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  1. Because of Haechi , I finaly watched Jang Ok Jung. Dong Yi I watched several times , it is an all-time Favorite They are not written as a trilogy, but together they make very clear what really happened . King Yeongjo in Haechi talks a lot about his mother , who is Dong Yi / Choi Sook-Bin. And her low background in his roots, which he is not ashamed of. In the Dong yi-drama , she is praised as a friendly lovely person to all people , high or low ranks. King Sukjong , King Yeongjo 's father, loves her a lot. Also in articles on the net this is explained. In the Jang Ok Jung-drama , she is a calculating, shrewd and cold concubinne. How acurate are any of these drama's ?
  2. I am only at episode 11 now, and avoided reading previous posts here. Mainly a lurker, that's why. I love the great historical Kdrama's, because they are made and acted very well in every aspect. For entertainment. And for getting a grasp of the history of country I knew nothing about 10 years ago. Dong Yi is one of that dramas, watched it several times, and it took a few epiosdes before I realized what is shown in Haechi. Some romanticisation on the go, OK. But meanwhile , I will stop watching every so many minutes for sorting out through several sources what happened. Thanks also this forum . It is very helpfull, looking for the messages where people really explain what we see. Reason to watch Dong Yi again anyway. Terrrible things and menmade disasters happened somewhere else, often in Asia , Africa . On a comfortable distance. But the last 10 years I see the similarities of Joseon-politics and modern politics in Western cultures. The Art Of War, alive an a'kicking.
  3. I am from Holland, and got into Kdrama 10 year ago,thanks to a forumbuddy ( not drama-related) who lived in South Korea for a year at that time. She suggested I should try Korean TV or Movie for a change. Coffee Prince was a real discovery indeed, and I watched it several times after that . I have not enough time to visit any forums these days a lot. Coincidence, I landed on a Dutch site that started only 3 months ago, dedicated to Kdrama. The owner started watching Kdrama and Kmovies only last year, and was very impressed by Coffee Prince. It is still a pity Yoon Eun Hye, or the people working with her on several dramas after Coffee Prince, could not find back the right track for another serie on that level.
  4. Dae Jang Geum is about the best drama I ever watched. I rewatched it around the beginning of this year, for the 4th time...
  5. ( I am at episode 33 now) In general, this is a very enjoyable drama. I (re-) watched some heavy historial dramas this year, "Jumong" being the last one. This drama is perfect for the balance after that. There is suspense, tension, romance and lot's of tiny bits of cooking-wisdom. I expected "Pasta!" in another setting, because of the writers, but it is different. It is a light drama, and should not be taken too serious. But the nicest thing is the whole cast, leading and supporting characters. Many faces we know from other great , not always easy dramas. They all come very much alive, sometimes in slightly other roles than usual. I admire them for being able to do that. This must have been a pleasure time for them, with a good atmosphere in the whole team. Therefor, "Thank You !"
  6. You both misunderstood me. JRW I know very well after Salaryman ( 3 times ) and Witch Court more recently . She is reason for me to watch this drama. LMS i have seen more then once too in several dramas as a lady not to fool around with. Seeing them here in a role where they seem to be more timid adds to the suspense, because they just are not like that really. They act great !
  7. The way of acting in this drama reminds me of “Heard It Through the Grapevine “ in 2015. The kind of restrained acting, where people are acting meekly, while underneath you know there is someting brewing. Jung Ryu Won and Lee Mi Sook are two ladies who usually don't really fit into that profile. Seeing them here like that is fun. Like a bunch of firecrackers that can go off any second, blowing the whole place into pieces.
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