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  1. Finally the tiger mum has come out and it is about time. That scene where PJ throws the coffee on Ej was so great to watch. Especially PJ comment at the end of the conversation where PJ says too EJ, "This is nothing compared to the hurt you caused HM." At first I was annoyed by MH character as he seemed quite selfish towards PJ. However as his birth secret came out you could see the concern/love that he has for PJ/MJ. He went to SH 's house for the sake of his mum's happiness. The scenes between PJ and MH leading up to him leaving were done well and you clearly feel PJ and MH s
  2. Yes, this is what this drama needs. It is time they hypocrites start getting exposed. I really want PJ to vent her anger, for the whole drama they have hurt her and her family by 1000 cuts through their actions and words.
  3. I don't think I have watched a kdrama where there are so many unlikeable characters who deserve the karma truck., EJ, SH, SJ step parents, EJ mum, HJ and just when I thought there could be no more, the writer introduces OPJ awful father. These characters do not deserve to be made repentant by dramas end., Its frustrating we are three quarters of the way through and the writer is making the leads being manipulated like fools and suffering endlessly. One thing that bothers me is OPJ and EJ relationship. EJ is just awful to OPJ taking pleasure in hurting her. Yet the writer makes OPJ alwa
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