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  1. Finally the tiger mum has come out and it is about time. That scene where PJ throws the coffee on Ej was so great to watch. Especially PJ comment at the end of the conversation where PJ says too EJ, "This is nothing compared to the hurt you caused HM." At first I was annoyed by MH character as he seemed quite selfish towards PJ. However as his birth secret came out you could see the concern/love that he has for PJ/MJ. He went to SH 's house for the sake of his mum's happiness. The scenes between PJ and MH leading up to him leaving were done well and you clearly feel PJ and MH see each other as mother and son. This separation only galvanised their relationship and will give PJ clarity to know MH is best to stay with her and fight the chairman's family. Here are some of my predictions that could happen in this drama. -EJ will try to sabatage PJ at work with the design competition. This will lead to EJ being exposed again. -Chairman will have a major health problem (probably the liver) this will lead to SH being exposed to not being the chairman's biological son. -SH, EJ and chairman's wife will expose to SJ or PJ who is PJ 's husband, thinking it will stop their marriage. However I agree with others on the forum that is will lead to a can of worms opening. This some how will lead to how PJ husband 's death truly being exposed. -I hope the doctor and EJ best friend get together. The reason being she knows all the awful things EJ has done and will be able to put EJ in her place as she could possibly become her aunt. This will further drive EJ and her mum up the wall. -I want EJ's mum to have a social media scandal that will force her to resign as principal. Seeing image is everything to her this would be a great way to get her karma. The drama is finally heating up and like I said before there so many awful characters in this drama that the writer better start turning up the karma that needs to happen.
  2. Yes, this is what this drama needs. It is time they hypocrites start getting exposed. I really want PJ to vent her anger, for the whole drama they have hurt her and her family by 1000 cuts through their actions and words.
  3. I don't think I have watched a kdrama where there are so many unlikeable characters who deserve the karma truck., EJ, SH, SJ step parents, EJ mum, HJ and just when I thought there could be no more, the writer introduces OPJ awful father. These characters do not deserve to be made repentant by dramas end., Its frustrating we are three quarters of the way through and the writer is making the leads being manipulated like fools and suffering endlessly. One thing that bothers me is OPJ and EJ relationship. EJ is just awful to OPJ taking pleasure in hurting her. Yet the writer makes OPJ always do things to protect her when she does not deserve it . EJ has caused endless suffering, starting seven years ago from the framing of OPJ which effected her chance of employment.. I think the writer has done a poor job of giving OPJ tools to slowly give karma back to EJ . SJ has been made to kind. The writer should give him more backbone. What I don't like is SJ should be well aware now that the problems that are arising are be caused by manipulation of SH,EJ, and KJH. We should see him starting to understand their actions and take appropriate actions to negate them. Fight fire with fire. Like many I am finding that the payback is taking too long to start and is going to be rushed. What 's keeping me watching is the karma that is going to happen, so I want it done well, for the reward of watching the endless suffering of the leads. In the end I hope OPJ and SJ are living with the kids separately from both sides of the family.
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