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[Drama 2019] Miss Lee, 청일전자 미쓰리


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Oly40- Thank you for creating this thread and continuing to post preview vids despite the lacklustre response :sweat_smile: . Am so glad to have kept on with this drama and finally see Ms Lee blossoming in confidence despite being SO frustrating at the beginning.


Up to now, no indication of any romance between Ms Lee and Phillip Oh or Mr Park, and that's fine cause that's the exact reason why I am following this drama. But Philip is so cute now that he has warmed up to the others :relaxed:.


Mr Park needs a friend and am so glad he has finally stopped stooping/bowing and looking down whenever he gets berated by his superiors. It was hard to watch despite mirroring reality. Can't wait to see weaselly Mr Hwang get his comeuppance.


Things that continue to confound me are:

  1. Cheongil is really a small factory coz we only ever see that 2 rows of machineries and factory floor;
  2. Cheongil doesnt have Quality Checking!! :crazy: All vacuum roller heads or parts are put together and packed into plastic wraps straight into boxes without being checked;
  3. Cheongil REALLY needs to invest in security as well as install door access systems &  CCTVs at the factory floor, main office building, R&D lab etc!! It was TOO easy for Ms. Koo to enter at night and steal data -_- 

I like Hyeri and she's the reason I am following this drama. I find her acting to be fine here. I noticed Ms Lee has a unique way of running [and really, she runs a LOT in this drama!]. I got curious and wondered if that was the way Hyeri runs or was it Ms Lee's style. Well, after watching Hyeri's movie Monstrum recently [which was fun by the way], I can safely say it's all Ms. Lee's style :P


Am going to miss this drama when it ends. Its a breath of fresh air as everything else currently on is the same ole romance oriented tropes. The other interesting drama is Cheap Cheonlima Market :D


Phew, I havent login into Soompi for a LONG time and was surprised that I have to now create a new account :phew: Wow, Ms. Lee really moved me to post my thoughts :lol:



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1 hour ago, monalisa said:

Not to worry, tanntoot, Cheongil must have had taken some precautions.It could have been a trap. Koo ji na has booked herself a jail cell!

Hiya monalisa :)


Yes, wanna see how Ms Koo will be caught.  I wondered how she got hold of Cheongil's designs for their new model. Another backstabber in the office? :scream:


Or maybe 1 of their parts suppliers, who were shown having a meeting with Mr Yoo.  

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] Miss Lee, 청일전자 미쓰리

After all, I enjoyed this drama and Miss Lee.

We are spoiled with heroines that start as a helpless kitten but have their "Hé , it's me ! "- moment a few episodes later.

This drama has a different timetable. But as a person who had to settle in several workplaces within a few years  ,  I can relate to this very well. 

People only thinking about their own salary instead of the situation of their employer ?

It is reality !

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