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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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Love the goodies and stuff ! Keep them coming! @Sakurafairy @gumtaek @Sodamssi @BogumNoona


 All your efforts to translate are above and beyond and you are an ANGEL! Words of thanks are not sufficient for your translations! Wow. As someone who has to for her parents and tries to do it here in the forums (though my Korean is crappy) I do appreciate and applaud you. :elated:@MinLyn


@BogumNoona Loved your post. I agree that Jeong Ah's colleague is a "B". Plus HJ  manager MJ was right on saying --those who proclaim to be victims are NEVER victims is RIGHT on. I dislike her alot. To threaten her, bully her and make that mess saying I am going to stay over you. Dang. Unfortunately there are REALLY nasty people like her out there. I have minor bullying (not to that extent) but I am sure reality is worse than fiction. Plenty of two faced people in this world. Putting their own insecurities and inadequacies and jealousy of another and blaming that person for it. UGGGGH.


Saw Ep 4 last night after work. Now it is 11am on Wednesday---luckily not busy season at work now.


-Jin U taking alot and being underpaid at his job. I am glad he stood up to the photographer/bully Yang Mujin sunbae. The fact the latter used that is how were trained. (He probably was not lying.) But repeating those habits and demeaning ways ARE not the right way. Glad Jin U left and had his self respect. Also his also saying he rather not have a sunbae like HIM.  I am sure he was really pushed to the limit. I agree when he told Hae Hyo that quitting is a luxury ONLY for rich kids like him. 


-Loved that all three guys got the shots together (great use of media coverage) :relaxed: for men to do their part for their female partners sexual health. Loved it! Cute how Hye Jun was first then Hae Hyo and then Jin U. LOL. I  personally dislike shots. Since Jin U has to do it three times, is he dragging the guys with him for the other two as well? I guess so yeah? :naughty:


Hye Jun's mom Ae Suk is awesome!  She stood up to dad and though she isn't sure about if it is right or not. She is RIGHT that it is bad enough he gets belittled and put down a lot outside. I agree with her to be supportive. The fact he is supporting himself and not ASKING for any support is great. Granted he is unable to help out the family, but he is surviving.  It hurt a bit to see dad's preference for the more annoying hyung.  Both liking to team up on grandfather and Hye Jun. Glad mom called them out on it while eating the bbq meat. 


The scene of Gyeong Jun Hyung at the bank, yeah he has a job. But he is very strict and kind of a pain and stickler. Though those can be good qualities, his lack of customer service skills and lack of EQ awareness is not boding well for him in the bank job. I am sure if after his trial three months, they either fire him or send him elsewhere. The fact his boss Park Su Yeon at Mirae Bank was being sarcastic, Gyeong Jun did not get it. He just kept digging the hole deeper for him to fall into. LOL.


Hye Jun's mom Ae Suk takes a lot from Kim I Yeong (Hae Hyo's mom) emotionally , verbally and materially (ok the latter not much as cast offs) .  But unlike her son Gyeong Jun, Ae Suk has common sense EQ in spades. If not, how could she survive dealing with I Yeong? Granted she is a pain, there are more other rich wives who are FAR more worse than her.


Her being helicopter mom wanting Ae Jeong to do her make up and complimenting her after saying next time please go with the hierarchy in the salon.  I Yeong (so full of awareness of class and status) likes that about her as well Ae Suk.  (Having money and status doesn't make you a better person for sure. My mom always said they were lucky to be born into those families but having wealth is not permanent and can change overnight. We see many dramas and heard stories of formerly rich families go broke over night due to stock market, health incident /injury, or death of the bread winner of the family.) She mentions it alot whenever she is on screen and being supportive meeting reporters and treating them to expensive meals. Buying IG followers and being careful to add them not to alarmingly obvious.  We know she met with someone working with casting him in the movie role who kept pestering Hae Hyo over Hye Jun due to his social media following to win him the role for Hae Hyo.


Going back to the support that Hye Jun lacks it is that kind of stuff. His refusing Homme Jung.  Sponsorship and being at beck and call and it is a business is not fun and always feel beholden to the other person. Even he was told he was not ambitious enough and he would flounder. So when the designer put more salt into his pride/wound saying your friend is popular due to support. It is not on his own efforts (though Hae Hyo naively thinks so).  He has languished and has not gone beyond to be famous despite being handsome but NO backing. Even his new manager Min Jae wants to establish him to get used to acting as better and being a 'star". So from not allowing him to carry trash bags (due to image control) or sitting in the back seat but not with her. I liked that Hye Jun stood up and wants to be humble and modest (to Park Bo Gum's real image).  But he will abide to her selectively. I liked that he told her.  But she is also using her marketing skills developing relationships with reporters too as well. You have to have them on your side.


**** I am still fuming at Hae Hyo's manager snide comment to Hye Jun about why  you in the shop if you have no schedule?! RUDE.


Even last episode when Hae Hyo's friends were grateful and happy saying they could 'breathe easy" and be themselves without Hye Jun (attached at the hip) with him. It is all the same class and I can see why he likes Jin U and Hye Jun as they are more real and not snobbish. I like that Hae Hyo's dad wanted him to be exposed to other kids not just from the same social class. I respect his dad alot. But why did Hae Hyo have to say a white lie that those snooty guys missed his presence? UGGGH


Alot has been written about our OTP for this episode. I loved it. They are so natural and charismatic together. Just their visuals makes me think that the title of this drama is so appropriate and right gift from Park Bo Gum to his fans. Also glad to see Park So Dam in this drama post Parasite fame.  She has a natural charm I love about her. The sweetness of her smile matches the sweet smiles and puppy dog eyes of Park Bo Gum. When he met up with her and then they ate together and had drinks. He cutely took care of her. She is adorbs. Later when he tells her to never go drinking with another (ooooh sensing a bit of possessiveness cause she is TOO cute). Or the fact she has never been in love. She def is more confident and chattier than being sober. He got to know her really well.  I loved he was a source of strength for her and she reminded him she chose him out of all the stars/entertainers out there.  I think he was touched. Also she with her strict principles stars/fans should be separate. So her saying she will stop fangirling if they are becoming closer as friends is cute.  Hye Jun wants to help her and I like Jeong Ah told him her hair salon battle with Jin Ju sunbae. I love that at least Soo Bin is on her side and Yang So Min salon director has EQ sense. 


Grandpa so eager to go to the modeling academy and chatting with another grandfather saying his grandson is great as his family are not interested. But again due to his using banmal,  grandpa has to set status/order by asking his age. One thing I always noticed with Koreans---making sure everyone is ADDRESSED correctly due to age/status/job etc. One thing in the West many of my Korean friends LOVE about our culture. 


I think it is cute that Jin U's family is close to Hyo Jun and flowed that Jin U and Hye Jun are close to Hae Hyo. Guessing Jin U is dating and Hae Hyo saying is it Hae Na (jokingly) but not realizing of course it is the truth. Hae Na knows they are dating but will have to break up. Cute how they hold hands in her car and decide to go to the next level. In the last episode, she said let's eat ramen. We know that it stands for Netflix and chill. But they really ate ramen in the convenience store. LOL.  They are both heading for heartache but enjoying their time together.


Hae Hyo telling Jeong Ah she is going to do his filming shoot and sweet he is saying she can do Hyo Jun's make up too. Seeing how Hyo Jun taunt Park Do Ha , he loves his role. And seeing Lee Min Jae facing off with Tae Su (ugggh) at the elevator when PDH tried to snub and take another elevator. But when it did not work as planned they all were in the elevator. LOL loved how Hyo Jun relished being the rich chaebol to beat up Park Do Ha's character. Then when the latter whined he changed the script, I LOVED how Director Choi Se Hun loved his improvisations! YES!  Hyo Jun is shining and so happy he got the chance! (As we see in the preview Hae Hyo will see Hyo Jun's acting unleashed).


Hyo Jun negotiating with Lee Min Jae his contract. LOL how he said 7 years was too long (think of SM and other idol making companies) and then she was trying to help him out. Her constant if you look at me that way, I will cave in to you. So in the end for the 1 year and 50/50 was a great compromise. He has to go to military, she is starting out too and I loved they have a great rapport. Plus that elevator face off was awesome. Tae Su making jabs at Min Jae not getting married ---oooh old Confucian /traditional ways of thinking. (As a single woman who never married, bravo Min Jae!) 


Looking forward to next week's episodes! Next week cannot come fast enough! Fall is finally here in New England, sweater weather and pumpkin everything and apple cider! Yummy. Going to eat a pumpkin scone with my lunch today. Hehehe.





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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes



The Jjamppong Entertainment 



Appa,  eomma and hye joon


This one is so LOVELY. 




@Nodame, thank you for the shared insights. I enjoy reading it. 


Looking forward to next week's episodes! Next week cannot come fast enough! Fall is finally here in New England, sweater weather and pumpkin everything and apple cider! Yummy. Going to eat a pumpkin scone with my lunch today. Hehehe.

Enjoy what you are doing. Fall is getting colder so take care of yourself and let us taste your version of pumpkin scone. :wub:

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NAVER news article

'Youth Record' Calling Over-immersion Success Story of Park Bo-gum, the ugly duckling [TV Watch]
Can a Ugly Duckling Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum) become a swan? Actor-wanted Sa Hye-joon's success is causing viewers to become overly immersed.
To describe the meaning of Sa Hye-jun in the family in one word, it was "unfortunate duckling." In the eyes of Sa Young-nam (Park Soo-young) and her older brother Sa Kyung-joon (Lee Jae-won), Sa Hye-joon was a person who had never achieved anything at that age because he believed in a handsome face and was in a dream. The two have always used abusive language to advise on life and to undermine their self-esteem.
Sa wasn't just hit inside the house. From Lee Tae-soo (played by Lee Chang-hoon), the president of a vicious agency that takes away the model guarantee, Charlie Jung (played by Lee Seung-jun) who said that he can't face reality when he refuses to sponsor, and top star Park Do-ha (played by Kim Gun-woo), who is abusing power. They directly insulted Sa and urged her to give up her dream.
When Sa Hye-jun, who was disappointed by the wall of reality, decided to join the military without achieving anything, an opportunity came from an unexpected place. The movie "Pyeongbeom," which chose Won Hae-hyo (played by Byun Woo-seok) in the casting race for "Awareness Difference-House Push Difference," has been offered a different role. Hye Jun was the third generation of a conglomerate that bullied Park Do-ha in the movie, which was about five scenes.
In the fourth episode of "Youth Records," which aired on September 15, Sa Hye-joon, who played the role very well, was depicted. Even the director acknowledged Sa's ability to interpret characters. When the flower road finally appeared in front of Sa Hye-jun, who had been struggling under the name of youth all along, viewers cheered for her, saying, "I felt catharsis when she played the role of a conglomerate," "Let's become a scene stealer," and "I really hope he becomes a top star." 




I await with pleasure the day when Hye Joon gets nominated for a Rookie Award or Best Actor and on the stage he'll receive it knowing his family especially his appa is in the crowd. The ugly duckling turns into a handsome and productive swan. 




Another NAVER article 


"Youth Record" Lee Jae-won, the first initiation at work... "real beginners in society"



In tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Records," which aired on the 15th, Sa Kyung-joon (played by Lee Jae-won) was called by his boss because he was mean to Sah Hae-joon (played by Park Bo-gum) at home, and because he was offended by the principle while serving customers at work.


"There's no way you didn't hear it," Sa Kyung-joon said to a customer who came to a loan consultation and said, "I've never heard of it without bringing documents. Among the documents to prepare, it was 'T.O.P.' He responded with a good smile, but soon he was called by his boss because he offended the customer.


Sagyeongjun, who was called by his boss, fired a unique fact bombing, saying, "I think we need principles rather than convergence." But he said, "Kidding...Why were you assigned to our team?" was sarcastic.



In response, Sa Kyung-joon said, "It's too insulting to ask you to listen, so maybe you said what you wanted to say to yourself under the pretext of talking to yourself." But he ended up saying, "Go back. Don't ever come again," he said, adding to his sullen appearance.


As such, Sa Kyung-joon is a recognized elite in the "Sa" family and is one of the most easy-to-study talents, but he is a new employee in his third month at work. Sa Kyung-joon, whose principle is more important than flexibility, thought he would do well in his social life, but quickly apologized for his boss's scolding as he was a beginner in society, showing his inherent sloppy side and even showing his anti-war charm.


It is expected that he will grow through the ups and downs he will experience at work in the future.


Meanwhile, "Youth Records" airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9 p.m.





I dread the day the bank will either fire him or transfer him to a place far from theirs as @Nodame stated in her post for not being able to  connect well to the clients. 




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Netflix Rank in South Korea 




1 hour ago, ㅋㅋㅋ said:

it's pretty satisfying to see some people online "won over" by this episode when they were, i guess, unsure about this drama before. if they were looking for impact, Hye jun's last scene was definitely ALL about impact and more...i mean PBG was just.... 


wahh this week ROY made me so happyyyyy. this show leaves me feeling sparkly and refreshed! 

HJ likes JA so much and it makes me wanna scream hahaha. 

the way he walked back and forth in his room while calling her to ask her out. his little smiles because of her and the electricity you feel that HE FEELS when he accidentally touches her hand or the look on his face whenever he finds her amusing or amazing.


and i admire JA's determination to resist him. gaaaahhhhh. because this could really get messy like she said. i just love their dynamic so much. 


i love manager Min jae. i love Grandpa. i love HJ's mom. and i'm slowly getting intrigued by Hae hyo! i guess all this time he's been inaccessible to me, and i didn't want to trust the character yet.





This gif is for you chingu. 




I agree with you that episode 4 won over many viewers' hearts because of these reasons: 

1. the race to victory of being an actor; 

2. the nth degree cuteness of our Park-Park Couple; 

3. the partnership of Minjae and Hyejoon (cheers to Jjamppong Entertainment Agency); 

4. the start of the movie Pyeong Beong wherein the PD likes Hyejun's acting and ad lib; 

5. the time where Hye Joon can get his revenge with Do Ha;  

6. AeSuk eomma's decision to support Hye Joon; 

6. and more. 


This episode is full of excitement and heart fluttering moments. I think I watched this at least 5 times already.  I never loose the original emotions I had after I watched it for the first time.  :cutekitty:





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Netflix ranking





Rank 10 Worldwide


Rank #1 in HK,  Malaysia,  Philippines,  Singapore, South Korea,  Taiwan,  Thailand and Vietnam ( total of 8 countries)  


India, Nigeria, Oman,  Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE (Middle East)  were new countries added to the list that streamed it yesterday,  Sept 16.


As you all are saying and I'm also super agreeing that Episode 4 turned the table to success. 


Cheers to more victories of uri drama in the future episodes.


Let's be excited to what Seo Hyun Jin and Park Seo Joon's cameos will bring to the drama's success. 


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I had so much making gifs for ROY episode 3-4 haha


The gifs (and my eps reaction) are here:



Feel free to use them :D


(sorry, just popped up here on this thread so suddenly without saying hi! Annyeong y'all !!! :wub: I'm usually a lurker so don't mind me :sweatingbullets:)




I swear this "Is it this too close?" would be their thing! I wonder if they'll say it on their first kiss. kyaaaaa~




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On 9/15/2020 at 10:01 AM, Nodame said:

Thanks for the back story of the senior model in Korea (his cameo) . I did not know about him. But he was FIERCE and def has character. He has a compelling face too. 

No problem! His wonderful cameo adds depth into the storytelling and I love that this drama blurs the line of reality and also brings up topics to change some inherent beliefs. Another great touch was the mention of the sponsorship and the not so glamorized life of a model. And in the recent ep was the awareness of cervical cancer. 



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Who can resist our cute and adorable Park-Park Couple! :wub: Their undeniable chemistry and synergy just blows you away! There are so many scenes focusing on our two main leads which makes episodes 3 & 4 such a delightful watch for me! :highonflowers:


The first two episodes were filled with many heartwarming as well as heart-wrenching scenes but the recent episodes this week were filled with all of the above and coupled with many lighthearted moments shared between Hye-Joon and Jung-Ha! I'm also loving the depth of their conversations which provides us with a greater insight on their perspectives about life and their perceptions of people and things which they value in their lives. :fullofhearts:


Sharing more gifs of our beautiful couple....:wub:




Cr as tagged












Cr as tagged








Cr as tagged


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So the first part of this drama that we’re watching is what happened in 2018 to hyejun, jeong ha, haehoon and others. So maybe in the second part it will be the present time 2020? Am i correct? What will happen to jeongha and hyejun then? I love this drama I can’t wait for mon and tues. hayy. 

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5 hours ago, LRM11219311 said:

So the first part of this drama that we’re watching is what happened in 2018 to hyejun, jeong ha, haehoon and others. So maybe in the second part it will be the present time 2020? Am i correct? What will happen to jeongha and hyejun then? I love this drama I can’t wait for mon and tues. hayy. 

Yes. Unlike other dramas that would have a time jump, RoY begins in 2018 and will chronicle Sa Hye Jun's journey toward achieving his dream.     EiFa7VpU8AAzgWC?format=jpg&name=small               Victory Contents IG

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Hi @kmsl! A big welcome to the Happy ROY thread! Yeah! I love your lovely gifs and your awesome recaps of the latest episodes! You're indeed spot on about our favourite couple.  :wow1:


Hi everyone! Thank you all for sharing your wonderful thoughts and insights about the drama, our main leads and supporting cast too! Special thanks to @gumtaek, @Sakurafairy, @BogumNoona@Sodamssi and others for your continual updates on ROY! :fullofhearts:


Hi @LRM11219311 & @lmhpsh, happy to have you on board this thread too! :Pandabulous:


I also love reading your insightful reviews of the drama, @touchthesky99 & @Nodame! Do continue to keep them coming! The Big Bang Theory Young Sheldon GIF by CBS

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I don't know what is this all about but it's dreamlatte, Bogum's avid fan, so ill just post it here. 












tvN tweet (BTS)  adorable babies



Welcome to the thread: @kmsl


Actually I've just gone from Ahjummamshies site and read the review there wc happened to be yours and planned to copy the whole thing here, crediting you the author, coz it's precise and beautifully written. I enjoy reading it and it's lovely if it will be posted here not only the link. 


and @LRM11219311 


In the future episodes,  I would love to see the collaboration of Hye Joon and Min Jae which happened already then added by Jeong Ha as over all makeup artist and stylist of Hye Joon. This trio will slay the celebrity world. 



I believe the drama has lots of flashbacks since it needs to emphasize the background of every character's story.


The setting of the first 4 episodes are not in the past generally but in the present, however, as I said flashbacks are needed to give emphasis to the characters' backgrounds. 


What will happen to the characters?  My guess?  ~

for Hye Joon,  the battle is on,  going forward to be a great and successful actor like his Park BoGum sunbaenim (smile) and I'm anticipating the day he'll get rewarded for his great acting in an award giving body. 


For Jeong Ha ~ well as she said to Hye Joon,  her sole battle/fight with her sunbae JinJu and who the salon will choose: competence and skills of jeongha or the long service of jinju to the salon;  and how can she create her own global brand. 


For Hae Hyo - how will he react upon knowing that her mom is the author of all those sns popularity thing, the buying of followers,  the bribing of the production crew,  how will he stand up independently just him without her mom's obssessive help and don't know about if there will be a triangle, but hoping there will be not. Just hoping that Jeongha isn't his type (lol) 


For Jin U and Hae Na - lol,  what will everyone will react when they know that they are dating each other which Hae Hyo labeled as "family".



@Nodame @ponderingsp

Thanks for the info about the senior model/s. Those senior models add a different and peculiar layer in the drama where haraboji will revolve his story. The writer research well and able to add that twist. I didn't even know there is like that in Korea?  Everything is business today. B)



Monday comes fast please! 

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Hi, @lmhpsh! From Hye Jun's conversation with his manager, I don't think he will.:) In the slow-mo scene of Hye Jun with Min Jae where he has this voice-over, we realize that he is grounded: With fundamental values intact, his goal is to break away from  the prevailing mindset that the socioeconomic status of one's family dictates one's fate. Yes, he wants to be a

"top star like Do Ha but unlike Do Ha, Hye Jun wants to be a "humble star".:wub:

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