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  1. I understand that there are viewers who are upset that SKY Castle will not air on Friday. But I think we should give JTBC a chance since they also have commitments to air the Asian Cup. I feel like they will air a special next Friday, before the finale the following day. I also think that this is a response to TV Chosun's decision to air the pilot episode of "Babel" this Sunday. Please note that Babel is a Sat/Sun drama, which will air 10 Minutes earlier than JTBC's Fri/Sat series. A lot of people have high expectations for the series, but they want to avoid the ending of SKY Castle so it won't hurt them, that is why they pushed the pilot episode on a Sunday. Now that JTBC might push the ending of SC, I wonder what their reaction will be. I would also want to point out that the series is so popular, that other networks have been either asking the drama's cast to guest on the show, or their variety shows have a SKY Castle themed episode. I also saw SBS and MBC News creating digital news features about SKY Castle. While I understand that a lot of viewers feel that other networks are too desperate to join the SKY Castle bandwagon, I feel like this is normal for the broadcast industry. It's normal for TV Networks to chase what is viral because at the end of the day, they need ratings to survive. Sadly, they do it at the expense of another network's sweat. I remember when there was a time when JTBC was doing the same because they want to be look like the public networks. It didn't work, and so, they reformed themselves and decided to become the image of their own. Now, that they are the most influential network in South Korea, the public networks want to be like JTBC. And we need Coach Kim to wear a School uniform on Knowing Brothers!
  2. Like seriously, there's leakage? EPISODE 18 Nationwide - 22.316%/5.95 Million viewers Seoul - 24.501%/2.951 Million viewers The Kang family started out with a huge desire for their daughter to be admitted to SNU, to continue their legacy of having a generation of family of doctors. They tried to follow their greed in order to do that. Hurting people around them, their daughters, and even themselves in the process. But I guess, as the series concludes, what they might end is the cycle of hypocrisy and greed, and live the life that will make them truly happy.
  3. Leakage? Like, duh! What leakage? EPISODE 17 RATINGS: Nationwide - 19.923%/5.152 Million viewers Seoul - 21.927%/2.639 Million viewers
  4. I think Yesuh's apology has been the most sincere apology I have ever seen in the entire drama. We all know that she is too selfish, extreme when it comes to appreciating herself, and she even answers back at her mom when she thinks, she is right (well, she always feel like that.) However, for the first time, she sets aside her pride to Woo Joo and apologized to him , for causing him trouble. She had always cried for herself alone. But she cried because she saw what happened to Woo Joo. For the first time, she didn't cry because she failed to get what she wants - She cried because she sees the suffering of another person, and it hits her. She cried for others. She cried out of pity. She cried out of love. Now, we know that Yesuh can set aside her pride for the one she loves, and I think, this is one if the biggest developments of a character in the entire series.
  5. The leaks have been there before episode 16 started, and they still got their highest rating yet, and they've been on top of CPI rankings. So, I don't think that the crew, nor JTBC, is worried about it. I even feel like the "leaks" had affected the series positively because it's a sign that people have so much appetite for this drama, that they are trying to find spoilers for this series. SKY Castle has been so unpredictable, that people are throwing theories left and right and they've been getting them wrong. It's like they are trying to bet on a lottery, but they just couldn't win.
  6. We took it SOOOO seriously, we forgot it is actually a black comedy/satirical drama.
  7. I just read an article saying that the SKY Castle ladies will have a guesting in Knowing Brothers. Raise your hands if you want to see Coach Kim in a school uniform!
  8. I know, there are lots of theories that it was Yeseo who killed Hyena. However, given how Writer-nim is leading us to the story (Writer-nim loves to surprise everyone), I think that will serve as one of the the biggest revelations as the series concludes.
  9. It's now the highest-rating cable program in South Korea, of any genre, of any network. EPISODE 16 Nationwide - 19.243 (4.942 Million Viewers) Seoul - 21.010 (2.443 Million Viewers)
  10. SKY Castle is now the highest-rating program ever aired on a general cable network. (NOTE: General Cable networks are composed of JTBC, Channel A, MBN and TV Chosun, which were launched in 2011) Will it become the highest-rating cable program ever? EPISODE 16: Nationwide - 16.397% (4.111 Million Viewers) Seoul - 18.443% (2.105 Million Viewers)
  11. I was able to finish Episode 14. Yoon Se-ah's acting prowess is superb on this episode. She really deserves the recognition she is now getting. Also, I'm thinking that the major public and cable networks are praying that JTBC will not send this drama to Baeksang Awards (which is impossible since it is organized by its sister company), as all the casts might get the top acting awards. I mean, everyone's acting in the series are blowing away the competition. Also, when Hye na looked at the top of the Castle just to grab some fresh are and think, I think nothing is going on to her mind. BUT THE ENDING! It just flashed out of nowhere! It was like I'm seeing a comfortable seen, and writer-nim shouted "SURPRISE, B!+¢H" right in front of my face! I mean, how can is that! The drama series hasn't done, yet, and I feel like the writer is still up for more surprises till the end. This makes me conclude that the Public networks and other major channels have to learn from JTBC on how to properly promote a drama series - No hype at first, but providing a well-put, thought provoking story that connects to the people, and would make them questions the morals in life. Then, people will start talking about it. Positive word-of -mouth is always the best type of promotion, and you don't have to spend so much money for it. Lots of dramas nowadays are putting so much budget for promotions, but they are neglecting quality storytelling and production values. In the end, dramas are losing their hype, and eventually, losing people's trust. I think, JTBC realizes this, which is why they do not over-hype their dramas. They wait for people to actively promote it. It makes me not surprised that out of all the TV networks in South Korea, JTBC has the softest images, and they appear to be pro-people .
  12. The Baeksang Awards committee must now be having a headache on who among the SKY Castle actors/actresses shall win the Daesang Award. https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2019/01/actress-yoon-se-ah-receives-praise-for.html Actress Yoon Se Ah receives praise for her electrifying performance on 'SKY Castle' 7:29 PM SKY Castle, Yoon Se Ah Original Source (news1 via Naver): "Don't lay a hand on my daughter" 'SKY Castle' Yoon Se Ah, sobs → bursts into anger 'Electrifying performance' 1. [+4172, -24] The actresses acting skills is overwhelming (t/n: Overwhelming in a good way, they're saying that all the actresses are giving really high quality acting) 2. [+2596, -24] This drama, starting from the child actors to the middle-aged actors, only people who are all good at acting gathered! It's to the point where it's really a shame that it's a cable drama;; If this aired as a weekend drama on a public broadcasting channel, I feel like it would've recorded 40%! 3. [+2444, -28] I feel like she's the coolest among that characters that come out in 'SKY Castle'... A normal mother who confidently stands up to a jerk father.. Of course Woo Joo's family and Soo Chan's family is good too but.. But in those families, the parents are both normal and good... Yoon Se Ah-nim who stands up against her abnormal authoritarian husband, her acting is good. I'm really sad that the study room went back to normal because of the daughter. 4. [+1953, -20] As a mother, she was mad at first but her apologetic feelings were bigger because she sent her (Se Ri) abroad alone at a young age, she couldn't raise her on her own.. Because eventually, she's a mom.. "Don't lay a hand on my daughter" - it really, honestly touched my heart.. ↪ [+132, -2] I really agree ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I got chills yesterday when Yoon Se Ah yelled after keeping it in ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ She's really good at acting 5. [+1369, -67] I was surprised because her body looked perfect in jeans 6. [+270, -3] After only listening to Yoon Se Ah's elegant nightingale voice, I got chills when she shouted like Hulk saying not to lay a hand on her daughter. I got another round of chills during the ending
  13. JinJin and Mommy Cha are the coolest moms in the series. They should be protected!
  14. The series and its producers were accused of inspiring a murder of a doctor by a patient whose operation did not go well. Some netizens noticed that the murder was almost similar to one of the scenes in SKY Castle. The Korean Medical Association and some netizens demanded an apology from JTBC. Well, medical malpractice is rampant in South Korea, and it is a sensitive issue, as there are lots of cases wherein patients attack their doctors upon receiving failed treatment. Thought I understand the sentiment of the doctor, I don't think it's the responsibility of any broadcaster to clean-up their mess. Besides, I personally don't think that the producers would encourage the patients to attack their doctors if the failed to get the right treatment. I think, the drama's point in that scene is that Joon Sang does not deserve to get promoted, just like what he always wanted, because he fails to provide enough treatment for his patients. I guess, you're some sort of a genius psychic. Because it did! EPISODE 14: Nationwide: 15.78%/3.951 Million Viewers Seoul: 17.254%/2.028 Million Viewers. Now, the next question is: How far can SKY Castle go? Will it become the highest rating South Korean Cable drama ever?
  15. Episode 13 Ratings Nationwide: 13.279 (3.063 Million Viewers) Seoul: 14.389 (1.480 Million Viewers) I feel like the drama's recent controversy had only helped the series to gain more attention, and eventually, more viewers.
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