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  1. FINAL EPISODENationwide - 28.371 (6.248 Million Viewers)Seoul - 31.669 (3.183 Million Viewers) * Most watched TV program in both HH Rating and No. of audience across all networks last night
  2. Episode 10NationwidePART 1 - 6.4 (1.330 Million Viewers)PART 2 - 7.8 (1.690 Million Viewers)Seoul PART 1 - 7.3 (0.916 Million Viewers)PART 2 - 8.7 (1.334 Million Viewers)
  3. EPISODE 4 Nationwide 4.209 (0.920 Million Viewers) Seoul 4.862 (0.491 Million Viewers)
  4. I remember when the drama's PD was interviewed days before the show's pilot, that they promised that it will be real. I think that the show does live up with its promise. We, as viewers, had expected that Sun Woo will be as bad-@-$$ as we want her to be. We wanted her to leave Tae Oh and raise her own son. The viewers' reaction on this series is comparable to the reaction of people around the women who are in an 'abusive' relationship, where their husbands cheat them for other women. When these women struggles for revenge but they ended up sticking with their men, the people around them would ask 'Why?! Why wouldn't you just leave your husband?!' Viewers have to understand that in reality, it is definitely difficult to leave someone, no matter how bad the partner is. Sure, SW is wise, she has a good job, and she can always leave her husband behind. But you see, when you are in a relationship, you have invested your time and effort to protect it. You have already put much of your life in that relationship, and it is now a part of your pride. Pride is an essential part of one's being, and having their relationships ruined meant their pride is crushed. So of course, people will do everything to restore that pride. I think this is what I love about the drama. We've been judging every character's actions and their motivation. What we don't realize is that we are so absorbed by the drama, we ended up being 'a part' of the cast by judging them. So, yes. We're sucked into "The World of the Married". A reality that is serialized on TV, as I would say it
  5. My hands were shaking upon seeing the numbers. Haha! Anyway, last's night's episode was the most watched program on any TV channel, both cable and free-to-air, in terms of number of viewers. The second most watched programs was from KBS2, with 4.8 Million viewers nationwide tuning in
  6. IT'S OFFICIAL!!! TWOM is the highest rating cable drama ever! EPISODE 12Nationwide - 24.332 (5.302 Million Viewers)Seoul - 26.747 (2.827 Million Viewers)
  7. EPISODE 3 Nationwide 5.420 (1.194 Million Viewers) Seoul 6.235 (0.684 Million Viewers)
  8. It's Nielsen Korea's TV viewership rating. The data is available thru their website. Episode 6NationwidePART 1 - 07.4 (1.515 Million Viewers)PART 2 - 10.3 (2.136 Million Viewers)Seoul PART 1 - 07.9 (0.971 Million Viewers)PART 2 - 10.5 (1.329 Million Viewers)
  9. Episode 5NationwidePART 1 - 7.6 (1.536 Million Viewers)PART 2 - 8.6 (1.745 Million Viewers)Seoul PART 1 - 8.2 (1.013 Million Viewers)PART 2 - 9.3 (1.128 Million Viewers)
  10. I actually loved the ' I love you Oppa. Eng plzz'. They've just captured the international audience really well
  11. They are now the most watched cable drama based on average. I would say I am happy with what they are getting. But knowing how the second season of the original series ended, I am a bit worried on how the Korean Version will wrap things up, considering it is a 16-episode drama. I fear that if they decided to explore more beyond how the original series ended so far, they might end up dragging the series. But I am totally enjoying the show now so I have to see how the show progresses
  12. EPISODE 10Nationwide - 22.913 (5.121 Million Viewers)Seoul - 25.878 (2.692 Million Viewers) Looks like they just past Sky Castle's highest rating in Seoul