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[Drama 2020] Mystic Pop Up Bar, 쌍갑포차


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JTBC Drama

Mystic Pop Up Bar


Network: JTBC

Episodes: 12

Genre: comedy

Airdate: May 20th - June 25th, 2020

Airtime: Wed & Thu 21:30

Oficial site: http://tv.jtbc.joins.com/plan/pr10011179



This Bar opens only at night on the rooftop of a building. Wol Joo runs the mysterious food cart. Customers who visit the Bar consist of normal people and the dead. While drinking alcohol and eating dishes with Wol Joo, the customers talk about themselves and try to heal their internal wounds.




Yook Sung Jae as Han Kang Bae

Hwang Jung Eum as Wol Joo


Choi Won Young as Chief Gwi

Lee Jun Hyuk as Chief Yeom

Supporting Cast

Jung Da Eun as Yeo Rin
Yang Dae Hyuk
Song Hoon  as convenience store manager
Kim Mi Kyung
Ahn Tae Hwan
Lee Seo Ahn


Yoon Park


쌍갑포차 인물관계도






Press Conference








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JTBC might be reviving its Wednesday-Thurday Drama line up with this! Source from JTBC said that they are planning to air this in the first half of Next Year.



They've been testing it out by airing repeats of My Country on Wednesday/Thursday and it rated around 1% even though it competes with MBN's Graceful Family, so that might be a good indication that they will be having a third drama slot next year.

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Ssanggab Cart Bar

Episodes: 16
South Korea Broadcast Date: 2020 | Broadcaster: jTBC
Netflix Release Date: 2020 | Run Time: 60 Minutes
Cast: Yook Sung Jae, Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Won Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Jung Da Eun


Two great and beloved K-Pop stars will be starring in Ssanggab Cart Bar, Yook Sung Jae of BtoB and Hwang Jung Eum from Sugar. You’ll often find many K-Pop stars transition from performing on stage to on-screen acting. Ssanggab Cart Bar is the adaptation to the popular webtoon of the same name and will be directed by Jun Chang Geun. K-Drama fans have another reason to be excited to see Yook Sung Jae on the screen once again after his performance in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, which is considered to be one of the greatest dramas in South Korean history, ranking as the third-highest K-Drama in history.

Opening only at night upon the rooftop of a building, Han Kang Bae runs the Ssanggab Cart Bar. Alongside Han Kang Bae is fellow rooftop cart owner Woll Joo that runs a mysterious food cart. Together the pair provide food and drink to customers that are trying to heal their own internal wounds.

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BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Hwang Jung Eum, And Choi Won Young Complete Filming For New JTBC Drama

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Hwang Jung Eum, And Choi Won Young Complete Filming For New JTBC Drama

Feb 28, 2020
by S. Nam

JTBC’s new drama “Ssang Gap Pocha” (romanized title) has finished filming!

Starring BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Won Young, and more, “Ssang Gap Pocha” is JTBC’s first Wednesday-Thursday drama. Filming for the drama, which began near the end of September last year, is finally complete.

The drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, which is rated 10 out of 10 stars on Daum and won the Excellence Award at the 2017 Korea Comic Awards. The story centers around a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) run by a prickly woman and innocent part-timer as they go around visiting customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems. Due to the popularity of the original webtoon, viewers are already highly anticipating the hilarious and touching moments the drama will portray as well as the real-life version of the characters produced by the stellar cast.

Hwang Jung Eum will be playing Wol Joo, the woman who works at the pojangmacha. She’s a counselor who solves people’s worries within the dream world. To repent for her sins from her past life, she has to resolve 100,000 people’s problems, but her success has come to a halt with 10 people remaining.

Yook Sungjae has been cast as Han Kang Bae, a customer service employee of Gapeul supermarket and part-timer at the pojangmacha. While suffering from his special ability that causes people to confess their secrets to him if he touches them, he comes to work for Wol Joo who offers to fix his problem.

Choi Won Young will play chief Gwi, the manager of the pojangmacha. Although he was assigned to manage Wol Joo’s progress as the chief detective from the afterlife police agency, he’s actually in charge of miscellaneous chores at the pojangmacha.

Furthermore, Lee Joon Hyuk will play the head grim reaper from Hell, Chief Yum. With his suit, oxfords, clutch, all-white outfit, and curly permed hair, Lee Joon Hyuk’s character is expected to deliver even more excitement to the drama. Finally, Jung Da Eun will play Yeo Rin, the unique security guard at Gapeul supermarket who has been single all her life, making men run away from her for an unknown reason.

The production team shared, “Today [on February 28], ‘Ssang Gap Pocha’ finished all of its filming. Since last September, the actors and staff went through thick and through thin to do their best for the project. We’ve pre-produced the entire project in order to present a high quality drama for ‘Ssang Gap Pocha,’ which received great interest from the moment the dramatization [of the webtoon] was decided. We’ll work hard on the post-production of the project from the time of the filming’s conclusion to the premiere.”

Directed by Jeon Chang Geun of “The Queen of Office,” “What Happens to My Family,” and “The Package,” JTBC’s first Wednesday-Thursday drama “Ssang Gap Pocha” will premiere sometime in the first half of 2020.

Source (1)




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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Mystic Pop Up Bar, 쌍갑포차 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST - Premieres on May 20th

Excited and sad to see Sungjae back in dramaland again and since he's enlisting too :tears:. Looks like this is gonna be so much fun ~ I see that this will be JTBC's first Wed-Thursday drama, probably explains why it's only 12 eps instead of the norm 16 eps. I feel like Kdramas are slowly transitioning from 16 eps to 12 eps.

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JTBC PLUS | 2020. 05. 11.

Prior to enlistment, Yook Sungjae expresses affection for new drama "Mystic Pop-up Bar"




The video containing Yook Sungjae's affection for the drama "Mystic Pop-up Bar" was released before he enlisted in the army.

Singer-actor Yook Sungjae, who just enlisted today (May 11), sent the last video to the viewers awaiting the Wed-Thu drama "Mystic Pop-up Bar" (JTBC). In the video, he said he found himself helpful as he was able to enter the guests' dream to relieve their pain and resentment.

In the drama "Mystic Pop-up Bar", Yook Sungjae plays Han Kang Bae, a part-time employee at a pop-up bar with a special power. Only by touching another person, he can make that person reveal all the secrets and thoughts buried deep inside their heart. Ahead of the drama's broadcast on May 20, he decided to enlist, leaving the viewers in regret.

Because he has completed the filming, "Mystic Pop-up Bar" is the last work of Yook Sungjae before his enlistment. In order to show his affection for the drama, he left a video titled "Kang Bae's letter prior to his enlistment."

Against the background music of Shin Seung Hun's "I Believe", Yook Sungjae sat alone at the table of the Twin Bar and cautiously started talking, "We are Twin Bar." Then, he continued to reminisce about his part-time job, "Every day when I come to work, I have to make 20 skewers of fish cakes. Sometimes, when the lady boss gave me a signal, I have to touch the customers as naturally as possible. It's because I have to listen to all of their deepest thoughts."

But then he expressed his pride and continued to tell his memories, "What really matters here is that after the customers drink alcohol from the bar, I can step into their dreams and relieve the suffering as well as hatred in their hearts." Yook Sungjae's smile helped to say that using his special power to counsel others is what makes him happy. Lastly, the actor called for the audience's attention, "The most important thing is that our Twin Bar will appear in JTBC's drama starting from Wednesday, May 20."

9 days ahead of the broadcast of the first episode, "Mystic Pop-up Bar" revealed a preview video of episode 1 showing the special meeting among the 3 members of the bar, Hwang Jung Eum (as Wol Joo), Yook Sungjae, and Choi Won Young (as team leader Gwi). Hwang Jung Eum is the one who needs the help of Yook Sungjae, the guy who can listen to others' concerns and inner thoughts, to be able to gain the achievement of healing internal wounds for 100,000 people. As for Yook Sungjae, god Hwang Jung Eum, who specializes in removing others' hatred, is the one who holds the final key to help him repair his special ability. The relationship between the Twin Bar in the living world and the "afterlife" in their dreams promises to blow away the viewers' worries.

"Mystic Pop-up Bar", which is adapted from the webtoon of the same name receiving an absolute 10 points from the readers among the works published on Daum. At the 2017 Korea Comic Awards, the webtoon also won the Excellence Prize and helped the talent of author Bae Hye Soo be recognized.  Director Jeon Chang Geun of the dramas "The Queen of Office", "What Happens to My Family?", and "The Package" will perfect this work with both subtle and refreshing emotions to help soothe the hearts of those who are tired. The drama's first episode will be aired at 9:30 pm (KST) May 20.

Reporter Hwang So Young /hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive 





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[Upcoming Drama] Character Guide to ‘Mystic Pop-Up Bar’ and Its Dream World

By krishkim | Images: JTBC 

JTBC’s Mystic Pop-Up Bar, a drama based on a popular webtoon of the same name, will premiere on May 20.


The drama depicts the story of Wol Joo, a grumpy pop-up bar owner, and Han Kang Bae, a pure young part-timer, entering the dreams of customers and relieving their resentment. Mystic Pop-Up Bar is based on a webtoon of the same name by Baek Hye Soo, who won the 2017 Korea Comic Awards. The webtoon is getting published every week since 2016 in Daum Webtoon. Director Jeon Chang Geun, best known for The Queen of Office (2013), What Happens to My Family? (2014), and The Package (2017), directed the drama, and Hwang Jung Eum, Yook Sung Jae and Choi Won Young played the leading roles.



Hwang Jung Eum – Wol Joo (owner of the pop-up bar)


Hwang Jung Eum returned to the small screen two years after The Undateables(2018) as Wol Joo, the designer of the “dream world” and the grumpy owner of the mystic pop-up bar.


Wol Joo, who died 500 years ago, opened a pop-up bar in this world in order to listen to the stories of exhausted customers and enter their dreams to help them. However, this is not something she wants to do, but has to do to carry out the order of King Yeomra. She has to release the resentments of 100,000 people to pay for her wrongdoings from her past life. The problem is that her performance stopped with only 10 people remaining. Now Yeomra’s office stated that she would be sent to hell unless she completes the mission in one month. Fortunately, she finds Han Kang Bae, a boy with a strange ability.



Yook Sung Jae – Han Kang Bae


His dream is to live a normal life since everyone, who touches his body in any way, starts to share his innermost thoughts. Then one day, he encounters Wol Joo and Chief Gwi, who enter the dream world, and receives an offer to fix his unusual ability if he works at the pop-up bar as a part-timer for a month. He begins his two-job life as a customer center employee in a mart by day and pop-up bar part-timer by night. But now that he can help people with his ability, he finds it rewarding and starts to take up a positive attitude.


Yook Sung Jae, who played Han Kang Bae, joined the army on May 11.



Choi Won Young – Chief Gwi


He is a manager sent to the pop-up bar after Wol Joo’s resentment-relieving performance had stopped. When he was the chief of detective, he was on a roll, sealing the wandering ghosts or ghosts who are stuck to one place. But now, he became the master of chores. Still, he is the only one who protects Wol Joo when Yeomra’s office rushes her. Then one day, a mysterious woman appears at the pop-up bar, claiming that she knows him.


Mystic Pop-Up Bar will air a total of 12 episodes. The drama went into pre-production and finished filming in February.


Source (1)





Watch: “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” Promises Otherworldly Suspense And Excitement In New Highlight ReeDRAMA PREVIEW

May 18, 2020
by S. P

JTBC has released a highlight reel ahead of the premiere of “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”!


Based on a popular webtoon, the drama tells the story of a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) run by an ill-tempered woman named Wol Joo (Hwang Jung Eum), an innocent part-time employee named Han Kang Bae (BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae), and a former afterlife detective known as Chief Gwi (Choi Won Young) who visit customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems.


The highlight reel begins by introducing Han Kang Bae, a part-time worker who has the special ability to reveal people’s innermost thoughts just by touching them. However, he has come to realize that ignorance is bliss and actively avoids touching other people.


Han Kang Bae then stumbles into a supermarket, where he is confronted by Wol Joo. He claims that he was just going into the pojangmacha, but Wol Joo reveals that he went into someone’s dream after touching a girl on the shoulder. He then meets Chief Gwi, who explains that the reason they are there is to resolve people’s problems in their dreams.


The highlight reel also introduces the god of the underworld (Yeom Hye Ran) who warns Wol Joo that if she can’t complete her task of resolving 100,000 people’s problems within the next month she will be sent to hell. Grim reaper Yeom (Lee Joon Hyuk) puts Wol Joo under pressure, telling her that he can’t wait even a minute or second more. With only 10 people left to help, Wol Joo enlists Han Kang Bae and his unique ability to help her complete her mission.


Next, tension rises between Han Kang Bae and Kang Yeo Rin (Jung Da Eun), a security worker at the supermarket. He asks her multiple times if she feels anything when she is near him, but Kang Yeo Rin responds saying that she feels irritated and wants nothing to do with him.


Finally, the highlight reel comes to a close as Han Kang Bae asks Wol Joo, “Why does it have to be 100,000 people?” She ominously replies, “Because I killed 100,000 people.”


Check out the highlight reel below:




“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” premieres on May 20 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” Cast Talks About What To Expect And Wishes Well For Yook Sungjae’s Enlistment

May 18, 2020
by C. Lee


The cast of “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” talked about their love for the drama, their characters, and what to watch for ahead of its premiere.


On May 18, a press conference for the cast of “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” was held live on YouTube. Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Won Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Jung Da Eun, and director Jeon Chang Geun were present for the conference, while Yook Sungjae could not join his cast members as he had enlisted in the military on May 11.


Based on a popular webtoon, “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” tells the story of a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) run by an ill-tempered woman named Wol Joo (Hwang Jung Eum), an innocent part-time employee named Han Kang Bae (BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae), and a former afterlife detective known as Chief Gwi (Choi Won Young) who visit customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems.


Hwang Jung Eum’s character Wol Joo is a woman who must relieve the grievances of 100,000 people to pay the price for the faults of her past life. Yook Sung Jae plays Han Kang Bae, the character who became a part-time employee to improve his habit of confessing his inner thoughts to whoever he comes into physical contact with.


Meanwhile, Choi Won Young’s character Chief Gwi is sent to manage the store’s poor performance, and Lee Joon Hyuk plays the grim reaper Yeom, who relays the messages of the underworld. Playing the role of Kang Yeo Rin, the VIP security guard of the store, is Jung Da Eun.


During the press conference, director Jeon Chang Geun talked about the drama and the webtoon that inspired it. He said, “I’m sorry to those who loved the original webtoon, but there are some differences between the webtoon and the drama. In the webtoon, there are long descriptions of the happenings in every episode, but in the drama, there is more of a focus on how the main characters navigate these events.”


He continued, “I think the actors are all well-suited for their roles. I worked very comfortably because they did such a good job. The actors, immersed in the script’s characters, all worked hard. You will be able to see some sides of them that you couldn’t usually see in other dramas.”


The actors showed their love for the drama. Hwang Jung Eum said, “I joined because I loved the script. The director guided me very well on set, and the more I worked on this drama, the more I kept thinking that I made the right choice to do it. I have put all my effort into this drama.”


Yook Sungjae chimed in through a video, apologizing for not being able to attend the press conference due to his military service and promised to meet viewers through the drama’s first episode. Hwang Jung Eum revealed that she had wished him well on his enlistment.


Choi Won Young spoke about how quickly Yook Sungjae had to leave after his enlistment date was confirmed. He then sent a message to his newly enlisted co-actor, saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t buy you a meal before you left. When you’re on leave, I’ll treat you.”


Lee Joon Hyuk also said a few words to Yook Sungjae. “Sungjae, eat well, listen to your seniors, and take care of your juniors. It’ll be over soon. Time goes by fast. Let’s drink together once you’re out,” he said. Lastly, Jung Da Eun shared her well wishes to Yook Sungjae also.


Next, Choi Won Young spoke up about the drama. “The drama was pre-produced. On set, I had both fun and hard times, but I finished the job well while sharing these experiences with great actors, our director, and the staff. It’s an honor to have worked on this project. I think you will enjoy it,” he said.


Lee Joon Hyuk complimented director Jeon Chang Geun as well, saying, “Thanks to our director, things on set went smoothly and well.” Lee Joon Hyuk then expressed his satisfaction that he was able to move on comfortably even after making mistakes on set.


Jung Da Eun also expressed her gratitude for the drama and commented on her character. She remarked, “Since I have acted a lot as powerful characters, I want to say that I was able to express the feminine and cute side to me through the role of Yeo Rin.”


Additionally, Hwang Jung Eum revealed that she had cried while reading the original webtoon. “There are parts where it isn’t very light, but there are funny moments too,” she said. Then, she commented that in the drama, she has created a kind of character that she has never played before. “I wanted to play a role that wasn’t very comical, but once I started, I noticed there are moments of comedy, but there are also serious parts to my role,” she explained.

Hwang Jung Eum additionally mentioned that she had more and more fun as filming progressed and compared her role to her real self. “In reality, I’m usually the type to do all the talking. Whenever someone opens up to me, I space out,” she confessed.


Hwang Jung Eum continued to describe the drama: “There can be some strong topics in the drama, but you will be able to see how our society is.” Choi Won Young agreed, adding, “You will be able to reflect upon the lives of people as you watch the drama. In that sense, there can be a feeling of emotional healing.”


Lastly, director Jeon Chang Geun emphasized that there will be new stories in each episode. “You’ll be able to experience a lot of fun and various emotions,” he concluded.


“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” premieres on May 20 at 9:30 p.m. KST.



Source (1) (2) (3) (4)




Hwang Jeong-um, Yook Sung-jae offer mysterious counseling at ‘Mystic Pop-Up Bar’

by Choi Ji-won | May 19, 2020


“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” (JTBC Studio)

South Korean rom-com queen Hwang Jeong-um is returning to the small screen after two years -- this time as a mysterious, hot-tempered bar owner named Wol-joo in the upcoming JTBC drama “Mystic Pop-Up Bar.”

Based on a popular Korean webtoon of the same title, the fantasy drama tells the story of Wol-joo and her employees, Han Kang-bae and Chief Gwi, who visit their customers in dreams to help them resolve their inner demons. Singer-actor Yook Sung-jae plays Kang-bae, and veteran actor Choi Won-young plays Chief Gwi.

Hwang, who is known for her work in romantic comedies such as “Kill Me, Heal Me” (2015) and “She Was Pretty” (2015), says she accepted the role because she was a huge fan of the original webtoon.

“I wanted to attempt a character that wasn’t comical. But in taking up the role, although there were some comical aspects to her, she really weighed down in situations when she had to be serious and wasn’t a shallow character,” the 35-year-old actress said Monday during a press conference. The event was livestreamed due to concerns about the novel coronavirus.

Choi, who is teaming up with Hwang for the second time -- previously, they worked together on “Kill Me, Heal Me” -- manages Wol-joo’s pop-up bar as Chief Gwi. In Korean, the establishment is known as a “pojangmacha” or “pocha” for short. 

“The ‘chief’ title comes from his role in catching ghosts. Although he is called the chief of the bar, he takes charge of all the miscellaneous chores. While he gets shoved around by Wol-joo most of the time, he uses his special power and shows courage in critical situations,” Choi said.

Yook, a member of the K-pop boy band BTOB, was not present at Monday’s event as he had enlisted in the Army the previous Monday. According to JTBC, all the episodes have been filmed and Yook’s absence will not influence the drama’s schedule. 

In a prerecorded video played during the press conference, Yook introduced his character, Kang-bae, as a warm-hearted person who “holds a superpower to make people spill out their secrets by even the slightest touch.”

Budding actress Jeong Da-eun, who made her name with the 2018 film “The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion,” and established actor Lee Jun-hyuk are also among the lead cast members. Jeong plays Yook’s counterpart, Kang Yeo-rin, while Lee takes up the role of the grim reaper, Chief Yeom.

The original webtoon by author Bae Hye-soo kicked off in October 2015 and is still running on the portal site Daum. It is one of the longest-running series on the platform and is among the few pieces to have received full marks from viewers.

The 16-episode series is produced by Jeon Chang-geun, who previously directed “The Package” (2017) for JTBC and “What Happens to My Family?” (2014-2015) for KBS. 

The series will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m., starting this week. 

By Choi Ji-won  (jwc@heraldcorp.com)

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