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[Drama 2019] Miss Lee, 청일전자 미쓰리


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tvN Drama

Miss Lee


Network: tvN

Genre: Workplace drama

Episodes: 16

Airdate: September 25th - November 14th, 2019

Airtime: Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST

Director: Han Dong Hwa

Writer: Park Jung Hwa


Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon
Director: Han Dong Hwa
ScriptWriter: Park Jung Hwa





The drama is an underdog office comedy story about a rank and file employee who suddenly becomes the CEO overnight. The company is on the brink of disaster and the new CEO who must address the disorderly staff and somehow save the business. 


Note: Miss Lee is slated to premiere sometime in September, following When the Devil Calls Your Name




Hyeri as Lee Sun Sim

ì´ì ì¬ / ì´í리

Kim Sang Kyung as Yoo Jin Wook

ì ì§ì±

Uhm Hyun Kyung as Koo Ji Na

구ì§ë / ìíê²½
Cha Seo Won as Park Do Joon

ë°ëì¤ / ì°¨ìì


Supporting Cast

Jung Soo Young as Lee Jin Shim
Heo Jae Ho as Jo Yong Soo
Song Ji Woo  as Ha Neul

Baek Ji Won as Choi Young Ja
Jung Hee Tae as Hwang Ji Sang
Kim Eung Soo as Oh Man Bok
Kim Hyung Mook as Moon Hyung Suk
Lee Hwa Ryong as Song Young Hoon
Hyun Bong Sik as Ha Eun Woo
Kim Ki Nam as Myung In Ho
Park Kyung Hye as Kim Ha Na
Jung Si Yool as Bada
Kim Do Yun as Oh Phillip
Go Eun Min as Moon Eun Hye
Park Hye Jin as Grandmother Jung
Lee Cho Ah as No Jae Ran
Christian as Kisan

Kim Hong Fa as Jo Dong Jin





press conf









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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Miss Lee, 청일전자 미쓰리 - Hyeri & Kim Sang Kyung - Premieres Late 2019

Hyeri, Kim Sang-kyung and more attend script read for tvN’s Miss Lee

credits: dramabeans (by tipsymocha)


Well, this certainly doesn’t sound like your average workplace drama. Stills of the first script read for tvN’s Miss Lee has recently been released, with the cast and crew getting together for the first time. Pictured are leads Hyeri (Two Cops), Kim Sang-kyung (The Crowned Clown), Eom Hyun-kyung (Hide and Seek), and Cha Seo-won (What’s Wrong Mr. Poong-sang), in addition to an impressive lineup of veterans including Kim Eung-soo (Lovely Horribly), Baek Ji-won (The Fiery Priest), and Kim Hyung-mook (The Fiery Priest), among others.

The show takes place at a small- to medium-sized company crippled with debt and on the brink of collapse, which sounds quite bleak for a human comedy. Somehow, a young woman, the titular Miss Lee and played by Hyeri, becomes this company’s CEO. This newly appointed CEO definitely does not have the requisite experience or resume credentials to lead a company out of the red zone, but hopefully, she’ll have some help from Kim Sang-kyung’s character, a prickly and pragmatic manager at the company. His stern demeanor will likely provide a stark contrast to Hyeri’s character, who sounds endlessly optimistic despite the heavy burden on her young shoulders.


Eom Hyun-kyung will play a beautiful and ambitious team leader at the company. Her wily character is an influential figure within the company, and she becomes pivotal to the abrupt and dramatic change to Hyeri’s life. Cha Seo-won, in contrast, will play a seemingly aloof employee, who actually has a strong sense of right and wrong and a burning anger when he encounters injustice. I’m sure he’ll be a valuable asset to Hyeri and the company, both of whom will need as much help as they can get.

Directing is Han Dong-hwa, whose credits interestingly include OCN’s Police Unit 38 and Bad Guys: City of Evil. Writing will be Park Jung-hwa, who is returning to dramaland for the first time in 8 years, her last show being Channel A’s Heaven’s Garden. I’m not sure what to expect from this writer, but I really enjoyed Police Unit 38, so I’m hoping that Miss Lee will deliver the laughs, despite its somewhat depressing setting.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Miss Lee, 청일전자 미쓰리 - Wed & Thu @ 21:30 KST - Hyeri & Kim Sang Kyung - Premieres in September
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Hhheeelllooo....anyone out there?

Who's watching?. I'm on so ep6 not sure I can hold out. How long will she  keep whining. She's doing my nut, like for the love of god get proactive woman.

Please tell she starts growing a spin please, so I decide if to continue.

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I am nearly a pensioner. I was in this situation several times after 2008 . The detailed handling of how colleagues of years act against each other when the stress gets high is very well done. 

But our hero Miss Lee could show some signs of "Hé ! Now it is me ! " by now. ( Ep. 6 ).


Special favorite acress for this drama is Jung Soo Yiun as Lee Jin Shim.

Unforgettable in her role as mildly retarded Kang Ja in Couple of Fantasy .

Too often she is a side-character instead of a lead,  she always put an extra flavour in any drama she is in.

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I am enjoying this series I like the premise.  I like Miss lee  as a character  she is a sincere person and though she can be frustrating at times she was able to hold things together by her actions to give the company a chance.   In life when you are thrown in the deep end you tend to find qualities which you realise that you don't have.  What I want to see in the next episodes is for Miss Lee to begin to understand she a valuable person to the company and start standing up for herself thus show growth as a person.  I feel the writer has dropped the ball is this regard.

Also after being fooled by Ji-Na I want Miss Lee to not ever trust I single word she says.  She is a master manipulator /liar  her actions put others in the company and Miss Lee at risk.  She is willing to hurt others for her own benefit.  Every  one has problems, putting other in financial risk is  to solve  yours just is never justified.

Finally there is a lot of illegal  activity  being under taken by Ji Na, Eun Woo Ji Sang and Hyeong Seok which caused the failing of the company. I want the drama show them being punished heavily by the law and no forgiveness.

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While there are good aspects in this drama, I think viewers want some growth from the female lead. It looks like a low-budget filler drama. There is very little movement in the story line. Week in, week out, it is the same. Even if you skip several episodes, it doesn't feel that you missed out on anything. The employees sometimes rally themselves to work but most of the time are just sitting in the office doing nothing. If they are frustrated and ready to give up on their employer, why don't they just leave, instead of hanging around. They complain about their salaries but they are not doing anything to see to it the the company earns enough to pay them. They know the situation but they just complain, blah blah blah blah.


I count about 4 to 5 who are actually working there. Philip Oh continues to improve their product, so they should do their share. I like it that Philip keeps his distance from the other employees, otherwise that nincompoop spy who leads in the complaints would sell the idea Philip is developing to TM or Seongwoo. 


Also, was it intentional to dress up the female lead in the factory uniform all the time? She's supposed to be the president/CEO of Cheongil. While the position is de facto, she should at least dress the part. I cannot believe she's attending a meeting with the president of Seongwoo dressed in that same uniform (ep. 11) and with that hair! It's like sending a cleaner to a corporate meeting. Even cleaners have more sense to change into a good dress when needed and fix their hair and makeup.

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