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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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I don't think so too,  @lmhpsh . Hye Joon has a clear goal of his dream/s without a dark side of it. I think the team up of MJ and HJ will be a big help to Hye Joon's career. Since he has manager now, a spokesperson, it's easier for HJ to handle the in and out of their world. I think he will show the entertainment industry how excellent an actor he can be. 












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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

So these photos are legit Record of Youth cast. Lol,  we had thought before the first photo was not genuine and might be photoshopped. :D


They are Jin Ju ssi (Jo Ji Seung) - the mean salon sunbae and 

Su Bin - ah (Park Se Hyun) - the cute maknae chingu of Jeong Ha. 






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NAVER News article :cutekitty:


tvN drama youth record, dirt spoon protagonist rides BMW?


BMW Korea announced on the 17th that it is sponsoring BMW vehicles for tvN's new monthly drama'Youth Record'.


As tvN's new Monday and Tuesday drama'Youth Records' continues to increase in viewer ratings every day, attention was also drawn to the main character's car.


'Youth Record' is the last work of popular actor Park Bo-gum before enlistment, and actor Park So-dam, who received attention for the movie'Parasite', also appears. In addition to the domestic tvN channel, it is aired in 190 countries around the world through Netflix.


Among the cars that appear mainly in the youth record, the main characters' cars, BMW '1 Series' and '2 Series', are by far the most popular. An official from BMW Korea explained, "We tried to show the charm of BMW by supporting models that match the personality and taste of the characters."




According to BMW Korea, the car of Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum), who dreams of becoming an actor, is the '2 Series Gran Coupe 220d Luxury'. The new 220d is equipped with a BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output of 190 hp and a maximum torque of 40.79 kg·m . Acceleration time from standstill to 100 km /h takes 7.5 seconds and combined fuel efficiency is 13.9 km/ l. The price is 48.3 million won.





Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam) rides the 118d. /Photo courtesy = BMW Korea
Ahn Jung-ha (played by Park So-dam), who dreams of becoming a makeup artist, rides the'New 118d M Sports' equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine. The maximum power is 150 horsepower and the  maximum torque is 35.69 kg·m in the range of 1750 to 2500 rpm . The maximum speed is 214 km . It takes 8.4 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 100 km /h . The combined fuel efficiency is 14.3 km/ ℓ and the price is 45.9 million won. 



The car that Hae-hyo Won (played by Woo-Seok Byeon) is the'New Z4 M40 i' . The Z4, equipped with a six-cylinder twin-power turbo gasoline engine, has a maximum output of 387 hp and a maximum torque of 51 kg·m. It takes 4.1 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 100 km /h . The price is 90.5 million won.


The drama'Youth Record' is aired on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 pm , and on the 15th, it broke its own highest rating of 7.8%.






My question is when these cars will appear in the drama?  I love the red one,  Hae Hyo's car. 

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@H0ney Bravo love your posts and this one was great. I love that classic Whitney Houston song! We had to memorize it for my music class. So I had chills reading the lyrics in your post.

Great seeing you here! Loving seeing friends from other forums here in ROY. What a cool party! Great stuff to read/look at while we wait impatiently for the next episodes. :hooray2:

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This was posted before but I think Park So Dam wasn't mentioned. 



'Youth Record' drama topical first place... Bo-gum Park and Jun-ki Lee, cast 1st and 2nd place


The appearance of Park Bo-gum attracted attention even before the drama was aired. After the episode 1 broadcast, it was pointed out that it was'somewhat old', but after the episode 2 broadcast, positive audience reviews that 'I watched it with fun' increased. Park Bo-gum ranked first in the drama cast, and Park So-dam ranked fourth.










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@H0ney Aww your welcome and considering the thought and efforts you put into your posts , I really love! I know it can be a process for all of us to express our thoughts and opinions of our fave dramas/characters etc.

If you can write anytime I would love to read you posts! Looking forward to your post on ep 4! 


Yes I love the community we have here a lot! This makes watching dramas fun! The rewatch series is great to read others opinions of the classics that I wanted to see but I never  watched!

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omg! this fan arts are so cuuuuuteee :wub: am gonna use them as wallpapers ㅋㅋㅋ


and thank you @MinLyn and @Sakurafairy :cries3:


I didn't post the text of my reax for eps 3-4 here because I'm not that confident about it haha. 


actually logged on just to drop this cute interaction of bogummy with this kid. that is one lucky kiddo!!!:




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