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  1. I grew up in Holland with Western cinema and TV. Good old strong movies with a good mix of macho and feminine. Circumstances years ago made me watch Anne Of Green Gables and read the books too. ( Books from 1908 ) In the same flow, I did read all of Jane Austen too, plus watch many adaptions of her books .( Favorite : Pride and Prejudice 1995) I was very active for some years in the main Anne of Green Gables-forum , ( Anne3, does not excist anymore ) , and still have some good buddies in my FB. Also still active in a Dutch forum dedicated to Jane Austen. One of them , Canadian, lived in South Korea in 2009. She suggested I should try a Korean movie at least once. I did ... 11 years and many , many Kdramas/movies later , still there ! Lucy Maud Montgomery's and Jane Austen's books are all very multilevel, almost caleidoscopic. Most of their film-adaptions too. The thing that made me cling to Kdrama is the fact they are very caleidoscopic too often. And...actors and actresses that can bring that out in a splendid way . I know Anne Of Green Gables is wellknown in Japan and Korea. Jane Austen is known better in Japan I understand. My questions therefor are: Do you know the books and writers mentioned above ? Do you recognize storylines in Kdrama ? ( To be fair: Rich Guy and Poor Girl-theme is one of the oldest in history with the Beauty and the Beast-theme found on a clay-tablet from 5500 years ago in Syria )
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