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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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Jeong Ha’s admission...



I’m sure Hye Jun must already have suspicions about it. Even from their first meeting at the fashion show as she tried to cover it up. I think he just wants to hear her say the words out loud. And the way he did by walking out, most probably to save her from embarrassment during that moment, was the sweetest. 


But his joy can’t be denied. Just look at that smile at the end...priceless! :wub:



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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

11 hours ago, Sakurafairy said:

OMG!  When I was watching hae hyo and jeongha I was like I tot  no love triangle will be developed here and I was like my heart was beating so fast and was so jealous for hyejoon. For some reason,  don't know exactly why I felt that way. 


However,  because the best fangirl drew the line already with haehyo so I hope in the future the two bestfriends won't be struggling with the woman in the middle. :D


I guess I'm just overthinking that scene because of the look he gave and the bgm that started playing soon after lol Or maybe this will be a triangle with Hye Joon in the middle :Megalol:

Most likely just a budding friendship though right? :D

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Our drama  has this description. 










33 minutes ago, autumnight said:

I guess I'm just overthinking that scene because of the look he gave and the bgm that started playing soon after lol Or maybe this will be a triangle with Hye Joon in the middle :Megalol:

Most likely just a budding friendship though right? :D


 As in BIG LMAO! That would be a different conflict in the future if that happens. 




Yeah,  most likely just a budding friendship. And Haehyo gave his approval to a newly blossoming love between otp. :wub:















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News Article






*SPOILERS ALERT* In the latest episode of Record of Youth, there were several heart-fluttering moments that left viewers shy with butterflies in their stomach.

Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum) and Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam) get closer as they find comfort in each other.


They even go on a bookstore date, though they deny it's one, along with getting coffee and even walking under the same umbrella when it begins to rain heavily. When Jung-ha confesses that she hates the rains because it makes her feel lonely, Bo-gum wins hearts by saying, "I'll call you when it rains. You're not alone." The chemistry shared between the two was tangible throughout the episode.


Hye-joon's grandfather Sa Min-gi (Han Jin-hee) is already impressed with Jung-ha as she gives Hye-joon the idea of his grandpa becoming a senior model as he desires to take up a job.


There's also the cutesy moment when Jung-ha is forced to confess to Hye-joon that she's his fan. However, we also saw an inkling of a possible love triangle in the works with Won Hae-hyo (Byun Woo-seok) being enamoured by Jung-ha's honest personality while stressing on having her as his makeup artist in the salon which leads to her promotion.


Moreover, Hye-joon finds out that his joint photoshoot with Hae-hyo was at his friend's request which demoralises him and leads to a slight argument between the two.


Lee Min-jae (Shin Dong-mi) strives to convince Hye-joon to not give up on his dreams just yet by enlisting to the military and kickstart Jjamppong Agency with hopes of Hye-joon being her first client.


Min-jae is successful in getting a small role in the movie for Hye-joon which convinces the model to delay his enlistment date as his father Sa Young-nam (Park Soo-young) goes bonkers. Hye-joon's mother Han Ye-sook (Ha Hee-ra) feels helpless throughout the episode because she isn't able to help her son like Kim Yi-young (Shin Ae-ra) helps Hae-hyo.


However, towards the end of the episode, we see her emotional outburst as she lashes out at her husband.


When it comes to the ratings, Record of Youth Ep 3 recorded an average of 7.2 percent viewership peaking at 8.8 percent according to Nielsen Korea via Soompi. It was a 0.4 point increase from its previous episode.


Check out some of our favourite moments from Record of Youth Ep 3 below:


























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Business News


Youth Record is also a box office following Camellia Bloom… Pan Entertainment Wings'




Pan Entertainment, which showed its potential by producing the drama ``When Camellia Blooms'', which exceeded the highest viewership rating of 23% and became a hot topic in Jang-an, recently released another ``killer content'', raising expectations for this year's performance. Thanks to the recent increase in the viewership of the drama'Youth Record', the stock price also showed a high rise for a month.


According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership survey company on the 15th, the drama 'Youth Records' broadcast the previous day recorded an average viewership rating of 9.1% in the metropolitan area based on households who joined a paid platform that included cable, IPTV , and satellite viewers. The highest viewership rating was estimated to have reached 10.8%. The stock price was also on the rise, and according to the Korea Exchange, the stock price of Pan Entertainment rose by 42.5% in a month.


The rise of Pan Entertainment seems to be due to the steady popularity of the works produced so far.


Following'Laurel Tree Tailors' in 2016, 'Sam My Way' in 2017 and 'When Camellia Flower Blooms' last year were successful.


This year, 'Youth Records' are being released through the broadcaster tvN .


'Youth Records' starring actor Park Bo-gum, which began airing for the first time on the 7th, contains the growth story of youth struggling to achieve their dreams and love.


Although about 14.8 billion won was spent on production, it is expected that it will return to bigger profits in the future.


According to Yuhwa Securities, about 60 to 70 percent of the production cost of "Youth Records" will be collected from Netflix, which provides an online video service platform (OTT). It is expected to secure 50 percent from tvN, a broadcasting company.


Expectations are growing for possible cooperation with global OTT suppliers in the future. Youth Records can be viewed around the world through Netflix. In addition, China's largest music streaming platform Tencent Music Entertainment Group signed a distribution contract for the sound source of its OST album "Youth Records." Yang Hyung-mo, a researcher at Yuhwa Securities, said, "The structure is to reproduce IPs that we have and share profits with OTT and broadcasting companies alike. Besides Netflix, the possibility of additional long-term contracts with other OTT companies is also open."



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A big welcome to the Happy ROY thread, @Firefly, @tulip06, @Yasemin Salturdóttir wherein we're all gathered here to spread lots of positive vibes because of our love for the drama, its leading and supporting cast! :fullofhearts:


Hi @gumtaek! Thanks for posting the Soompi article on ROY attaining its personal best in terms of viewership. Since the article has also mentioned about the drama, Do You Like Brahms recording its personal best for its ratings, naturally people are likely to make comparison between the two dramas which is all fine by me as everyone is entitled to their own opinions. :blush:


What I cannot comprehend is why people would comment that this is a boring drama and that the drama owes its success to Park Bo-Gum. I feel it could be largely due to the fact that such slice of life drama may not appeal to everyone. The reasons are because it is probably missing much of the thrilling, intense, dramatic and compelling scenes for which some viewers may be looking for. A drama cannot simply just owe its success based on one actor alone. There are many accompanying factors involved for instance, whether the drama has a good and solid story plot which is able to appeal to the masses and it is also largely dependent on whether the leads and their supporting cast are able to put up remarkable performances of the roles they are portraying and be completely immersed in playing out their characters exceedingly well so that the viewers are able to relate with the different characters  in the drama. I  strongly feel the above are the reasons why the drama, ROY has been proven to be a success so far. 


We all know Park Bo Gum is definitely the best fit to play the role of Sa Hye-Joon because he is a highly talented young actor with an impressive repertoire of acting skills so i can't envisage anyone else playing that role. Just like I can't picture An Jung-Ha being played by another actress other than Park So Dam. Her wide spectrum of acting skills and her versatility has enabled her to get into her character almost effortlessly as if she is making the character, Jung-Ha come alive. I feel Park So Dam has this innate ability to do that just like Park Bo Gum. Kudos also to the veteran supporting cast especially, Ha Jin-Hee who plays the role of Hye-Joon's endearing grandpa and Ha Hee-Ra who is playing the role of his loving mom. Both the actors have also portrayed their characters extremely well which makes us feel they really seem like such a close-knitted family because of the bonding they have forged while filming their scenes together.


All in all, I can't wait to see how the plot of the drama will unfold. Thanks to Record of Youth and our Park-Park Couple which has once again renewed my passion in doing transcap for the drama and joining all of you here in our animated discussions of the drama and our main leads too. :wow1:

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Hi, @MinLyn! I am always updated with new articles in Naver and I am practically always on Twitter checking hashtags of the drama and Park Bo Gum and the climate is very different from the "boring" perception. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say tens of thousands of tweets---since it trends in several countries only have very positive assessments/reviews of the drama---and majority of the Naver article reviews rave about the drama---I have come across only 2 Naver reviews that were not---so all in all I would say that the "boring" perception is not substantiated and that the majority opinion is on the affirmative. 


I think people loosely use the word  "boring" for anything that is not their preference and from experience when I ask why,  they could not follow it up with solid arguments:).


I agree that the drama's success is attributed to all the production cast and crew's contribution. Bogummy would be the 1st to agree to that. Since I search Park Bo Gum and Record of Youth articles on Naver, those are the ones I get to translate, tweet and post here but I am sure there are a lot of articles about Park So Dam and the rest of the cast that talk about their good performance in the drama.:)

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@autumnight @gumtaek Thanks for goodies and recaps.


Always great to read what others write.


ep 3 I caught it last night and enjoying it alot.

Others have expressed well what i think too.


-PBG IS the ML. He does it so well. I love PSD as the FL so much too.

I like right now their getting to know each other is natural/organic and not too contrived.

I did agree that after she showed lots of stuff liking him when trying to share about senior models to him, she could not deny NOT being his fan. Yes, he was nice to walk away to save her the embarrassment but she also did not want to to be deemed a liar by him either.


-Grandpa and ML are LIFE in this drama. Them both doing a pretend catwalk. He was just adorbs. I liked that FL told him that you are limiting him and not believing it. But after her talk he was almost there to have him do it. @ponderings Thanks for the back story of the senior model in Korea (his cameo) . I did not know about him. But he was FIERCE and def has character. He has a compelling face too. 


-Seeing more of ML mom with his BFF mom and their relationship. BFF mom is a pain and privileged. ML mom is a sweetie pie and yes swallowing your pride and not having a big ego ---you cannot do this job. Also when she offered to let ML know when he was young she was working there. I loved how ML at that time as a teen was mature enough to differentiate the financial necessity her job working at BFF Mom place. They were not in position to be choosy. But also mom mentioned not having other skills really and she liked cleaning and organizing and getting experience there. Later we learn she could go elsewhere it is loyalty in a way. But she is a sweetie pie--her patience and dealing with BFF mom is amazing. 


We see BFF son showing he doesn't want to rely on his mom. But she makes it obvious to ML mom you got to support them. She is excessive we know. Her son wants to do it on his own but he is naive to think it is without help. ML mom letting her know that not helpful to be too supportive if her son finds out. But not easy system. You need the help but if relying on your ability, it is like her son's situation without a sponsor.


Love MJ and ML together. I totally relate to her home. She is awesome and cute he brought her the fave snack she likes. I liked that he brought money to reimburse her and that she went ahead to make biz cards of JJAMPONG Entertainment. Loved she found out that it was not LACK of talent the director did not cast him but due to his lack of social media following. I love her spunk and finding her path in life. Their interactions are LIFE and cute.  I dislike the BFF manager his snide comments--oh why you at the salon then if you have no work/gig? UGGGGH.


BFF standing up saying he wants FL as his make up artist not the one his mom wants. Wow that was bold and glad the hair salon manager was fast on the uptake and catering to the client (as should be). FL cannot do anything so when she did that --I was like YESH. But earlier in the episode, the bride who was a bit of bridezilla not liking the m ake up and her having to do it again sigh. When she was doing BFF make up, he tried to be nice and she was icing him out was funny. I did enjoy him saying wanting/looking forward to seeing the "mess" when she just enjoyed fan girling from afar. LOL. It helps they already had candid chats on stuff before that confession she is ML fan.


The moments of them hanging out consoling and chatting and encouraging each other. Or candid talk about money (so true it is taboo). Yeah money is ddong.  You need it but can cause lots of problem. Then both sharing what managers/sunbaes said that were annoying to them and their pact to not be like that is adorbs. Looking happy doesn'tmean you ARE happy ie the kids she saw while sitting outside the cafe. Being realistic about finances and not buying expensive cafe drinks (they are expensive) but glad she let ML take her to treat to a latte. The trope of having some on  your lip. LOL neither tried to wipe it off the others face.. Grandpa being charming calling FL pretty and no woman in this world dislikes being called pretty. (He is a smooth talker in deed). The affection between them is deep.


The rain with umbrella as they walk and talk about dating. How ML has alot of rain on him and making her pull closer to him. Def both have sparks /awareness. From moving their heads closer together and pulling back is cute. His being sweet I will call when it rains as she said she felt lonely. Seeing all the flashbacks from dealing with the receipt issues, seeing all the couples and people paired up during that rainy time at the bus stop. 


Looking forward to seeing how mom is with dad .

Cute how she was like --you realize how harsh you are to son ML? When he asked to get meat for bbq and he said i was in his shoes. 


I look forward to the OTP talks about now he wants to know WHY she is his fan? 

More manager and ML scenes


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