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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

I see the ratings continuing to go up and the show deserves it.:wub:

I love the moments they are together and the conversations they share. 



Jeong Ha’s flashback scenes seemed to show her estrangement from her family (or as far as I can tell, her Mom). It seems she’s the one giving financial support to them. Going through hurdles at such a young age explains where she got her sassy and gritty outlook on life. Yet at the same time we see her vulnerability inspite of her strong temperament. Park So Dam did really well in these scenes. 


I was a little surprised at how Hye Jun was treated the same way in the past the way he is being treated now. I would understand his father’s frustration at how things have not worked out for Hye Jun now. But it doesn’t look like his father ever gave him a chance at all and had been against him from the start.

I was glad to see Hye Jun’s acting gig allowed him to shine. His dedication to his craft was evident with how he prepared for his acting part. That made the last part of the show so satisfying to watch. 

I can’t wait for next week’s episodes.:fullofhearts:

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Nielsen Korea Ratings




7.823 + 1.626 = 9.449 %




9.626 + 2.442 = 12.068 %


***Real airing time and encore both ranked in top ten household viewership ratings. 






On Netflix 







Ranked 1 - Hongkong and Thailand. 


Bangladesh and Sri Lanka streamed it again yesterday. :)




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Sodamssi fashion




My Jeongha is overly cute in the last episode. Ha! Fangirling over this actress keeps me going. It is therapeutic indeed. 


I enjoyed all episodes but the last episode made me jump,  scream and cry. 


The couple's interactions are priceless. I emphatize with my girl when the flashback happened. She always needed to provide for her family,  for her sibling. I cried heavily here and the truthness that she didn't even get to be loved or that feeling of how to be taken care of by someone. She is always giving. :bawling:


I know she is lonely the way she called Hyejoon's name four times. She wants a person to call,  a name that will comfort her when she is having a hard time. Hyejoon is really therapeutic for her. 













Hyejoonssi Thank you so much for taking care of Jeongha. She deserves all the love in the world. 


I love this drama out of all Sodamssi's dramas so far. The elements are so complete. I love Sodam and Bogum's acting. They really belong to the cream of the crop. 





She is so cute in acting while drunk. 















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Finally, a high res pic...

credit: @CjnDrama Twitter











@BogumNoona: Is the Top 10 on Netflix world wide?


@Sodamssi: I love how the relationship of Hye Jun and Jung Ha has the right footing of friendship...romance has not yet set in but they seem fated to be soulmates seeing how comfortable they are in baring their soul and spilling their thoughts to each other. 

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Text Preview for Ep 5 of Record of youth



Translation as follows :-


Min-Jae, who is being contacted regarding Hye-jun's casting for the TV drama, is excited as she says that things are going well for them now.


Meanwhile, Hye-Joon, Jung-Ha, and Hae-Hyo met at the script reading for the movie "Pyeong-beom (Ordinary)"


Hye-Joon's and Jeong-Ha's closeness has caused Hae-Hyo to feel strangely jealous.


P.S. I am still trying to make sense of the text preview for Ep 5. Does it mean we are in store for a love triangle among the 3 main leads? I would still like to relish the hope that this would not occur...Question Reaction GIF


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@gumtaek, my husband who watches Record of Youth with me excitedly recognized Dongdaemun Design Plaza. We had a chance to visit Korea April of last year. I agree with you that it has a unique architecture.  would love to visit Korea again (when the situation is back to normal) and  visit the beautiful places being shown in this drama. 

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I love this gif!

@Badette Aguilar:  K-fans and I-fans are planning to visit these sites. Amazingly even the beauty salon where Jung Ha works. You and husband could go when everything normalizes. 


I have been to Dongdaemun but only to check out the clothes stalls. :lol: Hope to return to SK someday.

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Okay,  I finished watching the whole episode four.  I also love this episode. Thanks that rating increased. The drama deserves it and we all hope it gets the excellent rating in the future episodes. 


I also enjoy reading all insights here about the drama, may it be a particular scenes, or the characters or the rants. :D 


Since I'm a Mom myself I can relate specially to the scene where appa and eomma are discussing angrily about hyejoon. I really love how eomma gives emphasis to this. A mother loves this feeling when their kid/s are not giving up to what they want to aspire in their life,  although it brings worry and concerns,  what's important is the support and encouragement a mother can give to her children. 





Ae Sook eomma is another MVP here. Instead of stopping HJ to dream despite of having a nega husband and ofc the people that will criticize her son for choosing this path again,  still she chose to be HJ's strong support system.  









A standing ovation to Ae-sook eomma. 






I also love the scene where Jin-u called HJ and HH and got vaccinated with HPV (human papillomavirus ). Since JU has HN and will likely to start their sexual active life so he needs to get this shot. 


Although cervical cancer isn't for men but some can be prevented with their body and it's very ideal for sexually active young people ( I'm not saying the trio is SA :D).


Including this in the script is also a golden opportunity to inform viewers since the drama is dealing with young people. 











For the OTP: 

Ohh,  again,  if I were HJ's eomma and to choose a daughter-in-law , I would have chosen JH.




For me the otp scenes in episode 4 are all relaxing. Yes, @Sodamssi I want also to admit that I screamed a lot watching this episode. I love how they converse with each other. They are both intelligent so their conversation is highly analytical. Their bantering with each other is so cute. You feel that they really are comfortable with each other.The way they talk about forgiving one's sins. The way how HJ pats JH's back is so sweet. Jeongha is so cute when she is drunk. The way HJ guide her on the side of the street. All are CUTE. :D


For me this drama brings another level of reminiscing my past youth years. I can relate how they are free spirited but at the same time burdened with their careers. I know you all do. B)







On the other hand, I really hate favoritisms. Why did HJ appa need to just buy one shoes for GJ and telling/emphasizing to HJ that he needed to come with him in the construction site. I hate that kind of parent. I hope I'm not like that to my kids. 









And that senior makeup artist. She really gets on my nerves. Why there are people like that, very insecure with co-worker's skills?  




Mian for the long post. 


I will end my post here with this photo of my son Hye Joon.




Yes Hye Joon, throw that away,  that social casting. A silver or dirt spoon, they are just utensils. Make your own dream to come true and buy all the colors of spoons in the future (joke) :D



5 hours ago, gumtaek said:


  Reveal hidden contents



@BogumNoona: Is the Top 10 on Netflix world wide?




Today's ranked of ROY on Netflix worldwide is No. 19. 



@MinLyn I agree that although Bogum has that super ability to connect to people and that's what I love about him but 101% Sodam and the supporting cast as well are all reasons why this drama is getting their deserved success. It's a collaboration of hard works of everyone. 


I don't read much in sns that the drama has a boring plot. When I searched sns,  it is well received. 


But if you go and read Koala's PG site, those people commenting there are all toxic so better not. It will make your heart bloody. 


A big welcome to the Happy ROY thread, @Firefly, @tulip06, @Yasemin Salturdóttir , @ainipang . Hugs ROY chingus. 


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English Subbed of ROY's lead cast MBTI. 




I love this scene. :wow1:


Hye Jun's character in the movie is a not a thug or a gangster but a superbly rich heir. Wow! 


And FYI,  he isn't bad in acting. Actually the PD loves his way of acting and the way he makes impromptu dialogues. 


***So the previous description about Hye Joon is false at all. B)





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'Record of Youth' Park Bogum gets vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer, not a PPL ~ pannatic


May contain spoiler


In the latest episode of Record of Youth, there's a scene of Sa Hyejun (Park Bogum) and his friends getting vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer. Won Haena (Jo Yoojung) requested his boyfriend, Kim Jinwoo (Kwon Soohyun), to get vaccinated, therefore he called his friends to get vaccinated as well. 


Kim Jinwoo was confused when he first heard the request as he said, 'How am I supposed to get vaccinated [to prevent cervical cancer]? I don't even have a cervix'. Which was quickly replied by Haena, 'Even if you don't have one, [getting vaccinated] will have an effect on me'. She continued, 'I can't wait until you bring me three stamps. You have to get it three times'.


Kim Jinwoo tried to brush it off as he said, 'I'm healthy'. However, Haena did not easily back down, 'I don't want to get cervical cancer. I need proof, so go get vaccinated'. Kim Jinwoo was left speechless. 


In the end, Kim Jinwoo called Sa Hyejun and Won Haehyo (Byun Wooseok) to the hospital, and even booked an appointment for them. He explained, 'This vaccine is not only for women. Even when a guy gets it, it's equally effective'. Both of his friends were convinced. 

Later, the three of them uploaded pictures of them on Instagram with the caption, 'Love needs preparation'. This delivers the message that men also need to get vaccinated to prevent cervical center, which gained tons of reactions from the viewers. 
The keyword 'Cervical Cancer' becomes the most searched keyword on the portal site. Some netizens speak their thoughts, 'I had no idea men could get vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer'. Some other netizens question whether if this campaign was endorsed. 
SPOTVNews, on September 16, claims 'This scene wasn't filmed for a PPL/Endorsement'
The viewer ratings of Record of Youth has been rising since their first episode aired, and by the 4th episode has reached 7,8%.
Viewers shower this drama with praises for raising awareness with their influence and express how much they're looking forward to in the future from this drama.
-So did he get vaccinated for real?
-I seriously hope every drama would do PPL like thisㅋㅋㅋㅋ The writer is amazing for inserting this scene in the drama, despite it's not being a PPL
-They're using their influence for a good use, nice one...
-I heard it's not effective if only the woman gets it! I'm so glad this drama helps to share the information that both the woman and the man have to get it for it to work effectively!
-I thought it was a PPL, since only Park Bogum got itㅋㅋㅋ I think it's very nice of this drama for using their influence to spread awareness...
-But why is it so expensive...
-People are saying 'Men could get vaccinated too...' when it's actually 'Men should get vaccinated too!' 
-I think they should re-name the vaccine and spread more information about it on TV
-Now, this is what you call a good use of media!
-I think having a popular drama spreading this information plays a big role in spreading awareness...
-Do men seriously have no idea about this? Anyway, I'm so glad that this drama is spreading good information and awareness to the public...
-I also convinced my boyfriend to get vaccinatedㅋㅋㅋ
Men don't have cervix but can prevent genital warts and certain kinds of cancer plus it will protect their loved ones. 
By the way,  PSJ cameo is making again this drama so interesting. These days dramas are full of cameos from stars. So he is also grateful to Bogum and to the writer and ofc also to Sodam since they were together in one movie and variety show. 
I am excited with what kind of character he will portray. 
An excerpt: 
"According to sources, Park Seo Joon agreed to appear in the drama as a result of his relationships with both Park Bo Gum and writer Ha Myung Hee. Park Bo Gum previously made a cameo appearance in JTBC’s “Itaewon Class,” and Park Seo Joon also appeared in the Ha Myung Hee’s 2013 drama “A Word From Warm Heart.”
Welcome to the thread, @lmhpsh
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