1352.html i can’t locate w English subs thou
  6. Was watching this on wetv this show is fantastic!!! shawn Dou is so handsome here I hope he and the third daughter yan yan will have a happy ending ! Rooting for them !
  7. Is this show going to be on air soon? I saw a preview of this show on wetv English Facebook page. the link https://www.facebook.com/wetvenglish/videos/770330033543245/
  8. agree i feel ling dad should have tried to console his son that his sister's death is not his fault as he is a victim too. but Ling Dad didn't ! i was upset why he did not say it. I am sure he is sad that ling xiao is still having nitemares of his dead sister, right? as a dad, how can he just assume that his son will be mentally strong enough to over come that past all by himself. show's over, i am happy with the last family picture taken - so fun and hilarious
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